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How To Export Linkedin Contacts

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Why Does It Make Sense To Export Linkedin Contacts

How to Export your LinkedIn Contacts

LinkedIn is a powerful and relatively convenient platform for networking and connecting with leads or people you want to work with. So why should you bother exporting your contacts?

Well, even though LinkedIn can be very useful, it has plenty of limits as well. For starters, most people dont spend a lot of time on the platform, only dropping by once in a while to check in on whats new and who might have reached out.

When you want to connect with someone quickly, waiting for them to answer is tricky. And if you dont have them in your contacts yet, that can become even more challenging, as they might not even notice your request.

Meanwhile, if you export your contacts , you can reach them through email or phone, which is a much more immediate way to get a response and start the conversation.

Another reason to export your contacts is security. You can spend years building a network of peers, partners, and clients, which takes a lot of effort. If something were to happen to LinkedIn or even if your account got suspended for any reason, you would lose all of that work forever if you didnt have a backup.

Finally, many people you might want to talk to dont consider LinkedIn a reliable way to communicate. The unfortunate truth is that LinkedIn is full of spammers that bombard inboxes with poorly crafted sales pitches.

To avoid your message getting lost, taking the contact details from LinkedIn and reaching out directly is your best bet.

Exporting Your Linkedin Contacts

1- First, click My Network at the top of your LinkedIn homepage.

2- Click on Connections under Manage my network.

3- Click Manage synced and imported contacts.

4- Under Advanced options, click Export contacts.

5- Here, you can select the data file youre most interested in. If you want to export your LinkedIn contacts, select Connections.

6- Finally, click Request archive, enter your password to confirm, and wait for an email from LinkedIn with your info.

7- Once you receive the email, click .

8- This should send you back to the Data Privacy section. After all, click , and youll be able to access your information in a CSV file.

Note: When exporting your connections data, you may notice that some of the email addresses are missing. You will only see emails from your LinkedIn contacts who have allowed their connections to see or access their email under their contact info.

In the spreadsheet file, you should find your LinkedIn contacts:

  • First name.

Now, here are some ways to import and manage your LinkedIn connections.

Exporting Connections From Linkedin

Before we start, a question: Is it too difficult for the LinkedIn programmers to provide a simple direct one click link such as this? Let us see how LinkedIn tells you to export your data:

You can export a CSV file of your connections from the Contact Settings page on the LinkedIn desktop site. .

To export LinkedIn connections:

  • Under Advanced actions on the right rail, click Export contacts.
  • You may be prompted to sign into your account.
  • You will receive an email to your Primary Email address which will include a link where you can download your list of connections.
  • OK, try to do the above… Yeah, I know. Alright let us try with screen captures:

    Really? Where is this? Look well… it is this small “see all” or the “number of your connections”.

    I know this is not what you expect… Let us go on ..

    Top left, then top right … Where is this ? Top right… where ?

    Alright… Looks like somebody really did their best to hide this link up there… In gray over a gray background…

    Under Advanced actions on the right rail, click Export contacts.

    The Advanced actions are really all the way down …

    Then on the new page, click Request Archive.

    Update 07 Dec 2018: I confirm, new exports do not include email addresses. I’d recommend you have a look on this:

    Update 22 Dec 2019: It seems that LinkedIn has since then introduced a new way of exporting your data. Go here and get a copy of your data, unfortunately, without the email addresses of your connections!

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    How To Export Your Linkedin Contacts Using Salesql

    With free SalesQL you can perform:

  • To export information for up to 100 targeted leads per month
  • Get their personal and business email addresses
  • Getting information about 100 LinkedIn users per month is enough for beginners, but youll have to buy the full version to have everything they offer.

    With the paid plan, you’re able to:

  • Export data for over 10,000 LinkedIn users
  • Get their email addresses and phone numbers
  • Export it into CSV and include other integrations
  • To start using SalesQL, first, download and install the SalesQL Chrome extension.
  • To export LinkedIn contacts, click on the SalesQL icon, open the menu, and click on .
  • Click on Add Connections and enter the number of contacts you want to export. With the free version, youre able to export a maximum of 100 connections in a month. Click on Start.
  • The SalesQL will extract personal and business emails and phone numbers of your 1st-degree connections. Whats great is that it will also extract emails from almost any LinkedIn contact thats your 1st, 2nd, or 3rd+ connection.

    Its best to limit your number of downloads per day to keep your account safe.

  • To start exporting, click Export Now.
  • Everything that you scrape will also end up in your SalesQL dashboard.

    In case you decide to subscribe to a paid version, SalesQL offers 3 plans:

    Open Your Linkedin Contact List

    How to export/download your LinkedIn contacts

    Youll have to wait ~10 minutes for the Connections list to be ready. You can either leave the page open until it says download ready, or check your email for a link.

    Once its ready, your LinkedIn connections list will first download as a ZIP file, then open as a .csv.

    The data archive you receive will include columns for:

    • First Name

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    Final Thoughts And Considerations

    LinkedIn is a place to find people not content. Its a business community that consists of business, sales and recruitment prospects. With an abundance of data at your perusal, it is imperative to have a method to be able to export contacts in LinkedIn. Doing so will grow your marketing outreach, help you target your prospects faster and save you the hassle of manually going through LinkedIn profiles!

    Hardcore Prospector Then Youll Love These Life

    • Bulk Enrichment: Youll be able to instantly reveal and export up to 25 LinkedIn contacts in one fell swoop! Talk about kicking your prospecting game into high gear
    • Enrich a CSV or Excel file in Bulk: With a Lusha Enterprise package, and the help of your developer, youll be able to connect to Lushas API which allows you to enrich thousands of prospects details via CSV file or Excel list in seconds. This feature is perfect for companies with tons of prospect data, looking to fill in the blanks with Lushas accurate data.

    We hope that by now youre feeling confident exporting your LinkedIn contacts into an excel file.

    And while this is a useful way to organize your contacts, we really hope you feel so inclined to check out your new life-changing prospecting tool Lusha contacts.

    With Lusha Extension, youll be able to quickly locate accurate contact details and get in touch with prospects -fast.

    This will shorten your sales discovery time, so you spend less time searching for accurate phone numbers, and more time dialing prospects and closing deals

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    How To Download Linkedin Contacts

    Step 1. Log in to your LinkedIn accountStep 2. Click My Network menu and select Connections

    Step 3. Hit a click on Manage synced and imported contacts option

    Step 4. Click Advanced Settings and choose Export Contacts

    Step 5. From the next page, choose Connections tab and

    Step 6. Type LinkedIn account password once again for verification Step 7. LinkedIn will notify when your contacts archive will be prepared and download LinkedIn contacts

    Thats all!

    All your LinkedIn Contacts are download in your local machine and once you will unzip the downloaded file, you will get CSV files with all your LinkedIn Contact details.

    Optimizing Your Linkedin Connections

    How to Export Linkedin Contacts into Excel (2018)

    The real question, though, is whether youre taking full advantage of all your networking. You may have hundreds if not thousands! of LinkedIn contacts in tow.

    Well, theres a little trick to add LinkedIn contacts to your address book!

    To kick things off a step-by-step guide to export LinkedIn contacts:

    1) Go to My Network at the top of your LinkedIn page.

    2) On the left, youll see a count of all your LinkedIn connections. Click See all.

    3) On the right side now, select Manage synced and imported contacts.

    4) Next up: Export contacts.

    5) On the next page, under Download your data, youll be able to dictate what information you wish to export.

    Once you pick, hit Request archive.

    6) You will receive an email within 24 hours .

    Once you do, a link will bring you back to the Download your data page, where you can access your data file through the Download archive link at the bottom.

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    S To Convert Linkedin Contacts Csv To Vcard File Formats

    • Click on Browse button and add the LinkedIn Contacts CSV you have exported above
    • Preview LinkedIn Contacts along with all the contact details and click Next
    • Map CSV Contact Fields with vCard Contacts Fields and once all mapped properly, click Next
    • Choose vCard v2.0, v3.0, or v4.0 . Check Import empty email addresses option select a saving location for the resultant vCard and click Convert

    All the LinkedIn Contacts saved in CSV will get converted into vCard file format after this and can be imported and accessed from several email clients, mobile / computer devices and others.

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    How To Export Linkedin Connections To Vcard Vcf

    | June 18th, 2021 | Import Contacts

    Users can convert LinkedIn contacts to VCF vCard format which is known as the standard file format for saving contacts in a professional way. The procedure to export LinkedIn connections into vCard VCF format is not difficult, so after reading this blog post, users can solve their all queries related to save LinkedIn contacts to VCF format as given below.

    • How to import LinkedIn contacts into VCF vCard format?
    • How to save LinkedIn connections to vCard VCF format?

    Users Queries

    I want to download my LinkedIn connections into vCard VCF format because VCF files can be easily imported to various email clients, email services, electronic devices, etc. Can you please suggest me a professional method to convert LinkedIn contacts to VCF format?

    Godoired Romania

    I am looking for a solution to convert LinkedIn contacts to vCard file because I want to import them into my Android mobile phone. Please suggest me a reasonable modality for storing LinkedIn contacts to VCF file inclusive all important information.

    Danylko Ukraine

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    You Can Export Your Contacts From Linkedin In Another Way

    You can also import your LinkedIn contacts in a slightly different manner. To do so, go to the My Network tab. This is the tab where you will usually find your new invitations and matchmaking requests. At the top left, in the Manage my network section, there is a link, Connections, leading to all the contacts in your network.

    An advanced action then allows you to either export contacts or syncing your contacts. By clicking on Export contacts, you will be sent to the How LinkedIn uses your data tab that we described earlier. Repeat the previous process from step 5, to export your contact data in an Excel file. You will also receive your import file in csv format.

    You now have a contact file in good and due form! This list of your contacts can then be worked on, modified, and re-imported into other tools, to meet all your needs.

    Do The Same For Your Emails

    How to Export connections (contacts) information from ...

    Essentially, this process is a ContactRescue for your LinkedIn.

    Our ContactRescue service dives into your email archives to recover any lost contacts dating back years. It automatically updates your existing address book to be 100% accurate and also delivers all that data in an easily transferable you guessed it! .CSV file.

    The takeaway: There are easy tools and hacks for keeping your contacts in order, whether in email or on LinkedIn.

    So take advantage of them! Stay up-to-date, and dont miss out on any opportunities simply because your contact info is all over the place.

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    How To Export Linkedin Contacts To Excel Quickly: 2 Easy Ways

    This article will show you how to export LinkedIn contacts to Excel in 2020 easily and quickly on Mac and Windows. LinkedIn is a social networking platform for businesses and professionals. Contacts are an essential part of professional networking. You can use LinkedIn Contacts Manager to manage your LinkedIn contacts. The feature allows you to import and export LinkedIn contacts. However, it doesnt support Excel as an export format. Dont worry. There are two ways to export your contacts from LinkedIn to an Excel spreadsheet.

    Export Contacts to Desired Formats with 1 Click

    Use ContactsMate for Mac to effortlessly manipulate your contacts.

    • Export LinkedIn contacts to 8 formats such as Excel, CSV, vCard, etc.
    • Also export from other sources like Mac Contacts, iCloud, iPhone, Outlook, etc.
    • Sync contacts between all popular services like iCloud, Google, Exchange and more
    • Import contacts from CSV and vCard files
    • Let you easily view, search, edit, tag, group and manage contacts
    • Find and delete duplicate contacts from various sources
    • Also offer other useful features like 1-Click Backup & Restore
    • Support macOS 10.11 or later, including Catalina

    Linkedin Exporting Contact Tool Restored

    LinkedIn removed the option to export your contacts in July, 2015. To replace it, the company expected users to request an archive of such data. In our world that is immediacy driven, the issue users faced was the delay to obtain contact information. Many users found that it took up to 72 hours to complete.

    Then on July 23, an update as issued: Good news! LinkedIn returned the tool after users notified that company that they wanted it.Now we are back to the standard feature of being able to download our contacts. LinkedIns export contacts feature permits you to readily export your own contacts as a downloadable CSV or VCF file. That included new connections made while using the service, as well as any you manually imported into LinkedIn.

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    How To Export Linkedin Contacts And Other Data: Top 5 Tools

    LinkedIn is one of the most powerful networking tools today. With more than 740 million members, its the largest professional community online that can help you connect with employers, entrepreneurs, business people, and various experts in almost any industry.

    Many people have used LinkedIn to grow their network and make valuable connections, which is great. But only being able to access those contacts on the platform can be a bit limiting.

    Luckily, there are many ways you can export your contact list out of LinkedIn, extracting the most critical information in just a few minutes.

    Lets look at some of these methods below. But first, lets go through some of the reasons why you should consider exporting LinkedIn contacts in the first place.

    A Great Linkedin Network Is Our Treasure

    How to Export your LinkedIn Contacts with Email Adresses – 2018

    We all use LinkedIn and we should be because its one of the best social networking sites that allow us to create and maintain our professional network. Besides, it is also known for its powerful online marketing strategies and finding job solutions. So, the wider your professional network, the better you achieve your professional goals.

    But, do you know that connecting people at a somewhat personal level might lead you to next level opportunities and this is where we can help you out. Here we will show you how to export your contacts from LinkedIn to Excel so that you connect your professional contacts from different devices or applications regardless of platform issues.

    Andhere we go!

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    Option : Use Signalhire

    Much like SalesQL, SignalHire offers a Chrome extension, and is positioned more as a hiring and lead generation tool. Also, like the former, its got useful tools that are regretfully behind a subscription model. As well, there doesnt seem to be a bulk download option in the free version, only a profile by profile exploration. This tool is better if you’re looking to chase after someone, or something specific, rather than a download of all your contacts, and you want all the different email addresses and phone number associated with them.

    Once youve downloaded the extension, then its a matter of deciding where youre going to use it. This extension works across LinkedIn, as well as other social platforms such as Facebook, GitHub and Twitter to find both personal and professional emails

    Since were talking about Linkedin, its just a matter of opening up your contacts, finding the profile youre interested in, and clicking on the extension. It will then pull up any and every verified email associated with that individual, as well as their phone numbers. You can also export it to an external CRM such as Salesforce or Hubspot, which is great if you’re populating your pipeline with pertinent info.

    Fig. 3

    Fig. 4

    Sadly, theres not a lot you can do with the free version, but if you decide to subscribe, you do get unlimited access, a bulk finder, and a data migration service. You can learn more on their website.

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