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How To Filter Unread Emails In Gmail

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Create A Filter That Sends Emails To Labels

How to Filter Unread Mails in Gmail Account

After creating the labels to organize your incoming emails, you must create the appropriate filters that will flag incoming messages as they arrive in your inbox. Doing this will help you manage your priorities, organize your inbox, and save the time it would take to manually apply labels to individual emails.

  • Determine what youd like to filter by using the search box at the top of your Gmail account. You can, for example, enter a specific email address, a persons name, or a keyword that may appear an email. Once youve done this, click on the arrow pointing down in the search box.
  • Make your desired label selection or selections in the dropdown menu that appears. Reminder: If you place multiple labels on an email, that email will be stored and searchable under all of the labels.
  • How To Delete All Unread Emails In Gmail On Phone

    Click the select all checkmark next to the refresh button above your emails.Deleting all read emails from one user First, go to your gmail app and click the search field.

    Follow the below steps to find how:Fortunately, gmail has a way to quickly get rid of all those emails with one swipe.From the dropdown menu choose the select all option.Go to general settings > swipe actions.

    Go to select button on top left side and choose unread option.Go to the folder from which you want to remove all emails.How do i delete multiple emails on gmail on my phone?How to delete a gmail account.

    How to delete all emails in gmail, yahoo, or the whole mail app on your iphone & ipad.How to delete all unread emails on your iphone.How to delete multiple gmail emails at once.How to delete unread emails on gmail account.

    How to use the search function to delete all read emails?If you realize at this point that youve messed up and dont want to delete everything, after all, dont panic.If you want to delete all your emails at once in a particular.In all inboxes, if you just need to erase every new email on your iphone or any subset of messages, for example, starred messages,.

    In the search bar at the top of the screen, type label:read.In the search bar type labels:unread.In the search box, type in is:unread and hit enter.It may take a while to restore the emails.

    Youll have selected all the emails on the page. select all the conversations that correspond to this search .

    Edit Or Delete Filters To Change Whats Sent To Labels

    Your labels or whats sent to them should change over time so you can stay on top of things. Editing or deleting the filters that send emails to your labels will take a few steps, but going through this process will ensure you dont lose track of the action items that matter to you.

  • In Gmail, click the Settings icon that looks like a cog.
  • Under the Filters and Blocked Addresses tab, make the appropriate changes to the label that you want by clicking the edit or delete links next to it.
  • How do you keep your emails organized in Gmail? Have you integrated labels into your workflow? Wed love to hear from you in the comments below.

    This article is originally published on Mar 07, 2019, and updated on Nov 02, 2021.

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    How Do I Unsend Emails With Gmail

    The unsend option is automatically enabled on Gmail, but it gives you a very small timeframe to reverse your decision. To make the process more practical, you need to adjust the timeframe:

    Hit the Settings button and press the See all settings tab.

    Find the Undo Send section and select your ideal timeframe. Choose between 30, 20, 10, or 5 seconds.

    When you wish to unsend an email, find the Undo option in the Message Sent window and press it.

    Get Secretive With Confidential Mode

    How to Delete All Unread Emails in Gmail

    My company works with Samsung and other large technology clients who often send us highly sensitive and often unreleased information about their products, says Zfat. With Gmail’s Confidential Mode, I can elect to send emails that require SMS passcodes to open and remove access from certain recipients if need be.

    Heres how to use Confidential Mode, which also enables you to make an email self-destruct, a feature that Abrams likens to something out of Mission Impossible.

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    How To Find Unread Emails In Gmail On Iphone

    Reaching your unread emails on an iPhone is also quite simple:

  • Open your Mail app and press the Mailboxes button.
  • Youll see all the accounts to which youre signed in. If the Unread option isnt shown, press the Edit button. This should bring the option to the screen.
  • Now, tap the empty circle next to the Unread button to enable the unread view. You can also drag the button with the handle on the right edge and bring it near the top of the list to make it more accessible.
  • Then, hit the Done button, and youll now be able to see all unread emails from your account.
  • How Do I Read Emails On Gmail

    This is how you can read your Gmail messages:

    Go to your Inbox and select the tab that holds the type of message you wish to see. You should find the most important messages on the Primary tab.

    Choose the message you wish to read and click anywhere on the emails line.

    The entire text of the message will now appear.

    To return to your Inbox, hit the Back to Inbox option above the email.

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    Creating A Filter From The Settings Menu In Gmail

    Pick settings from the dropdown.

    And then click on filters and blocked addresses. This section shows you the existing Gmail filters which are applied to your Google account.

    To create a new filter, click on the Create a new filter option.

    This opens up a dropdown menu, which if youve read through the previous section looks familiar.

    The rest of the steps to create the filter remain the same as in the previous section.

    Learn More About Mailtrack

    Gmail step by step tutorial: show unread email only (2021)

    Did you find this article useful? Here are some other resources that can help answer your Mailtrack-related questions:

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    • Not Opened Reminders – Not Opened Reminders can find unread emails for you. It also sends you a reminder email alert, to let you know they haven’t been opened yet. That way you can take action if necessary. This article details how to enable Not Opened Reminders and how to use them.
    • How to track Outlook emails – Are you interested in using Mailtrack but have an Outlook email account? This article talks about how to configure Gmail to send emails as an Outlook email address. So, you can benefit from Mailtrack without having to change your email address.
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    How To Create Rules In Gmail To Filter Your Emails

    If you want to be a productivity king, automation is the name of the game. In email, that means setting up filters, so when an email hits the inbox, it automatically goes where you want it to, and does what you tell it to. If you havent hopped on board the email automation train yet, lets look at how to create rules in Gmail to filter your emails.

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    To filter your emails in Gmail, click the three jagged lines to the right of the Gmail search bar. When the advanced search box comes up, enter the details of the email you want to filter and click Create filter. Alternatively, open the email you want to filter and go to More> Filter messages like these. This will then also take you to the advanced search box, with some details already pre-filled.

    How To: Filter By Unread In Gmail On Mobile

    1. Open your gmail app and click the menu icon in the top left. Then scroll down all the way to the bottom to find the settings icon.

    2. Once you click settings, youll see a list of all the accounts youre signed into at the top. Select the account you want to use.

    3. Youll be brought to a longer list of settings, scroll down until you find Inbox > Inbox Type. Click the options.

    4. Select Unread First to show all unread messages in the Gmail iPhone app first. You can also sort your inbox by Starred First, Priority, and just Default.

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    Wrapping Up: Deleting Gmail Unread Emails

    Deleting unread emails is one of the best things you can do for your Gmail account. It keeps it organized, saves storage space, and makes it easier to navigate your Gmail account.

    If youre sick of dealing with the dozens of useless emails you receive every day, delete your unread emails today and repeat that process once a month.

    Create Your Own Labels And Filters

    How To Filter Unread Emails In Gmail Inbox

    If you’re having trouble cutting through large amounts of emails, automated filtering could be a real timesaver, says Nina Krol, an outreach specialist at the career toolbox provider Zety. This way, you can not only filter out spam and emails of less priority, but also save emails that you wouldn’t want to miss. So for instance, you can have Gmail filter out and label all emails coming from a specific email address. You will then have them conveniently organized under one label. Gmail allows you to organize your email under an unlimited number of labels and have them color-coded too.

    Gmail shares how to create, edit and delete labels here, and how to use filters here.

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    How To Sort Gmail By Unread Emails

    When your Gmail Inbox is a mix of read and unread emails, sort your Gmail Inbox so that the messages you havent read are at the top of the list. You can do this from Gmail in a browser or mobile app. Or use an email organizer like Clean Email to sort your mail and perform other mail management tasks.

    Clean Email

    Take control of your mailbox


    Sync Tasks With Specific Emails

    You get an email, know you have to get back to it at some point, but dont want to have to create some task in Asana or other software, says Michal Abram, senior director of engineering for ResumeLab. If you dont think youll do something right away, you can still click the More button and click on the tab called Add to Tasks. Voila. It creates the task for you and you can add a due date for each item in this list, where Google gives you a link back to the specific email immediately. Youll never have to sift through hundreds of emails or a long thread when this is linked.

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    View Unread Emails Only In Primary Gmail Inbox

    If you use the default Gmail inbox filtering and you want to exclusively see only the unread emails in the Primary Gmail inbox, you can do that with the following search operator:

    in: category:primary is:unread

    That will display only the unread emails for the Primary inbox, rather than the entire inbox.

    This is another significant advantage to webmail, since the task of sorting giant inboxes is handled by a remote server, it relieves the local machine of the disk and CPU intensive activity of sorting through potentially hundreds of thousands of past messages to find the 9000+ unread emails residing in the inbox. This screen shot example may be a bit extreme, but even my personal email has over 200+ unread messages at any given moment.

    To reveal the normal inbox again with all read and unread messages together, either remove the search operator from the search box and hit return again, or just click the Inbox item from the left side menu.

    Despite being such a simple feature, it doesnt seem like common knowledge. Ive been using Gmail for many years and didnt know about this trick, and its as only in a passing conversation with a friend that I learned about it.

    How Do I Get My Unread Emails In Gmail At The Top

    How to Show Only Unread Messages on Android’s Gmail App

    Heres how to show your emails at the top of the Inbox:

    Go to the Gmail page and select Settings, the gear-shaped icon in the top-right corner.

    Now, press See all settings.

    Click on the Inbox type drop-down menu and choose Unread first.

    Return to your Inbox and access the options represented by the three vertical dots in the same line as the word Unread.

    A list of options will appear. To select the number of items you want to appear on the page, choose either 50 items, 25 items, 10 items, or 5 items.

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    How To Change Gmail Inbox To Display Unread Email First

    Another option goes beyond sorting and searching the inbox and actually prioritizes your Gmail inbox by message type, in this case, unread emails. With this enabled, all unread messages will appear on top of read messages, regardless of when either was sent. For example, an unread message from two weeks ago would appear above a read message from 10 minutes ago. Enabling this is really easy:

    • Go to Gmail Settings
    • Choose the Inbox tab, then pull down the Inbox type menu and select Unread First

    Unread messages will instantly sort to the top of the inbox, and the search operator will no longer be necessary unless you dont want to see the read messages at all.

    Either of these tricks are incredibly helpful for those of us who manage large inboxes, where new unread messages routinely get pushed off the front pages of the inbox, and inevitably end up buried several screens back with a bunch of already read mail. As we all know, once an email message ends up off the primary inbox screen, its pretty easy to forget about them, which only adds to the feeling of inbox overload when the unread count is reaching into the high numbers.

    If Gmail is your primary email service too, dont forget to set Gmail as the default web mail client for your web browser too.

    How To Sort Emails By Sender Size Date And Unread In Gmail

    The mobile Gmail apps dont have the same easy and robust filtering options that the desktop version has. On the mobile app, you need to memorise the exact filter and manually type it into the search box.

    • To filter by sender, type the name of the sender, such as From:Mark ONeill.
    • To filter by recipient, type the name of the recipient, such as To:Mark ONeill.
    • To filter by size, type Size and then a certain size, such as Size:1GB. This will give you all emails over the size of 1GB.
    • To filter by date, type Before:YYYY/MM/DD or After:YYYY/MM/DD, obviously replacing YYYY/MM/DD with your desired dates.
    • To filter by unread emails, type is:unread.

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    Why Delete Unread Emails Here Are 3 Reasons

    If you can just mark all of your unread emails as read emails, why bother deleting them in the first place?

    Thats certainly a valid question, and you may elect to keep many of your unread emails to preserve important info and conversations.

    However, there are three reasons you may want to delete your unread emails:

  • Organization: dealing with thousands of emails can get very overwhelming. Creating Gmail folders helps a lot, but theres nothing as effective as simply deleting emails you arent interested in and have no reason to keep.
  • Space Saving: When you create a Google Account, you get 15 GB of space. If you use Gmail, Google Drive, and Google Docs/Sheets a lot, that storage may go quickly. Keeping your Gmail inbox as small as possible is an easy way to make sure you dont run out of storage.
  • Security: On the off-chance there is a phishing email that didnt find its way into your spam folder, youll be glad you deleted all your unread emails instead of opening it. Similarly, if someone gets access to your Gmail account, regularly deleting emails you dont need means the hacker gets limited information. Its not going to magically make your Gmail account totally secure, but every bit of caution helps.
  • Use Custom Filter To Delete Unread Emails In Gmail

    30 How To Remove Inbox Label In Gmail

    Swipe down the messages of one or two months which mostly are needed. Once youve made sure that youve read all your important emails, heres what to do to delete all the unread emails on Gmail in a matter of minutes:

    Step 1: Open your Gmail account on a web browser and go to the inbox.

    Step 2: Press the Gear icon, located at the top-right corner of the inbox..

    From the drop-down menu, click the See all settings button.

    Step 3: Now select the Filters and blocked addresses option and tap on Create a new filter button under the selected options menu.

    Step 4: A pop-up window will appear here, type label:unread beside Include the words. Then, click on Create filter and confirm by clicking on OK.

    Step 5: Next, youll be presented with a few options. To delete all unread emails, check the box next to Deleteit and the one next to Apply filter to matching conversations to delete all unread emails.

    Step 6: Finally, to confirm, click on the Create filter button.

    Its important to mention that this will delete your unread emails as soon as they appear. If you leave the filter on, each time you receive an email, it will get deleted automatically.

    So, remember to delete the filter once its no longer needed. To do so, open your Gmail inbox page, then go to Gear icon > see all settings > filter and blocked addresses .

    Then you will see the filter named as label:unread in the menu. Mark the filter selected, click on the Delete button next to it, and follow along with the next prompt.

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