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How To Find Outfits From Pinterest

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What Keywording Is Not

Style With Me: How To Find Your Own Style | Pinterest Outfit Inspiration

Its not a way to game the system. Its a way to ensure the right people find your content. Thats where you get qualified leads and people added to your tribe. Let me say this as well, dont sweep wide here. Ive heard people say you should maximize for all areas quotes, food, DIY, Style, Fashion, etc. However, if none of those areas have your target person, do not keyword for them. Be specific and strategic with keywords. If you dont create content or sell products in the wedding space, dont have a board for weddings.

Identify Clothes And More Using Your Phone

With an AI clothes finder, you’ll no longer have to roam around shopping malls with pictures of an outfit for reference. Thanks to these apps, you just need to pull out your phone and take a picture of your friend or the celebrity on the magazine cover to locate the perfect outfit.

Fashion is just the start. You can ID a lot more than pieces of clothing. Your phone can detect flower species, dogs, wine bottles, and more. If you’re interested in scanning the world around you, check out some apps to identify anything using your phone’s camera.

Monday: Casual And Sporty

I began my quest simply, by searching “flannel outfit.” Flannel shirts have become a staple of my wardrobe, and I was excited to find new ways to wear them.

It’s also dare I say very basic. There’s nothing wrong with pairing a flannel shirt with a tee and jeans and calling it a day, but I’ve seen it all before. I’ve also seen the seemingly innovative flannel-tied-around-waist look and the whole flannel-over-dress situation. There’s nothing wrong with these outfits they’re just not particularly fresh.

Mithya Srinivasan, who works in the consumer communications department at Pinterest, shared the top 10 pins on the outfit tag with Mashable. Unsurprisingly, these outfits feature ballet flats paired with blazers, polka dot tops paired with mint cardigans and striped dresses paired with army jackets. These pins don’t challenge me to see my wardrobe differently they reiterate the sense of style I’ve seen on the pages of a J.Crew catalog. To me, the outfits are boring.

It wasn’t until I gave up on my “flannel” search and began my “snapback” one that I found an innovative way to style my favorite shirt. The outfits on the “snapback” tag were more creative, and pinners combined patterns and colors in more daring ways.

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Identifying The Exact Items

  • 1Search online using a description of the item with keywords. Be as specific as possible when you’re doing the search because the website that sells the item will likely be using keywords to appear in search results. Include the item name, color, fabric, and any special features that it has.XResearch source
  • For example, if you see a picture of a unique pair of jeans in a magazine, you can search for acid wash ripped jeans flower embroidery pockets to try to pull up the item or items like it.
  • You might also want to search the name of the person who posted the image or the magazine where you saw the picture for more specific results.
  • 2Tap on the picture to see tagged designers or products if it’s on social media. Most Instagram and social media influencers are required by law to tag the designer or brand if they provided the outfit. Simply tap your finger on the image quickly to see if there are any people or designers tagged on the photo.XResearch source
  • Some fashion bloggers and influencers will place the tags directly over the item to show where it came from. For example, if their shirt is from Fendi, they might tag Fendi on the shirt in the picture.
  • Businesses and brands on Instagram can also post pictures that have links to buy products online. Tap on the image and look for the white rectangles that display the name of the item in the price. Then, you can tap on the rectangle to go to the brand’s website.
  • Get Creative With Your Catalogs

    pinterest// @natalyabelous11

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    Pinterest users regularly scroll through catalogs. They are likely to engage more with your business if you keep your catalogs content interesting and dynamic. Alongside your regular posts, include engaging posts that bring users to your website. This can consist of videos, interactive tools, games and quizzes.

    Its also essential to market your catalog appropriately. Your catalog should be sorted into appropriate sections, so customers can effectively browse your items by product type.

    Each product listing should contain several images and diagrams where applicable. Each entry should also include a detailed description, warranty information, and your refund policy.

    The listing itself needs to contain the sale price, item name, and brand name. If you want to become a top Pinterest seller, provide Pinterest with full product data before you list your items.

    Still have questions? Learn more about product pins before you start.

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    Use Rich And Promoted Pins

    Rich pins are a type of organic pin that sources information from your website. This ensures the data in the pin stays accurate for users. Pinterest allows you to use three types of rich pins:

    • Product rich pins: for selling products
    • Recipe rich pins: for promoting recipes
    • Article rich pins: for sharing articles.

    Ecwid doesnt have integration for rich pins on Pinterest , so you have to create them yourself. But dont worry! Rich pins are free and available for anyone on Pinterest.

    You need to apply for rich pins before you can start using them. Heres how to apply and create your rich pins.

    Alternatively, brands can choose to use promoted pins. Promoted pins are ads you pay for on a cost-per-click basis. These are great for drawing traffic to your website and products, as they can be targeted at specific user demographics . Learn how to promote your pins on Pinterest.

    Image via

    If you are going to use rich or promoted pins, you need to identify yourself as a brand to successfully use those pins. This includes filling out your profile information and including links to your website and social media pages with a The more information you provide, the more reputable and trustworthy you will appear.

    Quick Tips While Shopping Your Closet

    Break things up

    We tend to wear the same combination of items repeatedly, to the point that we cant see other options. You probably have a few favorite outfits, so start with them and break them apart.

    Force yourself to find a new way to wear the individual pieces.

    Make minor adjustments and alterations

    I cant tell you how many times I would clean out a clients closet, and she would have several items that would be perfect with a few minor alterations.

    If a pair of pants are a little big, a hem fell out, or buttons need replacing, action them immediately. You dont need to buy something new when you can simply fix what you already have.

    Stop saving things for special occasions

    That black dress you think is only appropriate for a rare cocktail party might look fresh if you throw on a denim jacket.

    Dont wait to have a reason to wear your finer pieces, especially if you have better jewelry and accessories, celebrate everyday by wearing them with a simple pair of jeans and tee shirt.

    Push yourself outside your comfort zone and try everything on before dismissing it.

    Purge as you go.

    Youll come across items you can get rid of, so keep a designated area to place them and donate immediately.

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    Tops + Sweaters + Dresses

    Every fall, I tend to wear the same kind of top, so this step was easy for me. I go with either a turtle neck, abasic crop top with a jacket over it, or a sweater. And since its not freezing in LA, I also love pairing turtle necks under dresses.

    The second image made me realize that a leather jacket would be a cute addition to my fall style since theyre quite versatile. Because it isnt an item I included in the jackets section, I went back and looked up more leather jacket outfits to add to my board. This is why its good to look at the different articles of clothing separately.

    Brainstorm Your Goal Aesthetic

    recreating PINTEREST outfits! (*trying* to find my style)

    Before you get started, its ideal to have an idea of what style youre leaning towards so that your search is more specific. If youre not sure, you can always search trendy fall outfits on Pinterest, and scroll down until you find something you like.

    Once you find an outfit you like and would wear yourself, . Pinterest will start showing you outfits related to the one you clicked on. Youll quickly see that you start adding similar-looking outfits to your board, and this in itself will be how you narrow down your style.

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    Best Apps To Find Clothes From A Picture

    When scrolling through social media, its possible to come across an eye-catching outfit. Being able to identify clothes from an image is no longer just a wishful thought. There are several apps available for Android and iPhone devices that help you do just that. The apps are free to use, therefore, they are a viable solution for you.

    Finding clothes from a picture through an app is a straightforward process that takes only minutes. After installation, you will see the same type of outfit on a platform where they can be purchased. Therefore, it has never been easier to keep up with trends.

    These apps connect you to the best designers. Style is now simplified with the ability to find clothes from pictures with these apps. You can identify the outfit you had come across in public or while scrolling through your social media. Here are the best apps that get the job done for you.

    Reverse Image Search App

    Image Gallery

    Although this method isn’t as useful for figuring out your friend’s dress in her latest Instagram photo, the Reverse Image Search App is a great tool for searching general internet images.

    Upload a photo or use your camera and the app will automatically search Bing, Google, and Yandex to bring you a multitude of search results. From there you can continue reverse image searching using associated photos or use the auto-generated search suggestions until you find the perfect match.

    This isn’t the fastest or most reliable option, but still, a great option when working with pre-captured images. This option is only available for iPhone, but there are many great reverse image search apps available for Android.

    Reverse Image Search App for iOS

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    Make It Easy For Others To Share Your Content

    Of course, you also want to make it as easy as possible for site visitors and customers to share the content on your site to their Pinterest accounts. Add a Pin It button to your site and they can share everything from products to infographics, outfit inspiration, and recipes. This is an excellent way to reach new audiences without spending a penny.

    The extension automatically adds a Save button to all of your product photos, so customers can add them to their boards with one click.

    How To Shop Your Closet

    pinterest: @TRUUBEAUTYS#pinterestTruubeautys .

    On Friday, I shared my best tips to clean out your closet in an afternoon. So today, were going a step further and breaking down how to shop your closet.

    Shopping your closet is an easy process that allows you to see what you have, and helps you get creative while discovering outfit combinations you never knew you had.

    Right now, between the hot temperatures, and many states still under stay at home orders, the last thing many of us are thinking about is getting dressed. We may as well take advantage of a slightly slower pace and spend some time getting ourselves organized, so we know what you we like and what we need to as we move optimistically into the fall.

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    Why Social Selling Is Important

    Social selling is a form of marketing where a business uses social media platforms to find new customers and prospective buyers. Social media selling has many benefits, as it:

    • Reduces the amount of time it takes to contact potential customers
    • Increases the number of prospects you reach
    • Develops a deeper relationship with customers
    • Increases the potential for converting visitors to real customers
    • Shortens the sales cycle process.

    Social selling is a form of marketing that relies on a different type of sales model. Instead of engaging in traditional sales activities, social media selling relies on promoting products through social networks, product education, and customer engagement.

    Social selling helps you grow your revenue by giving customers a chance to learn more about your company and product before they buy from you. That makes them feel more confident about their eventual purchase.

    Image via Superoffice

    Selling has shifted from cold pitching to educating and meaningfully engaging with customers. As you can see from the graphic above, social selling allows you to use social media networks to connect with customers through engaging and educational content.

    Social media selling is a type of soft-selling , a word marketers use to describe any promotional activity that prioritizes customer service and experience over directly pressuring customers into a sale. This contrasts the idea of hard-selling: advertising that uses a more direct and persistent sales message .

    Start With Key Items + Work Your Way Up

    I started with key itemsthat I know I love. This made putting together an entire style aesthetic seem less daunting. If you already know you love ripped jeans, add that into the search so that outfits with ripped jeans start popping up. The tops they pair with those bottoms will likely look good together. From there, you can see what you like + dislike.

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    Friday: Mix And Match

    Day 5 was all about finding a fun way to wear a “leather skirt” I just bought. I worried I might have to add “pencil” to the equation fearing I’d draw pins of leather circle skirts, like the one I wore Thursday.

    But this process ended up going more seamlessly than I’d expected. In no time, I’d surfaced plenty of ways to style my recent purchase and settled on one that was straightforward and professional.

    The problem is usually alleviated with the simple addition of the “man” tag, though men will likely have to sort through some lady fashion photos anyway.

    Sorry, guys. Maybe this will inspire you to hop aboard the androgynous train making its way through fashion lately.

    Join The Verified Merchant Program

    Recreating Pinterest Outfits // PINTEREST OUTFIT IDEAS

    By joining the Verified Merchant Program, youre essentially being vetted by Pinterest. This makes you seem more legitimate to potential customers and also opens up several new features for you to take advantage of.

    Your products will show up in related Pins that reach people looking for new brands. Youll gain access to a Conversion Insights tool with advanced analytics. And you can enable a special shop tab on your profile that makes all of your shoppable Pins easy to find.

    Bloomscape, an online store that sells plants and supplies, has the shop tab on their Pinterest profile. It divides their product Pins into easily-clickable groups: all products, categories, and most popular products. This is a great way for potential customers to get a quick glimpse of available items.

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    Find Inspiration For Your Next Look

    You dont need to constantly recycle your outfits. Sometimes its best to splurge on a new look, especially if it makes you feel more confident. When you find yourself in need of a fresh look, just use one of these sites for fashion inspiration.

    Want to try out a brand new style? These types of trendy womens fashion styles will make you want to update your wardrobe.

    Join Our Insider Community Today

    Our three month, seasonal membership gives you access to our members only portal, our summer shop your closet checklist, mix and match wardrobe capsule, over 50 outfit formulas, and LIVE monthly group coaching with me.

    Summer membership is form July 13th September 14th.

    Hurray! Registration closes on July 27th.

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    The 6 Best Apps To Find Clothes By Picture


    Want to find clothes by picture? Here are the best Android and iPhone apps to help you identify an outfit with just a photo.

    In the past, if you saw a celebrity wearing an adorable outfit, it was a lost cause trying to relocate it to wear yourself. Today, all you need to do is snap a photo of the itemor the entire outfitand AI scanning technology will help you locate similar styles across the internet. Sometimes you can even match the exact piece!

    Grab your mobile phone and check out this list of outfit finder apps to help you find clothes from a picture.

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    Using Apps To Scan Outfits

  • 1 Many accounts that post celebrity outfits use apps like Wheretoget, ScreenShop, SiBi, and The Hunt. Search on your phone’s application store for one of these apps and tap download or get.XResearch source
  • Almost all of these apps are free to use since the app makes commission off of linking users to websites where they can purchase items.
  • 2Save the picture on your phone to upload it into the app. Navigate back to the image and hold your finger down on it to pull up a menu to save the picture. If the picture is on Instagram, take a screenshot and crop it so just the outfit is in the picture. If it’s in a magazine, take a clear picture of the page, focusing on the item that you’re trying to find.XResearch source
  • Some image recognition apps, such as ScreenShop and SiBi, also allow you to take a picture of the item in the app. If you see someone wearing a cute dress or a nice pair of shoes, you can snap a picture with the app and it will scan it automatically.
  • 3Upload the image to the app and wait for the app to locate the clothes. In the app, look for the button that allows you to upload a picture and select the one that you need. It can take up to 24 hours for some of the apps to return a link to all of the items, so be patient while you wait.XResearch source
  • Some apps also offer alternatives to the items if the exact item isn’t available for purchase anymore.
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