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How To Find Candidates On Linkedin

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Create Your Linkedin Company Page

How to search for candidates on LinkedIn!

Unless youre from a well-known company, chances are a candidate will not be 100% familiar with your organization, and will want to do their own research. Theyll usually do that by clicking on the company name in your job title and checking out your LinkedIn Company Page. You can make your company page more credible by adding a big, high-resolution photo, and filling out all the information in a readable, candidate-friendly tone. This is the place to sell your culture, not your products.

% Of Recruiters Are On Linkedin Looking For Job Candidates How To Impress Them

Recruiter using Linkedin to search for qualified job applicants.


LinkedIn is the hottest career development tool out there right now. It is where Recruiters and HR personnel are looking for candidates. Whether you are passively looking, or actively engaged in a job hunt, making sure you have an enticing LinkedIn Profile that effectively advertises you is essential.

Here is a brief guide to improve your profile and help you stand out to employers.


By default, LinkedIn lists your current job title as your headline. Crucial mistake. This section is the most searched section on LinkedIns platform especially by recruiters and HR. This headline is your big advertisement to market yourself to the world. It needs to be well thought out, concise, and strategically written. It uses words that will attract someone to check you out in the search. But first, they must find you. In your headline, use the appropriate job titles you want to hold. Use a straight slash – ;l;- between each job title. You can also add the industry you want to work in.

For example, Mary, 57, was a career counseling client who was stuck at the Director level and kept getting passed over. At 57, she needed to make a move and needed help with LinkedIn. She said, I never realized you could optimize your headline. Certainly, I never thought of using it to target where I want to go. So we developed this headline:

How To Find The Best Candidates On Linkedin

LinkedIn is the single most important social media network for finding talented candidates. If you have to pick only one, choose LinkedIn.

Why? Because it has 500 million members who are specifically there to think and talk about their jobs, and 20 million of those members view a job posting on LinkedIn every single week. In this article, well share some practical tips for effectively recruiting on LinkedIn .

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What Not To Do When Recruiting On Linkedin

Now that you know how to recruit on LinkedIn, you need to know how;not;to recruit on LinkedIn.

While the platform can obviously prove helpful for your recruitment process, it can also do the opposite.

Here are some tactics to avoid when recruiting on LinkedIn to stay on talents good side and get the results you want:

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Persuade Fewer People To Apply

The hiring industry pays a great deal of attention to the funnel, whereby readers of a companys job postings become applicants, are interviewed, and ultimately are offered jobs. Contrary to the popular belief that the U.S. job market is extremely tight right now, most jobs still get lots of applicants. Recruiting and hiring consultants and vendors estimate that about 2% of applicants receive offers. Unfortunately, the main effort to improve hiringvirtually always aimed at making it faster and cheaperhas been to shovel more applicants into the funnel. Employers do that primarily through marketing, trying to get out the word that they are great places to work. Whether doing this is a misguided way of trying to attract better hires or just meant to make the organization feel more desirable isnt clear.

The Grass Is Always Greener…

Organizations are much more interested in external talent than in their own employees to fill vacancies. Here are the top channels for quality hires.

It should be easy for candidates to learn about a company and a job, but making it really easy to apply, just to fill up that funnel, doesnt make much sense. During the dot-com boom Texas Instruments cleverly introduced a preemployment test that allowed applicants to see their scores before they applied. If their scores werent high enough for the company to take their applications seriously, they tended not to proceed, and the company saved the cost of having to process their applications.

Export Linkedin Candidates To Attract With One Click

While you’re reviewing candidates in LinkedIn Recruiter, you can export them to jobs that you currently have open in Attract. For this step, you need Recruiter or Hiring Manager permissions in Attract. For more information about roles in Attract, see Security and role management in Attract.

You must also make sure that the job has a Prospect stage. For more information, see Prospect activity.

  • In Attract, create a job, assign the appropriate roles, and activate the job.
  • In LinkedIn Recruiter, find a good candidate for the job, and go to the candidate’s profile.
  • In the job search box in the contact card, find the job by using the title or the Job ID that was activated in Attract. If you can’t find the job, select Change ATS to find the correct Attract instance.
  • Select the job, and then select Export.
  • In Attract, open the job. The exported candidate will appear on the Prospect tab of the job.
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    How To Search Resumes On Linkedin To Find Top Talent

    Today, LinkedIn is a top source to identify potential job candidates. If youve wanted to search resumes on LinkedIn or find better candidates on the platform, youve come to the right place.

    Read on to discuss everything from the benefits of , to different account types and how to perform a candidate search.

    Open New Recruiting Channels With 4 Corner Resources

    How to find candidates for jobs using Linkedin and Indeed

    Are you relying on the same handful of recruiting channels every time you have a new opening? Are you frustrated by the quality of candidates entering your hiring funnel? Its time for a new approach.

    The team of staffing professionals at 4 Corner Resources can help you maximize the effectiveness of your existing recruiting channels and find creative new ones to reach more candidates. Well help you cut through the noise and reach the best talent in your field, including those elusive passive candidates.

    To get started, contact us to speak with one of our hiring experts today.

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    Who Can Search Resumes On Linkedin

    Businesses have , and anyone can use it to search for resumes for free. You dont have to be a hiring manager or recruiter, which makes recruiting via this platform open to businesses that dont have a dedicated recruiting team.

    If you want to invest more into searching for resumes on LinkedIn, there are specific paid-for candidate sourcing tools. These are:

    • LinkedIn Recruiter

    LinkedIns paid-for recruiting tools allow you to carry out advanced searches for candidates. Source: LinkedIn.

    Job Boards And Career Sites

    Recruiters often rely upon sites such as Career Builder, Monster, Dice, and Indeed to find candidates who arent in their internal applicant tracking system. Unlike a company ATS, which only contains the resumes of candidates who have applied to jobs at their company, job board and career site databases contain millions of resumes that span different industries, experience levels, and geographical locations. They are a gold mine for recruiters trying to find the perfect candidate for a role.

    Large career sites such as Career Builder facilitate a passive approach to landing jobs by asking you, the user, to upload your resume into their database. Resumes stored into their database are then available to recruiters and companies who pay for access to search their bank of resumes.

    Uploading your resume to career boards is particularly good if youre a candidate who prefers a passive job search. If youre in no rush to leave your current role but would move companies for the right opportunity, this is way to keep that possibility open. Having your resume in these databases means recruiters can find you if theres an opportunity that might be a good match for your qualifications. Take the time to craft an outstanding resume that recruiters wont pass up once theyve got it in their hands.

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    View Linkedin Candidates In Attract

    After you’re connected to LinkedIn Recruiter, you can view candidates’ LinkedIn profiles in Attract.


    If you have a Recruiter seat assigned to you, you can see the candidates’ full information.If you have a Hiring Manager seat or no seat assigned to you, be sure to sign out of LinkedIn or LinkedIn Recruiter before navigating to the LinkedIn tab for a candidate in Attract. You’ll be able to see the candidate’s basic public profile data, such as their first and last name.

  • In Attract, select Jobs or Talent pools on the left, and then select an applicant.

  • In the candidate’s profile, select the LinkedIn tab. You can view the candidate’s profile and InMail history.

  • From here, you can perform the following actions:

    • Select the Recruiting activities tab to view:

    • Recruiter notes . By default, notes are private and only visible to the owner of the notes.
    • InMail activity . Scroll to the bottom of the page to view the InMail exchange with your prospect and view other users in your organization who are interacting with your prospect.
    • Candidate rejection activity
  • Select Send InMail to send InMail without having to leave Attract.

  • Select Save to a job to save the job without leaving Attract.

  • Note

    A candidate’s LinkedIn profile will display in Attract when the candidate’s Attract information matches the LinkedIn information. Here are the matching rules that are used:

  • If there are no good matches, you’re notified that no match was found.
  • What Some Employers Say About The Power Of Linkedin

    The Next Generation of LinkedIn Recruiter is Here ...

    Susan Graye, a former recruitment executive at Hewlett Packard Enterprises, has been part of the LinkedIn network for years and has used the site to find employees by searching by the employer , using InMail, purchasing advertising, and networking. Graye has filled jobs from sales positions to executive-level jobs using LinkedIn. She thinks it allows Hewlett Packard Enterprises to network proactively and learns on a continual basis.

    Another recruiter has been using the site for a good portion of his career. According to Devin Blanks of DB Search Group a Minneapolis-based staffing and recruiting firm,

    Greg Buechler, the founder, and CEO of Off the Hook Jobs uses LinkedIn for every search.

    “I do advanced searches to identify potential candidates and typically will send InMails rather than trying to get to a person via the introduction route. If an individual has an email address posted in their profile, I may also send an email directly to the person.”I have filled several jobs over the years and typically they are at the executive level. I don’t see much below a Senior Manager or Director level as being very effective on LinkedIn. But at Senior Manager, Director, Vice President, CEO levels, it is great.”

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    Easy Ways To Find The Best Candidates On Linkedin

    In April 2021, approximately 4 million workers left their respective companies, and up to 95% of workers considered leaving their jobs in what is being hailed as, The Great Resignation.;

    This is an opportune time to get back in touch with or find passive candidates to fill open roles within your company. People who werent looking for employment in the months before are looking now, which is why its so important to use passive candidate searches.

    Finding and recruiting top talent for your company is key to growth and stability. So how do recruiters find candidates on LinkedIn to fill those positions?

    1. Actively Search for Candidates Using Keywords

    If youre asking yourself, how do recruiters find candidates on LinkedIn?, consider the role keywords play in your search efforts when trying to locate passive candidates.

    Keywords can refer to the job title itself along with the location. Most employers find local talent a better match, so using location-based keywords helps you filter results more efficiently.;

    From those filtered results, use additional keywords related to the level of education required to fill the position. Using the name of a respected industry employer with similar job titles is also another good strategy.;

    Performing frequent keyword searches helps companies discover passive candidates and nurture a relationship for potential future employment.

    2. Develop a Keyword-Rich Profile

    4. Use the People Also Viewed Feature

    Further reading

    Linkedin Recruiter Another Paid Option

    LinkedIn Premium isnt the only paid service you can use on LinkedIn to help find your next employee. If youve got a larger budget, plan to do a ton of hiring, or are in the recruiting business, youll want to check out LinkedIn Recruiter. Its one of many LinkedIn Talent Solutions that includes products such as Job Slots and Paid Job Ads.

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    Recognize The Costs Of Outside Hiring

    In addition to the time and effort of hiring, my colleague Matthew Bidwell found, outside hires take three years to perform as well as internal hires in the same job, while internal hires take seven years to earn as much as outside hires are paid. Outside hiring also causes current employees to spend time and energy positioning themselves for jobs elsewhere. It disrupts the culture and burdens peers who must help new hires figure out how things work.

    None of this is to suggest that outside hiring is necessarily a bad idea. But unless your company is a Silicon Valley gazelle, adding new jobs at a furious pace, you should ask yourself some serious questions if most of your openings are being filled from outside.

    Employers are obsessed with new technologies and driving down costs.

    A different approach for dealing with retention is to try to determine who is interested in leaving and then intervene. Vendors like Jobvite comb social media and public sites for clues, such as LinkedIn profile updates. Measuring flight risk is one of the most common goals of companies that do their own sophisticated HR analytics. This is reminiscent of the early days of job boards, when employers would try to find out who was posting résumés and either punish them or embrace them, depending on leaderships mood.

    Linkedin Recruiting Tip #: Consider A Linkedin Recruiter Account

    How To Xray Search For Candidates on Linkedin

    If you recruit for a large volume of roles, you might want to consider investing in a account.

    With a Recruiter account, you can access up to 1,000 candidates with each search compared to the 100 results youll get in a regular search. You also have the ability to save search results.

    Whereas a personal account limits the amount of profile information you can see if you dont share a connection with a candidate, a Recruiter account allows you to see the full profile of every candidate. You can send a greater number of InMail messages along with tracking and analyzing their performance, too.

    There are several different tiers of Recruiter accounts that vary based on how many people are on your team. Check out the full range of .

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    Utilize Your Employees Professional Network

    LinkedIn is great at showing your connections in searches and on profiles. Use this to your advantage!

    In the section what not to do, well talk about InMail. Messaging potential candidates becomes easier and more effective when they are in your network.

    Further, a talent pool that is already familiar with your company and its people is more likely to be a pool full of culture fits!

    Set Up Your Connection With Linkedin Recruiter

    Before you can start working with LinkedIn Recruiter through Attract, you must set up your connection with LinkedIn Recruiter. For this step, you need your LinkedIn Recruiter credentials.

  • Select the Settings button in the upper-right corner of the page.

  • Select User settings.

  • On the Connections tab, select Connect next to LinkedIn. Follow the instructions that are provided by LinkedIn.

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    How To Tell Recruiters Youre Open To Work On Linkedin

    First, lets look at LinkedIns recommended steps for letting recruiters know youre open to a new job and exactly what the Open To Work feature will do for your profile.

    To enable Open To Work from your LinkedIn profile, click the Me icon at the top of your screen.

    Then, click View profile to pull up your own

    Below your name and title, find the Open to button, click to open the drop-down options, and select Finding a new job

    LinkedIn will then provide a pop-up window for you to select job titles youre interested in, job locations you prefer, and the type of job you want

    Finally, LinkedIn gives you the option to choose who sees that youre open to new job offers:

  • All LinkedIn members which puts a green #OpenToWork badge around your profile image for all to see.
  • Recruiters only which will only show people using LinkedIn Recruiter from outside of your current organization that youre open to a new job.
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