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How To Disconnect On Linkedin

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How To Remove Connections From Your Linkedin Account On Desktop Or Mobile

How To Disconnect From People On Linkedin Easy Tutorial

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To remove connections on LinkedIn, you’ll need to go directly to the profile of a connection or find an account on your Connections list.

  • You can remove connections on via the desktop version of the site or the iPhone or Android mobile app.
  • limits the number of people you can connect with, so if you’re hitting that limit, you can remove connections that you don’t care for to make room for new connections.
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Making connections on can help you grow your professional network, and may lead to new opportunities. But sometimes those connections are no longer something you wish to maintain, and removing connections can help you streamline your network.

Removing connections can also help you stay within network size requirements .

Here’s how to remove connections on desktop and mobile, whether you know who you want to remove by name, or need to find people by searching through all of your connections.

When Setting Up A New Account

Your first opportunity to connect to people on LinkedIn is when you first set up your account. If you link up your email account, LinkedIn will suggest people to connect with.

Keep in mind that when you select people from this list, you will not have an opportunity to add a personal note to your invitation. When you click the plus sign, your contact will receive a generic Id like to join your LinkedIn network message. More on that below.

Cancelling Through Apple Subscriptions

  • 1Open your iPhone’s Settings. This is the grey gear icon on the Home Screen.
  • 2Scroll down and tap iTunes & App Store. It’s a third of the way down the page.
  • 3Tap your Apple ID. You’ll see it at the top of the screen.
  • If you aren’t logged into your Apple ID, tap Sign In at the top of the screen, enter your Apple ID email address and password, and tap Sign In first.
  • 4Tap View Apple ID. This option is at the top of the pop-up menu.
  • 5Type in your Apple ID password. It’s the password you use to download items from the App Store.
  • If you use Touch ID for your Apple ID password, you can scan your fingerprint here instead.
  • 6Tap Subscriptions. It’s near the bottom of the screen.
  • 7Tap your LinkedIn Premium subscription. Depending on how many Apple subscriptions you have, your Subscriptions tab may open to the LinkedIn premium.
  • 8Tap Cancel Subscription. It’s at the bottom of the page.XResearch source
  • 9Tap Confirm when prompted. Doing so will remove the Premium account from your Apple subscriptions which will prevent further billing when your current billing cycle renews.
  • You’ll still be able to use LinkedIn Premium until the end of the current billing cycle.
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    From The Connections Page

    • Move your cursor over My Network at the top of your homepage and select Connections.
    • Scroll down to your contacts list.
    • Click Filter by and select Connections Only.
    • Hover your cursor over the connection youd like to remove and click Remove.On the screen that appears, click Remove to confirm.

    Connections you remove will no longer be 1st-degree connections and will not appear in your Contacts section.

    iOS and Android

    To remove a connection from the LinkedIn app for iOS, Android, or from your mobile browser:

    • Go to the profile of the member you wish to remove as a connection in the app or on the mobile website.
    • Tap the Menu icon in the top right.
    • Tap Remove connection.


    • When you remove a connection, they wont be notified.
    • After removing a connection, any recommendations or endorsements between you and that person will be withdrawn. They will not be restored if the connection is re-established.
    • Only the member who breaks the connection can reinitiate that connection.

    When Viewing Someones Profile

    How to Remove Contacts on Linkedin

    When viewing another LinkedIn users profile there will typically be a blue Connect button at the top with their name and other details.

    Some LinkedIn users have customizable profiles and have moved this button to a menu. Click More to reveal a way to connect.

    When using a desktop web browser, clicking Connect on someones profile will give you the option to add a personal note with your invitation. When using the mobile app, tapping Connect will always automatically send a default invitation. More on how to customize your mobile LinkedIn invitations below.

    More about how to utilize personal notes below.

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    How To Remove Connections On Linkedin On A Computer

    If you’re already on the profile page of the person you want to remove from your LinkedIn connections, you can easily do that by clicking the “More…” button in their introduction card, and selecting “Remove Connection.”

    Devon Delfino/Business Insider

    You can remove connections right from that connection’s profile page.

    But you can still get it done if you aren’t sure about their name, as long as you can recognize the name or profile photo of the person you want to remove from your connections.

    Here’s how to remove a person via the Connections page:

    1. Go to and log into your account, if necessary.

    2. Tap “My Network” in the top toolbar.

    3. Click “Connections” in the left-hand sidebar.

    Devon Delfino/Business Insider

    You can click “Connections” to open a full list of the people you’ve connected with.

    4. Scroll through your contacts list when you see the person you want to remove, click the three dots to the right of their name and the “Message” button.

    Devon Delfino/Business Insider

    Select “Remove connection” to delete them from your list.

    5. Select “Remove connection.”

    How To Disconnect With Someone On Linkedin

    During a recent class I was asked How do I disconnect with someone on LinkedIn? I made a mistake when I connected with him? Everyone once in a while we connect with someone we shouldnt have. I recently removed a connection because he continually sent mass blast messages trying to sell his products.

    Its really easy to remove a connection.

    • Go to Contacts tab.
    • Search for the last name of the person.
    • Select the box next to their name.
    • Read the pop-up box asking you to confirm and click the Yes, remove them button.

    And theyre gone! Best of all, they wont know you have removed them. They only way theyd find out is when they try to send you a message and cant or if they happen to notice that youre not a first level connection anymore. I am confident that the guy I removed didnt even realize I was gone.

    Do you have any LinkedIn questions? Ask in the Comment section below or send me an email.

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    How Do I Connect My Wechat Account

  • You can open the WeChat page in your Grata Admin backend.
  • You can add an official account by clicking the Add Official Account button
  • You can scan the QR code using your smartphone.
  • Your OA must be approved for Grata services.
  • You can open the WeChat page in your Grata Admin backend.
  • You can give this account a nickname.
  • You can access the WeChat backend by going to the app.
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    How to Disconnect From A LinkedIn Connection

    Youve been told you need to be on LinkedIn. You created your account, , and optimized it for recruiters, but thats only the start. Only about in the past month and countless accounts are empty, outdated, and abandoned. To get the most out of LinkedIn, you must reach out to and connect with your colleagues and industry peers.

    Adding quality LinkedIn connections improves your job prospects whether youre actively searching or simply keeping an open mind to career opportunities. For example, expanding your network will increase the number of first-, second, and third-degree connections between you, recruiters, and hiring managers, which helps you rank higher in results.

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    How Do I Connect Linkedin To Wechat

  • You can view your LinkedIn profile by clicking the Me icon on your profile page.
  • You can see contact information by clicking see contact info.
  • To edit, click edit.
  • Then, select + Add instant messenger.
  • You can add instant messenger by choosing AIM .
  • You will need to enter your WeChat ID after selecting WeChat.
  • You need to save the settings.
  • How To Cancel A Premium Account On Linkedin

    This article was written by Jack Lloyd. Jack Lloyd is a Technology Writer and Editor for wikiHow. He has over two years of experience writing and editing technology-related articles. He is technology enthusiast and an English teacher. This article has been viewed 340,936 times.

    This wikiHow teaches you how to remove LinkedIn’s paid Premium membership from your account. You can’t cancel a premium account from the LinkedIn mobile app, though you can cancel a LinkedIn subscription from the iTunes Store if you purchased the subscription through Apple.

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    When Browsing Network Suggestions Or Search Results

    Under the My Network tab, you can review any incoming invitations you might have. Below that are suggestions based on your existing network, associated companies, and interests.

    The same logic applies when you search for people on LinkedIn. Clicking Connect will instantly send an invitation with the default note.

    How To Remove A Linkedin Connection

    How to: Remove a LinkedIn Contact

    I love LinkedIn. I enjoy connecting with all different kinds of people. You never know whom you’ll meet, what you’ll learn or how you might work together in the future.

    The one thing I can’t stand is constantly being blasted with sales pitches by some people. That typically leads to me removing that person from my LinkedIn network.

    Today, when I was removing a connection, I thought it might be worthwhile to post some quick instructions on how to remove someone without the other person knowing about it.

    Quick note: I’ve added instructions on the not-so-stealthy way to remove someone at the bottom of this post.

    Here’s the stealthy option:

    1) Click on the “My Network” drop-down and then click on “Connections.”

    2) On the “Connections” page, scroll past the people that LinkedIn suggests you should connect with until you see all of your connections.

    You can choose to scroll through your list until you find the right person, filter/sort your list, or you can use the search box.

    3) Once you find the person you want to remove, place your cursor over their name and you’ll see a “Remove” link.

    4) Click “Remove” and you’ll get the following confirmation box.

    5) Click “Remove.”

    When the dialog box disappears, so will the contact’s name. They’re no longer part of your LinkedIn network and they won’t be any the wiser. The only way the person would know is if they searched their connections for your name.

    Bonus: The Not-So-Stealthy Option

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    Disconnect Your Linkedin And Work Or School Accounts

    If you’ve connected your LinkedIn account with your Microsoft work or school account, you can disconnect them at any time. When you disconnect your accounts, LinkedIn will no longer provide data to your work or school account, and your work or school account will no longer provide data to LinkedIn.

    Contacts that have been imported to LinkedIn from your Microsoft account are not automatically deleted when you disconnect accounts. .

    Depending on how you connected your accounts, there are two ways to disconnect your accounts:

    • If you gave permission to share data from both accounts, you’ll have to remove permissions both from your LinkedIn account and from your Microsoft work or school account.

    • If you gave permission to share data only from LinkedIn to your Microsoft work or school account, you only need to remove permissions from your LinkedIn account.

    To disconnect and remove data sharing permissions from your Microsoft work or school account:

  • Sign in to your Microsoft work or school account at .

  • Under App permissions, find LinkedIn and select Remove these permissions.

  • To disconnect and remove data sharing permissions from your LinkedIn account:

  • Select the Me icon at the top of your LinkedIn homepage.

  • Select Settings & Privacy from the dropdown.

  • Under the Partners and services section of the Account tab, click Change next to Microsoft.

  • Select Remove next to Your Microsoft Account at < your work or school name> .

  • How To Delete People On Linkedin Without Them Knowing

    Deleting a connection on LinkedIn without them knowing is tougher than youd think. Thankfully, there are a few easy ways around it.

    Not really understanding how LinkedIn was supposed to work initially, I just accepted anyone wanting to connect with me. Whats the harm, right? Its a networking tool after all.

    I was wrong. There are plenty of connections Ive accepted that now only serve to clutter up my timeline with painfully false scenarios in the hope theyll become viral on the platform or worse, sales pitches for their company.

    LinkedIns not a social media site I frequent often but when I do, I dont want to it be filled with bad sales posts selling bad products.

    Why would we want the schooling system to create a bunch of failed entrepreneurs

    The State of LinkedIn

    Less of this, please.

    One day, while quickly scrolling through the timeline, I realised it was time to do what I usually never bothered doing on other social media sites bulk delete the worst offenders.

    At the time, it didnt seem possible to do this subtly on your phone so I had to manually head to their profiles, alerting them Id visited their page before swiftly deleting them. I now realise this was an unnecessarily savage step but Im happy to impart my wisdom so you dont have to repeat it. .

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    Remove A Linkedin Connection Without Them Knowing

    You might want to get rid of some LinkedIn connections that you found to be pesky. If you dont want to be forthright with it and want to get discreetly rid of them, weve got your back. The process is pretty simple and a lot smarter because who wants to explain to people why you removed them, isnt it? So, lets get right into it.

    • Step 1: To begin with, click on the My Network option on the top of your profile. You will find it in the header menu.
    • Step 2: You will come to a page where you will find a list of Manage my network with a few options under it. Find Connections in that list and click on it. You will see all your connections in a new list.
    • Step 3: Now, all you need to do is find the person you want to remove from your connections list. Instead of scrolling through and finding the person manually, you can also opt for the search option to see the connection you want to remove.

    You can also choose to sort or filter your connections list to find the connection you want to remove by clicking on Search with filters next to the Search box.

    • Step 4: Once you find the person you want to remove, drag your cursor to the 3 dots to the right of the Message button, and youll find a Remove connection link. Click on that link.

    The above confirmation dialog box will also inform you that the connection will not be notified by LinkedIn.

    Disconnect Your Linkedin And Personal Accounts

    Remove Connection from Linkedin

    If you’ve connected your LinkedIn account to your Microsoft personal account, you can disconnect them at any time. When you disconnect your accounts, LinkedIn will no longer provide data to your Microsoft account, and your Microsoft account will no longer provide data to LinkedIn.

    Contacts that have been imported to LinkedIn from your Microsoft account are not automatically deleted when you disconnect accounts. .

    Disconnecting from either LinkedIn or Microsoft will have the same effect.

    To disconnect and remove data sharing permissions between LinkedIn and Microsoft using your Microsoft account, do the following:

  • Sign in to your Microsoft account at .

  • Select the Privacy box.

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    How To Delete An Ad On Linkedin

    This article has been to show the latest version of the LinkedIn Campaign Manager.

    When creating a campaign on LinkedIn, youll sometimes create an ad you later want to delete. If thats the case, you should know there are two ways to remove an ad on LinkedIn:

  • one option is to remove the ad from your companys Linkedin page
  • and the other is to remove the ad from the show in the feed option within the campaign administration settings.
  • Ill explain both these in more detail below.

    How To Remove A Company From A Linkedin Profile

    Your LinkedIn profile has an experience section that shows all of the companies you’ve added and the positions you held at each. You may want to remove a company if there’s an error in an associated position entry or if you want to only highlight your experience at specific companies. Removing a company requires you to manually delete each position associated with it. If an incorrect company name is the problem, you can change the company name instead of deleting a position.


    Sign in to your account at LinkedIn. Highlight the top menu’s “Profile” option and then select “Edit Profile.”


    Locate the company and the position you held there in the “Experience” section of your profile. Click “Edit” beside the position title you held at the company.



    Repeat the position deletion process until all of the company’s entries are removed.


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    How To Delete Your Linkedin Account

    Completely deleting your LinkedIn account is the only way to fully remove your profile so that it cannot be viewed by anyone, including other LinkedIn users.

    To fully delete your LinkedIn account, select the Me menu to the top-right of your LinkedIn homepage and click Settings and Privacy.

    Switch to the Account tab and scroll down to Closing your LinkedIn account. Click the Change button to start the deletion process.

    LinkedIn will ask you to enter a reason for closing your account. Once you’ve selected one, click Next. Finally, enter your password on the next page and click Close account.

    If you restore your account within 20 days, portions of your profile can be recovered. However, certain information such as recommendations and group memberships cannot be recovered.

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