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How To Edit Profile On Instagram

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How To Update Your Instagram Profile Picture

How To Edit Your Instagram Profile From A Computer

Once youve chosen a new Instagram profile picture, it takes just a couple of taps to update it on the app.

Start by visiting the profile page of your Instagram account, and select Edit Profile above your bio section.

Youll be brought to page where you can update all details on your Instagram profile but you want to tap on the Change Profile Picture button just below your current Instagram profile picture.

Youll then see different options for sourcing where to find your Instagram profile picture. You can import from your Facebook or Twitter account, take a selfie right there and then, or choose from your Media Library.

If youre choosing from your Media Library, just select the folder your image is saved in on your phone from the drop down bar at the top of your screen, and scroll to find the image you want

Once youve selected your image, you can pinch the screen to zoom in or out, and move the image to make sure it fits perfectly within the screen.

When youre happy with the position of your new profile picture, just hit save and your new profile photo will be saved to your page!

Easy right?

Changing your Instagram profile picture can make a huge difference to your account!

If you follow some of these top tips, youre well on your way to creating an Instagram profile picture that stands out from the crowd, introduces you and your brand to new followers, and leaves a great first impression!


How To Manage Instagram From Your Computer

Jenn Herman / September 21, 2020

Finding it hard to manage Instagram from your mobile device? Have you considered moving your workflow to the desktop version of Instagram?

In this article, youll discover how to navigate and use the desktop version of Instagram for your marketing activities.

To learn how to manage Instagram from your computer, read the article below for an easy-to-follow walkthrough or watch this video:

Easily Searchable Business Name

Next, make sure to add your full business name to the name section of your profile. This will appear under your profile picture and under your username in search.

To edit your business name: Go to your profile page and click “Edit Profile.” Then, click on the text or open space beside the clipboard icon at the top and enter your desired business name.

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Display Name Vs Username

Before you make any rash decisions, you should know there is a difference between your Instagram display name and username. Your display name, which is basically your personal or business name, has very few restrictions. You can change it as often as you want, and it doesnt have to be unique. Changing your display name might be a more straightforward solution for those looking for something easier to remember.

Instagram username guidelines:

  • Contains only letters, numbers, periods, and underscores .
  • No profanity or restricted language.

With that out of the way, heres how to change your Instagram username. Weve also thrown in a few extra details you should know.

Send A Follow Request

How to Change Your Instagram Profile Picture

This is the foremost decent and one among the appropriate options. Also, the simplest hassle-free way to view private Instagram pictures of private profiles.

Here youll know the steps that will help you reach that person directly to view private Instagram accounts.

If you would like to follow someone or have the slightest desire to look at private Instagram pictures of related profiles, sending them a follow request could be a great option.

If youre an acquaintance, then your request is accepted. Even that person can follow you back. But if youre a stranger, your request is denied by the person.

In that case, youve to wait a couple of days for your request to be accepted. Maybe the user isnt active on Instagram, or they ignore the request.

Even now, some people wish to stand back from strangers. For this reason, Let the person realize the sensation youve got for them. You would like to be very Genuine and Real.

It might so happen that the opposite person accepts your request and allows you to look at their pictures.

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Add Images Into Instagram Stories From Your Camera Roll

This simple Instagram hack lets you add more than one image into your stories.

To do this, go into the Instagram Stories stickers tray and tap the image circle.

Next, choose a photo from your camera roll. Youll be able to adjust the image size and place it wherever youd like in your story frame. And, if you tap the frame, you can change the image frame style:

TIP: If you dont have the image sticker yet, try copying and pasting an image from your camera roll. Keep in mind that the copy and paste hack is only available for iOS users.

How To Make A Cool Profile Picture

Is being trendy or creative on-brand for you?

Then you may want to take an extra step to make your profile picture really stand out.

A photo placed on a solid color background is a fresh look thats popular on Instagram, TikTok, and YouTube thumbnails.

But can you create the look without spending hours in Photoshop?

You bet!

Many easy design apps offer a background removal tool now. Check out this video tutorial from Canva.

As Diana mentioned, you need Canva Pro for this. Its a great tool with many premium features I think youll love.

Disclosure: If you decide to upgrade to a paid account, I may earn a referral fee.

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Optimize Your Profile For Search

If youre looking to grow your following on Instagram, this Instagram hack is for you.

Optimizing your profile for search is a surefire way to get more eyes on your profile.

The best way to do it? Include relevant keywords to your Name Field.

Doing this will improve your chances of appearing in Instagrams results when someone searches for your target keyword.

Make Sure You Have An Instagram Business Profile

How To Edit Your Instagram Profile

What is an Instagram profile? You probably already know, but did you know that Instagram has two types of profiles?

Instagram allows you to choose between a normal profile and an .

You want the latter.

Why? Because it comes with a bunch of extra features and tools that you can use to grow your business.

These include , , and Instagram Insights.

The data alone is extremely useful: You can learn about your audience demographics, post impressions, post-performance, and follower growth.

Youll also be able to add Action Buttons to your profile . These allow visitors to call you, visit your shop, or make a reservation directly from your profile.

Plus, Instagram business profiles are given a dedicated section to display their business hours and location. So, you dont have to waste valuable space in your bio.

But thats not all.

You can also add a contact button that enables users to contact you via Instagram direct message, SMS, or email for customer support queries.

Lastly, Instagram Business profiles can access paid promotional opportunities.

Bottom line: Instagram Business profiles provide far more features, flexibility, and opportunities than standard profiles.

Thats why there are more than 25 million businesses using Instagram Business profiles.

Thankfully, its extremely simple to convert your existing profile into a professional one and .

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How To Use Social Media Management Tools For Instagram

If you manage multiple Instagram accounts, chances are you also use social media management tools to schedule and analyze those Instagram accounts. With Shift, you can download all of the best social media management tools and keep them in one place. If you use multiple different tools such as Later, and Buffer then you can use Shift to keep all of those apps organized on your desktop. These tools allow you to schedule Instagram posts which makes it easier to manage multiple accounts. Since the Instagram desktop app doesnt allow you to upload Stories or posts, using these social media management tools are essential if you want to effectively manage multiple Instagram accounts on desktop. You can not only schedule posts with these tools, but you can also analyze data to track the engagement of your posts. Analyzing engagement is crucial for taking the management of multiple Instagram accounts to the next level. If youre taking advantage of the right tools to analyze engagement, you wont waste your time on Instagram Stories, posts, and IGTV videos that just arent performing. And with Shift, that analysis can happen right on your desktop instead of having to use the mobile apps. Who wants to have to view charts and graphs on a tiny phone screen rather than on a desktop monitor, right?

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Easy Ways To View Private Instagram Profile In 2021

There are other ways to view hidden posts and videos of someones private account to see someones private profile.

Even someone blocks you on Instagram its still possible to ascertain their post. This is one of the least preferred options for viewing a private Instagram profile.

This can often be a risky way. Youd wish to inspect some Instagram profile viewer tools.

Nowadays, its become a trend, and it is easy to induce hands-on with such tools.

With the assistance of Instagram viewer tools, youll easily view the private Instagram profile.

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Instagram Profile Optimization Idea #8create An Instagram 9

Looking for a visual tip on how to make an attractive Instagram profile?

A beautiful and cohesive Instagram grid , can be a powerful motivator for potential new followers.

But it can be difficult to picture how attractive new content will look in your feed before you post it.

Dont worry Tailwind has your back. Our will allow you to see how content will fit into your feed before you hit share right from iOS and Android phones!

Ready for your own Instagram Profile Makeover? , see how yours stacks up, and optimize it today!

Start a Free Trial of Tailwind for Instagram!

  • Schedule photos and videos directly to your Instagram feed with Auto Post.
  • Optimize every post for more engagement with SmartSchedule and Hashtag Finder.
  • Automatically hide your posts hashtags in the first comment to keep your caption clean & clutter-free.
  • Make your posts more discoverable with user tagging& location tagging.
  • Analyze what’s working across every post and profile with smart analytics.

No credit card required

Its Time For An Appealing Profile Pic

How to change your Instagram username

Your Instagram profile picture plays a key role in attracting other users to your account. Changing it from time to time is a great way to freshen things up, and now you know how to do it. Whether youre using the app on your phone or computer, make sure that your current image isnt holding you back from getting in touch with new people.

How many times have you changed your Instagram profile picture? Do you prefer taking a new image or importing one from Facebook? Let us know in the comments section below.

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Instagram Profile Optimization Idea #2pick An Identifiable Username

Our next tip on how to create the perfect Instagram profile is to be particularly mindful when choosing your username.

Your username is that one-word lowercase handle that serves as your Instagram URL. So, for @tailwindapp, the URL for the account would be .

You have up to 30 characters here . Its also what people will use when they mention you in a comment.

So try to make it memorable its your identifier and a crucial part of the Instagram profile optimization process.

If you already have an established Instagram account and want to change your username, think long and hard about it youll need to make changes to any place youve used that username in the past guest blog posts, business cards, etc.

Time Where Does It Go

Businesses can benefit from posting on instagram because it gives users a visual idea of what they do a. I am a beginner with instructables. how do i post a picture to my profile? the picture is in my library, but i can’t seem to link it. is this a resolution based problem? if so what resolution do i need to use? Whether it’s to pass that big test, qualify for that big prom. Time, where does it go? Use twitter if you’re just going to write words. Dummies helps everyone be more knowledgeable and confident in applying what they know. I’m new and i keep trying to change my profile picture but it wont let me change it to any images. Pictures and detailed profiles of the first true dinosaurs, which evolved in south america during the early mesozoic era and then spread around the world. There are no countdown rules or terms you need to follow. Dummies has always stood for taking on complex concepts and making them easy to understand. If you’re aiming for consistency, choose an element that ties your countdown photos together, even if they’re n. What do i do to pick my own image? Check out some of the best travel instagram accounts to follow right now, whether you’re planning a trip or just looking for inspiration.

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How To Change Your Profile Picture On Instagram

has undoubtedly become a very popular alternative among social network lovers of who also enjoy photos a more artistic or professional touch. This social media form allows you to post pictures, grow businesses and improve your own profile. But if you’re a new user or if you haven’t yet mastered this social network very well, you might be wondering how to customise your profile and change your Instagram profile picture.

This is why, here at oneHOWTO, we will be explaining how to change your profile picture on Instagram easily.

Whether you have a personal, business or web project type of account, this network like any other, gives you the option to personalize your profile with a picture, a brief description of 140 characters and even a link to a website . You should know that this is the only link that visitors can follow with a click access to your account, so if there is a page you want to emphasis, put it in your Instagram description.

If you have a business and want to know how to boost your followers, take a look at our article on .

Now what you’re here for: learning to change your profile picture on Instagram. First log in, once logged into your Instagram account press the icon with the little person found in the bottom right.

These featured options allow you to customize your Instagram profile to your liking. It is important to note that this feature might crop your original picture to the Instagram profile photo size.

How To Change Profile Picture On Instagram

How To Change Instagram Profile Picture

Your profile pic is one of the first details other users notice when they visit your Instagram profile. Many will form a first impression according to the image, which is why having a stunning picture is essential. If you dont think that the current one is up to scratch, its time to change it. But how exactly can you do that?

In this entry, well give you a step-by-step guide on changing your Instagram profile picture.

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How To Remove Instagram Profile Picture On Android

You can set a new profile photo or remove a profile photo on Instagram Android using the below settings.

Log in Instagram app > Profile icon at the bottom right corner > Edit profile > Change Profile photo > Remove Profile photo

Now your Instagram profile picture blank.

Thats all. I hope the above-given steps to edit Instagram profile android phone or tablet helpful? If you are facing any problem then just comment on the below box. Dont forget to share this Instagram trick on your social network.

How To Add A Link To Your Bio From The Instagram App

The following instructions will show you how to add a link to your Instagram profile using the iOS or Android app. Screenshots are provided for the iOS version only. However, Android users can follow the same steps.

  • Navigate to your profile by tapping the profile icon in the bottom menu.

  • Tap the Edit Profile button.

  • In the Website field, add your link by typing it in manually or copying and pasting it there from another source.

  • Tap Done in the top right.

  • Your link will appear beneath your bio information on your profile. You can tap it to open it in a browser automatically.

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    Trackable Link In Your Bio

    One of the biggest frustrations people have with Instagram — especially businesses — is that it isn’t exactly a great platform for driving traffic away from the app to a website, a Twitter page, or somewhere else. That’s because clickable URLs aren’t allowed anywhere except the single “website” box in your bio.

    That’s why you’ll want to add a link to the “website” box in your business’ Instagram bio. This makes it easy for people to go straight from Instagram to your website, blog, or a specific campaign.

    One sneaky way to get people to click the link in your bio? By referring to that link in individual photo captions. Ever seen captions that say something like “Link in bio”? They’re trying to direct you to their profile page so you click the link in their bio.

    Engage users by updating that URL frequently to point to your latest blog content, YouTube video, product, or offer. For example, are you running a contest, or want to increase subscribers to your blog? Just change the link, and then post a photo that mentions the new link in its caption.

    To change the link in your bio: Go to your profile page and click “Edit Profile.” Then, simply insert the URL of your choosing into the URL box.

    You can change the URL on your profile page as often as you’d like.

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