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How To Do Multiple Pictures On Instagram Post

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Adding A Filtered Look To Your Photo

How to post MULTIPLE photos on Instagram NEW UPDATE

Instagram allows you to add a filter to your photos. This feature allows you to easily make a photo look like an old camera or a professional photo, rather than an old cell phone photo. To add a filter, just select the photo that you want to edit, then tap the + icon. Once you are in the editing section, you will be able to adjust the contrast, saturation, and the lightness of your image. Photo Crop Before You Edit For quick fixes for photo editing problems, you can crop a photo before you start editing. If you need to crop an image before adding any effects to it, just tap the small circle with a line in it. The camera will automatically adjust to the selected area. From there, you can move the cursor to adjust the crop and add effects afterwards.

How To Post Multiple Pictures Without Cropping

Once upon a time, you could only add multiple photos if they fit the square format that Instagram is famous for. Instagram no longer requires you to use square photos for multiple photos. The caveat is that all the photos will be created in the same aspect ratio as the first photo that you choose:

  • Open Instagram and tap on the + at the bottom of the screen.
  • Choose your first photo horizontal, square, or vertical.
  • Choose all the consecutive photos that you want to post. .
  • Use your finger to drag the cropped photo around until you are happy with the positioning.
  • Tap Next to add filters and make edits to each photo.
  • Then tap Next again to add a caption, hashtags, location, etc.
  • Finally, tap Share to create your post with multiple photos.
  • How To Get Creative With Your Multiple Photos

    Create a Virtual Catalog

    One impressive feature of the carousel is that it lets you create a scrollable catalog so that your audience does not have to zoom into each of your product individually.

    This is a more coherent strategy as you can showcase details for a single item.

    Tell a Sequential Story

    If you have used Instagram stories before you will be familiar with the format.

    Since the several images appear in a sequential series, you can use it to show events in the order they happened.

    How-to-guides will do great with these kinds of posts.

    You have the chance to put your audience into the processes involved in your products or services and connect on a deeper level.

    De-clutter with an Album

    So you want to share a variety of moments from your product launch without clutter?

    When you populate your feed with too many images, your content will be diluted.

    Besides, a cluttered feed is annoying to users.

    On the other hand, an album will organize your professional masterpieces.

    This feature is also ideal for displaying a panorama of images that dont fit into a square.

    Show Your Products in Action

    A day in the life of your business could involve showing people around your office space or posting the restaurants menu.

    Encourage your online audience to share suggestions on how to improve your services.

    Your followers can also use multiple images to share their posts of them using your product or service.

    Use Text in Your Images

    Match The Message to the Medium

    Have Fun

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    Instagram Users On Ios May Not See The Select Multiple’ Photos Option Due To A Bug Here’s How You Can Still Post Multiple Photos On A Single Post

    Instagram lets you add up to 10 photos for a single post using the Select Multiple feature while choosing photos. This feature has disappeared from the app on iOS. What earlier seemed to be a deliberate removal of the feature is actually a bug in the iOS app, Instagram clarified. Its currently working on a fix for the bug that has occurred in the latest update of the Instagram app on iOS.

    Instagram announced on Twitter saying that some users on iOS may have trouble accessing the Select Multiple feature for the carousel post. Android users arent affected as the option is visible on the Instagram app. The change has left some users confused, and also convinced that Instagram has removed the feature. This isnt surprising since Instagram usually makes changes to its app which mostly disappoints users. While Instagram works on a fix, iOS users can follow these steps to share multiple photos in a post.

    Press on the + icon to share a post on your Instagram account.

    Tap on the photo icon to select the photos you wish to share.

    Once youre in the correct album, long press and hold the first photo you want to share.

    Then youll see the number 1 appearing on the selected photo.

    You can then select the other photos you wish to add in your carousel.

    Once youre done selecting the photos, you can follow the same process to upload them.

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    Why Should You Add Multiple Photos To A Instagram Story #

    How to Post Multiple Photos to Instagram at Once

    Knowing how to add multiple photos to Instagram story will not only save you time – but allow you to post more content for your audience and as a result generate more .

    After you’ve posted multiple photos to a Instagram story, you should start tracking them so you can see which ones are working and which aren’t. Here’s our favourite that we recommend using.

    Now that you know how to add more than one photo to instagram story, it’s time to start posting! If you have any questions, leave them in the comments below.

    Try the most affordable social media scheduling platform for free.

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    How To Do It

    Theres no real trick to using the featureyou simply have to hit one more button as part of the upload process. Theres a new Select Multiple button thats part of the normal upload screen. Just tap that:

    Youll then get the option to select up to 10 photos:

    Each image you add will be indicated in the top right corner of its thumbnail. Tap and hold to change the order.

    Once youve selected them, it moves on to the filter. Its important to note that whatever filter you choose is applied to all of the photos in the sequenceyou cant set it individually.

    The same holds true with captionsthe same one applies to every image in the sequence.

    From The Main Instagram Feed Screen

    The first method is the easiest native method to add multiple photos to a post. Open Instagram and tap on the + icon at the top left corner.

    Swipe to get to the Post tab at the bottom of the screen.

    Here, tap on;Select multiple. If you find theMultiple button missing on your device, then simply tap and hold any of image of yours to get the multiple selection back. Yes, its a tad hidden now.;

    This will add a little circle at the corner of the photos, allowing you to pick multiple photos for your post. Tap on the photos that you want to add.

    The photos will be added depending on the number that is associated with them. But you can always unselect/select and move the order around.;

    Once youre done selecting, tap on the arrow at the top right corner.

    On the next screen, you can add filters to your images.;

    To get more edit options, tap on the white circle on a photo.;

    Here, under the Edit tab, you have a variety of options to adjust and give the image final touches.;

    When done with editing, tap on the tick at the top right corner.

    Swipe left/right to get to other images and edit them if you want. Once done, tap on the right arrow at the top.;

    Now you can write a caption, tag people, and add location as you prefer. Then, to finally post, tap on the tick at the top right corner.;

    And thats it, your post with multiple pictures is up.

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    Put Multiple Pictures On Instagram Story Via Flexclip

    As mentioned at the Note, only up to 10 photos can be added up to Instagram Story! What if you have more than 10 photos? What if you want to make more edits on the photos? FlexClip is what you can turn to.

    FlexClip is an online slideshow maker that turns your photos to beautiful 15-second videos. It has numerous video editing tools. In clicks, you can add dynamic texts, widgets, music, transitions or make other edits. This online video editor also provides royalty-free photos, videos and music to help level up your Instagram stories. Besides that, you can use its existing slideshow video templates for free!

    The above are some excellent Instagram slideshow template. Click on the View Templats button below for more excellent template. If you want to get started directly, tap on the Create a Video button with no hesitation!

    Put Multiple Photos to Instagram Story – Step 1

    Put Multiple Photos to Instagram Story – Step 2

    Put Multiple Photos to Instagram Story – Step 3

    Put Multiple Photos to Instagram Story – Step 4

    How To Post Pictures On Instagram: Step #3

    How to Mass Delete Multiple Instagram Posts in Bulk?

    Before you move on to editing your media selection, its important to take note of all the options available to you.

    In the bottom righthand corner of whatever photo or video is presently selected, youll see three black circles with white icons in the center of each.

    The first, an infinity symbol, represents Boomerang. Boomerang is a partner app of Instagram that allows users to make short, repeating videos.

    Next, the second icon is an outline of a collage,; and it;represents;Layout. Like Boomerang, Layout is a partner app of Instagram that allows users to fit multiple photos into one post.

    The third and final icon is multiple squares overlaying one another. Unlike Boomerang and Layout, you dont need to download anything to use this feature. Tap the third icon to create a carousel post.

    Traditionally, when you post pictures on Instagram, its a single post. However, the carousel icon allows you to choose multiple;photos or videos to share within one post.;Its different than Layout, which displays your photos in a collage.

    A carousel post means users can view multiple photos by simply swiping.

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    How To Post Pictures On Instagram: Step #5

    Once youve got your photo or video looking fresh to death, tap Next in the upper righthand corner.

    Its almost time to post your picture on Instagram, but theres a few very important finishing touched you need to put on first.

    At the top of the screen, youll see a place to write a caption. Not sure what to say? Weve got you covered in this .

    Next, youll see an option to Tag People. If there are people you want to associate with your photo, select the arrow and search their username to tag them.

    Never forget to add your location! If you dont see your location as an option, just tap the arrow to search for it. Adding your location is a great way to connect with new followers and get your post noticed.

    Finally, there are options to share your Instagram post on Facebook, Twitter and Tumblr. As long as you have those accounts linked, you can just flip the toggle to blue, and your post will automatically show up on those social media sites as soon as you hit Share.

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    How To Use Instagram Albums For Landscape Or Portrait Mode

    First, youll need to press the + icon at the bottom of the screen to access your images.

    Heres where things get weird, but just keep this in mind: The orientation of your entire album depends on the original format of the first photo you choose. ;This is especially important if you plan on adding both horizontal and vertical images because youll need to decide which aspect ratio you want for all of them before you create the album.

    Now that weve cleared that up, youll need to select your crucial first image or video, which defaults to a square format.

    Heres where the new feature comes in: Press on the fit to screen button on the bottom left to change your photo to its original aspect ratio . Note: Photos that are very long or very tall will still need to be cropped.

    Just to reiterate, once you press this button, all additional photos added to the album will have the same shape as the first photo you selected. As you can see above, the vertical lamp photo was severely cropped after I set the format using the landscape wireless earbud photo. If Id;chosen the lamp photo first, the earbud image would be cropped vertically.

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    Restart Instagram/reboot Your Phone

    When apps start to misbehave, restarting them from the multi-window screen tends to get them back in line most of the time. But if that doesnt work, restarting your phone may be whats required. Since this reboots the entire operating system itself, it is a much deeper refresh than just restarting the app. So give that a try to see if you can upload multiple photos.;

    How To Post Pictures On Instagram: Step #1

    How to put two photos in one instagram, ALQURUMRESORT.COM

    Once youve downloaded the Instagram app and set up an account, youre ready to get started. Fire up the app, and lets do this thing.

    In the app, youll see a stationary bar located at the bottom of your screen. This navigation bar will take you anywhere you need to go within Instagram.

    To post pictures on Instagram, you need to tap the center icon. Its a plus sign inside a square box.

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    Adding Extra Creative Elements

    Lets say youre an overachiever, a perfectionist, or possibly, want your Instagram Stories to look as visually appealing as possible. Well then, THIS section is just for you.;

    We have another article on creative ways to spark engagement in your Stories, but here are a few more pointers to give those photos some extra pizazz and take it up another notch:;

    • The drawing feature
    • The squiggly line at the top of your Stories create screen allows you to doodle or even draw out words.
  • Adding GIFs and other elements
  • Whether its a funny GIF, sparkles, or a sticker, these options definitely help your story stand out.
  • Its the easiest way to get some engagement as its quick for your audience, and people love polls!
  • Tagging another account
  • Whether its a friend, a brand, or someone you admire, this option can possibly get reshared and also show your audience some other potentially great accounts to follow.
  • Get your story on the front and center stage for new people with some hashtags.
  • Location Tag
  • This allows your story to pop up to people in the same area and get you even more visibility!
  • Asking a question
  • One of the most popular and effective ways to get engagement just requires your time to filter and answer questions. So pro tip, wait for a day where you have lots of time to answer questions.
  • Your Stories are a platform to try new avenues within your niche, showcase your personality, and express how unique you are as an individual. And to especially humanize a brand!

    Where Is Multiple Button On Instagram

    Well, its not available anymore at least as a direct UI element. But you can still select multiple pictures quite easily. As shown below, the multiple button is now missing on Instagram.

    Many Android users have been affected as well since they only get the icon for the Select Multiple option.

    Nevertheless, the ability to pick multiple photos is not affected by the bug in any way for either platform.

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    The Types Of Images That Perform Well On Instagram

    Visual content has been prioritized on most social media platforms and Instagram, which is a purely visual platform, is no exception.

    The question however arises; how do you make your images stand out from the rest?

    Here is a list of certain types of images that do well on Instagram and bring in a lot of engagement.

    User-Generated Content

    UGC images are the talk of the town now in the marketing space.

    This is because it is authentic and it resonates with users. User-generated content images include digital images, videos, and blogs that are publicly available to consumers. Such kind of images gets a lot of attention on Instagram.

    Behind The Scenes Images

    These pictures are particularly taken by employees are almost as powerful as UGC images.

    Your followers will love the kind of content that gives them a sneak peek into the inside look of your business.

    Images that show happy customers using your products or services have a powerful effect when it comes to driving results.

    However, ensure these behind-the-scenes look real and not staged managed. Avoid awkwardly poised images or heavily edited.

    DIY Images

    Educational how-to-content has gained popularity across many social platforms and it tends to perform well on Instagram too.

    Users love to see new and fun ways of using a product. A series of pictures that features a DIY project can effectively drive traffic to the platform.

    Influencer Images

    Social influencers have a great impact when it comes to social media marketing.

    Why Cant I Add Several Photos To My Story

    How To Upload Multiple Photos To Instagram – Instagram Tutorial

    The multiple photos feature in Stories is still being introduced throughout the world, so it may not be available where you live. If you dont see the multiple photo icon when uploading your Stories, try updating the Instagram app to the latest version. If the feature still doesnt appear, hang tight. Its only a matter of time before Instagram rolls out this new feature in your area.

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    Wait For Instagram To Fix It

    More often than not, if youre not able to post multiple pictures, the problem lies at Instagrams end. It is not uncommon for social media platforms like Instagram to suffer issues with a particular app feature every now and then. So, be patient and let Instagram fix the issue.;

    If youre still facing the issue after a few hours , chances are that the disruption could be at your end. The following are ways to fix any and all problems that might have their source with your device, app, or internet connection.;

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