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How To Find An Instagram Ad

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How To Create INSTAGRAM ADS in 2022 – Instagram Ads For Beginners Tutorial

How many orders did you close when your original source was Instagram, or when a touchpoint in your users journey was Instagram? When your Instagram data seamlessly translates into per-user data in a CRM/or the backend of your ecommerce store, you can track this. If you are able to see how many actual orders were influenced by Instagram content youll be able to get a real measure of your ROI.

Like Facebook ads, the performance data of your Instagram ads will be available in your Facebook Ads Manager, but you should leverage using Google Analytics and your CRM to draw a better, more holistic data narrative.

How To See Your Secret Instagram ‘ad Interests’

The lists for individual users have ranged from expected to wild. Want to see what Instagram thinks you’re into? Every Instagram user can access their Ad Interests now. Here’s how.

How to Access Instagram Ad Interests

The first thing you need to do is open Instagram and head to the settings section. You can find it on the bottom of the drop-down menu that you open from the three lines at the top of your profile.

Next, click on the “Security” tab. Under “Access Data,” scroll to the very bottom. There, you’ll find a headline titled “Ads” and a smaller tab that reads “Ad Interests.” Click “View All” to see your personalized list.

Instagram will give you a list of Ad Interests they’ve gathered from what you like and browse. There will be a button that allows you to see more of the list as your scroll.

The online sharing of these unique pages took off when journalist Eric Ginsburg created the “game” on his Twitter account June 1. From there, hundreds of users took to Twitter and Instagram to share the odd preferences Instagram has gathered from their app use. While some of the list may be understandable, users can expect a few wildcard interests on their list.

It’s important for Instagram users to know this list is being shared by Instagram with advertisers on the app. This means you may be seeing targeted ad content on your feed at any given time.

What Has Performed Best On Organic

Chances are that your organic followers have lots of similarities to the audience youll be targeting with your Instagram ads. So, look to your organic feed to see what types of content have performed well, and that can give you a good indication of what paid formats might resonate with your audience.

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Create Pro Videos In Minutes With Invideo

One out of every two use the platform to discover new brands. And Instagrams advertising reach having in 2021, is proof that Instagram ads are an incredible way for you to reach potential customers without depending heavily on factors like engagement, organic growth, and word of mouth.

In fact, we at InVideo also rely heavily on our to reach out to newer audience sets and cement ourselves as a brand.

But it can be tricky to figure out what kind of ads will work on Instagram, which is why weve compiled this list of the best Instagram ads out there to inspire your marketing strategy. If you already have a few ideas up your sleeve, you can start to bring them to life using InVideos or, simply head over to the for inspiration!

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How To Stop Instagram Ads

Best Instagram Ads: Find Your Inspiration In These Stunning Examples!

You might remember Instagram when this app first appeared it was a simple and user-friendly application that could work as your personal photo album. Nice thing to keep your rememberings in one place, right? Its usability and ready-to-post photo filters helped it grow to one of the most popular apps your phone could possibly have, not to say it became, among others, a huge social network. You could see what is happening in your friends life by just scrolling down your feed but now its not only your friends.

For 6 years of its existence, Instagram has turned from a social network into a huge marketplace for the sale and purchase of various products, goods, and services. Therefore, launching advertising on Instagram is one of the most important elements of any business promotion today. Surely, when viewing a feed on Instagram, you come across ads every now and then, and most annoyingly they are often the same. And if you are tired of being a target, this article is here to help.


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Why Use Instagram Ads

Since Instagram launched advertising on its platform in 2015, Instagram ads have driven more than one billion user actions. And just last year, it more than doubled its advertiser base in six months to 500,000 advertisers.

A survey by Strata in 2016 found that 63 percent of US ad agency professionals planned to use Instagram ads for their clients. This is a huge jump from the 34 percent in the year before , making Instagram ads one of the most popular social media advertising choice.

Set Your Budget And Schedule

The next, and the final step before you create your Instagram ad itself, is to set how much you want to spend on your Instagram ads and how long you want to run the ads.

For your budget, you can set a daily or lifetime budget. The daily budget is the average amount youll spend on your ads every day. The lifetime budget is the total amount youll spend over the lifetime of your ads.

For your schedule, you can let your ads run continuously or set a start and end date and time.

There are also advanced options for you to tweak your budget and schedule. If you are just starting out, you can ignore those options as Facebook sets them according to its recommendations by default.

How much does it cost to put an ad on Instagram?

Instagram Ads work on the same system as Facebook Ads. Costs depends on a few factors including your budget and whether you select Manual or Automatic bidding. Instagram Ad will never cost you more than you have to spend, though. If you have a budget of $15 per day, Instagram Ads will never cost you more than $15 a day.

The 6 Different Formats of Instagram Ads

Now, with your budget, audience, and placements set, you are ready to create your ad.

For Instagram ads, there are six formats you can choose from four for Instagram Feed ads and two for Instagram Stories ads.

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How Much Do Instagram Ads Cost

The cost of Instagram ads is highly dependent on a variety of factors there is no average or benchmark price. Some cost factors include:

  • Your targeting
  • Competitiveness of your industry
  • Time of year
  • Placement

The best way to evaluate your budget is to set up a draft campaign in Ads Manager and look for the Audience Definition and Estimated Daily Results modules, which will tell you if your budget settings will be sufficient to reach your desired audience within your desired duration.

Note that there is no best practice for how much to spend. You can get started by spending just a few dollars a day, and scale up from there based on success.

In order to control the costs of your Instagram ads, you can set either daily budgets or lifetime spending limits. Well explain this in more detail in our 5-step guide below.

How Do I Find An Ig Ad

Instagram Ads Tutorial 2020 (Step by Step)

You can change Instagram settings by opening the app on your phone, then clicking on your personal account information, and then clicking on the three lines in the upper right corner. There is an Ad Activity button when you click on it. You will find a large amount of advertising data when you click Ad Activity.

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Make Videos That Move

A burst of movement at the beginning of your video ad will help it get noticed. This is especially important for ads that appear in the Instagram feed or the Explore page, since these have limited time to grab users attention before they scroll past.

More than any other format, engaging video ads give you the opportunity to tell a story that your customers connect to. Dont pass up this chance by shooting static videos!

How To Block An Ad Account On Instagram

Finally, if you dislike all Instagram ads from a brand or individual, you can block their account. This will ensure you dont see ads from that account again.

Heres how to block a brand on Instagram to stop seeing their ads:

  • Go to the ad accounts profile by tapping their name on the sponsored post. You can also search for it or find them under the Ad Activity section.
  • Tap the three dots icon from the top right of that brands profile page.
  • Choose Block.
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    Use A Mobile Phone Browser

    Talking of the web version of Instagram on your mobile phone, you can use any browser of your preference. Be it Chrome, Opera, Firefox, or Safari, they all are good for viewing Instagram. Nevertheless, using Instagram with the help of web browsers can be frustrating as the web version has downfalls, among which are the unavailability of filters and masks, fewer features, etc. And although this way helps use Instagram without ads, it doesnt allow using the platform to the full. Remember, Instagram is built and optimized for the app.

    Test Different Ad Formats

    Best Instagram Ads: Find Your Inspiration In These Stunning Examples!

    Testing different ad formats helps you uncover what ads work best for your audience. For example, if your target audience responds better to Stories ads than regular image ads, youll want to put more money into Stories ads. This will help you generate more business and get better results for less money.

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    Use Targeting To Connect With A Local Audience

    This is a great advice for local brick-and-mortar businesses. Facebooks advertising system allows you to target very specific locations while Instagrams business profile features allow customers to contact you or get direction to your business.

    Imagine being a local restaurant which shows an ad featuring their most mouth-watering dish to a user within a close proximity, just in time for dinner, and that user immediately sees a map and directions to you. All it takes is a click to your profile, and you can get both a new customer and a new follower at the same time.

    Segmented Targeting To Achieve Your End Goal

    Instagram Ads use Facebooks advertising capabilities, so you can get incredible segmentation and targeting capabilities as it relates to your audiences.

    You can specify your target audiences geography, demographics, behaviors, interests, and other such criteria. You can also target your own following and fanbase, including users who have interacted with your website and/or your owned social platforms.

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    Configure Your Target Audience

    Now that youve selected your objective, you need to target the appropriate audience to get your ads in front of the right people. This is the true beauty of Instagram ads since youll be using Facebooks depth of demographic knowledge to reach the right people.

    If youve done this for Facebook ads before you likely already have several audiences built, and are quite familiar with the process. If youre new to this process heres a run-down of your targeting options, which you can layer to get a precisely targeted audience.

    Location: Whether you want to target a country, region, state, city, zip code, exclude or include certain places, location targeting will allow you to do all of this and more.

    Age: Allows you to target ranges from age 13 to 65+

    Gender: Choose between all, men, or women

    Languages: Facebook recommends leaving this blank unless the language youre targeting is not common to the location your targeting.

    Demographics: Under Detailed Targeting youll find demographics, which has several sub-categories with even more sub-categories under those. For instance, you can target Demographics > Home > Home Ownership > Renters.

    Interests: Interests is also under Detailed Targeting with multiple sub-categories to dig into. For instance, if youre looking for people interested in distilled beverages, science fiction movies, and aviation, those options are available for you!

    How To Advertise On Instagram: A 5

    How to create an Instagram video ad fast and easy

    It’s not too hard to create successful Instagram ads, as users are already primed to shop on the platform.

    If you have a budget allocated for paid social, you should strongly consider running Instagram ads. Why?

    27% of users say they find new products and brands through paid social ads, and , or 20% of the worlds population over age 13.

    In this article, well give you a comprehensive overview about how to advertise on Instagram, including an easy 5-step guide to create your first ad in just a few taps.

    The Complete Instagram Advertising Guide

    Bonus: Download a free pack of 8 eye-catching Instagram ad templates created by Hootsuites professional graphic designers. Start stopping thumbs and selling more today.

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    Post At Optimal Hours

    I spoke a bit about this during the budgeting step of Instagram ad-set up, but using the ad-schedule feature is a great way to get people at the right time.

    Via CoSchedule

    If you know your audience well, this shouldnt be too hard to determine, but trial and error can also work here. Think about your vertical. If youre an online retailer, when do people typically shop for clothing online? Or if youre a car dealership, what days of the week do you see the highest spike in website traffic? Asking these questions is a good place to start.

    Without further ado, set forth and ! This is one platform you should not ignore, and this guide should provide you with enough resources to become insta-famous.

    Looking for more help? Check out:

    Make Videos That Work Without Sound

    On Instagram, silent movies are still more popular than talkies. Almost will see your ad on a mobile device, which means most people will watch your videos with the sound off. Video ads should say what they have to say even when theyre muted.

    If the sound is important to your video, consider adding closed captions. This makes it more friendly to sound-off browsing and more accessible to people with hearing impairments.

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    How To Tailor Your Instagram Ads

    Instagram works fine in a browser, and you wont have problems scrolling through the social network in a phone or computer browser. No ads mean you can quickly catch up to the posts of people you follow, close Instagram, and do something productive. However, if you dont like using it in a browser, there areno ways to turn off all ads in the Instagram app. But you can customize your ad experience so that you dont see annoying, misleading, or repetitive ads. Heres how to do that.

    How To Find And Tweak Your Instagram Ad Interests

    Simple Ways to Find Ads on Instagram: 11 Steps (with Pictures)

    You can’t get rid of Instagram’s targeted ads, but you can see what the platform thinks you’re interested in.

    Did you know that you can see exactly what Instagram thinks you’re interested in by viewing your ad interests? That’s right, in the name of transparency, you can see all the topics Instagram will use to tailor your adverts right in your settings.

    More importantly, you can tell Instagram what you want and don’t want to see. Want to know how? Read on to learn how to find and fine-tune your Instagram ad interests.

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    Can I Create Instagram Ads Without An Instagram Account

    Yes, you can! All you need is a Facebook Page. If you dont connect an Instagram account, here are a few things to be mindful of:

    • Your Facebook Pages name and profile photo will be used on your Instagram ads to let people know the ads are from your business.
    • You cant on your Instagram ads.
    • Your Facebook Pages name will be used as your Instagram handle, which wont be clickable. If your Facebook Pages name is more than 30 characters, itll be truncated with an ellipsis .

    What Do You Want To Achieve With Your Ads

    Before you brainstorm copy and creative, build an appropriate audience, and direct users to a specific URL or profile, you need to pin down your Instagram advertising goals.

    Ask yourself the following:

    • Is my target audience on Instagram? If so, how can I create audiences that best map to my target audience?
    • Considering my personas and target markets, how likely are users to engage with my content through Instagram?
    • Do Instagram user demographics map to the types of customers Im trying to reach? How can I segment these audiences?

    Luckily, Instagram allows for incredibly detailed and granular audience-building. Make your ads reach the exact audience you want using precise targeting options.

    • Target people in specific locations: states, cities, towns, provinces, and countries.
    • Use demographic data: your ads will be visible to users of a certain age, gender, and language.
    • Reach users by interest: gain the attention of prospects that like certain apps, click specific ads, or follow accounts/users.
    • Advertise based on behavior: set up campaigns based on Instagram and Facebook activity.
    • Customize it: use existing email addresses or phone numbers to tailor your ad reach.
    • Build lookalike audiences: create audiences based on existing customer information.
    • Use Automated Targeting: Instagram enables businesses to create an audience of users who might be interested in your business using a variety of signals.
    • Reach
    • App Install

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