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How To Find Inactive Followers On Instagram

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Why Manage The Accounts You Follow On Instagram

Cleaner App for Instagram – How to Remove Ghost/Inactive Followers

Instagram allows you to follow around 7,500 accounts based on when you opened your account. Thats a lot of people to follow. And because of the algorithm, you wont see posts from everyone you follow, even if youre only following a few hundred people.

If you reduce the number of people you follow, youll see more posts from your friends as well as posts from content creators you enjoy most.

I advocate getting rid of the dead weight so you can keep your Instagram following manageable. Youll get more enjoyment from what you see in your feed, and you will be able to more readily engage with content that means something to you.

Unfollowing fake and inactive accounts on #Instagram helps you see more engaging content.

Instagram Deleted Inactive Accounts

Instagram is the worlds largest mobile social network with more than 2 billion active users. Many users of this social network leave their pages inactive and never return to their accounts. But does Instagram delete inactive accounts? We will see more in the rest of this article.

Yes, in general, Instagram has set rules that will delete any inactive user account after a while. Different rules consider for this issue, will result in the deletion after being inactive. But in general, how long does it take to ? What options must be enabled to completely remove that account from Instagram?

How To Get Rid Of Inactive Instagram Followers

In order to remove inactive , you first need to identify the followers you have that are inactive. There are essentially two ways to do this on Firstly, there are a number of apps out there which you can use to identify the inactive Instagram followers of your profile. Secondly, and this is the lengthier task, is to manually look at each of your followers to see if they are inactive or arent used anymore.

Since the latter method of identifying in order to remove inactive Instagram followers is lengthy and hard, the first method is to recommend, and this is solely dependent on you using great tools for doing so.

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They Can Lower Your Engagement Rate

Just as Giovanetti discovered, Instagram ghost followers can make your content seem less engaging because fake followers dont interact with your content. For example, lets say you have 10,000 followers, but youre getting only 30 likes per photo. In this case, its obvious, at a glance, to any savvy Instagram user that your engagement rate is incredibly low.

An account with many followers but low engagement likely has a lot of ghosts contributing to that high follower count. And if your posts arent getting enough attention from followers, theyre certainly not going to attract advertisers.

To calculate your accounts engagement rate, divide the number of likes and comments your 10 most recent posts received by your number of followers. Then, multiply the value by 100.

You can also monitor your engagement rate by using

How To Remove Ghost Or Inactive Followers On Instagram

Find Inactive Followers On Instagram

You may have a lot of followers on your Instagram account but Have you ever noticed that the likes or comments on your Insta Post are very very less in comparison to the number of followers? Here is the Answer: Due to Ghost, Fake or Inactive Followers. So, In this article, you will get the solution to find out the Ghost Followers and to Remove them.

Top Tricks:

Yes, there may be many Ghost or Fake followers who do not actively participate or engage with you in any manner i.e No Likes, No Comments or no other activity on your Post. If you want to have only genuine Instagram Users, then you have to remove such Fake or Ghost Followers from your IG account. Lets see how to find out Ghost or Fake followers and how to remove them.

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How To Check Influencers For Fake Followers

Anna is the Head of Marketing and PR at HypeAuditor, the most accurate and in-depth Instagram and YouTube analytics tool on the market. She is passionate about influencer marketing and Instagram analytics.

Each year businesses lose millions of dollars on collaborations with fake followers. According to the State of the Influencer Marketing Research 2021, about 55% of influencers are involved in fraud.

But there are several ways to detect if an influencer has fake followers among their audience. But before we start, lets figure out what fake followers are?

Remove Fake/inactive Ghost Followers On Instagram

Instagram is a unique place we share and engage with posts and stories. Where you people follow you and you follow them. You may spend hours while creating a perfect-looking and engaging post. But once you hit that share button. You dont actually see the engagement you expect.

You may spend a lot of time and created those contents for better engagement. But In the end, you have got nothing but an empty tray of likes, comments, and shares. Do you know why?

Well, the situation may look like you actually have fake or ghost followers on Instagram. So you are thinking to get rid of them? Dont worry you are here at the right place to know how to remove these ghosts or fake followers from your IG profile.

Hey everyone, I am Samad Khan and today I am gonna a method to remove some fake or ghost followers. For your ease, and in this article, I am gonna include a screenshot for better understanding. We will also discuss, why its important, what are these ghost followers, etc. So stay here and keep reading

There is nothing to worry about having such a follower, but as per the marketing point of view, doesnt worth a single penny while being on your followers list. Such users dont do any activity but getting paid for following you. That is why it is so important to not buy like services from a third party to have only the numbers of followers on your profile page.

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What Are Ghost Followers

Instagram ghost followers are inactive accounts that dont engage with your profile and posts. Theyre also known as fake followers because the likelihood that these users arent real people are high. However, this isnt always a bad thing depending on how you see their purpose. If you dont mind lower engagement and just want a higher follower numbers, then having ghosts floating about isnt such a bad thing as they boost your count perceived following clout.

After all, the most common way for ghost followers to appear is when someone decides to buy Instagram followers. Its become common practice for some in the industry to purchase thousands of followers for cheap, with the two most common means being buying a bunch of inactive followers and paying for a service to follow other users for you in the hopes they follow back. Both are unreliable in their own ways: bought followers most likely wont engage with your posts, and followed accounts have a chance to engage but may not even follow back.

Apps That Can Help Unfollow Inactive/ghost Followers On Instagram

UPDATED* How to See Your Inactive / Ghost Followers on Instagram | Instagram Tips and Tricks

In this tutorial, Im going to show you how you can use a premium app at absolutely NO COST to you, to put together a list of inactive Instagram users.

The premium app is free to download and use for 5 days but we need less than a day to have our list of ghost users ready.The premium app is Jarveecurrently the most advanced social media automation tool but before you go ahead and download it heres two things that you should know:

PS: If you need help setting up Jarvee, please make use of this gig.

  • You can automate all your activities not just on but on several other platforms including , , , Tumblr, , LinkedIn and Google Plus.
  • It runs on Windows but Mac users, as well as Windows users who want to automate all their activities 24/7 even when they turn off their computer, can use this tutorial on how to set up a free VPS on which to run Jarvee.
  • PS: If you need a powerful VPS for cheap, reach me on Skype Diablo2562 and Ill connect you to a reliable provider I currently use.

    You can now go ahead to . Follow that guide on how to set it up and join me back here.

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    What Is A Ghost Follower On Instagram

    On Instagram, ghost followers are fake or inactive users who dont engage with any of the content you create.

    Generally, these accounts have been created by an application referred as a bot a piece of software that automatically goes through the Instagram sign-up process in order to send spam messages and comments to other users.

    Most fake accounts are easy to spot. They tend to have names that make no sense often with numbers thrown in for no reason. When you look at the profile, youll normally see very low follower numbers but theyre usually be following a huge number of accounts.

    Of course, its not just the numbers that do the talking. Their content is usually poor quality or obviously stolen from other, legitimate accounts and all their content will tend to have very few likes or comments.

    Bot accounts arent the only ones to watch out for though. Sometimes, in an effort to get more followers, account owners hand over their password to spammers – who then hi-jack the profile. These hi-jacked accounts can be trickier to spot but if you see a sudden change from ordinary pictures to promotional posts, its a good indication that its now a spam account.

    Any account thats been created purely to boost numbers or distribute spam is bad news, and youre better off without them if you want to use your account to work with legitimate brands.

    How Many Instagram Followers Are Real

    So, how many ghost followers are there on Instagram?

    A definitive answer is hard to find but top cybersecurity firms say there are likely to be around 100 million fake accounts that are being used to circulate spam on the platform. When you consider that Insta has around 1 billion active users each month thats around 10% of active accounts being used to distribute spam.

    The good news is, the legitimate accounts on the platform still represent one of the very best ways for brands to connect with potential customers. 10.7% of all referrals to e-commerce sites come from Instagram and brands spend around 69% of their influencer budgets on the platform too.

    For now, Instagram is a marketing favourite so theres no better time to be establishing yourself as an influencer with a high-quality, engaged audience.

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    Apps To Identify Inactive Instagram Followers

    Crowdfire has a number of built-in features, to mention a few:

    • Non Followers
    • Competitors Followers
    • Keyword Search & Friend Check

    When looking for inactive followers, you obviously want to be using the inactive following feature. This feature will scan your followers and identify Inactive Instagram Followers. Once youve identified all of your inactive followers using this tool, you can start removing them .

    Can You Take One Of The Inactive Usernames

    2 Best Apps to Find Inactive Instagram Followers and ...

    Sometimes you will find an attractive username for your new Instagram page, but at the time of registration you will find out that this username has already been taken by someone else. What is the solution? You can first make sure that the account is inactive and then by reporting it, Instagram will find out if this account is inactive or not, then if your report is approved, the account is deleted and you can use the username to choose your opinion.

    To find out if an account is inactive, first look at its profile and see if it has a photo. Whether it sent a post or not when the last post it posted was. Does it have a follower or a follower or not. If everything indicates that the page is inactive, you can report it. You can also write a description of this account and the username you want to get an email mailto:. In this case, your case will be processed faster.

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    Your Engagement Rates Will Nosedive

    Lots of people wonder what the harm is in having a few fakes numbers to make you look a little more popular than you are but followers is fast becoming a useless metric as far as marketing teams are concerned.

    Instead, brands are going to be keen to look at your engagement rates and if no ones interested in what youre posting, then you can forget about working with them on their next campaign.

    Think about it this way. If youve got 500 followers and youre regularly getting 50 likes or comments on your posts then youve got a 10% engagement rate.

    Now, add 5,000 bought followers.

    Your account looks more impressive at first glance but those fake accounts arent going to engage so youll still get the same 50 likes or comments that you got before. The trouble is, with your new fake followers, these 50 likes now represents an engagement rate of around 0.9% – so all that hard work that you put into getting a great engagement rate from 500 legit accounts is totally wiped out.

    Using Cleaner For Instagram App

    We have already explained this tool for deleting Multilple Photos or Videos, in our another article, Refer Here, to get detailed guide.

    Here, We will show you how this app can be used for detecting Inactive Followers on your and Unfollow them Instantly in a single tap. Follow the steps given below:

    Step 1: First : Cleaner for Instagram App for :-Android oriOS Devices from Google Play Store & Apple App Store.

    Step 2: Launch this app and login with your .

    Step 3: This app allow you to trace out the Inactive Followers. By default this Inactive Time period is set to 30 days, but you can change it accordingly from Settings.

    Go to Settings> Scroll down and tap on Select Inactive Users> Select days 60/90 days or enter Days in Custom field > Save it.

    Step 4: Now Go to the Following Tab from the Bottom bar and tap on Quick Select blue button > go withAdvanced Quick Select option.

    Step 5: In the Next, Tap on Select Inactive Users> tap onStart button to start the process to get the currect state of every follower.

    Step 6: In result, it will select the Followers who were inactive during the mentioned period. Tap on the Flash icon and Tap onUnfollow. All the selected users will be Unfollowed instantly.

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    How To Using Unfollowers And Ghost Followers App

    If the give application is not suitable for your account then here is another multi-function application that will entirely analyze your IG account. And will give you result with details of all your fake or Ghost followers or you unfollowed, all your recent unfollowers, or mutual followers app, etc.

    Steps to Use the App

    This application will displayyou the followers who follow by you but not followed by you in the Fake/GhostFollowers list. So if you want to find those followers then go through thegiven below steps:

  • Go to the Google Play Store on your Smart Phone
  • Find the Unfollow & Ghost Follower Application to download & Install on your device
  • Next, Open the App and Sign in with your IG username and password
  • Tap on the menu to select the Ghost Followers
  • A list of your all Instagram Account Followers whom you have not followed will be displayed
  • Now you can directly Follow or Block any user by through IG profile of that user
  • So, the above all are the ways to learn how to Block, Remove or Unfollow the Fake or Ghost or Inactive IG Followers while using the above-given applications. You can also use multiple other functions.

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    Is Automated Engagement Okay

    How to Remove Ghost Followers on Instagram (INCREASE YOUR REACH ENGAGEMENT)

    To put simply, no! Purchasing fake comments and likes on posts will inflate your engagement short term, and have the opposite effect on your organic traction. This makes you less valuable to brands, who now have the tools to identify this behaviour as well. Using automated engagement tools is also a no no, mostly because we find it really annoying and so will your audience. Its also easy to identify, especially since bots arent that smart.

    If you find yourself annoyed by this type of engagement, block the page and report them for spam.

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    An Update On Unfollowing Inactive Followers On Instagram

    , you just now need to click on TOOLS, then click on the name of the account and then click on the Unfollow tab.

    Here, youre going to scroll down and check on the options shown in the image below:

    Now depending on how often you post on Instagram, you can choose the last number of posts that some of the people youre following have not interacted with and then scroll back up and start the unfollow tool.

    Its that easy!

    End of update.

    • Once your account is set up on Jarvee, click on TOOLS, the interface should look like in the image above. Now click on the name of the account . Once you do that, you should see: Once youre here, click on the Contact tab and then EXTRACT USERS. Then move to the next step.
    • Paste the following two lines in the form:
  • likers/YourUsername
  • Your accounts username goes where it says YourUsername.

    • Where it says Extract 82 users for rule added below youre going to put the number of followers you have. The account Im using for this tutorial has 82 followers.
    • Now click on EXTRACT USERS.

    Allow some time for the extraction process to complete. How long this will last will largely depend on the number of followers you have.

    • When its finished scrapping, click on the Use Extracted Users tab. Now SELECT ALL and then EXPORT SELECTED as shown in the image below.

    Allow it to finish the process.

    • Check Unfollow all users followed by Jarvee and Also target users followed from outside Jarvee, scroll back up and then click on START UNFOLLOW.

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