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How To Edit Your Pinterest Boards

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How To Edit Pinterest Boards

Theres some controversy about this. Some people say yes. They even recommend going into your Pinterest analytics and making boards on other interests of your audience even if theyre not your interests.

Please, dont do that. Do you really want to keep pinning to a board of things youre not interested in?

Feel free to use Audience Insights to create more boards that are relevant to your business though particularly if you have your own content to save there. Even Pinterest now tells us to focus on saving your own content.

There is a slight chance youll attract some members of your target market this way but much more likely, if you attract anyone, theyll be people who arent.

As a Pinner whos had a somewhat-business-related Pin go viral , I can tell you it caused me a huge waste of time and money.

Even though that Pin was vaguely related to my business , I probably got fewer than 5 people on my business email list from that viral Pin.

I spent a ton of time making a content upgrade for that blog post, set up an email list for it, tried to figure out a way to monetize

I did get thousands of people to sign up to that list . So that cost me plenty.

I eventually closed that list because I was wasting too much time on it, and making no money.

Now imagine if Id made a board about knitting? Which was recommended to me.

If you make baby clothes, and you suddenly came out with a line of adult hair care products, thats diluting your brand.

How To Create A Group Board

Alternatively, you can simply invite friends to one of your existing personal boards.

Step 1: Log into your Pinterest account and click your profile photo at the top right of your screen if on a desktop or bottom right if on your cell phone.

Step 2: Click + below the name of your board.

Step 3: Search for your friend by using a first or last name, an email address, or a username.

Step 4: Click Invite. You can also Copy the link and send this to the friends you want to add.

As the group board owner, you may be able to decide what your collaborators can do and/or limit what they can do. You can also remove collaborators at any time.

Navigate To Tune Your Home Feed

The first step is to navigate to Tune your home feed.

Firstly, and log in to your account if you havent already.

Once youre logged in, youll see a dropdown arrow on the top navigation bar.

The dropdown arrow is located next to your profile picture.

on the top navigation bar.

After youve clicked on the dropdown arrow, a navigation menu will open.

The navigation menu contains multiple options.

This includes Settings, Tune your home feed, Install the Windows app, and others.

to go to the Tune your home feed page.

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Let Us Have A Look At Features Of Socinator:

  • Socinator has a pin dominator with which you can schedule your posts throughout the day.
  • You can also add video content to your account from YouTube or Vimeo video and apply the same marketing techniques as you do for the images.
  • Here you have an auto-comment option where you can discover more engagement and make them know your offers.
  • You will have features like auto-follow and auto-follow back which makes your work easier.
  • You can also repin in your niche by keywords and many more features.
  • If you want to know more about Socinator, do install it and enjoy all its features and make your work easier because it is a social media management tool that not only manages Pinterest but also manages most of the social media platforms like Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, etc.

    A New Three Section Layout:

    Pinterest Board Cover Photos

    The first section is your showcase Featured Boards which we talked about above.

    The second section is your Latest Pins. This section contains all the pins youve recently saved on Pinterest.

    The third section is your Latest Boards. This section contains the boards that youve recently saved to on Pinterest.


    If you have any questions leave them in the comments below!

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    How To Download Your Board Cover

  • Name each image the text on the image/ the name of the board the cover is being added to. Dont call it image_2356.PNG or anything like that its best to call it something relevant to the image, and the board it is going to be saved to.
  • When downloading images for my blog, I like to keep the images as small as possible for SEO purposes, so I usually download them as JPEGs. But in this instance, the images are being uploaded straight to Pinterest, so we do not need to worry about file size.
  • Then click Download.

    Dont Get Clever With Your Board Names

    Use your best keyword phrases! That way, interested people can find your boards via search engines .

    Here you can see that my social media marketing tips board is 4th on the 2nd page of Google results.

    The maximum allowed characters is 50, but they might not all show on your profile.

    While its nice to have neat, tidy names that fit in the display area, its not required. Go with what best describes the board.

    For example, Social Media Scheduling Tools & Tips doesnt all fit on the profile view of the board. But that tips keyword is still there for SEO purposes!

    If someone should search Social Media Scheduling Tips this board would be more likely to surface due to that.

    Dont concoct a name thats cute and unique. Use phrases Pinners are actually searching for!

    From the top right bar, click the magnifying glass icon.

    A search panel will pop up. Start typing! Take note of the phrases that appear.

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    A New Following Feed:

    This is a new feed that Pinterest has introduced! Well actually its an old feed Its the feed from the old days which only displays pins f!

    It differs from your SmartFeed which contains pins that are recommended to you based on your interests, what you are pinning, what you are searching and other factors.

    To see your Following feed:

    • With the new followers button, you can now see all the content from the accounts you follow in real time!
    • Id love for you to so that your Follower feed will be filled with my home decor ideas, recipes and fun DIY projects!

    Write A Good Board Description

    How to edit or delete a board on Pinterest

    Keywords matter here too! Include phrases your target audience is searching for.

    Learn more about here.

    But do incorporate your keywords into those sentences! In my Google SERPs example above, you can see how the keyword phrases are picked up and highlighted.

    I would shoot for at least 200 characters of description.

    Should I use hashtags in my board description?

    Hashtags arent helpful in your board description. are only intended for Pin descriptions.

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    Delete Or Hide Irrelevant Pins

    If you stumble upon an irrelevant board while cleaning up your profile, it is better to hide them. Hiding boards that irrelevant will keep you relevant to your target audience. Plus, it will also make a cohesive profile, attracting more visitors in the long run.

    TIP: Dont delete irrelevant boards, especially if they have followers. It will not only make you lose all of your Pins forever but its followers as well. In addition, it can also harm the performance of your profile.

    Assess Group Board Effectiveness

    Group boards should only be one part of your strategy, not all of it. If you are exclusively pinning your content to group boards I would strongly suggest you dial that back to 30/70 ratio . Not utilizing your personal boards and relying so heavily on group boards puts you at the mercy of a group board owner. A group board owner could remove you at any time or delete the board altogether.

    Heres a quick guide for evaluating group boards:

    • Does the topic still fit within your niche or do you write content that will fit on the board?
    • Is there activity on the board or does it seem to be a dead space with little to no repins?
    • How many contributors? Less is more. Having 5-10 contributors who are active is going to be vastly more productive than having your content buried in a board with 50, 75 or even 100s of contributors.

    Group boards come and go all the time. Its okay to leave if the board is no longer helpful to your business. Consider joining up with just a few friends who have a similar niche.

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    How To Delete Or Edit A Pin

    • Select a pin either on your profile, on one of your boards or in the section marked ‘Pins‘.
    • Once selected, a small menu will be displayed. Click on the pencil icon in the top right corner:

    • Once selected, you will see all options available from deleting the pin entirely to editing the title and text.

    Include A Pin With Each Page You Publish On Your Website Or Store

    How to Change Pinterest Board Cover

    And Pin it immediately after publishing! Here are some quick tips for pinnable images:

    • At least 1 1/2 times as tall as wide.
    • Bright, warm colors draw more attention.
    • Simple design reads well on mobile.

    For products, recipes, etc: Use one image, or create a simple collage of 2 to 4 images with a few words of text to explain.

    Making Pins doesnt have to be difficult. Read some of my favorite ways to easily.

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    Managing Your Pins And Boards

    After you’ve been using Pinterest for a while, you may want to organize and edit your boards. You can do this from your profile page. Just select the profile icon in the top-right corner to access your profile page at any time.

    From here, you can edit your profile information, add a profile picture, and more.

    Moving Your Boards Or Merge The Relevant Boards Into One Category

    • Identify the most relevant topics from your blog niche
    • Create one board each covering all the individual topics. See the example below of a where all of its boards only cover topics relevant to the interior design niche.
    • Evaluate your existing boards and see if they are relevant to your niche.
    • Merge boards of the same topics into one single board
  • Select a board you want to merge with
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    Choose A Pin To Move To Your New Section

    You should still be in the Board that you are organizing into Sections

    You will see your new Section at the top and it will be displaying empty placeholders for new Pins.

    Scroll down past the title of your new Section to view your Board Pins

    Choose a Pin to move into your new Section.

    on the Pencil icon to Edit the Pin you selected.

    Start With A Square Template

    How To Edit Boards on Pinterest

    If youre not there already, head to BeFunkys Designer by clicking on this link. You’ll end up in the Instagram Posts template section. As Pinterest Board Covers are square, this format works best.

    Our templates are designed in-house for easy customization. But if you’d rather start with a blank canvas, just select Social Media and choose a square template from the or templates.

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    How To Search For Boards

    Step 1: Once youve logged into Pinterest, enter a topic in the search bar on your Home screen. Press enter on your keyboard.

    Step 2: A dropdown menu will give you a selection of more specific board topics. Click the one that appeals to you.

    Step 3: You can choose to follow the board title by clicking Follow or you can click on individual Pins and Save.

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