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How To Edit Username On Twitter

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How to Change Twitter Username

As with any social media platform, your Twitter username represents your brand and leaves an impression on visitors to your profile. Its critical that the username you choose is professional and makes sense based on your business. Ideally, it should be consistent across all of your social media accounts to make it easy for people to find you and tag you in posts.

What’s The Difference Between A Twitter Display Name And A Twitter Username

Your Twitter display name usually includes your first name, last name, or both. This name isn’t unique to your account, meaning anyone else can use the same name too. The display name shows up next to your tweets and replies in bold letters.

This is exclusive to your account, and nobody else can take it from you. The handle is what other Twitter users have to use to mention you in their Tweets or reply to your posts.

You can quickly change your display name from the Edit Profile section on your Twitter profile page, but you won’t have the option to change your username here.

Change Twitter Username Using A Web Browser

Before you proceed with the steps, make sure to and log in with your credentials.

1. First, click on the More menu.

2. Here click to open the Settings and privacy section.

3. Now go to Account -> Account information. You might have to re-enter your password to enter this.

4. Here, click on Username.

5. Finally, edit the username and click on the Save button.

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How To Change Your Twitter Handle In 5 Easy Steps

As with most social media platforms, when Twitter first launched, it was an informal platform for people to connect with peers, thought leaders, and even celebrities. Now, it’s evolved into a powerful marketing tool that many brands rely on.

But what happens if your former Twitter username, otherwise known as a handle, no longer reflects you or your brand? Well, there’s an easy fix. Here, we’ll show you how to change your Twitter handle on your desktop and the mobile app.

Change Your Twitter Username On The Twitter Website

How to change your Twitter username

Make sure Account is selected on the left. Then, change the Username, which can be up to 15 characters long.

Your username must be unique. Twitter checks your username as you type it, letting you know if its already been taken.

When you enter a unique Username, Available! displays above the Username box. The URL for your Twitter page displays below the Username box.

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Why Can’t I Select The Username I Want

  • Some usernames may be unavailable for use because they are taken by other users or are unavailable for other reasons. Learn tips for selecting an available username.
  • Trying to change your username on a mobile device? We’re sorry, but the ability to change your username is not currently supported on Twitter’s mobile apps. You’ll need to log in via or in order to change your username.

How To Change Display Name In Twitter 2021

Before we tell you how to change Twitter name its important to know the difference between the Display name & username.

Display name Twitter display name is your personal identification that is displayed in your profile. It can be your name, company name, or anything. The display name can be similar and the same as other Twitter users.

Username Twitter username is that which is unique to every account and cant be the same. It is used for logging in, sending messages, and for tweets. The username is starting with @name like

You can easily change display name on Twitter by following these simple steps.

  • Log in to your Twitter account.
  • From the Twitter Edit profile window, you can change the display name up to 50 characters.
  • Now change Twitter name that you want to use and then hit the save button at the top.

Finally, you have changed the Twitter Display name, this was as simple as it was.

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How To Change Your Twitter Username On The Web

Many people use Twitter on their computers via the web. So, we’ll start with the steps you need to follow on the desktop site.

You can change your Twitter name and username from the account settings menu. Here’s what you need to do:

  • Click on More from the sidebar on the left. If you have a smaller display, you may only see the three-dots icon.
  • Next, click on Settings and privacy from the dropdown menu to head over to your account settings.
  • Now, click on Account Information on the right, under the Your Account section. Type in your account password when prompted.
  • You’ll see your current username right at the top. Click on Username to continue.
  • Now, type in your preferred username and click on Save to update the information,
  • You’ll be able to see if the username you entered is already taken or not as you type it out. Do keep in mind that your username must be less than 15 characters long.

    Changing Your Display Name

    how to change your username on twitter

    To change your Twitter display name, click on your name at the top of the sliding menu to bring up your profile page.

    From your profile page, you can make changes to your bio, profile pics and add links as well any other info you want to show up as part of your profile.

    Once youve opened up your profile page, youll see a page like the one below.

    1. Click on edit profile just below your header.

    2. Make the changes you want.

    3. Once you save whichever changes youve made will now appear as part of your new profile.;

    Quick read How to use TweetDeck to manage your Twitter

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    Why You Might Need An Update

    Even if youve been using your Twitter username for years, there are a number of reasons why it may have fallen out of date. Fortunately, Twitter allows you to change your username without losing any of the posts and interactions youve shared with your followers. To ensure that your online presence is current, consider updating your username if any of the following applies to you:

    • Youve changed the name of your business or have done substantial rebranding.

    • The evolution of our industry has led to a change in your clients needs, and youd like your profile to reflect that change.

    • Your current username is not strategic or includes a mistake.

    • Your Twitter username is inconsistent with usernames you use on other social media accounts.

    Be sure its the best move. While its simple to carry out, the decision to change your Twitter username should be considered carefully. Some brands can lose more than they gain from changing their username, as it can be confusing to followers if theyre not informed of the change or if the new username is more difficult to remember and include in tweets.

    How To Change Your Twitter Handle On Android Or Iphone

    The majority of people use their Smartphone app for using Twitter. You can use this method on both Android and iPhone. Make sure you have the official app of Twitter.

  • Open the application on your Smartphone.
  • Tap on your Display Picture at the top left end you will be shown with the menu.
  • Now navigate to Settings and privacy.
  • Now tap the Account.
  • Click on the Username under the Login and security section.
  • Now update the new username in the Username field. If the username is accepted, then your handle will be updated if not then add some extra numbers, characters, and underscores to it so that it will be accepted.
  • Now tap on Done.
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    How To Change Your Twitter Username For Desktop

    Here are step-by-step instructions on how to change the Twitter handle on your desktop. Dont have a Twitter account? Sign up now on Twitter.

    Step one: Open the official Twitter site and log in to your desktop account.

    Step two: On the Twitter homepage, click the More option on the left side of the menu bar.

    Then click on the Settings and Privacy menu.

    Step three: By default, your account settings page will open with some additional information on the right.

    Step four: Click Account Information and enter your account password.

    Step 5: On the new page, select a username.

    Here you will get several suggestions based on the previously chosen username.

    Step six: Enter your new Twitter address. If it is not available, the field will turn red and you will receive a message that the user name is busy.

    Seventh step: Choose a non-repeating name and click Save.

    Short And To The Point

    How To Change Twitter Username

    A long username with a lot of punctuation, numbers, and other elements might not be easy to remember.;

    Its a better idea to have a simple Twitter handle with very few characters so that users who dont know you will remember you when they come across your profile.

    There are some limits for the Twitter username you choose.

    Twitter handles must meet the following requirements: Minimum 4 characters, and a maximum of 15.

    Whats more, they can only contain letters, numbers, and underscores, no spaces.

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    S To Change Your Twitter Handle From An Iphone

    Step 1: Open the Twitter mobile app and tap on your profile icon at the top-left corner of your phone screen to open the menu. From there select the Settings and Privacy option.

    Step 2: Under the Settings and privacy menu, you will see the option to change your Account settings. Tap on it to continue the process.

    Step 3: Further, you will see the Username option. Tap on it to get to the last step.

    Step 4: In the Update username option you will see the box to write your new username right under the current username block. Moreover, you will see some suggestions that will come in handy in choosing the right and available name for your Twitter handle.

    Just like the Android version you will also see a red prompt if the username you have written is already taken.

    Once you are done writing your new username, tap on Done.

    Whats The Difference Between Your Username And Your Name

    Your username appears in your profile URL and is unique to you. Its used for logging in, replies, and Direct Messages.Your display name is a personal identifier displayed in your profile page and used to identify you to friends, especially if your username is something other than your name or business name.

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    How To Change Your Twitter Username To Make Yourself Easier To Find Or More Anonymous

    • You can change your Twitter username as much as youd like, but it needs to be unique you cant take a username that someone else has.
    • To change your Twitter username, youll need to open the Settings and privacy menu.
    • Your Twitter username doesnt have to match or resemble your real name, so feel free to call yourself whatever you like.

    Facebook only allows you to change your username once every few months, and the name you choose is supposed to be the same to your real name.

    , on the other hand, has no such limitations in place when it comes to usernames.

    You can change your Twitter username every day if you want, and it can be anything you want, from a take on your own real name, to a pun or meme, to a collection of random numbers and letters. Changing your Twitter name can help you become more anonymous, help you show up faster in searches, or simply match your mood.

    Just note that although your Twitter username doesnt have to match your name, it does have to be unique â if someone else has thought of , and cant contain slurs or other terms that violate the rules.

    You should also remember that your username is different from your display name, which is the bolded name placed on your profile and above all your tweets. Your display name doesnt have to be unique, and is likely what most people will see first.

    And lastly, note that if youre verified on Twitter, changing your username will cause you to lose verification.

    How To Change Your Twitter Handle Or Username

    How To Change Twitter Username | Change Twitter @ Name & Display Name
    • You can change your Twitter handle by opening your Account Information menu.
    • A Twitter handle doesn’t have to be your real name, but you can’t take a username that someone else has.

    Unlike some social media sites, you don’t have to use your real name anywhere on Twitter. Your handle can be a take on your own real name, to a pun or meme, to a collection of random numbers and letters. It just has to be unique, and can’t contain slurs or other terms that violate the rules.

    And best of all: You can change your Twitter handle whenever you want. All you need to do is open your account settings.

    Important: If you’re verified on Twitter, changing your handle will remove your verification status. You’ll need to apply for it again afterwards.

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    How To Customise Your Profile

  • Sign in to or open your Twitter app .
  • Go to your profile.
    • Header photo
    • Profile photo
    • Name
    • Theme color
    • Birthday

    When changing a profile or header photo, click or tap the camera icon and select Upload photo or Remove.;Photos can be in any of the following formats: JPG, GIF, or PNG.

    You can also choose to Show my Periscope profile through your Twitter profile . Click or tap Save changes. If your Periscope account is connected, your Twitter profile will show LIVE on #Periscope when you are broadcasting.

    Some Of Your Account Features Are Temporarily Limited

    Conversations are core to Twitter, but if we detect behavior that may violate the or inhibit other peopleâs ability to express themselves freely, we may temporarily limit certain account features. For example, this could mean only your followers are able see your activity on Twitter, including Tweets, likes, Retweets, etc. Limiting the reach of potentially abusive content creates a safer environment and stronger Twitter community.

    When you log in and see this message, click or tap Continue to Twitter to initiate the countdown to restore your account features. You can read more about , and find guidelines for our hateful conduct policy.

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    What Is A Twitter Handle

    Your Twitter handle is the username associated with your account; it always starts with the @ symbol. Your username is also visible by looking at the URL of your Twitter account’s public profile.

    Your Twitter handle or username is different from your Twitter display name, which is a name you add when you edit your Twitter profile. Your display name can be the same as many other people, but your username will always be unique to your account.

    If I Change My Twitter Username Can Users Still Find Me By My Old Username

    How to change your Twitter username

    When you will change your existing Twitter username to a new username your followers and the people you follow will see your new username. Twitter users can find you on Twitter from your new username that you have changed.

    However, your old username will be available for other users who want to use it.

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    Can You Change Your Twitter Handle

    Yes, you can change your Twitter handle whenever you’d like. Unlike Instagram, which limits you to two changes every 14 days, Twitter sets no limits on how often you can update your handle.

    Your new username must be between four to 15 characters long and only includes numbers, underscores, and letters.

    Note: When you change your handle, it’s a good idea to alert your followers. This way, they can direct reply and message using your new username.

    How To Change Your Twitter Name On Your Phone

    1. Open the Twitter app on your Android or iOS phone.

    2. If the app doesn’t open directly to your profile page, click your small profile picture at the top of the screen.

    3. In the sidebar that appears, tap the profile picture again.

    4. On your profile page, tap “Edit profile.”

    5. In the Edit profile window, tap your name and change it to whatever you like. The new name can be up to 50 characters long, and there’s no requirement for it to be unique.;

    6. When you’re done, tap “Save.”

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    Enter A New Twitter Name On The Twitter Website

    Enter a new display name in the box at the top of the left side of the screen. Your name can be up to 20 characters long.

    Then, click Save changes.

    A message displays saying your profile has been saved, and your new name displays on the left.

    How do you decide on a Twitter username and name? Do you use your own name or business name? Let us know in the comments.

    Change Twitter Handle Using The Mobile App

    How to Change Your Username on Twitter!

    Charing your username / Twitter handle using Twitters mobile app is also quite easy. Just follow the steps, and you will be done in no time.

    1. First, tap on the profile icon at the top, and then open Settings and privacy.

    2. Here, go to Account -> Username.

    3. Now, tap on the empty area below New and tap on Continue.

    4. Finally, type your new username and tap on Done to save the changes.

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    Change Your Screen Name And Appearance

    You will now be on the edit screen where you can make a lot of changes.

    Arrow number 1. The button lets;you upload a new header photo. Twitter recommends an image size of;1500px by 500px.

    Arrow number 2. Here you can change your profile icon .;Twitter recommends an image size of 400×400 pixels for your;profile picture.

    Arrow number 3. This is the important button. Here is where you can change your;screen name, or as Twitter calls it, your display name.

    Your display name can be up to 50 characters long. It is the name people will see at the top of your Tweets.

    Arrow number 4.;In the three text boxes on the left side of the screen, you can change your , location, website address. If you want to, below the Theme Color button, at the bottom of the screen, you can add your birthday.

    Arrow number 5. Once you have added or changed all your information, click to save your changes.

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