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How To Edit Interests On Linkedin

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How To Change Your Linkedin Url

Evyrgreen Networking – How to Add or Remove Interests From Your Profile on LinkedIn

Your LinkedIn URL could be more useful than you probably realize. Find out how to make it work for you and how to customize it.

Your social media accounts, like Facebook and LinkedIn, each have a unique URL that leads to your;specific;profile. Find out what your LinkedIn URL says about you, how to use it, where to find it, and how to customize your LinkedIn URL so it works in your favor.

Gain Access To New Ideas Trends And Tips

Your interests affect what you seethats another one of the platforms algorithms at play. Proactively finding interests in your desired industry will put more relevant content in your feed.

This, in turn, gives you several opportunities:

  • Learning about new tools and software.
  • Aligning your personal brand with industry leaders.
  • Getting the inside track on events .
  • Insights on how to break into an industry.
  • Case in point: I followed this person and got access to a new feature of the companys software, and I adjusted my marketing strategy accordingly at work.

    At the very least, following influencers and companies can arm you with the concepts and industry lingo for interviews.

    How To Unfollow Interests On Linkedin

    To remove or delete interests that you follow, head to your profile page, scroll to the Interests section, click See All, and finally select the Following box next to the company or influencer you wish to be removed from.

    Alternatively, you can navigate to their profile and select the blue unfollow button to be removed from your Linkedin profile.


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    Linkedin Profile Best Practices

    So, lets recap a few top questions.

    How do I improve my LinkedIn profile in 2021?

    Start by focusing on the sections described above:

    • LinkedIn URL.
    • How to write a LinkedIn summary.
    • Work experience.
    • Interests.

    People click on your profile because of your headline when they see your connection request.

    Then, they see your summary and work experience sections, notice your results and that youre an authority figure in your niche based on your recommendations. And finally, theyll be more likely to trust you and work with you.

    And for when youre doing outreach to get more endorsements and recommendations, you can start using a LinkedIn automation tool like Expandi to reach out to your prospects on autopilot.

    What is the best way to optimize your LinkedIn profile?

    To do that, make sure your profile has all the necessary information for your ideal customer personas. Fill in each section mentioned above, so that it would be relevant for your leads. Consider your work results, unique selling proposition, benefits of working with you, and so on.

    How do I make my LinkedIn stand out?

    Make sure youre using a mix of data and personality in your profile. This way, youll be able to show both, your work results and experience, and your branding what makes you different and why your prospects will want to work with you.

    Finally, ready to get started using LinkedIn automation to start connecting with your leads on LinkedIn on autopilot?

    What Should You Include In Your Interests Section On Linkedin

    How to add to the interests section on LinkedIn

    Your Interests section should be a reflection of how well-rounded you are, not just how connected you are with the corporate world. Whilst it is important to include companies, brands or influencers related to your profession, its also important to share interests outside of your professional life.

    For instance, you can follow your universitys page to show that youre an alumni who still follows news of your alma mater. By doing this, youre demonstrating how youre invested in your education and committed to developing yourself both personally and professionally.

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    How To Add More Interests On Linkedin

    Once you have added the interest section on your profile page, you will then be able to add different interest in your profile by browsing and following them. After you follow them, it will be automatically categorized according to the types of interests you have added while adding interest in the profile page.

    Linkedin Summaries For Thought Leaders & Entrepreneurs

    If you’re an entrepreneur and / or thought leader on LinkedIn, your goals are probably similar.

    You want more people to find your profile, follow along, and then reach out about / find their way to your offerings. An endless funnel of inbound leads!

    While your LinkedIn Headline can help , it’s only the tip of the iceberg. Most people want to learn more about the person they might be spending money with.

    That’s where the Summary comes in.

    I’ve spent years A/B testing my own Summary. I’ve also coached hundreds of entrepreneurs and thought leaders on LinkedIn Growth.

    Here’s the template that I’ve seen work best:

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    Why Adding Interests On Linkedin Is Important

    Have you ever noticed that when you open up the search tab on Instagram, it shows posts from all of the things and people in your feed? In fact, if I liked a cricket video, for example, then my next search would be filled with sports-related content.

    But, on LinkedIn, you have the option to add interests manually. For example, if you know languages , then please create an interest in programming jobs, and Linkedin will show these types of job posts for your enjoyment!

    Interests on LinkedIn can be pretty tricky to set up, but don’t worry, I’ve got the lowdown. Interests are not just hobbies like horse riding and reading; they’re related to your professional level, so you’ll want to select accordingly if you want Linkedin posts about that particular topic, for example.

    Also Useful:

    How Do You Add Accomplishments On Linkedin

    How To ADD Interests on LinkedIN

    Adding more of your interests and professional accomplishments can help to improve your . This, in turn, will increase the number of times people and possible recruiters view your profile, thus building your network and connecting to new opportunities.;

    To add accomplishments on your LinkedIn profile, go to View Profile by clicking the Me icon at the top right angle. Then, go to Add profile section and select Accomplishments. Youll see a list of projects, so click the +Add icon found to the right of each project. After filling out the fields, save the changes.

    If you want to change an existing project, click the Edit icon on the Accomplishments section. After making the desired changes, click Save.;

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    Key Sections Of Your Linkedin Profile

    1. First name: 20 characters Last name: 40 characters. How to change how your name appears on your profile.

    2. Former name: 50 characters How to add your former/maiden/nick name.

    3. Headline: 220 characters. How to edit your headline.

    4. Industry: LinkedIn predetermined all industry selections which cannot change. Heres how to change your industry selection.

    5. About : 2,000 characters. Heres how to edit the About section in your profile.

    6. Featured: 100 characters per title and 500 characters per description. This is a relatively new section which enables you to share samples of your work, posts, articles, etc. Heres how to edit the Featured section in your profile.

    7. Experience: 100 characters per title and 2,000 characters per titles description. Heres how to add, edit, or remove a position in your profile.

    8. Education: 150 characters per school name. Heres how to add, edit, or remove education entries in your profile.

    9. Volunteer experience: 100 characters per organization. How to add your volunteerism to your profile.

    10. Skills & Endorsements: 80 characters per skill. How to add or remove skills in your profile.

    11. Recommendations: 3,000 characters and spaces. More information on how to secure a recommendation for your profile.

    13. Interests: 1,000 characters and spaces. How to add, edit, or remove your interests from your profile

    Go To The Page Of The Organization That You Wish To Add To Your Interests

    On the page of the organization you want to follow, click the +Follow button nestled beside the Visit Website option.

    The institution that you followed will now be visible in the Interests section on your profile.

    If you meticulously and strategically add interests on LinkedIn, it could boost your profile in the current, highly competitive business environment.

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    Remove Interests On Linkedin Website

    1. Open the LinkedIn website and navigate to your profile.

    2. Now scroll down till last and you will find theInterests section there.

    3. Click on see all and it will show the Interests you have followed. Then click on the;Following button to unfollow them or to remove interests from your Linkedin profile.

    Linkedin Summary For Job Seekers

    3 Ways to Leave a Group on Linkedin

    As a job seeker, how awesome would it be to have recruiters and employers constantly reaching out to you? That’s the dream, right?

    That’s exactly what can happen when you tailor your LinkedIn Summary the right way. This is your chance to focus on your story, your skills, and the value you bring to the table!

    After coaching thousands of job seekers through this process, here’s the LinkedIn Summary template that I’ve found works best for job seekers:

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    Customized Public Profile Url

    Choose a customized Uniform Resource Locator or web address for your public profile with your name, e.g.

    To get more details, search using the term Customizing Your LinkedIn Public Profile URL

    Add your customized LinkedIn URL to your resume.

    Proofread your online profile and check for spelling and grammatical errors.

    Edit Interests On Linkedin Website

    1. Open the;LinkedIn;website and navigate to your profile.

    2. Now scroll down till last and you will find the;Interests;section there.

    3. Click on see all and it will show the;Interests;you have followed. Then click on the;Following;button to unfollow them or to;edit interests from your Linkedin profile.

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    Elaborate On Your Skills

    We mentioned above that recruiters could set filters for a precise search of candidates. This is crucial here, as this section affects the number of relevant viewers. You should provide a complete list of your skills and endorsements that represent you as an ideal employee.

    LinkedIn allows you to add up to 50 skills. However, a significant amount can confuse both a search tool and a hiring manager. Try to be genuine about your competencies, listing only those that you can demonstrate on demand. In other words, be sure in your abilities that you provide in the section.

    To learn what skills to add, answer the following:

    • What competencies are sought after and valuable in a given company or industry?
    • What skills do the professionals in the field list?
    • What does come from your experience and education, confirming them?
    • What soft skills can you list along with the hard ones?
    • How can you be more specific about your competencies ?
    • What are the skills that youre proud of and willing to demonstrate with excellence?

    These questions will help you to compose a complete and accurate list of competences and endorsements. Also, providing licenses and certificates adds credibility. You can obtain them in your college or by taking part in various relevant events.

    Besides, you can complete online courses, for example, on Udemy or Coursera. There you can receive a certificate, upgrade your skills, or acquire new ones.

    Tip #: Grab Some Eyeballs With Formatting And Emojis

    Using LinkedIn Career Interest and Commute Preferences in your job search

    I’ll start by saying that, for this tip, a little goes a long way. Both fancy formatting and emojis have their time and place. It’s also easy to overuse them. But when used sparingly and intentionally, they can really make your summary pop.

    How To Add Formatting To Your LinkedIn Summary

    Many people don’t realize that you can actually add bold, italicized, and other non-traditional font formatting into your LinkedIn profile. Here’s an example of bolded font in one of my posts:

    How’d that get in there?

    Simple. I used a tool called Unicode Text Converter.

    UTC takes the text you submit and it converts it to unicode which most any plain text editor can parse and visualize. Here are just a few of the font options UTC offers up:

    How can you use this?

    You can bold important points in your summary or you can bold different headings that you’d like to feature so they are easy to differentiate.

    How To Add Emojis To Your LinkedIn Summary

    Emojis are trickier than simply bolding some text in your Summary. You really need to know your audience here.

    If you’re targeting traditional companies or your prospects tend to be more traditional, I’d pass on this.

    But if you’re targeting progressive, new-age companies or your demographic is younger, you might consider sprinkling them in to help specific areas of your Summary pop.

    Compared to the amount of text in my Summary, I don’t use a ton of emojis. I also use them in a consistent fashion .

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    Things You Really Need To Delete From Your Linkedin Profile Today


    With its largest desktop redesign ever, is fighting the good fight against distraction. The 2017 updates make for less clutter across the platform and a more focused experience on every front, especially your personal profile.

    But, much like a garage full of junk, sprucing things up only makes a real difference if you get rid of all the random junk thats just taking up space.

    With that in mind, here are four cuts needs to take these changes to the next leveland show off the parts of your personal brand that really matter:

    Watch on Forbes:

    1. Stale Professional Experiences

    Do you still have a blurb from your internship eight years ago? Or maybe a portfolio item that was totally impressive when you were just starting out?

    Consider giving them the axe today.

    Details about your ancient professional history draw attention away from your most recent and relevant experiences. So, allow your past two roles to sell you and boil anything seven to 10 years in the past down to the essentials .

    The further back you go in your career timeline, the more less is more rings true.

    2. Unendorsed Skills

    Your skills section is a keyword oasis, which can make loading it with the maximum allowed 50 skills pretty tempting. But itll backfire, as in many cases, handfuls of them go unendorsed altogether.

    Prune your skills section and attract new endorsements on a regular basis.

    3. Lackluster Accomplishments

    4. Old Recommendations

    Perks Of Including An Interests Section On Linkedin

    Creating an interesting professional profile is essential to effective LinkedIn marketing. In other words, your profile has the potential to be a powerful business marketing tool that gives future clients specific reasons for reaching out to you.

    Setting up a LinkedIn profile involves more than simply creating a page with professional information and adding a professional picture. It involves creating an online professional presence through your public profile, and this includes a well-filled, meaningful Interests section.

    Here are some advantages of displaying your interests on your LinkedIn profile:

  • Adding an Interests section to your LinkedIn profile is a simple way to gain the attention of new prospects and connections.
  • Youll stand out as somebody who is invested in a wide variety of professional and personal interests. Additionally, itll show that youre always open to learning more about new things and keeping up with the latest industry trends.
  • You can connect with like-minded people who share your interests and build a broader, more robust network.
  • It adds a personal touch to your LinkedIn Profile and makes you appear more invested in what you do.
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    How To Edit Your Linkedin Summary

    Easy! All you need to do is go to and head to your profile.

    On your profile, scroll down until you see the About section. When you’re there, click on the pencil icon in the upper right of that section:

    That will open up the text editor where you can add or update your Summary / About.

    LinkedIn Summary Limits: LinkedIn recently expanded the limit for the Summary / About section to 2,000 characters. I recommend writing your Summary wherever you’re most comfortable, then paste it into a tool like WordCounter to make sure you’re within LinkedIn’s limits.

    Linkedin Posts’ Dimensions And Sizes

    How to Add Interests on LinkedIn

    As you can see, it’s very easy. You won?t even have to think about the size or quality of the image because we guarantee they’ll be right. Our templates for LinkedIn posts have been adapted specifically for these types of posts, so don’t worry about anything other than getting a perfect design. We know size is one of the main concerns for users because when an image is uploaded, it sometimes appears cropped or pixelated because of the size and quality.;Here are the suggested sizes for your LinkedIn posts :

    • Profile image: 400 x 400 px
    • Cover image: 1584 x 396 px
    • Logo: 300 x 300 px
    • Post images:;1200 x 1200 px
    • Images for promoted content:;1200 x 627 px
    • Stories: 1080 x 1920 px

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    The Extras And Special Projects

    It may not be the meat and bones behind a LinkedIn Profile, but additions to the projects and other extra sections that are keyword optimized will only improve your visibility. ;Oftentimes, these sections are neglected. ;However, they distinguish you from other LinkedIn users.

    If you do end up using these sections, keep the wording tight and keyword-dense. ;In other words, if youre looking for a job, use specific job titles in your descriptions in multiple places.

    How To Incorporate Linkedin Interests

    1. Move to and add your username and password to log in.

    2. Locate someone, business, or subject youre fascinated by using the search bar at the highest of your screen and click on to require them to their profile page.

    3. Click the Follow button on the individual or companys profile page. The association, person, or subject will now be identified in your Interests column.

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