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How To Exclude Pinterest From Google Search

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How To Exclude A Domain From Google Search Results

How To Remove Pinterest And Other Sites From Google Search Tutorial
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Googles search results have become less accurate over the past. In its earlier days, Googles search results were far more relevant and that is basically what gave it the market share it enjoys today. Its still better than Bing though so its market share isnt going anywhere even if the results arent as good as they used to be. If youre trying to search for something, and a particular irrelevant domain or URL keeps appearing in the results you can remove it. Heres how you can exclude a domain from .

Tutorial: How To Exclude Words From Google Search

According to Statista, Google has the highest market share among all search engines. It is accountable for 87% of all web searches.

Smartphones have made it possible for anyone with an internet connection to look for information with a simple type on the search box.

Every day, Google processes billions of queries. The sophisticated search engine has made surfing the internet effortless and efficient. A search on the Google search bar will get you to the results page which has answers to almost all search terms. It will rarely leave your search query unanswered.

Google results have become better and better over the years, but its still hard to find exactly what youre looking for.

Many times, when you search for something on Google, youll get a mix of relevant and completely irrelevant results.

Excluding words from your searches is a quick and effective way to dramatically improve the quality of your results.

To exclude words from your Google Search results, you just need to learn how to use a couple of search operators.

Search operators are symbols and expressions you can use within your search query to refine the results you get from Google.

If youre in digital marketing, learning how to use search operators can help you:

  • Get insight into your competitors SEO strategy
  • Find massive business opportunities
  • Estimate market size and competitiveness from similar websites.
  • Make decisions about your content marketing strategy

View The Map Or Geographical Location Of An Address

Have the physical address of a shop and you want to see its actual geographical location on a map? Go to, type the complete address in Bing serch box and hit Enter. If the place is popular, chances are that will show a map of the location you just searched for

These were some of the basic as well as advanced Bing search opeators and commands, shoot up your favorites in the comments section below.

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Take A Look At These Questions

Most of the time, it is not the website that people dislike, more like how it clogs the Google search results with unwanted entries.

You can adjust the search console with more detailed technical knowledge, yet, we found these much more effective and simple.

Is it difficult to download the extension?

Absolutely not you can download it just the way you download any other extension. All you need is an internet connection to access Google Web Store.

How hard is the hard way?

As we briefly discussed in the text above, it is not necessarily hard, but rather repetitive, as it requires a new entry each time.

How much does the extension cost?

The extension is completely free.

Here’s How To Filter Out Basic Economy Fares In Google Flights

How to Exclude Pinterest From Google Image Search Results ...

August 16, 2018 · Erica Ho · Under a minute read

Here’s how to beat the jerks at their own game. Basic economy, take that!

Google Flights has a filter to remove these fares, or at least take into consideration the overhead bag bin fee if travelers will need access to a carry-on bag during their trip. Nothing is more annoying than having to mentally add a $25 bag fee to a United, Frontier, Spirit or American flight.

In order to activate this feature, its pretty simple. Run a normal search, and on the results page, Google Flight will return several options. There is a sorting filter along the top that allows users to sort by stops, airlines, prices, times, connecting airports, and yes, overhead bin or carry on bag access.

Here’s where that filter shows up.

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In this particular case, for a search from Los Angeles to New York on September 5, the cheapest price went from Spirit at $110 to American at $136.

Southwest is also noticeably not included in the Google Flight results, which offers two free checked bags to customers.

Of course, should you manage to pull off packing light, basic economy is not a terrible option.

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Excluding Keywords From Bing Search

Say you are searching for something and a completely irrelevant website pops up every time you type your search query. If your search keywords contain a very popular brand name, chances are that you will not get meaningful results at all.

In such situations, it makes complete sense to exclude a keyword using the NOT operator.

Using the NOT operator is fairly easy, simply use the following search command:

Example: Say you are searching for Face and want to exclude Facebook from search results. Use the following search command at

Find Exact Information You Are Looking For On Google

Google has refined itself with time, but it is still tough to find the exact match you are searching for or reach a specific site on the internet. When you perform a Google search for something, you often receive a mix of relevant and unrelated results.

However, the search engine is far more than most of us realize. With the google search tips and search techniques discussed in this article, your experience with Google search will significantly improve.

Learning how to use search operators and excluding words from your search will effectively improve the quality of your Google search results.

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Optimize Your Business Profile

Search optimization starts the very moment you create an account. Once you enter your email and password, you will be offered to choose a name for your profile, connect your website, and specify the region and the language.

Try to choose an SEO-friendly profile name . If you have a brand name that is already well-known, you can use it as your profile name. If not, try to come with something that reflects the main theme of your account, i.e. something that contains your main keywords.

Region specification is important if you are an ecommerce business, as your profile will be shown to more people from your location.

Once youre done with the basic information, go to Settings > Edit profile to add a few more details.

In addition to your profile name, you will also need to create an SEO-friendly username. Username is reflected in your profile URL, so it may be even more important for SEO, especially if your profile name is a branded one. A username must be between three and 30 characters and can include letters, numbers, and underscores.

As for theprofile description, make sure it is informative and contains your main keywords. Remember that you have only 160 characters to create a description of your dream.

You can also add a public email for your audience to contact you, and a detailed location if you have an offline retail facility in separate fields of the Edit profile section.

Find The Number Of External Links Used On Any Website

How To Exclude A Word In Google Search Results

If you own a website and want to find the links of all the webpages to whom your website is linking to, Bing has a very unique search operator which will be immensely useful.

Simply search for LinkFromDomain: and you would be able to find out all the external web links a particular site is linking to

Not only this search command lets you find all the outbound links on any domain, but you can also combine this command with the site: operator and filter a specific domain extension e.g .org, as explained in the following example:

LinkFromDomain: Filters all outbound links on this blog pointing to a website that ends with a .org extension

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Find Keywords For Your Pins

The easiest way to find new relevant keywords is to use . It works similar to Google Images you enter your seed keyword in the search bar, and Pinterest offers a set of modifiers to narrow down the query. You can use some of these modifiers as your new keywords.

This method will make your keywords more precise and help your audience find your pins and boards.

One more way to get some new ideas is to turn to feature. Type your keyword into the search bar, and see how Pinterest continues the phrase. These queries are popular and widely searched for, so its wise to use some of them as your new keywords.

Dont forget about traditional methods of keyword research with the help of dedicated tools. For example, you can use Rank Tracker to find any number of keywords that are popular in your industry.

Launch Rank Tracker, create a project for your website, and wait until the software collects the keywords you already rank for. Then, go to Keyword Research, and choose a method to discover new keywords.

You can use the Keyword Gap feature to see what keywords your competitors succeed with. Enter a competitors website and set up filters to exclude competitors branded keywords.

The tool will then offer a variety of keywords to choose from. Filter them further by difficulty and number of searches and pick the best ones.

Enter your properties, and then go to Keyword Research> Keyword Planner. Enter some of your keywords to get new keyword ideas.

Find Webpages That Link To Pdf Documents Mp3 Or Other File Types

Want to filter webpages in search results that link to a specific file type? Using Bing.coms contains: operator, you can quickly sort out all the webpages that either has a download link to a specific file format or has an embedded external link pointing to a PDF document, PowerPoint presentation, MP3 music, FLV video or other common file types.

Example #1: Lets say I want to find all webpages which link to a PDF document related to HP laptop manual. This search query at shows all the webpages that link to a PDF file and suitable for the performed query.

Example #2: Lets say I want to find all the Wikipedia pages that link to a Word document. Combining the contains: operator with a site specific operator lets me filter search results only from which link to a Word document

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Exclude Domain From Google Search Results

Google search supports lots of search modifiers. You might be familiar with some of them e.g. the site: modifier lets you search a particular website for a keyword or phrase. The type: modifier lets you search for files that are a particular format e.g. PNG or PDF. A similar search modifier exists that lets you exclude a domain from Google search results. You can use it exclude a domain or a particular URL.

See Country Specific Search Results On Bingcom

Q& A: How can I exclude a website from the Google search ...

Want to see search results from a specific country or location? automatically detects your native country and location so you should see an option as only pages from your country when you open

However, if you are residing on one country and want to preview the country specific results of another country on Bing, you have to manually modify the search result URL of and add the corresponding country code of the target country.

Example: Lets say you are residing in India but want to preview the search results of the phrase Indian clothes when searched from France. In that case, open and type in the country specific code of France in the URL

After switching to the country level search of, perform your search as you normally do. The results will be shown in the target countrys own language and you can preview the search results of that particular keyword or phrase for a location specific search at The only catch here is that you have to remember the country codes but if you have a bad memory, bookmark this country code reference page.

Note: The earlier location specific search trick using loc:country name after the search keywords has stopped working now.

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Find All The Domains Hosted On The Same Ip Address

There are several websites which let you know the IP address of a website or that of your computer. But with Bing.coms IP search tool, you can find all the websites that are hosted on the same IP address.

All you have to do is enter the search command in the following format IP: XX.XX.XX.XX

Example: Lets say you want to find all the websites that are hosted on the same IP address of First find the base IP of Wikipedia .org by pinging from Windows command prompt or using and then enter the obtained IP in Bing.coms search box. See example

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Exclude Websites From Bing Search

Similar to Bings exclude keywords feature, you can also exclude results from a specific website by using the operator. The search syntax is

Example: Lets say you want to search for pages that contain the term Wikipedia but do not want to see results from In that case, simple put the sign after your search keyword and type to exclude the entire domain from search result pages of

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Is There A Way To Remove Sites Permanently From Google Search Results

I regularly find sites that copy content from elsewhere while not providing any added value. Quite to the contrary, they are pretty heaped with ads.

I’d like to remove those sites as permanently as possible from my Google search results. Any ideas?

  • neoJul 5 ’10 at 10:56
  • There are nice solutions with personal blocking extensions. However, it would be good that we could complain about such sites directly to google, so others could benifit from it without extensions. If you have any thought, please share.

If you can use a userscript, I found this to be an excellent replacement for functionality that used to be provided by Personal Blocklist :

  • 2This was a really nice experience to install. It takes only a few clicks, and works out of the box.Aug 1 ’18 at 10:39
  • Unfortunately this extension no longer works . Anderson GreenMar 23 ’19 at 0:44
  • This link no longer works: Personal BlocklistJul 29 ’19 at 1:59
  • Since this is now a 404 just install UBlockOrigin and subscribe to this blocklist

For Chrome users, the official Personal Blocklist Chrome extension can remove sites from your results. Unlike the one referenced in Bernhard Hofmann’s answer, this is an official extension developed by Google.

Filter Search Results By Title Or Url

Hide Pinterest Profile from Google Search Engine

The inurl: and intitle: search operator is common in almost every other search engine and Bing is no exception.

Search For Pages Containing Specific Keywords In Title Only: Using the intitle: operator, you can restrict your search to find out webpages which contain a specific phrase or keyword in its Title attribute. An example search for the phrase yellow pages would be intitle:yellow pages.

The intitle operator is useful when you are searching for something very specific and want to filter out noise and useless information from search result pages.

Search for Pages Containing a Specific word in URL: Similar to the above mentioned intitle: operator, you can find out webpages which has a specific keyword or phrase in its URL. An example search for the word Indian players would be inurl:Indian players

Both the above search operators are especially handy for webmasters, you can use these operators to filter out specific pages from your own blogs which contain keywords in both the Title and URL.

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What Is Personal Blocklist And What Does It Do

So, what is Personal Blocklist and what does it do?

Simply speaking, Personal Blocklist is a Google Chrome browser extension that blocks domains and hosts from showing up in your Google search results.

Now you might be wondering: Why would you need something like that?

Well, years ago it was pretty common to get search results from websites that used unsavory tactics to get ranked high.

In particular, content farms were taking over the second tier and long tail queries of Googles search results. If youre not familiar with the term, a content farm is a website that generates content requests based on search demand and what is expected from the publisher to make advertising revenue from that keyword.

These websites usually have low-quality content and are often rewritten from existing sources. Googles search algorithms have been adjusted to help weed a lot of these websites out, so they arent as common, but they do still exist.

When you have Personal Blocklist turned on, you will be alerted at the bottom of the results page when there were blocked websites on the search result page. You also have the option to see what these were at any given time as well as the option to unblock these sites.

Unlike many extensions, you wont have to log into your Google account since everythings working from the browsers end its that convenient.

Create Boards For Your Main Keywords

Lets say your business is a bike gear shop. And you now have a bunch of new popular keywords, which may include gravel bikes under $1000, premium bike accessories, leather bike seats. How to start using them in your strategy? Its time to create boards for every keyword you consider important based on the research data.

Boards help Pinterest algorithms see how you categorize your content, so pick the upper-level keywords, as they are more generic and let you target wider audiences. To sort these keywords out, open Rank Tracker and filter the keywords you have already found and picked up for your project by # of Searches in descending order. The most popular keywords are the ones you need.

Whats more, boards help users decide on whether your account is worth attention, as boards are the first thing people see when they visit your profile. So boards have to include high-quality images, and, of course, contain keywords in board descriptions and titles.

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