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How To Edit Your Twitter Handle

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Twitter Handle And Display Name Rules

How To Change Your Twitter Handle

There are a few guidelines to think about when changing your display name or handle name. Except for things that may violate on things like hateful conduct, impersonation, or trademarks, users are generally allowed to use whatever names they want to use. What users choose does have to conform to four rules, though. These are the following:

1. Usernames must not be more than 15 characters but no shorter than 4 characters.2. Only letters and numbers or underscores are allowed in usernames.3. Display names can only go up to 50 characters long.4. Special characters, emojis, and other non-ASCII characters are allowed on display names.

Besides these rules, Twitter does not allow people to have the same handle name at the same time regardless if its a username of a suspended or deactivated account. They also do not allow users to have the words Twitter or Admin on non-official Twitter accounts.

Keep It Short And Sweet

We know you have got 15 characters for your Twitter handle, which might seem like a low limit already. However, we would suggest you to not even use the entire character limit. When it comes to remembering usernames, people may find it difficult to recall more than 10 characters.

Also, when you have a short username, it becomes easier for people to mention you in their tweets, without taking up much of their character space. A fantastic short name for Twitter is that of Read Write. Their Twitter handle is @RWW. They have simplified their long name into a three-letter word, which makes it easy to mention even when the tweet youre posting is a long one.

Handle With Care: How And When To Change Your Twitter Username


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Has your Twitter username become a relic? If you set up your account years ago and your username no longer reflects your firms brand, it may be time for an update. Fortunately, you dont have to start over with a new accountyou can change your Twitter username and retain the followers youve built up. Below are two options for changing your Twitter username, as well as best practices to follow.

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Change Your Twitter Handle On A Computer

To use Twitter’s website to make a new name, you’ll go through the More menu on the main page.

  • Navigate to, log in to your account, and select More from the menu on the left.

  • Select Settings and Privacy.

  • Select Your Account and then Account Information.

  • Type in your Twitter password and select Confirm.

  • Select Username.

  • Tap Continue to confirm that you want to change your username.

  • Type in your new username and then tap Done. You’ve set your new Twitter handle.

    Twitter will alert you to unavailable usernames and offer suggestions.

  • Get In Touch With The Account Owner

    How to Change Twitter Handle

    Reach out to the owner of the account via e-mail if possible. If you cant find the e-mail address, look for the same username on Facebook, Instagram or other social media websites. Once youve established contact, ask the Twitter account owner if they are open to allowing you to take over the Twitter username.

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    Aim For Consistency Across All Platforms

    Let the updating begin! With the new username established, remember to update any references to your Twitter account, such as your website, other social media pages, email signature, business cards, and marketing materials. And keep this exercise in mind anytime your messaging or brand needs to shift direction. The content and tone of your messaging, across the many interactions you have with your clients and prospects, should always match up.

    Editors note: This post was originally published in October 2018, but weve updated it to bring you more relevant and timely information.

    What Happens When You Change Your Twitter Handle

    Social media is bigger than ever, especially in the business world. With consumers spending more time on social media than they ever have before, having active and engaging social media accounts is more important than ever. Twitter is a social media platform that is a great way to engage with your audience casually. However, if your audience cant recognize that its your business running the account, that is a problem. This could be from your profile picture, your username, or the way your profile looks. Its crucial to ensure that your audience can recognize your business from a glance at your Twitter profile or a tweet, mention, or reply to or from your account.

    If you find that your Twitter handle does not match up the name of your business, then it may be time to change it. Luckily, this is a relatively simple process. In this article, you will learn what a Twitter handle is, how to change your Twitter handle, when to change your Twitter handle, and what happens after you choose your Twitter handle. After reading this, you will be able to successfully go onto Twitter and change your Twitter username quickly and easily.

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    Its More Than Just A Name

    As with any social media platform, your Twitter username represents your brand and leaves an impression on visitors to your profile. Its critical that the username you choose is professional and makes sense based on your business. Ideally, it should be consistent across all of your social media accounts to make it easy for people to find you and tag you in posts.

    What Is The Longest And Shortest That A Twitter User Name Can Be

    How to Change Your Twitter Display Name & @ Handle

    Your Twitter username must be at least four characters long to be valid. They also have a maximum length of 15 characters. In addition, you cant use a username that is already being used by someone else, and, as mentioned above, it can only contain alphanumeric characters or underscores.

    display names, on the other hand, can be a single character if you wish, and have a maximum length of 50 characters. Again, as mentioned above, symbols and emojis can be used on your display name, just not the username/Twitter handle.

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    What If Your Twitter Handle Is Taken

    What if the Twitter handle you want is already being used by someone else? Here are several options for you:

    If your company has a trademark, you can submit a complaint with Twitter by selecting the Report button and reporting that account to Twitter.

    Additionally, you can contact Twitter if your preferred handle is being owned by an inactive user. You can copy or screenshot any tweet from a fake account to show that they have used your name or company without permission.

    Keep in mind that buying and selling Twitter handles is against Twitters rules. It will lead to the removal of your account.

    How To Change Your Twitter Handle In Desktop

    Step 1: Log in to your Twitter Account and then go to the Navigation bar and click the More button as highlighted below.

    Step 2: Click on Settings and privacy option.

    Step 3: Click on Your Account and then click on Account information.

    Step 4: Youll be asked to authenticate your identity by typing in your Twitter account password to make sure that you are the real person who has the account access.

    Update the username presently given in the Username section under Account information. If the username you choose is already used, youll be asked to pick another. You now need to click the Save button.

    So this is how to change your username in a Desktop.

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    How Do I Swap The Username From One Twitter Account I Own To Another

    If you’re trying to move a username from one of your accounts to another of your accounts, you can do this yourself.

    • Log into the account that currently has the desired username.
    • Change the username to something else . This will immediately free up the username for use by other accounts.
    • Log into your other account and change the username to the desired username.

    Note: Once youâve changed your username, it returns to general circulation and may be selected by another account.

    Deactivating an account will not immediately free up the username.

    How Many Times You Can Change Twitter Username

    How to Change Your Twitter Username [Twitter Handle]

    In contrast to other social media networks, changing your name on Facebook is fast and straightforward. Furthermore, unlike Facebook, that nobody will request you to authenticate your identity, and that there is no restriction on the number of times you can alter your name on the platform.

    Despite the fact that they are frequently mentioned interchangeably, your Twitter login and display name are not quite the same entity.

    Unless youre using an official , your new username can only contain alphanumeric characters and must not include the terms Twitter or Admin. More information on username restrictions may be found in the Twitter Help Center.

    If you have a verified account , changing your username will result in the loss of your badge. Before making any modifications, we urge that verified users contact and notify Twitter.

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    Is It Possible To Change Your Twitter Handle

    Yes, you have the option to alter your Twitter handle whenever and wherever you want. In contrast to Instagram, which restricts you to two changes per 14 days, Twitter does not place any restrictions on how frequently you can change your handle.

    In short:

    You can change your username as many times as you want.

    Your new handle should be between four and fifteen characters in length, and it may only contain digits, underscores, and letters as characters.

    How To Change Your Twitter Display Name And Handle

    Don’t worry, it won’t affect your number of followers

    On Twitter, you have two ways to identify yourself: with a Twitter handle and a display name. If you dont feel your Twitter username suits you anymore, dont rush into and creating a new one. You can just change your Twitter handle, as well as your Twitter display name at any point.

    Even if youre thinking of getting rid of your Twitter account, it still might be a good idea to change your username before you do it. Changing your Twitter user information is possible through your account settings. Heres how to do it on both .

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    Changing Your Twitter Profile Picture

    If you wish to change how your Twitter profile picture looks, then you can do the following:

    On Windows, Mac, or Chromebook PC

  • Open and log into your Twitter account.
  • On the home page, click on your profile picture.
  • Choose an image that you wish to use for your picture, then click on Open.
  • Adjust the picture to your desired position and size.
  • Your new picture should now be saved.
  • On the Mobile App

  • Tap on your profile picture in the upper left corner of the screen.
  • On the menu, tap on Profile.
  • Tap on the Edit Profile button, on the bottom right of the banner picture.
  • Tap on the camera icon on your profile pic.
  • If you wish to take a picture, tap on Take a Photo. If you have an image that you want to use, tap on Choose existing photo.
  • Adjust the image as you see fit.
  • When youre done, tap on Use in the upper right corner of the screen.
  • Tap on Save on the upper corner of the screen.
  • Your profile pic should now be changed.
  • Can You Have A Period In A Twitter Handle

    How to change your Twitter Handle

    Twitter’s updated reply system makes it so that adding a period before a username is a thing of the past. Here’s a brief explanation as to why that is, and why you don’t ever have to worry about using it yourself. The short answer: it no longer serves any purpose on Twitter, though it did previously.

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    Be Quick In Making A Decision

    Julien Smith, the co-author of Trust Agents, says how he got his Twitter to handle @julien just because he got in early. This gives him an advantage over the other Juliens on Twitter. Next time someone enters the name Julien in the Twitter search bar, @julien will be the first name to appear.

    Therefore, try to get in early and give your best shot to select the best Twitter handle you can get. If youre thinking of getting a new Twitter handle for yourself or your business, stop thinking about it and start to act.

    Every day, approximately 460,000 people sign up for a new Twitter account. This means that about 319 people sign up for an account every minute. So your desired username could be gone any second now go to Twitter and search for your favorite Twitter handle as fast as you can!

    How To Change Your Twitter Username Or Handle In Few Easy Steps

    Twitter, like most social media sites, began as an informal forum for individuals to communicate with peers, thought leaders, and even celebrities.

    But now It has developed into a strong marketing tool on which many companies rely.

    But what if your old Twitter identity, often known as a handle, no longer accurately represents you or your brand? There is, however, a simple solution.

    You can simply change your Twitter username and handle and make it align with your brand.

    But how to actually do that?

    In this post, well teach how to change Twitter username from desktop or mobile devices.

    Doesnt matter for what purpose you want to change your Twitter username, this guide will help you do that.

    So without wasting any further time, lets dive right in.

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    How Do I Switch Between Different Accounts I Manage

    To access your ads account, log in to .

    If you only have access to one ads account, the default account will automatically display on the Ads Manager screen.

    If you have access to multiple ads accounts, you can select which account you’d like to enter by clicking on ads account tile.

    To switch between ads accounts, click on the account name in the upper-right corner and click âSwitch accountsâ in the drop-down menu. You’ll be taken to a screen showing you all the ads accounts you have access to.

    How Many Times Can You Change Your Twitter Username

    How to Change Twitter Handle

    Twitter doesnt restrict its users when it comes to how frequently they want to change their usernames. You can practically change your username every month, every week, or even every day. Of course, we wont recommend that you do it that frequently, or your followers may have difficulties catching up with you.

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    How To Recover Twitter Username

    Since your Twitter handle has been cancelled, or even though you have forgotten your password, you would be unable to log in to the service. This article contains instructions on how to remedy the problem & continue enjoying your account in such situations.

    Fortunately, it is feasible to repair the issue and continue to use your account in such circumstances. After your record has been dropped, you can, in any case, get to it by entering your username just as your email address.

    The information is available for viewing for a period of 30 days. You have till the end of that month to activate your account. Occasionally, you may see the warning account reactivation is presently disabled when attempting to restore access to your account.

    It is only necessary to wait a few hours as well as try again in that situation. If you believe that the 30-day time will expire if you continue to wait, you should contact Twitters support team for assistance.

    In the event that it will not be over 30 days after your profile was deactivated, the procedure of reactivating it should be relatively straightforward.

    And if you encounter hardships, if its not too much trouble, contact the help group for help as quickly as time permits. Ive forgotten my login name or secret word.

    How To Change Twitter Handle And Display Name

    Learning how to change Twitter handle and display names is quite easy with a good enough guide. As Twitter has an average daily user base of 229 million, you would want a unique and playful name. Whether this is for your Twitter handle or your display name, you would want to be picky with what youll be known as on the platform. If you are one of the many people who want to learn how to change Twitter handle and display names, this guide is for you!

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    Things To Keep In Mind For Your Name Change

    If you do decide to change your username or handle here are some tips for you to keep in mind

    Keep it simple

    The simpler your name is the easier it is for people to find and direct others to your content. A username like @danyboy156368832356 isnt going to help any take you seriously or improve your chances at pulling followers.

    Build a brand

    Your name is part of your brand. You cant change it every time the wind changes direction and hope to build a following. Your name goes a long way to telling what youre about and why they should give you their attention. Name yourself accordingly give valuable content and the people will follow.

    Have some personality

    Your name or handle is the first thing people latch onto when they find you. Incorporating personality and character into your names will help you stand out from the crowd. You dont what to get lumped in with all the people that have a similar name to yours.

    Tell people what youre about

    Another way to utilize your names is to share right away what people can expect from you. Including what you mainly talk about in your names will help draw followers to you and improve the quality of your audience. If they know what youre about and they follow you, you can confidently count on some engagement from them.

    Now you know you can change your Twitter handle or name so it has the positive effect you want for your account.

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