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How To Edit Tweets On Twitter

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You Can Now Edit Tweets On Twitter Thanks To This New App

How To Edit A Tweet

Twitter has never offered an edit button for user tweets, and according to CEO Jack Dorsey it never will, but a third-party app is now offering something very close to the edit feature users have asked for.

Brizzly+ is a newly launched Twitter client that lets you impose a short delay between you clicking ‘Send’ and your tweets being published, allowing you to swoop in and correct any spelling errors that have slipped through before they’re made public.

  • And get an early peek at

You can delay your tweets by 10 seconds if you trust yourself to spot mistakes straight away, or 10 minutes if you want more time to ensure you don’t send anything you later regret. Confident in your typing abilities and don’t need that safety net? You can have your tweets sent immediately if you prefer.

If an error still creeps in, the app can copy the content into a new tweet so you can edit it, then delete the old tweet when you post the corrected version. You’ll lose any likes, replies and retweets from the original, but it’s a handy option nonetheless.

This Video Walks You Through How To Delete A Twitter Tweet On Either Your Iphone Ipad Or Android Device Or From The Web Browser On A Desktop Computersee M

How to delete a retweet on twitter on iphone. Step 3 tap your account profile icon in the bottom right and choose tweets from the top left corner. At the bottom of that retweet, tap the undo retweet. This is an easy, albeit tedious, solution to tweet removal.

Delete a retweet on twitter on mobile. From the expanded menu, select profile. on the profile page, find the retweet to delete. Next, click on following to see the list of the people.

Heres how to do it on twitter on desktop and mobile. The original tweet remains. How to delete all your tweets traditionally, when you need to delete a tweet, you simply scroll down to the tweet you want to get rid of and click delete.

If you accidentally retweeted something and want to remove it from your timeline, then you may be looking for a delete button. Accidentally retweeted someones tweet on twitter? Retweets appear in the same section.

Do not forget to click the revoke access button next to each of the tweet delete apps you tried and next to any other apps you have approved over time but no longer use. Select delete rts and circleboom will list your last 3200 retweets. At the bottom of that retweet, tap the undo retweet option.

Why cant i delete retweets? Giving access to your account to apps you do not use and do not monitor, is a bigger security risk than storing years. From the expanded menu, select profile. on the profile page, find the retweet to delete.

New Conversation Settings Coming To A Tweet Near You

Rescheduling A Scheduled Tweet

It turns out that splashdown was actually at 16:50 UTC, so itd be even more fun to have this tweet publish at exactly that time. For mountain time, a quick Google query reveals that 16:50 UTC = 10:50am MST. So lets reschedule this post to go live at 10:50, instead of noon. Logical, right?

To gain access to your schedule queue, youll want to go back to the blank pop-up window shown when you first started this Twitter adventure. Instead of clicking on the calendar icon on the bottom, however

you want to click on Unsent Tweets, the link on the top right. Once you do, youll likely see something similar to this:

Almost there. Click on Scheduled on the right side and youll be looking at your queue of scheduled tweets, a queue that will keep updating as posts go live, of course:

The only tricky part here is to remember to save it twice, not once. In other words, click on Update on the top right of this window, and youll again be looking at your scheduled tweet:

Did you catch that I added the word Exactly to this tweet while I was rescheduling it? But I havent yet actually rescheduled it. That wont happen until I click on Schedule to save the updated tweet into the scheduler queue. A tiny status will flash on by at the bottom of your screen to confirm:

Pro Tip: Ive been writing about Twitter including co-authoring the popular book for many years. Please do check out my area for lots of tutorials and follow me on Twitter too. Thanks!

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Twitter Users Might Need To Pay If They Want To Undo Tweets

Mar 19, 2021 Undo Tweet might not be as useful as an edit button, but the new feature might only be available to Twitter users with a paid subscription.

Jun 5, 2020 Twitter has been a place where everyone can speak up whats on their mind. Its wild, really. In one timeline scroll, you can

As an avid user of Twitter, people constantly see tweets about an edit tweet button or are constantly asking for one, myself being one.

Jun 4, 2021 Twitter finally launches an edit tweet feature for exclusive users with a catch Users who subscribe to the new Twitter Blue will now be able

May 6, 2021 Twitter released a new feature that detects potentially offensive The user is presented with three choices: tweet, edit, or delete.

Mar 6, 2021 Twitter is reportedly testing a new feature that would enable users to edit their tweets, even after hitting the Tweet button.

Jun 3, 2021 Twitter has finally launched an edit tweet function though users will have to pay for the privilege as part the social networks new premium

2 days ago Twitter is famous for not letting users edit tweets once theyve been sent, but you can delete them altogether. Heres how you do it.

Jun 3, 2021 Finally, theres Twitter Blues flagship feature, Undo Tweet. While not the Edit button users really want, it will allow you to quickly

What Are The Added Features In Twitter Blue

How to Edit a Tweet

Those who sign up for a Twitter Blue subscription will get a set of added features and perks that include Bookmark Folders, Undo Tweet button, and Reader Mode.

With the bookmark folder, users can organize the content they have bookmarked into different categories.

With the Undo Tweet feature, subscribers can edit their tweets before it is posted.They will get a 30-second window in which they can edit or delete the tweet before it is published.

Then there will be Reader Mode which will make it easier to read long threads by turning them into easy-to-read text.

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A Look At Alternatives To Editing Your Tweets

Oct 21, 2020 The next step is to erase the evidence of your mistakes by taking out your erroneous or embarrassing Tweet. Although Twitter may not allow you

Oct 30, 2020 Your first option to repair a typo or an embarrassing tweet is simply to repost it. As there is no edit button for now, reposting a tweet is the

Jul 13, 2021 According to Twitter, this new edit-replies feature is immediately available on iOS, Android, and the web. Notably, Twitter confirmed that is

Twitter Users Could Previously Only Set Conversation Settings While Composing A Tweet

Twitter is starting a new test on iOS and Android that will let users adjust conversation settings on live tweets.

According to a from Twitter Canadas head of communications, Cam Gordon, the social media platform will now give users the ability to restrict who can reply to a tweet after its live.

Twitter introduced conversation settings in August 2020, but until now users could only set reply restrictions when composing a tweet. Limits include letting everyone reply, only people that you follow or only people that you mention. Although those limits havent changed, the new test now lets users swap these settings on live tweets.

New Twitter test on iOS & Android Adjust convo settings on live Tweets

Choose who can reply

Cam Gordon

To do so, pick a tweet you want to change and tap the three-dot menu button in the top-right corner of the tweet. Then tap Change who can reply and select one of the three options.

A picture shared by Gordon indicates Twitter will also highlight tweets getting more attention than usual and suggest users change the conversation settings for those tweets.

I had access to the new feature on both Android and iOS. However, its not clear how widespread the test is.

You can learn more about Twitters conversation settings here.

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How Can I Schedule A Tweet On Twitter

My job requires me to post content on Twitter throughout the weekend, but I dont want to be working on a Saturday night. Is there a way to schedule posts, and, as a corollary, is there a way to reschedule or cancel scheduled tweets if things change?

Used to be that scheduling tweets on your account was rather convoluted and required use of a third party site, but thats changed in the very recent past. Twitters Web interface now lets you schedule your tweets directly, which is a real boon if you want to have your posts appear at a different time and date. I use it all the time to schedule posts for a Friday night, for example, even though I dont want to have to remember to be online at that particular time.

You can also reschedule a tweet thats scheduled for the future, though its a bit of clicking to get to the right spot and update the scheduled date and time. All of this is a great upgrade for Twitter and one I definitely appreciate as I use my Twitter account to share content Ive produced. Follow me for a day, youll see what I mean

Let me demo how this scheduler works with Twitter and youll see how to schedule and reschedule tweets! Ill use an example tweet about the splashdown of the Apollo 11 capsule after their historic mission. That happened on July 24, 1969 after the July 20th walk on the moon. One small step for man, and all that

How To Delete A Tweet From Twitters Website Or App

How to Edit Tweets (finally)

Twitter, famously, does not allow users to edit their tweets. Instead, if you need to correct a typo or just changed your mind about a tweet you wrote,

Jan 15, 2020 There are some questions that Twitter just cant shake. Whenever the company rolls out a new feature, or CEO Jack Dorsey tweets something

Jul 1, 2021 you dont need an edit button, you just need to forgive yourself Check out some of the tweets in the thread that left twitterati

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The Traditional Repost And Delete Approach

Reposting essentially means using the content on the old tweet, making the necessary corrections and hitting the tweet button again. When editing your tweet for reposting, you could first paste the old tweet on a Word document or an online writing assistant, such as Grammarly, to iron out the spelling and grammatical mistakes of your post.

The next step is to erase the evidence of your mistakes by taking out your erroneous or embarrassing Tweet. Although Twitter may not allow you to edit tweets, you can remove them from your feed.

Keep these steps in mind when youre deleting a tweet:

  • Log on to your Twitter account, then head to your Profile page.
  • Find the tweet youd like to delete.
  • Youll see a confirmation box about deleting your tweet. Hit the delete button if you want to remove your post permanently.
  • When you delete a tweet, the post disappears from your account, the search results on Twitter and the timeline of the users following you. The retweets of the deleted post wont show up either.

    Important Note: Removing your tweet wont guarantee that your post is deleted on the web for good. If someone were to copy and paste your tweet or take a screenshot of it, your problematic tweet will stay on the internet for good.

    How To Edit A Tweet

    Apr 28, 2021 So yes, you can edit Tweetsyou just need to be patient. Im trying to be that, and Twitter is a better place for me because of it. I hope it

    Dec 22, 2020 To revise a tweet, log in to Twitter, and select Profile. Copy the text from the tweet, and delete it. Paste in a new tweet, revise, and Tweet.

    Jan 19, 2021 How the Edit Tweet feature could look like Obviously, there is some controversy over the concept of editing tweets itself. Facebook broached

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    Since You Cant Actually Edit A Tweet You Need To Double

    Online is forever, as they say. This means that your tweets, posts, pictures and other stuff you publish on the web will stay on the web.

    If youre a job seeker, for instance, you should be mindful of the tweets and other posts you publish online. A survey published in Small Business Trends revealed that 9 out of 10 employers use social media as a tool for candidate assessment.

    What you tweet, share, like or comment on social media matters a lot to your future employers. If your wall contains problematic cultural appropriation posts, hate comments about previous employers and illicit content, youre making yourself less hireable.

    Besides job hunters, companies using Twitter and other social media to improve their online presence should think carefully about what theyre posting. The wrong tweet could be damaging to a business reputation.

    Take the highly infamous corporate tweet of US Airways as an example. The companys official Twitter account tweeted a photo of a naked woman with a toy airplane inserted into her private area. Although the airline apologized for the incident and deleted the NSFW image from their Twitter page, the damage was set.

    Everyone, therefore, should take a good look at their tweets before sending them. Here are a few best think-before-you-post practices that you can follow to prevent a social media disaster:

    Pin A Tweet On Twitter For Web

    How to Edit your Posted Tweet

    If you use Twitter on the web, use the platforms official website to pin a tweet.

    Start by opening the site in a web browser. Log in to your Twitter account if you havent already done so.

    On Twitter, select Profile from the sidebar on the left. This opens your Twitter profile page.

    On the profile page, scroll down the tweets list and find the tweet you want to pin. This can be any tweet that youve ever posted in your account.

    Once you find the tweet, click the three dots at the top-right corner of the tweet to open a menu.

    In the menu that appears, select Pin to your profile.

    Twitter displays a prompt saying your tweet will replace any previously pinned tweets. Click Pin in this prompt to continue.

    And your selected tweet is now pinned to your profile. Scroll up the profile page to see it for yourself.

    If you ever want to unpin the tweet, find the tweet that says Pinned Tweet at the top of your profile page.

    At the top-right corner of the pinned tweet, click the three dots and selectUnpin from profile.

    Select Unpin in the prompt that appears.

    Your selected tweet is now unpinned from your profile. Note that unpinning a tweet doesnt remove the tweet from your Twitter account.

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    Why Twitter Doesnt Want To Implement The Option To Edit Tweets

    While we have made the case for adding a feature that allows to edit tweets without deleting them in the previous paragraphs, on the other hand, we must admit that there are also valid reasons not to do it. For example, the ability to go back and edit what youve said could ruin Twitters real-time, stream of consciousness nature. Many good stories have come from someone who has tweeted too much accidentally. That was also the main reason cited by Twitter CEO Jack Dorsey, who said that they wanted to preserve the early vibe of Twitter when the only way you could send a tweet was through a text message.

    We would also guess that another reason behind it is accountability having an Edit Tweet button would allow people to change what they had previously posted and then claim that they never made such a statement in the first place. And as Twitter is populated by countless politicians and other public figures, allowing to do so could veer into dangerous territory where they are not held accountable for the things they post.

    So maybe its a good thing that Twitter doesnt have and Edit Tweet button, as it encourages people to take another look at what theyre posting before they blurt it out. If that hasnt prevented you from posting an erroneous tweet, youll just have to decide whether you want to delete it or keep it on your account with all the mistakes still there.

    How To Use Twitter Lists

    Twitter Lists allow you to customize, organize and prioritize the Tweets you see in your timeline. You can choose to join Lists created by others on Twitter, or from your own account you can choose to create Lists of other accounts by group, topic or interest. Viewing a List timeline will show you a stream of Tweets from only the accounts on that List. You can also pin you favorite Lists to the top of your Home timeline so you never miss a Tweet from the accounts that are most important to you.

    In your Home timeline on the Twitter for iOS and Android apps, you might see a prompt to Discover new Lists. If we suggest a List to you thatâs of interest, simply tap Follow. From the prompt, you can also tap Show more to browse through our Lists discovery page. There, we will show you more Lists we might think youâd like to follow and you can search for additional Lists in the search box at the top of the page.

    Weâll also show you top Tweets from the Lists you follow right in your Home timeline.

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