Monday, March 27, 2023

How To Edit Your Birthday On Facebook

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How Do I Update My Birthdate

How To Change Your Birthday On Facebook
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I noticed tonight that my birthdate is wrong on my Spotify account page. How I update it to the correct date? It says to do this in my Facebook general information but there is no option there for that.


Hi All,;

The best way to update your Spotify DOB is through Facebook. However, seeing as a lot of you are having trouble in doing so, please reach out to the Spotify Support team here and they will be able to assist with your needs.;

Hi GuardianAngel67,

If your account is linked to Spotify through Facebook, you will need to update your birthdate on Facebook. You can do this in account settings and then this should update your birthdate on Spotify.;

Let me know how you go!

I looked on Facebook & there isn’t a spot in settings to update my birthday. on the actual Facebook page there is a place to put a birthdate & that 1 is correct but I see no area in settings to do this.


just wanted to say that you can change your birthdate at, click on your name> my account> account overview> edit profile.;

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