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How To Do Linkedin Introductions

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For The Professional Acquaintances

How to request a LinkedIn introduction and get it

You know these people, but not very well. Thats why its a good idea to subtly include some context. Also, if you can think of some way of providing value to them, mention it.

Hi Grace,

How are you? It was really fun chatting with you at that product manager meetup last Maywe should get together for coffee one of these days!

In the meantime, I was wondering if you could connect me with . Im looking to . Your introduction would be hugely appreciated, and I would definitely owe you .

Thank you,

Ways To Introduce People On Linkedin


Introducing the right people builds trust and positions you as a leader.


Heres the easiest way to introduce your LinkedIn contacts:

  • In the To: field, type in the names of those youd like to introduce .
  • Write a personal message on why you are providing a connection and include insight on the benefit you see from the relationship.
  • Another way to introduce people is to go to one of your contacts profiles and select Share Profile from the Send a message drop-down menu. The main benefit of this versus the introduction method noted above is that itll send a LinkedIn connection invite with your message, allowing the users to more easily connect.

    Sharing a LinkedIn contacts profile:

  • In the search bar on your LinkedIn home page, type in a contacts name and locate their profile.
  • Find the blue Send a message button just to the right of their photo, expand the drop-down menu and select Share Profile
  • In the To: field, place the contacts you want to send this to .
  • Dont use the generic message! Personalize why your contacts should connect.
  • Spotlighting Diverse Communities Bumble

    “At Bumble, moments like heritage month celebrations are often our anchor to ensure we are spotlighting diverse communities. In alignment with AAPI Heritage Month in May, Bumble is rolling out a series of thoughtful programming to encourage internal education and around how to support the Stop Asian Hate movement and better serve the Asian community globally. The lineup of initiatives include:

    • BuzzWord DEI Discussion Series with featured guest speakers: This conversation will focus on the Asian community within the context of larger cultural issues such as dating app experiences, fetishization, masculinity, and representation.
    • Bumble will be inviting employees to join a virtual Vietnamese coffee-making class. Created in partnership with Phin Bar, an urban brew-bar that offers Vietnamese-style steeped coffee combined with house-made ingredients, Bumble hopes to facilitate a deeper cultural learning and community bonding experience for the team.
    • Bumble will also be activating channels across social media and our product to educate our community about bystander intervention and raise awareness around the importance of supporting the Stop Asian Hate movement.”

    Learn more about Bumble here.

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    Promoting Harmony And Unity T Rowe Price

    “T. Rowe Price is aware and appalled at the recent spike in hate crimes against the Asian community. In response, the firm will center Asian/Pacific American Heritage Month efforts around harmony and unity, in alignment with the Hawaiian value, Lkahi Forward as One. To share best practices, successes and areas of opportunities, T. Rowe Price will co-host a Leadership Panel on Asian Leadership Challenges with Baltimore Asian Connect, a consortium of Asian business resource group leaders at local corporations. The firm will also host a book club and restorative listening circles for Asian American associates and their allies.”

    Learn more about T. Rowe Price here.

    Linkedin Summary And About Section Examples For Career Changes

    Making Change: The Do

    Here are several examples of how to write a LinkedIn summary when youre making a career change or pivot. Again, use these as guides for your LinkedIn About Section, but dont copy and paste.

    Jacob H., Airline Pilot to Aviation Technical Writer

    Even if youre making what feels like a big jump, you are likely more qualified than you think you are! Try to provide specific examples of how your previous experience is relevant to your new dream role, and the efforts you are putting in to close any gaps in your education or training.

    Michael R., Staffing / Recruiting Account Manager to Software Sales Account Executive

    This is a good LinkedIn summary outline to follow for career changes, particularly if youre looking to stay in the same general line of work but shifting industries or niches. Highlighting key qualities and learnings that also are relevant to your new direction can help keep hiring managers focused on the good.

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    Sample Linkedin Introduction Template To Use To Introduce Two Contacts To Each Other

    Hey Hope youve been well since we last chatted.Im reaching out to you today on behalf of , someone who . wanted to be introduced because . Heres a little bit of additional background info:Ill let the two of you take it from here!Warm regards,

    See how easy this is? By using your requestors introduction paragraph, you get the opportunity to introduce their personal brand. This lets your mutual connection come to life in a way that personal memory never could. Plus, especially with a job candidate youre saving this person a more awkward nice to meet you. Confidence is everything! Likewise, if they have other goals then its great if your LinkedIn introductions help set the tone upfront.

    Genevieve Emphasizes What She Believes In And Includes A Prompt For People To Connect

    Genevieve stands out because she:

    • Speaks directly to the reader, opening with Oh hello there!
    • Highlights her passion for helping others upfront, making her highly approachable.
    • Uses bold language to grab your attention then makes you smile.
    • Asks people to tell her what books theyre reading and podcasts theyre listening to, encouraging them to connect.

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    For The People You Know Fairly Well

    And then theres everyone else: the team member you work with on a regular basis, your boss, your close friends, and so on. You probably text, email, call, or see these people at least once a week.

    You might wonder why its necessary to send a formal ask when you could just call them up or walk over to their desk. However, sending your request in writing is usually preferableit gives the person a chance to gracefully decline if he or she chooses.

    Hi Alex,

    As Ive mentioned, Ive been . I noticed youre connected to would you be comfortable introducing me? I think .

    Thanks so much,

    Create A Linkedin Marketing Strategy

    How To Introduce Two People On Linkedin

    With your Company Page ready to go, its time to think about your LinkedIn .

    What goals can your company accomplish on LinkedIn? Will you use LinkedIn for business hiring, social selling, connecting with customers, or all of the above. Should your LinkedIn marketing budget include ads?

    Get to know . Its a good starting point for learning who uses the platform, and who you can reach. Take an audit of your LinkedIn competitors. See how they use the platform, what works, and how you can set your page apart.

    Map out a . Plan posts in advance so you can , write thought leadership articles, and prepare content accordingly. This also allows you to ensure all your LinkedIn marketing goals are coveredfrom webinar promotion to engagement.

    Source: Hootsuite

    Visual tools like Hootsuite Planner provide a clear picture of your content plan, making it easy to spot gaps and strike a good balance.

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    Highlighting New Perspectives Mongodb

    “MongoDB will share daily historical facts, highlights of Asian American pioneers, and perspectives from our AAPI employees in a dedicated Slack channel. We will also be providing access to an Asian Pacific American Heritage Month webinar, organizing a trivia night, and holding Processing Together sessions for our internal AAPI community due to recent hate crimes happening across the globe. These sessions are a safe space for employees to share their stories and sentiments of what it is like as an Asian American in America today. “

    Learn more about MongoDB here.

    State The Name Of The Person Who Is Being Introduced

    After informing the parties of your intent to make an introduction, state the name of the person you are introducing. In most situations, this is usually the younger person, has a lower-ranking title or who you know the least about. If you are introducing more than two people to each other, state the name of each person in ranking order beginning with the highest rank and working your way down.

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    State The Name Of The Person You Are Making An Introduction To

    The polite way to begin an introduction is to start with the name of the person you are making the introduction to. In most situations, this is the person who is older, has a higher-ranking position or that you have known the longest. You can skip this step if you are introducing yourself to someone you are meeting for the first time and you don’t know the other individual’s name.

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    Focusing On Lived Experiences Mindbody

    LinkedIn 201

    “The Mindbody United ERG focuses on a different heritage or history each month, with May devoted to Asian & Pacific Islander Heritage Month. This ERG seeks to provide a platform to both celebrate and learn together. This will manifest in two ways: As a newsletter and a Zoom meeting. The newsletter will feature contributions directly from team members, while the meeting will feature Assembly member Evan Low as our speaker. It is our goal to focus on the lived experiences of the AAPI community, address discrimination, and how to chase after the part of the world we can make better.”

    Learn more about Mindbody here.

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    Boost Your Organization’s Profile

    LinkedIn can increase the visibility of your business, your company brand , and your products. It can tell your company story , too. Do it right, and you can create valuable emotional connections with your potential customers and employees.

    Consider setting up a company LinkedIn page, so that consumers, clients, suppliers, and new hires can research your company. Your page administrator can also use LinkedIn analytics to get a picture of the people who visit the page. This can help you to target your content more effectively.

    LinkedIn can benefit your organization in other ways, too. You can use the site to research your competition, potential partners, and new suppliers , for example. And the paid account, Sales Navigator, also allows you to reach out to likely prospects, and to keep track of key personnel changes in your industry.


    You can integrate LinkedIn with other platforms and services your LinkedIn updates can be automatically posted to , for instance. So, consider how your organization’s use of LinkedIn aligns with its overall social media strategy

    Stand Out With An Exceptional Linkedin Summary

    With these LinkedIn summaries to draw on, you should have plenty of ideas and inspiration for your own description. Make it personal, unique, and engaging and prospects and potential employers will feel like they know you already.

    Editor’s note: This post was originally published in August 2017 and has been updated for comprehensiveness.

    Originally published Jul 16, 2021 1:15:00 PM, updated August 25 2021


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    Message Them Regarding Your Interest In The Role

    Once youve sent them a connection request on LinkedIn and theyve accepted it, follow up with a message. Here are some tips to help you with writing a message to the hiring manager.

    Keep it briefhiring managers are incredibly busy and a lengthy message is less likely to be read. A paragraph or two is ideal.

    Outline your interest and fit for the rolemention the position you applied or want to apply for that you saw posted online. Briefly point to your experience or accomplishments that align with the role, and any values alignment there may be between yourself and the company. State your excitement/interest in the position and company.

    Not all hiring managers will respond. Do not lose heart. This is the time for perseverance and persistence. Follow up with them. Sometimes hiring managers get busy and forget to respond to an email. It happens to all of us.

    Be the squeaky wheel. Follow up in a week or two. In the meantime, continue engaging with their posts and search for others within the company that you can also connect and build a relationship with. The person in the current role, the decision-maker, and past employees are all great options for connections and relationship building.

    If youre mid job search and wondering if its OK to connect with the hiring manager on LinkedIn, you must read this recent article where I am answering this question and also discussing:

    • How to find the hiring manager on LinkedIn.
    • The best ways to connect with the hiring manager.

    What To Do If You Dont Know The Other Connection Very Well

    How To Get STARTED On LinkedIn in 2021 – (Step-By-Step For BEGINNERS)

    While LinkedIn encourages users to only add and connect with people they actually know, many users are connected to people theyve never actually met before.

    So, what do you do if someone asks you to introduce them to another person you hardly know?

    As the mutual connector, you might decide to just customize the message a little:

    Hi Bob,

    I hope this message finds you well. We connected on LinkedIn months back and I just received this message from an old classmate of mine, Anna. She saw we were connected and asked if I could introduce you to her. Please see her email below and reach out directly if interested in her request.

    Thank you!Emily

    Just remember, in this fast-paced world where people are being inundated with messages and notifications every few minutes, its important to be as clear and concise as possible.

    And that helping others by facilitating introductions not only makes you a strong networker, but people will reciprocate the favor for you in the future. I believe youll not only have fun doing it, but youll feel great helping others build meaningful and long-lasting relationships.

    This article originally appeared on The Daily Muse and is reprinted with permission.

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    How To Create An Influential Introduction

    – I once conducted a series of studies in a realtor’s office where a potential client’s first contact will be with the firm’s receptionist who would ask about the nature of their inquiry. I made a recommendation that as well as informing prospective customers about who they would route their call through to that they should also briefly mention their colleagues’ credentials and expertise at the same time. So instead of being told, “Let me put you through to Sandra,” customers interested in say, leasing their property, were instead told, “Let me connect you with Sandra “who has over 15 years experience renting properties “in this area,” and customers seeking information about selling their property were told, “Let me put you through to Peter, “he’s our head of sales “and has over 20 years of experience selling properties.” The results were immediate and impressive. The business registered a near 20% increase in

    Highlight Your Professional Interests

    Next, its time to highlight your professional interests. What do you help others do? Whats your goal in doing so? This is different from your skills in that its not necessarily as quantifiable or fact-driven. Because these are your interests, you dont have to provide data to prove them.

    Show that youre committed to pursuing them and be sure to sound passionate about them.

    Professional Interests Example

    I’m a sales coach thats interested in assisting small teams optimize their time and workflows so businesses can grow without adding more headcount and reps can advance their careers.

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    Engaging In Daring Conversations Procore

    “In celebration of Asian American and Pacific Islander Heritage Month in May, Procore recently organized an internal event to recognize and support the AAPI community. The event was hosted as part of our ongoing internal speaker series, ‘Daring Conversations & Allyship,’ to create space for an open dialogue around diversity, inclusion, and belonging. All employees were invited to tune in as employees from our AAPI communities shared their unique experiences, addressed anti-Asian hate, and discussed actionable ways to support our AAPI community.”

    Learn more about Procore here.

    Introducing Professionals Or Colleagues Of Different Ranks

    What To Do When A LinkedIn Introduction Stalls

    When you are introducing business professionals or colleagues of different ranks to each other, it is usually best to introduce the person who has the least amount of experience or who has the lower-ranking title within the organization or industry to the person who has the most amount of experience or who has the higher-ranking title. If you are introducing yourself in a professional setting, it is usually best to state your first and last name along with your title. Here are a few examples:

    • “Mr. Roberts, I would like you to meet Ms. Catherine Lee. Ms. Lee is joining our organization as an administrative assistant. Catherine, Mr. Roberts has been with our organization since its founding eight years ago. He started in an entry-level position and is now our sales director.”
    • “Hello, Mrs. Lewis, my name is Peter Mendoza. I am interning as an account executive in the recruiting department. It is a pleasure to meet you.”

    As these examples show, the additional information you provide during a professional introduction usually relates to each person’s title or amount of time spent within the organization or industry.

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    How To Use Linkedin For Business: A Step

    LinkedIn for business allows you to build credibility, create a meaningful network, and glean insider expertise from established experts in your industry.

    More than 30 million companies use LinkedIn for business. Not just because its the preeminent social network for recruiting and hiring top talent. With more than 690 million members, more and more brands are using LinkedIn marketing to network, connect, and sell.

    There are LinkedIn marketing tools available for every business size and type, from small to large and B2B to B2C. This guide will show you how to use LinkedIn for business, equip you with the best tools, and help you get the most out of your LinkedIn marketing strategy.

    Bonus:Download a free guide that shows the 11 tactics Hootsuites social media team used to grow their LinkedIn audience from 0 to 278,000 followers.

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