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How To Export Linkedin Contacts Into Excel

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How To Download Linkedin Contact Emails To Excel

How to Export Linkedin Contacts into Excel (2018)

by Karl | Oct 9, 2020

Exporting your contacts from LinkedIn is an easy process. Just follow the steps below, the process is not available on the mobile app only on the website. You start the downloading of your LinkedIn connections and other data from the Settings & Privacy webpage.

The process above is fairly intuitive. When you open your Excel spreadsheet, you will see that many of the emails are missing. Before 2019, exporting downloads of LinkedIn data would include all emails that you could then import into your Customer Relationship Marketing software for email marketing. Nowadays, in order to safeguard member privacy, LinkedIn created a setting to improve data privacy where by default your email is not shared when your connections download their LinkedIn contact list. Only if a member changes their LinkedIn privacy settings to yes to allow connections to download your email in their data export. If the default no is selected, means your email address will not be included in data downloads.

How To Export 1000 Leads From Linkedin

Furthermore, find out how to , its very easy to start your lead database using Waalaxy.

However, its possible that you need more than 1000 prospects, and we get it!

Thats why we have prepared this quick article to show you how to go beyond LinkedIns limitations while doing your prospects exports.

Are you ready to start exporting LinkedIn contacts easily?

Can You Find Someone’s Email On Linkedin

Yes, you can find email addresses on LinkedIn but only for those users who have allowed the platform to make their email addresses visible in their privacy settings.

Here are some ways in which you can find someones email on LinkedIn.

  • Use the to export the data and then find their email addresses.
  • Get their email from their LinkedIn profile.
  • Use an email finder tool.
  • Request their email via private message.
  • Look up their email in the LinkedIn sales navigator.
  • Combine both Google and LinkedIn to find their email.
  • Extract emails from first-degree connections.
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    Export From Newer Google Contacts

    Currently there are two versions of Google Contacts in use including the new version and the more traditional version. If you are using the new version then proceed with the steps below. If you are using the traditional version, then skip to .

    Step 1: Select the More option:

    Along the left hand side of the page in Google Contacts, look for a More menu item. Click that to see a list of options including Import, Export, Print, etc.

    Step 2: Select the Export option

    Step 3: Select the file format

    Select one of the following file formats:

  • Google CSV : Choose this option if you want to import these contacts into a Google account as well as other applications
  • Outlook CSV : Choose this option if you want to import these contacts into Outlook as well as other applications
  • VCard Format : Choose this option if you want to import these contacts to Apple address book or any other applications
  • Note that many CRM platforms such as ClientLook can import both the Google and Outlook CSV files

    Step 4: Export

    Click Export and your file will be downloaded to your computer. Thats it! Skip to Using your export fileto wrap up.

    How To Import Contacts From A Spreadsheet Into Beamery

    How to export/download your LinkedIn contacts
  • Navigate to Settings by clicking the gear icon in the left hand sidebar, and then select Import Contacts from the settings sidebar.
  • On the import contacts page, you will find links to import templates for CSV and XLS files. Download the file type you would like to use, and use this template to organise the information that you would like to import into Beamery.
  • If you are importing information into custom fields within Beamery, ensure that the column header in your spreadsheet for the custom field is an exact, case-sensitive match for the field title in Beamery. Single select, short text and date fields are the only custom field types able to be imported via a spreadsheet. Multi select fields are not supported.
  • You should also ensure that your spreadsheet contains either a social link or email address for each profile that you are importing. This allows Beamerys deduplication system to check the CRM for contacts that already exist with this information, and if a contact already exists it will be updated by your import. This prevents the erroneous creation of duplicate profiles.
  • Finally, check that there are no blank columns in your spreadsheet.
  • On the Import Contacts page in Settings, use the dropdown menus to select whether you would like to add all of the contacts in your spreadsheet to a Pool or Vacancy, or apply a global tag upon import.
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    Its So Easy To Get Info About Your Linkedin Contacts With Lusha

    Its so simple, anyone can do it. Once youve downloaded Lushas browser-extension, click on Lushas face . Next, Lushas web-browser extension will reveal your prospects contact data , with one show equal to one credit usage.

    Heres what it actually looks like when you use one credit to reveal your LinkedIn contacts information:

    Browse Lushas help center for more information on how to use Lusha credits to reveal your prospects information.

    How To Get Emails From Sales Navigator

    After extracting data from Linkedin Sales Navigator, you can use the Evaboot email finder to add emails to your file.

    You can select if you want to enrich all the leads or only the one that have been declared as qualified by Evaboot.

    You can choose to enrich either:

    • The leads that Evaboot algorithm declared as Qualified
    • All the leads in your search

    You just created a clean email list from Linkedin Sales Navigator in 2 clicks with Evaboot

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    Export Linkedin Contacts Another Way

    You can also import into Waalaxy, your LinkedIn contacts in a slightly different manner. To do so, go to the My Network tab. This is the tab where you will usually find your new invitations and matchmaking requests. At the top left, in the Manage my network section, there is a link, Connections, leading to all contacts in your network.

    Click on it to get to a complete contacts list of all your relations. On the right, you can select the option Manage synced and imported contacts.

    An advanced action then allows you to either import-export your contacts or sync your contacts. By clicking on Export contacts, you will be sent to the How LinkedIn uses your data tab that we described earlier. Repeat the previous process from step 5, to export data from your contacts in an Excel file.

    You will also receive your in .CSV, formatted like this:

    Typically Prospects Emails Wont Show Up

    How to Export Your LinkedIn Contacts to Excel: LinkedIn Optimization

    There are quite a few issues with LinkedInâs seemingly simple export process. First of all, exporting LinkedIn contacts will often bring up the info in CSV or Excel files. For busy salespeople, this is a pain. Youâll still have to export the spreadsheet to your CRM, an additional step.

    But the real issue is that in most cases, the email addresses donât copy over due to the user’s privacy settings. If you canât obtain email addresses, you wonât have a way to contact all of these prospective clients digitally. Thereâs no point in exporting the info if the email addresses wonât show up. Itâs just a waste of time.

    In 2018, LinkedIn updated its privacy settings, and almost all users have opted for the highest privacy setting. The idea behind this was helping users avoid unwanted emails. Of course, this is fairly detrimental to sales reps, especially since emailing is one of the best ways to contact potential clients.

    So, while you may be able to see a prospectâs email while browsing their LinkedIn profile, it simply wonât copy over during an export, even if you are a 1st-degree connection. And letâs face it: browsing profiles and copying and pasting emails is incredibly tedious and time-consuming work. This is something busy sales reps just donât have the time to do.

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    Download Your Lead List From Sales Navigator

    • Name your extraction
    • Press the button Extract X Leads
    • Youll be able to download your lead list within 30 minutes


    Lead extractions from Sales Navigator are limited to 2500/day for the safety of your account

    If you want to export account lists from Linkedin Sales Navigator, the process is exactly the same.

    You just need to go on the Account Lists tab instead of the Lead lists Tab on Sales Navigator.

    The Sales Navigator Search Results Limitation

    This limit exists because LinkedIn only shows 100 pages of 25 results on Sales Navigator, and there are 25 prospects per page .

    LinkedIn imposes this limit to protect it database from abusive extractors that want to extract all data available on LinkedIn.

    So if there is more than 2500 prospects in your search, youll need to split it into several chunks to be able to extract all your leads from Sales Navigator.

    For the account search, the results are limited to 1000 accounts

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    Export From Traditional Google Contacts

    If you are using the traditional version of Google Contacts, then this section is for you. Follow the steps below to export your contact data.

    Step 1: Select the More option:

    Step 2: Select the Export option:

    Step 3: Select the file format:

    Select one of the following file formats:

  • Google CSV : Choose this option if you want to import these contacts into a Google account as well as other applications
  • Outlook CSV : Choose this option if you want to import these contacts into Outlook as well as other applications
  • VCard Format : Choose this option if you want to import these contacts to Apple address book or any other applications
  • Note that many CRM platforms like ClientLook can import both the Google and Outlook CSV files

    Step 4: Export

    What Can I Do With Downloaded Linkedin Contacts

    How to export LinkedIn contacts into Excel?

    Well, here comes the good part. Do you know can connect to your LinkedIn Contacts from various applications and devices from now on? Andyes its true.

    But, if you will try to import the download LinkedIn contacts CSV to any of your applications or device, you might lose all your contact information. This is so because the CSV file exported from LinkedIn is not compatible with your platform. This is why, we recommend you to convert LinkedIn contacts CSV to vCard , TXT, PST , HTML, MSG , PDF .

    Now, you might be thinking how can I do so. Well, we have a solution for that too, Mac CSV Contacts Converter Tool and Excel to vCard Files Converter Tool .

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    How To Download Linkedin Contacts

    Step 1. Log in to your LinkedIn accountStep 2. Click My Network menu and select Connections

    Step 3. Hit a click on Manage synced and imported contacts option

    Step 4. Click Advanced Settings and choose Export Contacts

    Step 5. From the next page, choose Connections tab and

    Step 6. Type LinkedIn account password once again for verification Step 7. LinkedIn will notify when your contacts archive will be prepared and download LinkedIn contacts

    Thats all!

    All your LinkedIn Contacts are download in your local machine and once you will unzip the downloaded file, you will get CSV files with all your LinkedIn Contact details.

    Easily Export Linkedin Contacts With Leadjet

    Imagine prospecting in just half the time. And you can with Leadjet. â

    A whopping 71% of salespeople say they spend too much time on data entry, according to Toutapp. Leadjet solves this problem by ensuring your prospects will automatically be entered into the CRM. No spreadsheets, no lengthy exporting processes, and best of all, no disappointment, because all the email addresses will copy over. Plus, you wonât have to do any manual data entry or tedious copying and pasting.

    In order to do this, Leadjet partners with Dropcontact, which uses specifically-designed, GDPR-compliant algorithms for searching for and verifying accurate business email addresses. Here at Leadjet, the safety of our users’ data is of the utmost importance.

    Our browser extension allows salespeople to export LinkedIn contacts directly into their CRM, including important information such as their name, company, job title, phone number, and of course, email address. Thereâs a full, two-way sync of LinkedIn contact info, status, conversations, tasks, notes, activity, and ownership of the lead, ensuring nothing gets lost along the way. You wonât need to bother with the classic LinkedIn export into an Excel spreadsheet or CSV file that needs to be copied into your CRM, because your contact will already be added with the swift click of a button.

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    Automating Your Linkedin Outreach Process

    So, now that you have your list of contacts ready for outreach, well be using a few different growth-hacks and social selling campaigns to make the most out of your spreadsheet.

    Its important to note that the results of your outreach campaign will heavily depend on 2 things:

    • Your list of leads Not everyone youre connected with on LinkedIn is going to be a part of your target audience and thats fine. Make sure you take some extra time and sort through your spreadsheet file and remove anyone who might not be relevant to your outreach. Theyll appreciate it and youll generate better results.
    • Your offer What are you offering and why should they care? This will be different depending on your niche, but think about what kind of value you can give away for free so that your leads become interested in your brand. Consider coming up with an exclusive holiday offer you can give away for free.

    Once you have these 2 things down, we can move on to automating your social selling campaign with your exported LinkedIn contacts.

    Heres how:

    Import An Address Book

    How to Export Linkedin Contacts to Excel

    This is ideal if youre just starting on LinkedIn and want to connect with people you may already know but havent connected to on LinkedIn yet.

    If you havent done this yet, this can be a quick and easy way to boost your LinkedIn connections.

    Importing and syncing your mobile address books helps LinkedIn identify people you already know who are using LinkedIn.

    Using this method, you can select who youd like to connect with and turn off the sync at any time.

    To import an address book on LinkedIn and sync your contacts, tap your profile picture, and click Settings & Privacy under the Account section.

    Then, select Account Preferences and Syncing Options.

    From there, you can sync your calendar or contacts.

    Finally, just select the location you want to sync your contacts from.

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    Why Should You Export Linkedin Contacts

    LinkedIn can be a great source of professional opportunities: finding new jobs, learning new skills, expanding your network and adding contacts, or prospecting are some of the opportunities that LinkedIn offer.

    If you are active on LinkedIn, your address book is certainly very large. LinkedIn has actually set a limit to the number of contacts you can have: 30,000, which is a pretty high number. If you want to sort or qualify these contacts correctly, you may need to export a list to process it in Excel.

    LinkedIn allows you to import or export your existing contacts in .CSV , with their public information: last name, first name, position, email address, etc.

    You can also import and export LinkedIn contacts onto Excel to import file to other platforms: to Gmail contacts, Hotmail or MicrosoftOutlook, for example, or to marketing software, such as your CRM. You will then be able to transfer the contacts to mailing lists.

    Exporting data outside LinkedIn will allow you to retrieve contact information from your network members in an Excel file.

    Fastest Solution To Export Outlook Contacts From Corrupt Pst

    When Opening Outlook if you are facing any corruption error or are unable to open the contacts folder of PST files, it will become difficult to Export Outlook Contacts. After seeing this problem here at eSoftTools we have made a software called Outlook Recovery Tool. This is the instant program that will allow users to repair corrupt PST files and export contacts from corrupt/inaccessible/encrypted/orphaned/Healthy Outlook PST in simple steps.

    With this software, users can move Outlook contacts from corrupt PST to new healthy PST files and also can export Outlook contacts to vCard files. In addition to contacts, users can also export emails, calendars, and other mailbox items from PST files.

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    Why Does The User Want To Export Linkedin Contacts To Excel

    Q: I am using LinkedIn for the past 5 years and there are approx 7K connections added to my LinkedIn profile, these LinkedIn connections are most helpful for me because I want to grow up my business to next level. How do I export LinkedIn connections to Excel CSV because after exporting LinkedIn contacts, I can send emails to the clients?

    Software Engineer from Florida USA

    Q: I want to export LinkedIn contacts to CSV format because after that I can open my LinkedIn connections in Microsoft Excel Sheet. But, I dont know how to get LinkedIn contacts into Excel. Please suggest me a reasonable answer for solving how to import connections from LinkedIn to Excel-related queries?

    Digital Marketing Expert from India

    Create A Larger Contact List

    Export Linkedin Connections To Excel (Updated for 2018 LinkedIn ...

    Its also possible for professionals to expand their contact list on mobile devices on desktops by populating it with LinkedIn exports. The caveat? Its worth going through your exported contacts to assess the type and nature of your connections before adding them to your contact list. For example, if you have a long-standing relationship with a LinkedIn contact, theyll likely be receptive to an email or call, even if youve obtained their contact data from exporting. If youve only ever had cursory contact interactions, meanwhile, its worth building better rapport before making a cold call.

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