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How To Extract Emails From Linkedin Groups

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How To Extract Emails From Linkedin Groups

How To Extract Linkedin Emails and Do Personal Data Scraping For Networking in 2019

Social selling is all the rage these days and for good reason. Used the right way, social channels can introduce new touch points, intent signals, prospect data and more.

But how do you go beyond personalized connection requests and comments with value props? Weve touched on before. But theres an even more organic way to leverage your LinkedIn network for a better sales process: LinkedIn groups. If youre looking for how to extract emails from LinkedIn groups for outreach, youre in the right spot.

LinkedIn groups are a fantastic way to both learn from other sales reps and connect with prospects in a genuinely organic way. The better news? You can still extract emails from LinkedIn groups for your sales process.

Increase Brand Reach And Awareness Through Pdf Lead Magnet Growth

This is another LinkedIn outreach campaign based on offering value upfront.

Were going to be re-using our mini book here. And here is where this outreach campaign takes off:

Were going to be retargeting our contacts through Facebook ads.

Heres how:

  • Message your exported LinkedIn contacts asking if theyd like to receive your free lead magnet offering . Follow-up if they dont reply. Once they say yes, send over your offer and ask if they have any feedback or comments.
  • Use Zapier to connect Expandi with custom audience and Hunter to scrape your contacts contact info.
  • Design a banner for your Facebook ad to retarget your list with book a call CTA. Heres what our ad looks like:
  • To recap: We warm up our leads and engage on LinkedIn first. Once they become familiar with your name, retarget them with Facebook ads to book a call.

    Check out the full Zapier flow and our results with this here.

    How To Download All Your Linkedin Contacts With Email Addresses

    As a LinkedIn email finder available as a Chrome extension, it allows you to download all your LinkedIn contacts with email addresses and phone numbers with the click of a button while also allowing you to find bulk results from the LinkedIn search pages. it also consists of a contact manager that comes in handy.

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    Select Linkedin Group Members On Sales Navigator

    Open the Sales Navigator Search filters.

    Scroll down a little bit and youll find the Linkedin group member filter.

    Simply select the group you want to extract and the members will appear on the search engine.

    Then you can refine your list by adding other filters to this search. Lets say youre not interested by all the members of the group but only by the CEOs in London.

    How To Find Linkedin Groups

    How to add or remove Facebook Page administrators

    You can join groups by searching at the top of your homepage or viewing the groups youve already joined. You can create a new group that will focus on a specific industry or topic.

    So, prepare a long list of groups to join in your prospecting target audience. Make use of the right keywords and narrow them in the most promising groups.

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    How To Export Your Linkedin Contacts Using Signalhire

    SignalHire is a Chrome extension tool positioned as a hiring and lead generation tool. It doesnt support a bulk download option in the free version, only exploring profile by profile.

    Its just a matter of finding the profile youre interested in your contacts and clicking on the extension. It will scrape every verified email associated with that LinkedIn user and their phone numbers also.

  • Open any profile on LinkedIn and click on the SignalHire extensionicon in the top-right corner. The SignalHire extension will pop up, and then click on the Reveal Contacts button that will extract LinkedIn users email.
  • You can export information to other CRM tools, which is great for your next actions. Just choose whether you wish to export this data to a CSV file or to some other tool and click Export to PDF.
  • SignalHire extension will return emails and phone numbers in a format that you have chosen. You can use the free version of the SignalHire as a free LinkedIn email extractor, but you can get emails and phone numbers of only 10 people per month.

    Theres not much you can do with the free plan, but subscribing gets you unlimited access, a bulk finder, and a data migration service.

    Using the paid version gives you an option to export LinkedIn profiles information to any CRM tool and find emails and phone numbers of those users in bulk.

    That is pretty sweet.

    How To Extract Email Addresses From Linkedin For Free

    You can extract email addresses from LinkedIn for free by using an email extractor tool that offers a free plan with limited email verifications per month. Third-party tools like, GetProspect, SalesQL, and AnyMail Finder have free versions that you can use for extracting emails from LinkedIn.

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    How Do You Join Linkedin

    To join LinkedIn and create your profile: Navigate to the LinkedIn sign up page. Type your first and last name, email address, and a password youll use. Note: You must use your true name when creating a profile. Company names and pseudonyms are not allowed, as we explain in our User Agreement. Click Join now.

    Automated Outreach Of Your Exported Linkedin Contacts

    Extract Niche Targeted Emails from Linkedin – Web Scraping

    For this, well be using the worlds safest LinkedIn automation and lead generation tool Expandi.

    Expandi is a and social selling tool that lets you:

    • Automate sending your LinkedIn connection requests and follow-up messages while you work on other parts of your business.

    Now, lets get back on track.

    When creating a LinkedIn outreach campaign on Expandi, you can choose from 2 campaign types:

    • Connector campaign Used to connect with new people and extend your network.
    • Messenger campaign Used to message people youre already connected with.

    In this case, because youve exported your contacts , were going to be using a messenger campaign.

    Heres how to re-use your exported LinkedIn contacts for your outreach messenger campaign.

    Log into Expandi, click Campaigns on the left side menu, and select Add campaign to create a campaign.

    Then, select Messenger campaign.

    Once you create a campaign, youll see that there are no people added yet.

    Lets fix that.

    Go to Searches and click New search.

    Then, select Import Contacts from CSV, upload your spreadsheet list of LinkedIn contacts we exported earlier, and wait until it processes.

    Note: Consider downloading Example CSV if youre not sure what your spreadsheet should look like. And make sure the Map to field section is equivalent to the detected delimiter from your CSV .

    At this point, you should have a messenger campaign set up with the right target audience all set up.

    Here are a few to consider.

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    How To Scrape Linkedin Groups With Expandi And Prepare For Outreach

    When preparing for outreach, the first thing you should do is define your target audience.

    In this case, youll want to narrow it down to a LinkedIn group or two where your audience is engaged in.

    This is pretty straightforward. If your ideal customer persona runs a marketing agency, they might be active in a Digital Marketing Managers and Agency Owners LinkedIn group, which has over 16,000+ members.

    But if youre looking for a more niche audience, a group like Sports & Entertainment Marketing and Advertising Agency Professionals with up to 6,000 members might be more relevant.

    Regardless of the approach you take, you dont want to mindlessly spam everyone in the group with the same outreach templates.

    Depending on the group size, people might notice sooner or later. And if youre spamming everyone in the same group, you might get kicked from it, or worse have your .

    Now, if youre ready for outreach, heres how to make the most out of LinkedIn groups.

    Start Execution Or Schedule The Automation

    Clicking on the Scrape Members button will immediately start the execution. Based on the number of group URLs to scrape, the execution time will vary.

    Scheduling the automation will give you additional points to control the execution. You can choose specific days of the week or month, specific times daily. You can even set a specific start & end time of the execution.

    The advantage of automating the whole process is that you dont have to actively sit in front of your PC while TexAu does its job.

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    Upload The Csv Or Paste Google Sheet Url

    If you have a CSV, simply upload it from your PC. If you have a Google Sheet, there are some extra steps.

    • First, paste the Google sheets URL.
    • Either get the session cookie or use our chrome extension to do it with the click of a button.
    • Input the column containing the Linkedin group URLs. Make sure you choose the right column for successful execution.

    For the final touch, make sure you have set the sheet as public so the TexAu can access it.

    Find Your Prospects Company Website Address

    Adding a Facebook and LinkedIn account in Microsoft ...

    This is the first step to find someones email on LinkedIn. When you open your prospects LinkedIn profile, you need to first get your prospects company website address. Because, you need the company website address to find the email domain. Most of the companies have the same company website and email domain.

    On your prospects LinkedIn profile, click on the company in which they are working. If in case, they are working in multiple companies, click on the company that you want to find email address.

    You will be navigated to the LinkedIn Company page. The My Company tab is displayed by default. Click on Visit website button. It will navigate you to your prospects company website. Thats Clue#1. Keep a note of that.

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    Search And Involve In The Right Groups

    To avoid your emails looking like spam, it is highly recommended to export emails from LinkedIn groups.

    Start with some LinkedIn groups that match your buyer persona. Then spend some time and involve yourself in the group discussions such as sharing your content, responding to posts, and asking them questions. This will give you a tentative idea of how to proceed further.

    Full Growth Toolkit Unlimited Access

    We have battle-tested this tool with a lot of personal accounts. The tool is 100% safe. However, if you go beyond LinkedIn Limits then you might face account suspension. Do not use new/fresh LinkedIn accounts as they are prone for getting suspended. Always use aged accounts to get the most from this extension without getting suspended.

    You can search any number of members added to a group. The higher the number of profiles scraped, the higher the amount of time it would take to find the email addresses of these profiles. We do not require you to authenticate or share your LinkedIn account details for finding these emails.

    Once you finish your extraction successfully, you will be given a link where you can find the data. You can just copy and paste the email addresses that are processed by the extension or you can download the results as a CSV and save them locally.

    No, you will not be able to find the email addresses of all the members of the group. On average, you will be able to find email addresses of 15-40% of the group members. We are working on increasing the number of emails found.

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    Does Your Marketing Strategy Need An Upgrade

    Its 2022 and all of your hard-won strategies have gone out the window. You need a new plan and thats where Social Media Marketing World comes in.

    Over the three-day event, youll discover how to leverage the newest social marketing techniques so you can become a superstar for your company or clients. No pitching. No gimmicks. Just world-class training from experts you respect.

    When your archive is ready, LinkedIn will send you an email with a link you can use to start the download. Or you can periodically check the Request an Archive link when your archive is ready, it turns into a Download Archive button.

    When you have your archive in hand, youll see you have a lot of data to sift through. Read on to find the seven most important files to look at first.

    Run The Campaign And Download The Profiles When Extraction Finishes

    How to Export Linkedin Group Members – Scrape Linkedin Group Members with their Emails

    In order to start the campaign, click the Start campaign button in the left menu or click the Start button at the top:

    Once the campaign is started, you see that campaign status has changed and in the LinkedIn menu on the left Linked Helper shows you when the next step will be performed, as well as what that step is and what profile to be processed. The action that is currently being performed in the campaign will be highlighted with a green frame:

    Profiles that were visited end up in the “Successful” sub-list of the campaign. To get a CSV with emails, please:

    • Click on the “Successful” list of the action.
    • Aand then “Download”:
    • Select the delimiter :

    Unfortunately, MS Excel doesnt support CSV files in the same way as .xslx files. but you are still able to open any CSV with Excel:

    Emails your 2nd/3rd connections that were successfully extracted by can be found in “third_party_email” column of your CSV file:

    You can also find extracted emails in Linked Helper’s CRM. If you navigate to the “Successful” list and click on any profile, you can find all extracted data in :

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    Extract / Export Linkedin Sales Navigator List To Excel In A Click

    LinkedIn Driver for ListGrabber helps you to export contacts from any LinkedIn search page including people search, group member search, events attendees search and answers & discussion pages. It helps you to instantly export LinkedIn sales navigator list to excel. It enables you to extract data from LinkedIn and export leads to your Excel sheet/CSV in no time. You dont have to manually enter anything and you dont need to worry about typos as well.

    The sales lead capture tool helps you to quickly and accurately export LinkedIn Sales Navigator lists or leads to Excel. It exports the email addresses, phone numbers and Twitter handles from the profiles, and even exports the LinkedIn region and automatically fills in the City, State and Country fields. It also helps you to build targeted prospect lists, email lists, cold-calling lists, and contact lists with a click of a button.

    What Are Linkedin Groups

    LinkedIn groups help sales professionals to connect on the network with similar industries where they can share their knowledge, experiences, ask for guidance, and build valuable connections.

    In LinkedIn groups, you can join conversations, find answers, and send message requests to other group members.

    Sales reps mostly join LinkedIn groups to interact with their leads more organically. Though it takes time, sharing industry content and learning about the persona they are selling helps to build a community around their product or service.

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    Automated Software To Export Linkedin Sales Navigator Leads To Excel

    ListGrabbers LinkedIn Driver is an easy-to-use solution that helps you to export LinkedIn sales navigator list to excel. It helps you to extract & export Name, Company Name, Email Address, Phone Numbers, City, State, Country, Twitter Handles from profiles & other details from LinkedIn even while you are asleep or out for lunch. It is a fully automated tool that helps you to extract whatever you want and whenever you want. You can export list from LinkedIn Sales Navigator in no time.

    Fill in the form below to try your free LinkedIn Driver now. ListGrabber LinkedIn driver enables you to capture 30 pages of contacts per day using the LinkedIn Premium version and up to 500 pages of contacts per day in the LinkedIn Sales Navigator version.

    Linkedin Has Some Commercial Use Limitations On Search:

    How to extract multiple pages of Linkedin search results ...
    • Basic Account: 100 profiles daily. It has monthly limit as per the number of first degree connections in your account. On ending monthly limit it will not allow to extract further.
    • LinkedIn Premium Account:
      • Business Plus: 300 profiles daily.
      • Executive: 400 profiles daily.
      • Do not do continues extraction more than 3 hours.
    • For reading commercial use limitations on LinkedIn click More
    • LinkedIn also blocks user accounts/IP address if too many requests are fired within a certain time limit. For example 70 – 100 requests in 2 – 3 minutes therefore apply proper random delay on software settings.
    • LinkedIn provides Email address, Phone, Website and Address for your first degree connections profiles but in case of second, and third degree connections profiles, email addresses and phone numbers will be available only if LinkedIn member has made these public. Same will apply to your out-of-network connections.
    • Software extracts only what LinkedIn provides.
    • The product may not work properly or show error if there is any change in structure.


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    How To Scrape The Linkedin Group To Build A List

    I know what some of you might be thinking by the header of this sectionscraping!? Dude, Im not a programmer. I don’t know how to scrape Linkedin!

    Fear not, there are plenty of tools you can use out there that make this incredibly simple.

    The tool were going to use today is the Kimono Labs Chrome Widget. Download the widget and install it in your browser.

    After youve done this head back to the group and click on the members link on the right hand side to get a list of the members.

    You should see this.

    We can call property 1 Name on the top left.

    From here you want to just start highlighting the name of the of all the members one by one and scroll down to train the tool as depicted below.

    Note, by default LinkedIn only lets you see 1500 members per group so youll only be able to grab 1500 contacts from a group by this way. You can do more sophisticated stuff like use a boolean search with a crawler on bing search results using the group name as a targeted keyword, but that is much more complex than this for a short blog post.

    Once youve grabbed the amount number of leads you want, youre going to create another property by clicking the + symbol. Well call this one Title.

    From here youll want to do the same thing except you want to highlight the subheader which is the group members professional headline.

    If you by accident highlight both the name and title, make sure to click the x to only isolate the title.

    Once satisfied, open the Raw Data View tab.

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