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How To Export Contacts From Linkedin

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The Challenges Of Connecting With Linkedin Contacts

How to Export your LinkedIn Contacts

Linkedin is undeniably the best source of business contacts. However, although it offers an endless supply of prospects, it doesnt always provide the most effective way to get in touch with them.

One of the biggest challenges youll stumble upon when trying to reach out to your LinkedIn connections is the low response rate.

Even though the InMail response rate is higher than the email response rate, its still only between 10% and 25%. This means that youll have to contact a lot of users to get some meaningful responses.

Still, blasting your connections is not only unproductive and annoying, but you also risk getting flagged as a spam account.

Export Linkedin Search Results

This article explored in-depth how to use LIXs features to export LinkedIn contacts with the richest data possible. However, you can use these tools outside of your current network in conjunction with a LinkedIn search.

Simply perform your search, filter your results, hit the LIX extension and select your options just as we did with your connections.

This opens up the entire LinkedIn database for extraction. 722 million members, at your fingertips!

While youre here, why not read our guide to ?

Tools To Export Linkedin Data

The aforementioned method to export LinkedIn contacts is free. There are also premium tools that let you download your LinkedIn contacts. Butwhy pay for something when you can get it done for free?

As mentioned above, LinkedIn does not permit exporting emails of connections who havent given their approval. To bypass such restrictions, a third-party tool comes in handy. Phantombuster , SalesQL, SalesIntel, SignalHire, etc., are some of the tools that get the job done.

These tools have a free plan that works the same as LinkedIns native option may be offering a few added information, such as your LinkedIn contacts URL. There usually is also a cap on the number of contacts you could export information about, such as 25 connections per day or 100 leads a month.

If you need comprehensive information about your connections, youll have to pay for the premium service. The extra user details you could get with the paid sifting include:

  • Biography

A few other benefits of using the premium version of third-party tools include:

  • An unlimited number of contacts.
  • Option to export information about 2nd and 3rd level connections.
  • The exported information will be saved locally and also in the tools dashboard, which you could access by logging into your user account.
  • Information can be exported to other CRM software programs
  • Generally available as convenient browser extensions

As alluded to above, exercise caution while using automation tools.

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Select The Want Something In Particular Select The Data Files Youre Most Interested In Checkbox Then Choose Connections Once You Have Done It Click On Request Archive

Important to note, : relationships, articles, imported contacts, messages, invitations, profile, recommendations, and registration can be selected. This will give you a complete record of the personal data you have on LinkedIn.

If you want to export to Excel your complete data, LinkedIn gives you the possibility to do so by checking the option Download larger data archives.

After a few minutes, the archive you requested will be available to download from LinkedIn in Excel format.

Before downloading and create a csv file with your contacts, LinkedIn will make sure you are the person requesting it. Typing your password when requested will do so.

S To Export Linkedin Contacts

How to export/download your LinkedIn contacts

Follow the below steps if you are wondering how to export contacts from LinkedIn:

  • Log in to your LinkedIn account and click on My Network on the homepages top section.
  • Open Manage my network and select Connections from the drop-down menu.
  • At the next prompt, you need to select Manage synced and Imported contacts.
  • You will see a new list with an Advanced Options button on the right. Click on this and choose Export Contacts after that below it.
  • Select How LinkedIn uses your data from the left-side menu, and then you will see all available data files. Select Connections to see your LinkedIn contacts and click the file types you want to export.
  • Once you select all the required data files, you need to click on the Request archive. Fill in your account password, and you will receive an email for verification and confirmation of the archive request.
  • Open the email and select Download with this link.
  • You will be reverted to the Data Privacy menu, where you need to click Download archive. You will receive all the contact details and data in a local CSV file.

The CSV spreadsheet will have the following data:


Lets check out how to manage and import your Connections from LinkedIn.

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Selected Your Options Now Lix It

Once youve made a decision about what kind of data you want from your LinkedIn contact export, its time to hit the button and extract those results.

As your export processes, you will notice your LinkedIn moving through the relevant pages in the background as LIX does its work. Once its ready, you will see a new button appear:

Your results are ready to be downloaded! Hit the button and download your exported LinkedIn contacts in your chosen format.

If you opted to use a project, you can head back over to and head to your log in area. Here you will see the Projects tab with your list ready to be exported and sent to your email address.

We have also put this step by step guide into a handy video if you prefer to learn audio-visually!

If youve followed along with the steps so far, you have exported your LinkedIn contacts into a spreadsheet and are ready to get to work. Whatever your desired outcome is for the data, you should have everything in place to make that happen.

If youve used LinkedIns free method, you will only have a list of your connections and not the added data we provide with the LIX tool. Extracting with LIX allows you to gain richer data and build a more complete picture of your contacts. Instead of simply working from their names and current positions, you have an email address, work history, education, number of followers, skills Data you might need to build a sales campaign or locate your next hire.

S To Convert Linkedin Contacts Csv To Vcard File Formats

  • Click on Browse button and add the LinkedIn Contacts CSV you have exported above
  • Preview LinkedIn Contacts along with all the contact details and click Next
  • Map CSV Contact Fields with vCard Contacts Fields and once all mapped properly, click Next
  • Choose vCard v2.0, v3.0, or v4.0 . Check Import empty email addresses option select a saving location for the resultant vCard and click Convert

All the LinkedIn Contacts saved in CSV will get converted into vCard file format after this and can be imported and accessed from several email clients, mobile / computer devices and others.

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How To Export Your Linkedin Contacts Using Phantombuster

Phantombuster has a free plan without requiring your credit card details or intrusive information for you to do this extraction. The Phantom we’ll use for extraction is called LinkedIn Contacts Extractor.

  • First, , and connect it with your LinkedIn account by clicking on Connect to LinkedIn.
  • To export all of your contacts, remove the default number of profiles to extract and click Save.

  • On the next screen page, click on the Launch button, and after Phantom exports your contacts, this is what you’ll get in an Excel file:
  • This is the same as LinkedIns classic export option.

    The difference is we get the URLs of each LinkedIn contact, which we couldnt get with the Linkedins archive export option.

    With this file, were able to put our contacts’ LinkedIn URLs into LinkedIn Profile Scraper Phantom.

    This automation will visit each one of your LinkedIn connections and get all the information about your connections.

  • Add LinkedIn Profile Scraper Phantom to your Phantombusters account.
  • Connect your LinkedIn account with the Phantombuster and click Save.
  • Paste the spreadsheets file URL that you previously exported, then Save it.
  • Set up the scrape process
  • Note: I advise you not to scrape more than 40 profiles per launch to avoid getting punished by LinkedIn. Also, tick Simulate Linkedins dwell time to make your profile visits natural to LinkedIn.

    In case you have a bunch of connections, the export process could take a little while.

    Your LinkedIn contact export will look like this:

    Export Linkedin Contacts Plus Full Profiles And Email Addresses

    How to Export Linkedin Contacts into Excel (2018)

    Alfie Lambert Updated 25 June 2021

    If youve ever wondered how to export LinkedIn contacts, extract emails, automate lead-finding or generally extract data from LinkedIn look no further.

    In the 18 years since LinkedIn was launched it has become the single largest directory of businesses and business professionals in all of history. Boasting over 722 million members and 30 million companies, it is a veritable goldmine of data. Whether youre a salesperson digging for leads or a marketer looking for influencers you can find them on LinkedIn.

    The problem for many people however, is how do we extract that information from LinkedIn? Its all well and good having access to the connections weve made, but when it comes time to organise and export that data LinkedIn often falls short.

    LinkedIn offers a method that is quick and free, but will only export your connections name and current position. Not much data. Especially if youre looking to build out a sales campaign or scour for your next big hire.

    This article will explain how to export LinkedIn contacts and, depending on your desired outcome, full profiles and even email addresses into spreadsheets, cloud-based lists and your chosen CRM. This will allow you faster, organised access to your contacts for you to network, pitch to or build closer relationships with.

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    Now That You Have These Details What Should You Do With Them

    Now that you have access to hundreds of emails and job titles, what should you do with this information?

    Use it as a backup in case your account is suspended. Let the list sit somewhere safe, and use it as a backup in the event LinkedIn suspends your account. Fun fact: LinkedIn can suspend accounts who aretoo active or use sourcing tools. Consider backing up your contacts bi-annually and using them to re-build your network in a pinch.

    Add people to your contacts. If you have a well-established rapport with someone on LinkedIn, consider adding their details to your contacts on your computer or mobile. I recommend doing this with people you are in touch with on a consistent basis.

    Add people to your email list. Consider adding contacts to your mailing list. A word of caution: There’s no greater way to turn someone off to your services or expertise than spamming them relentlessly, and just because you can add people to your list doesn’t mean you should. Consider adding those who have given an explicit “okay” only.

    How To Export Contacts From Linkedin

    Aside from being the most popular and trusted social media platform to connect with people on a professional level, it also has many different features you may not be taking advantage of.

    One of its features allows you to export contacts and download them as a CSV or VCF file. That includes contacts youve made while using the service, as well as any you have manually imported into LinkedIn.

    CSV files of your connections can be exported from the Contact Settings page on the LinkedIn desktop site by following easy steps below.

    Note: Only the contacts full name, email address, current employer, and position are exported.

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    Ultimate Linkedin Omnichannel Growth

    In this campaign, we create an enticing offer , reach out to our contacts on LinkedIn, and then follow-up via email.

    This is ideal for reaching out to contacts you may already know who will be interested in your offer.

    Heres how it works:

  • Set up a messenger campaign template that lets your contacts know you just created a new e-Book youd love to get their thoughts on.
  • Set up your follow-ups to make sure theyve read your initial message.
  • If they say yes, create two email outreach campaigns via Lemlist: One with the PDF attached, and a follow-up 1-day later once they click on the PDF).
  • Create webhooks via Zapier to connect Expandi and Lemlist.
  • Simple, right?

    Because you already have your target audience ready in a spreadsheet, this campaign becomes much more convenient.

    Here are our Lemlist email results:

    How To Export Your Linkedin Contacts Using Salesql

    How to Export connections (contacts) information from ...

    With free SalesQL you can perform:

  • To export information for up to 100 targeted leads per month
  • Get their personal and business email addresses
  • Getting information about 100 LinkedIn users per month is enough for beginners, but youll have to buy the full version to have everything they offer.

    With the paid plan, you’re able to:

  • Export data for over 10,000 LinkedIn users
  • Get their email addresses and phone numbers
  • Export it into CSV and include other integrations
  • To start using SalesQL, first, download and install the SalesQL Chrome extension.
  • To export LinkedIn contacts, click on the SalesQL icon, open the menu, and click on .
  • Click on Add Connections and enter the number of contacts you want to export. With the free version, youre able to export a maximum of 100 connections in a month. Click on Start.
  • The SalesQL will extract personal and business emails and phone numbers of your 1st-degree connections. Whats great is that it will also extract emails from almost any LinkedIn contact thats your 1st, 2nd, or 3rd+ connection.

    Its best to limit your number of downloads per day to keep your account safe.

  • To start exporting, click Export Now.
  • Everything that you scrape will also end up in your SalesQL dashboard.

    In case you decide to subscribe to a paid version, SalesQL offers 3 plans:

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    How To Export Linkedin Contacts And Re

    On LinkedIn, people on your network are your greatest asset.

    There are many different ways you can grow your LinkedIn network and reach out to your leads.

    But sometimes, the best outreach campaigns are to those contacts you already know or are connected with.

    Fortunately, LinkedIn allows you to export your contacts and re-use them.

    Once you export them into a spreadsheet file, you can use that list to retarget your contacts via an email campaign, use it as a backup in case your account is suspended, or pass them along to a salesperson from your team.

    Now, normally, the problem with this is you might have a long list of warm leads, but you cant personalize your messages when doing mass outreach.

    But dont worry. We have the perfect solution for this and well also be teaching you how you can export contacts from LinkedIn and use them for outreach with personalization at scale.

    By the end of this guide, youll know how to export your LinkedIn contacts, and reach out to them using the .

    Heres what well cover:

    • How to Export Your LinkedIn Contacts and What To Do With Them
    • Automating Your LinkedIn Outreach Process
    • Top 3 LinkedIn Contacts Outreach Campaigns

    Now, lets get started.

    What Can I Do With Downloaded Linkedin Contacts

    Well, here comes the good part. Do you know can connect to your LinkedIn Contacts from various applications and devices from now on? Andyes its true.

    But, if you will try to import the download LinkedIn contacts CSV to any of your applications or device, you might lose all your contact information. This is so because the CSV file exported from LinkedIn is not compatible with your platform. This is why, we recommend you to convert LinkedIn contacts CSV to vCard , TXT, PST , HTML, MSG , PDF .

    Now, you might be thinking how can I do so. Well, we have a solution for that too, Mac CSV Contacts Converter Tool and Excel to vCard Files Converter Tool .

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    Linkedins New Privacy Setting Prohibits Users From Exporting Emails

    LinkedIn has introduced a new privacy setting that lets users choose whether or not their email address can be exported by connections. The default for the setting is No meaning connections will be unable to download a users email via a data export unless the user manually switches the setting to Yes. Full details here.

    You’ve likely heard people say that your network is your greatest asset. So why not take the time to back your network data up? Fortunately, LinkedIn allows for users to export their data, and that everything from your activity to your contact.

    How Do I Export My Linkedin Contacts To My Email

    How To Export Linkedin Contacts

    Most of us know how to export email addresses from LinkedIn. However, there is no easy shortcut method on how to export contacts from LinkedIn to your email directly. You must export them as a CSV file and import the list to your Gmail or Google contacts. Here is how you can export your LinkedIn contacts to your email.

  • Go to the Contacts page on your LinkedIn account.
  • If you wish to export selected LinkedIn contacts to your email, remove contacts from the sidebar. Filter them as per your preference.
  • Choose the Export to Microsoft Outlook tab and click on the Export button. This will export all your LinkedIn contacts into a CSV file that you can save on your computer.
  • Now that your contacts have been backed up and downloaded, you can import them to your email account. It is important to note that duplicate contacts are possible, so just edit and merge them into a single connection.

    For importing a CSV file of LinkedIn contacts to your email account, here is what you need to do.

  • Log into your Gmail or Google account and proceed to click on the Contacts tab.
  • Select the CSV file that you wish to export from your LinkedIn profile.
  • The only problem with this process is that it is pretty tedious. Since this is all done manually, you need to put enough time into the task to ensure that all your contacts and email are in sync. You may also come across duplicate accounts. In such cases, it helps to close the extra account and import your connections on another account on LinkedIn.

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