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How To Filter Gmail Into Folders

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Create And Manage Labels From The Settings Menu

How to Automatically Move/Filter Emails to a Folder in Gmail

Here is another way to create folders in Gmail from your PC or Mac computer.

First, open your Gmail. Search for the gear icon in the upper right-hand corner of your screen and click on it. Then, click See all settings.

You can also repeat the steps from the previous method. Go to the left sidebar where your Inbox and Sent folders are, scroll all the way down, and click on Manage labels.

Both methods will lead you to the same page.

Right under the name of the subsection is a small Create new label button. Click on it, and a new pop-up will appear.

Now, repeat the same steps from the previous method. Enter the name of your label and decide whether you want to nest it under an already-existing label. If so, check the box next to it and choose a parent label from the drop-down menu. Once youre done, click the blue Create button, and your new label will be ready for use.

And that would be everything you need to know on how to create folders in Gmail. Now that weve got that covered, lets talk about organizing emails into folders in Gmail.

How Do I Create Filters In Gmail

Follow these steps to create a filter in your Gmail account:

Once youve opened your Gmail, press the Down arrow from your search box.

Type in your search preferences. If you wish to verify that the criteria are applied, see if the correct emails are shown by pressing Search.

Choose the Create filter button.

Decide what the filter will do.

Hit Create filter.

Switch To Labels From Folders

In other email programs, you might have stored email in folders. In Gmail, you use labels to categorize your email. Labels are like folders, but with a twistyou can apply several labels to an email, then later find the email by clicking any of its labels from the left panel. You can also search by label.

You can use labels to:

  • Track the status of people’s tasks. For example, create the labels Laura: In Progress and Laura: Done to indicate email that Laura is working on or has completed.
  • Organize email by nesting labels like subfolders. For example, create the label Tasks. Under Tasks, create nested labels by person.
  • Identify email that needs follow-up.
  • Identify email that can be read later.

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How To Create Folders In Gmail And Organize Your Inbox Efficiently

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Gmail is one of the most popular email services used for both personal and business purposes. And, when it comes to emails, it is good to keep things organized. Even if you dont receive many emails every day, you probably know how one important message can easily get lost among all the others.

If youre struggling with a stuffed inbox and find it incredibly hard to find the right emails among all the spam, we will bring you the perfect solutions! First, read our four simple steps for getting rid of unnecessary emails. Then, continue with this article to discover how to sort your emails more efficiently.

Gmail allows you to structure your inbox, organize your emails, and make everything look less cluttered. In this article, well bring you a guide on how to create folders in Gmail and how to organize your emails and conversations.


Delete Certain File Types

How to Filter Emails in Gmail by Size, Sender or Date

Lets say you and a friend, years and years ago, shared music with one another. Now you want to clear your email account to free up space and remove some evidence of old music piracy. Use a filter for filename:mp3 and youll immediately see all messages with MP3s attached. Download the ones you want to keep, I suppose, and delete the rest. You can do the same with any file type.

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How To Create Rules In Gmail To Move Emails To A Folder

To instruct your Gmail to move some of your emails to a folder, youll need to make some modifications in the settings:

  • Press the gear symbol in the upper-right corner of your display.
  • Choose See all settings.
  • Select the Filters and blocked addresses section to see the existing filters that apply to your account.
  • Press Create a new filter.
  • Enter the address of the emails you want the filter, the words they need to contain, and the other details from the popup window.
  • Once youre done, press Create a filter with this search.
  • From the list of options, select Apply the label x, and decide whether you want to create a new label or use an existing one.
  • Hit Create filter, and thats all there is to it.
  • How To Use Unibox For Creating Folders On Mac

    Unibox is an elegant email app that makes your Inbox look like a handy messenger.

    It perfectly groups emails by the sender so that mailing feels like sending SMS or chatting in WhatsApp.

    With Uniboxs smooth interface, email management gets so intuitive. Just follow a short guide on how to create folders in Unibox:

  • Go to Unibox tab > Preferences
  • Select Groups section
  • Name your folder.
  • Great, now you can structure your emails into different folders, and keep things more organized than ever.

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    Sort Your Gmail Inbox By Subject

    Sometimes you need to sort your Gmail by subject instead. Perhaps you need to find all the emails people have sent you about an upcoming family reunion.

    Go back to Google’s search bar and bring up the additional search options. One of the boxes allows searching by subject. As you’ll recall from the previous tips, it’s also possible to search messages for certain words. Type some relevant wordsâget-together, gathering, event, and so onâin the Includes the words box, separated by commas.

    Finally, turn your attention to the Search option at the bottom of the box. By default, it’s set to search through all your emails. If this is too broad, change it to search only messages filtered to a specific inbox or assigned a particular label.

    What if someone tells you they sent a message, but you don’t see it in the inbox? You can search Spam and Trash like this, too. If the email got misinterpreted as junk mail or you deleted it by mistake, it’s not lost if it is still in the trash.

    Just remember that Gmail automatically deletes all messages in the Trash after 30 days.

    What Is Inbox Folders Mode In Pix Star

    Moving Emails Directly into Folders Using Gmail Labels and Filters

    Inbox Folders Mode in Googles Priority Inboxes extension allows users to manage hundreds of thousands of messages using a combination of keyboard shortcuts and mouse clicks. IFM creates custom groups called folders out of your existing labels, allowing you to sort through emails more easily.

    To try it, download the free version of the extension here. When you first launch it, youll see two icons along the top bar. Drag and drop the icon representing your primary Gmail profile to the left side pane. Next, switch back to your regular desktop browser tab. Now, whenever you receive a new message, youll see a little dot appear beneath its subject line. Right-click anywhere inside that box and select Open Message Preview. A small window will pop up showing the entire contents of the email. By default, youre looking at the body of the email. However, if you hover over the tiny arrowhead at the bottom of the screen, youll notice a few options pop up. Choose Show Inbox Folders View, and youll see a list of categories displayed underneath the main view. These categories correspond exactly to your pre-existing labels.

    This means you no longer have to scroll down through dozens of messages to find the emails you actually care about. Also, because theyre neatly organized according to your own criteria, you wont waste time trying to figure out which ones belong in which group. Just tap the appropriate letter and let them flow into whichever subfolder best fits your needs.

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    How To Automatically Create A Filter For A Folder In Gmail

    Filters do the work for you so that you dont have to waste any time putting messages into folders that land in your inbox. You can assign other actions with filters, but for now, well just focus on automatically adding folders to incoming emails. Heres how:

  • Click on the Show search options to the right, in the Gmail search bar
  • Enter dates, sender, or specific words, youll be able to narrow down your search by multiple criteria,
  • Add in your search parameters, for folders, this works well with keywords so fill in the Has the words section
  • Click on Create filter on the bottom
  • Check the Apply the folder box and select the folders you want to set it to
  • Click again on Create filter to save
  • H How To Show Or Hide Your Folders On The Gmail Web App

    If you have tons of folders and dont want them crowding up your sidebar, Gmail lets you choose between showing and hiding folders.To do this, follow these simple steps:

    Step 1From your Gmail inbox, click the More option from the left sidebar.

    Step 2Next, click the Manage labels option.

    Step 3This will take you to the Labels tab, where you can see all your folders listed.

    To select the folders you want to make visible or not, click the show or hide buttons next to the folder name.

    Next, Ill go over how you can use and manage folders on the Gmail web app:

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    Add Labels To Outgoing Emails

    The above options are related to adding labels to emails in your inbox. But you can also add labels to your outgoing emails! To do so:

  • Compose a message in Gmail.
  • Select the âMore Optionsâ icon in the toolbar at the bottom of the compose window.
  • Choose âLabelsâ from the new menu that opens.
  • Another menu will pop up with the available labels, check off the one that you want to use. Or select âCreate Newâ and enter your new label name.
  • You can also choose to âstarâ the message from the same menu if required.
  • Select the body of your message again to close all of the menus.
  • Compose your message and hit send as usual. The label that you chose will be applied to the message and any ongoing email chain.
  • How To Create Rules In Gmail On Iphone

    Gmail: Edit Smart Folder Filters

    Since Google doesnt let you create rules in the app version, this means that youll have to take a different approach to organize your inbox. A good idea is to add or remove tabs and inbox categories. This way, you can sort emails into various tabs, such as Promotions or Social. As a result, you wont see all your messages at once when opening Gmail, allowing you to navigate your inbox more easily.

    Heres how to add or remove tabs and inbox categories on your iPhone:

  • Open Gmail and press the Settings button from the menu.
  • Select your account and hit Inbox type.
  • Choose Default inbox.
  • Press the Back button, followed by Inbox Categories.
  • You can now remove the existing categories and add new ones.
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    How To Combine Folders Together

    Gmail doesnt make it straightforward to group folders together once theyve been created and you have assigned emails under each one. However, that doesnt mean its difficult, it just requires a few extra steps outside of your email settings. Combining your folders together is ideal if youre merging projects or you want to narrow down your categories into ones that are broader. Heres how its done:

  • Search for the folder name in your inboxs search bar, type in the name of your folder in the format Folder :name. Be sure not to include a space after the colon before you type in the name
  • Click on the Box at the top left-hand corner of your inbox list to select all the emails
  • Click on the Foldersicon and select the folder you want to change these emails to
  • Move Emails To Specific Categories

    If you arent using Gmails tabbed inboxes, you probably should. Tabbed inboxes allow you to segregate your inbox into tabs such as Primary, Social, Updates, etc., allowing you to focus on emails that matter.

    To enable tabbed inboxes, click on the gear icon on the top right corner of your Gmail window and click on Configure inbox from the dropdown.

    Now click on the tabs you want to enable and hit save.

    In order to do that, you can:

    • Create a filter based on the senders email address or keywords and then,
    • Choose the filter action, Categorize as and have Gmail move the filtered emails under a specific tab in your inbox.

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    Take Action On All Emails From A Specific Domain

    For various reasons, you may wish to trash, archive, or specifically label all incoming emails from a specific domain. To do this, you can use an asterisk to fill in for all emails within a specific domain for example, .

    If a particular website seems to be spamming you, or if one client is more important than all your others, you can take greater control of their incoming messages and sort them automatically.

    These ideas are just the tip of the iceberg. Use these as a template and modify your own custom Gmail filters, or create some entirely from scratch. The more you learn about your own email habits, the more filters youll effectively create.

    Creating and managing comprehensive Gmail filters is one of the best steps you can take toward mastering your Gmail productivity. But they may not be enough if you still have persistent bad email habitsespecially if those bad habits are organization-wide.

    If you want to learn more about how youre using Gmail , give EmailAnalytics a try. With EmailAnalytics, youll learn how often youre emailing, your average response times, your busiest times and days, and dozens of other metrics, all with in-depth visuals to make your analysis even easier.

    Manage & Rearrange Labels In Gmail

    Creating Filters in Gmail To Send Mails From Specific Emails to Selected Folder

    Having created your labels, it may reach a point when you need to manage them using various operations. The following sections will take you through the steps for deleting labels, adding labels to an email, nested labels, merging labels, and moving email to a label.

    How do I delete labels for Gmail?

    1. Locate the label from the left side panel

    Scroll through the left-hand-side panel until you see the label that you would like to delete.

    2. Click the three dots

    3. Choose Remove label

    Select the Remove label option. And thats it!

    Please note that by removing the label, the emails in that label remain in the All Mail label. As you guessed it, even All Mail is a label.

    How do I add a label to an email?

    1. Right-click on the email and choose Label as

    2. Select the desired label that you want to be applied to the email

    3. Click on Apply

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    C How To Assign Emails To A Folder Automatically On The Gmail Web App

    Gmail also lets you avoid the hassle of manually assigning emails to folders.All you have to do is create automatic email filters!

    Heres how it works:

    Step 1Once you open Gmail, click the Show more options icon in the search bar at the top of the screen.

    Step 2If you want future emails from a specific email address redirected automatically to a chosen folder, enter that email address in the From field of the drop-down menu that appears.

    This way, all future emails from this email address will automatically go to the folder you assign.

    Note: You can also fill in other filter criteria to create a more restrictive filter.

    Step 3Click the Create filter button when youre done.

    Step 4From the new window that appears, select the Apply the label to add a label to these emails. Then, choose which label to apply.

    Step 5Finally, click the Create filter button.

    Gmail will now send all incoming emails from that email address to the specific folder you have chosen.

    Alternatively, open the specific emails to which you want to apply a filter, and click the three vertical dots next to the label icon .

    From the drop-down menu that appears, select Filter messages like these and follow the steps outlined above.

    Next, Ill discuss the steps to nest a folder inside another in Gmail.

    D How To Nest Folders On The Gmail Web App

    Nesting folders in Gmail is very similar to creating subfolders inside a parent folder.

    i. Method 1: Create a New Nested Folder in an Existing folder

    Heres how to create a new nested label inside an existing label:

    Step 1Open your Gmail inbox. Then, navigate to the label list on the left-hand side of the screen, and find the label you want to make the parent label.

    Step 2Hover your mouse over the folder and click on the three vertical dots that appear. Then, from the list of options available, pick Add sublabel.

    Step 3Then, give it a name and hit Create.

    ii. Method 2: Turn an Existing Folder into a Subfolder

    Follow the steps below to take an existing label or folder and turn it into a subfolder:

    Step 1Hover your mouse cursor over the desired folder to reveal the three vertical dots.Then, click Edit from the drop-down menu.

    Step 2All thats left is to choose which folder it should be nested under click your choice.

    Besides creating, moving, and nesting folders, you might often need to rename folders. Ill share the steps to do so in Gmail.

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    How To Sort Your Gmail Inbox By Sender Subject And Label

    Gmail has an essential secret to managing it. Learn how to sort your inbox with filters like subject, sender, and labels.

    Gmail is a great tool, but it falls short in terms of offering intuitive ways of sorting your inbox. Fortunately, there are easy workarounds that give you more control over finding messages. Let’s look at how to organize and sort Gmail.

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