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How To Find Old Usernames On Instagram

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How Do I Change My Instagram Username

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  • Open the Instagram app and tap on your profile picture on the bottom navigation bar.
  • Tap on the Edit Profile button on your profile.
  • Tap on the Username field.
  • Delete your current username and choose a new one.
  • Tap on Done to change your Instagram username.
  • If the username that youve entered is not available, youll get the This username isnt available. Please try another error.

    After youve changed your username, you wont be able to change it for another 14 days.

    Change Your Username On A Computer

    If you prefer, you can change your username with the desktop version of Instagram.

    • In a web browser, go to
    • If youre already logged in, youll be prompted to continue with your account. If youre not already logged in, enter your username and password.
    • Click your profile icon on the right side of the homepage and select Profile
    • Click Edit profile next to your username
    • Sign in to your web-based Instagram account.
    • Now you can change your Username.

    Again, if you make a mistake during this process or decide you dont like your new handle after all, you can go back to your old handle within 14 days. After that time, you may still be able to revert, but your old handle may have been taken by another user.

    How To Find Someone With A New Username

    A new Instagram username might feel like a fresh start, but its still effortless to find for those who previously knew about the account. If youre already following the account, it will still appear in your following list, and new posts will still pop into your feed.

    Another way to find Instagram accounts that change username is by searching for their display name. Assuming the account is public, and the display name was left the same, it should come up with a simple search.

    The final method is to find another place where the account is linked. This could be an old post that the account commented on, or someone else tagging them in a new post. It isnt too hard to find a changed Instagram username with a little sleuthing, but please dont be a creep about it.

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    Can You Find Someone By Name On Instagram

    How To Find Someones Instagram By Username. If you know someones Instagram handle, you can search for them by clicking on the magnifying glass at the bottom of the app. You can actually search for specific accounts, hashtags, and places in this same spot. As you spend time on Instagram, the app will get to know you.

    Final Lines On How To See Old Instagram Bios


    Hopefully, Instagram keeps adding more and more features like the ones we talked about in this article. It is always fun to take a look at the changes of your account and Instagram has made it very easy for the users to do so.

    Also, maybe you can try one or two of the tricks we talked about after you have seen your past bios and shared this article with all of your friends.

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    Timeline For Changing Your Instagram Username

    Now that youve figured out where youve placed your old username, its time to prepare.

    Before investing time or money in the following steps, ensure that you have the option to change your username! Then proceed.

    Most steps are optional and some may not apply to you. Use your best judgement. These are suggestions only.

  • Printed materials? Get ready to order new ones ASAP.
  • Post a heads-up on your Instagram account that youll be changing your name. Explain why. You might do this a couple times over a few days, at different times of day. You can remove these posts later if you like.
  • Reach out to blogs where youve guest posted and request the change, if you dont have admin privileges to do it yourself.
  • Prepare an image to post on Instagram when you do the name change .
  • Set aside one to several hours to do steps 6 to 9 in quick succession.
  • Open all the blog posts, widgets, and social media accounts that you need to change in separate tabs. Enter the change, but dont save/update yet.
  • Go into your Instagram profile and make the change.
  • If desired, inform followers on your other social accounts, blog, and email list of your change.
  • Pin the checklist as a reminder!

    How To Delete Former Usernames On Instagram

    In Instagram, every user has a previously determined username in the account they have created. All users on Instagram can reach you by searching for this username.

    Deleting the username is also in your hands. But finding someone to delete can seem like a challenge.

    Instagram has a feature that will eliminate this difficulty: About This Account..

    This feature is used to expose fraudulent accounts as well as stalking.

    They can delete usernames after making fake trades by buying high-follower accounts. However, with the ability to see the old username, these accounts are now easily revealed.

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    How To See Your Former Usernames On Instagram App

    New Update 2022: In the latest update, Instagram has changed the way to access your former usernames. Heres the latest guide that will help you to look at your old usernames.

    Step 1: Open the Instagram app on your mobile device.

    Step 2: Access your Instagram profile page by tapping your profile picture in the bottom-right corner of the app.

    Step 3: Tap the three-line icon located at the top-right corner of the screen.

    Step 4: Select the Your activity option in the menu.

    Step 5: Tap Account history.

    You can now see all the previous usernames you had in the past.

    How Do You Delete Old Instagram Bio History

    How to Check Former Usernames on Instagram! (2022)

    It can be frustrating to discover that you no longer recognize an Instagram user. Although the bios feature can give you a nostalgic rush, its important to keep in mind that Instagram keeps a lot of information. Its possible to download this data for your records, but theres no way to remove it entirely. Regardless of your personal preference, be cautious when sharing personal information on social media. Here are some ways to remove an Instagram bio history.

    First, you can view your former Instagram bio text. If youve changed your mind, you can remove your previous bio. If you want to delete a bio text, however, youll need to delete your Instagram account and log in again. This way, you wont accidentally delete any information from your account. Unlike Facebook, Instagram will always save information from your profile. Therefore, its important to regularly review your bio history to ensure youre using it wisely.

    Learn More Here:

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    How Do You Find Someone On Instagram If They Changed Their Username

    Yes, you can track down that Instagram user even if he/she has changed username. The way in which you can find that user is by his/her respective name. If that user is your friend, or in anyway you know his/her real name, then you can track him/her down.

    Open the account of any user on Instagram. Click on the three dots in the upper right corner. Tap on About this Account in the drop-down list. Scroll down and find Former User Names.

    Also question is, What does it mean if you cant find someone on Instagram?

    As with Instagram, the person who is blocked does not receive any notification. However, you can tell you have been blocked if you dont see someones profile when you search for it on your account, but can see it when you search from a friends account.

    Also, How do I unblock someone on Instagram if they changed their name? Open the user profile menu . Select Unblock from the menu that has appeared and confirm your choice. If the person has changed their username since you blocked them, you will not be able to unblock them using this method.

    Accordingly, Why cant you find someone on Instagram not blocked? If you are sure that the person has not blocked you, check if there is a possibility of the person having deactivated his/her account. Because that could be the only other possibility where the account isnt visible at all.

    Does changing your Instagram name unblock you?

    How To See Your Old Instagram Bios

    Prepare to cringe.

    If youre on a never-ending mission to pick an Instagram bio that you can stick with for more than a few months, you likely have a pretty dense backlog of tag lines, ranging from LinkedIn-serious, to emoji-playful. And while your followers might not notice or remember all of the updates youve made to your internet personality, Instagram did. And if you want to take that cringey stroll down memory lane, there *is* a way to . Yes, the app saves them in case you forget that time you identified as a Proud cat mom or INFJ or tagged your then-partner, now ex, in lieu of a biography.

    To relive all of the horrors of your IG youth, youll need to familiarize yourself with , which is just a matter of exploring your saved data and unearthing a world of embarrassment.

    To access these settings, tap your photo thumbnail on the bottom right corner of your screen. On your profile page, tap the menu bar on the upper right hand corner. There, at the top of the list, youll find Settings tap that. Next, click on the “Security” option . Then, choose “Access Data under Data and History. On mobile, tap to open the page in Safari.

    Heres where youll find all of the old treasures of Instagram past. You can click “Former bio texts” to see every version of your bio that’s existed to date. You can also click on “Former usernames,””Former full names,” and “Former links in bio.”

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    How To Check Instagram Old Usernames For Business Accounts

    Few days back, I wrote an article on or Scam collaborations on Instagram. In this article, I will show you how to check Instagram old usernames for business accounts. This is also a part of detecting fake brand names. A brand brand name tends to change username very frequently. If you are skeptical about a brand, dont forget to check their previous usernames. This information can be found in Instagram Business accounts, under About this account section. You can only find recent username activities. This means, if the brand has changed its username 3-4 years ago, then you wont be able to check it. Actually, you dont need it. A brand not changing its name since a few years is a good sign. It has lower probability of being fraud.

    Check out the simple steps below:

    Choose A Similar Name

    How to Search Instagram for Tags and Users

    Although this may seem obvious, choosing a similar username is the simplest way to set up your Instagram account. Adding an underscore or a number is simple and effective.

    Instagram usernames can be up to 30 characters long and contain letters, numbers, periods, and underscores. This specification gives you quite a bit of flexibility in creating a close name to the one you so desire. You may need to use a little imagination, but the rest should be straightforward enough.

    Add a city or location to your name if you run a business. You can do the same for surnames or others. This move can help maintain your brand and add a quick local identifier that may work in your favor. You can also add the type of business to the name.

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    Try Online Repositories And Privacy Sites

    Sometimes it takes an unfortunate event like a data breach to find your usernames or old accounts. Sites like Avast Hack Check offer a robust database of hacked websites and stolen log-in details. Just sign up and Hack Check will alert you if your email address shows up in any known lists of security data breaches or other types of illegal online activity. An alert could jog your memory about a forgotten service associated with that alternate email address.

    Check saved logins for passwordsBefore clicking that Forgot password link, you might find long-lost passwords in your internet browser. In Avast Secure Browser > Settings > Passwords > Saved Passwords

    In Google Chrome > Settings > Passwords > Saved Passwords

    In Safari > Preferences > PasswordsIn Firefox > Options > Security > Saved Passwords > Show Passwords

    In Microsoft Edge > Settings > Passwords & Autofill > Manage PasswordsIn Internet Explorer > Settings > View Advanced Settings > Manage PasswordsUse a password manager? Check those too.

    Why Does Your Instagram Name Appear Locked

    If your Instagram account appears locked, dont worry you havent been locked out of your account, and it doesnt mean youve violated one of Instagrams rules.

    In March of 2019, Instagram rolled out a new feature that automatically locked accounts old usernames for 14 days after they switched to a new one. The goal of this new tool was to prevent hackers who grab old and discarded usernames to use as bots. In the past, hackers have taken over old usernames as soon as those users switched over, which prevents that person from returning to their old usernames ever again.

    This auto-lock feature gives Instagram users a grace period for switching over their usernames, which, as we mentioned previously, is a change that shouldnt be taken lightly.

    If theres a lock symbol next to your username, it means your account is currently set to private, so only followers you have approved can see your content.

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    How To See Someones Former Usernames On Instagram

    Step 1: Go to the Instagram profile page of the person whose old usernames you want to view.

    Step 2: Tap the three-dot menu located at the top-right of the screen, then select the About This Account option in the menu.

    Step 3: Select Former Usernames.

    Now, a new page will appear showing you all the former usernames of that Instagram account.

    Note: You cant see the old usernames of every Instagram user. The About This Account option is available only for accounts with a huge following.

    Also, remember that most people change their usernames for malicious intentions. Many scammers change their usernames to prevent scam victims from finding their Instagram accounts. If you see too many changes in usernames over a short span, this is a sign of warning. The account you are dealing with is likely a fake account.


    Purchase The Inactive Instagram Account

    Instagram tips: How to check previous usernames on Instagram @Instagram

    If you cannot get that username with the tactics above, you can try to purchase the inactive account. If the account is not used, the owner would be happy to sell it. However, getting into contact with an inactive user might be difficult. After all, they are inactive.

    Instagram reels are the most favorite feature of Instagram. It is a highly entertaining pastime activity and a medium to communicate with your friends…

    Look at the Profile Information of the account, and you might see the e-mail address or the phone number of the owner. If they are not answering your DMs, try sending an e-mail stating that you want to buy their account.

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    Fun Tricks On Instagram

    This app is filled with thousands of secret features that most people arent aware of. We will talk about a few of them that may make your experience on the platform even better than already is:

    Pre-post: this trick is especially useful for busy people, such as influencers or companies. If your business is mainly focused on Instagram, or you are planning to, you must have a schedule of posts. This feature lets you plan your posts and set them to a specific date and time so you wont forget to do it later. Unfortunately, it is only available for Professional accounts, you can get one this way:

    • Go to your profile.
    • Click on the Edit Profile button.
    • Select the option that says Switch to Professional Account.
    • Follow the steps by filling in the info of your business or what you do.

    Save your favorite posts: you may already know that you can save as much as posts and reels that you want, but did you also know that you can actually organize them by collections? This will help you if you tend to save a lot of things that you like or information and later you have trouble finding them, but you just have to do this:

    Hide the pictures others tagged you in: we all have been tagged in a post that we really dont like, and as you may know, all of these will appear on the tagged section of your profile, if you find yourself often in this situation, you can avoid it with these steps:

    Can You Get An Inactive Instagram Username

    Claiming an Instagram username can be tricky. Even when another user quits logging into their account, there are some rules and workarounds involved with claiming an inactive accounts username. Instagram users dont have the option to fill out a form and claim a username it just isnt that simple.

    Fortunately, Instagram does purge inactive accounts. But, you may not have the time to wait. Weve included all of your options for obtaining an Instagram username in this article.

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    Is It A Bad Practice To Change Your Username

    If youve had your account for a while and have built up a sizable following, most experts agree that changing your Instagram username isnt the best idea.

    Why? For starters, if youve ever promoted your Instagram account outside of the app , those links wont automatically redirect to your account anymore.

    Because your Instagram profile URL wont automatically change outside of the app, youll also experience a short period where you wont show up on Google or any other search engines. And if youve linked any other social media accounts to your Instagram , youll also have to change your username there, too.

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