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How To Delete Unread Emails In Gmail

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How To Delete Unread Outlook Emails Through Search Function

Delete all unread emails in Gmail at once

The Outlook has a search function, which is very useful for searching specific emails in Folder. With this, you can delete all unread messages that fall under the same category at a time.

Hereâs how to delete unread emails in Outlook with search function:

Step 1: From your main mail screen, go to the Folder from where you want to remove all unread emails. This can be any folder, including your inbox, spam, trash, or any other.

Step 2: After open the Folder, press Ctrl + E for opening a new Search Tool.

Step 3: Now, you will see more than one search options, among which you need to click on the âUnread.â This will out all other emails.

Step 4: Now, in your email list, you will see only unread messages, and you can select all to delete. By pressing Ctrl + Shift + End, you can select all unread emails at a time.

Step 5: In the end, press âDeleteâ to remove all selected unread emails.

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Faqs On How To Delete All Unread Emails In Gmail

How do I delete thousands of emails in Gmail?

An inbox cleaning app like Clean Email is the fastest way to delete thousands of messages in Gmail. It automates how emails are filtered and grouped based on your user history and any rules you set. Quickly review groups of messages that Clean Email has selected for deletion, then take one bulk action to delete all emails.

How do you mass delete emails on Gmail?

First, you need to filter your list of emails to delete. Use the Search Mail bar to search for all messages you want to delete . Once the list populates, click the checkbox to select all emails and then click the trashcan icon to delete. A faster way is to use an inbox cleaning tool like Clean Email.

How do I select all unread emails in Gmail?

Type is:unread in your Search Mail bar at the top of your inbox, then click Enter. All unread emails will be displayed. To select them, click the checkbox at the top of the email list. You can now take bulk actions with the selected messages, including archive, delete, or mark as spam.

Filter For Future Deletion

The title of this article is dealing with automatic deletion. Unfortunately, filters cannot be triggered automatically. You will need to go back and once again apply the filter to your current inbox.

To re-apply a filter:

  • Head back into your Settings by clicking the Cog/Gear icon at the top-right of the Gmail window and selecting Settings from the drop-down.
  • Since youve already created a filter previously, you can now click Edit, which is located next to that filter. If youve previously created multiple filters, you can easily find the one you desire as the criteria for each filter will be displayed.
  • Click Continue in the section that appears with your search criteria. It will be a screen similar to the one that appeared when you set up the original filter.
  • Once again apply a check mark to the box next to Also apply filter to.
  • This time, to activate the filter, click Update filter. All of your older emails, set to the specified time frame, will now be whisked away to the Trash folder.
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    Using The App Settings

    Open the Gmail app on your Android. Tap the 3-line menu icon in the top right. Scroll down and select Settings.

    Next, tap General settings and then Manage notifications.

    Under Badge, tap Dot .

    Tap in the check box against Do no show and tap anywhere outside the pop-up to exit and return to the app notification settings.

    On Samsung devices, you will see an option called App icon badges with a toggle. Well, turn it off to disable the unread count on the Gmail app.

    Hit the arrow button on the top left corner to exit the page.

    The badge on the app icon immediately disappears from the app icon on the home screen of your device.

    Delete Multiple Unread Emails At Once

    How to Delete All Gmail Unread Emails in One Go
  • If you want to delete multiple unread emails at once, tap the “Edit” icon in the top right corner of your inbox to switch the Mail app to Edit mode. Scroll through your emails and tap each of the unread emails you want to delete. Then hold your finger over the filing box icon at the bottom of the screen and tap “Trash Message” on the pop-up menu.

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    Set Reminders For Unread Emails In Gmail

    1. Go to Chrome web store and search for Countdown to Inbox Zero plugin or directly use this link. Add it to your browser.

    2. Once the extension is added open Gmail or reload the web page if you have it opened already.

    3. All the unread emails in the Inbox folder will be labeled with a 12-hour timer on the right side.

    With this, you are visually reminded of the time an unread Email is sitting in your inbox unattended. It does help in taking action within a 12-hour period which is fair. You can either mark Email as read, reply, delete or star it and this makes sure that Emails are not just left unread.

    Here are a few handpicked Gmail tutorials for you.

    2. How To Easily Turn Emails Into Tasks in Gmail

    These were the tips which many users are not aware of but are quite handy. We have also written an article on Gmail tips & tricks which you dont know which you may want to read.

    Hope you found the Gmail commands and the Chrome extension mentioned here useful. With these, you can easily view only unread emails in Gmail and delete or set reminders for them if desired. If you have any other tips or tricks to share with us, do share via comments.

    Turn Off Unread Count In Gmail Settings

    Open Gmail in your web browser and click the Settings icon in the top right.

    Now click See all settings.

    Under General, click on Advanced.

    Scroll down and check the box for Disable beside the Unread message icon. Click Save Changes at the bottom of the page once youre done.

    The unread mail badge immediately disappears from the icon while it remains unaffected on the Page title and Inbox folder.

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    How To Delete All Emails Before A Certain Date On Gmail

    On a web browser you can also further narrow down your deleting process, for example, by selecting the dates you want to remove your mail across:

  • Sign into your account in your web browser.
  • In the search bar type “before: YYYY/MM/DD” to show all of the messages you have before that date.
  • To narrow down your search further, type “after: YYYY/MM/DD” alongside the before search to show all the messages you have after that date.
  • Select “To Me” below the search bar, this is important as, otherwise, you will find yourself deleting your sent items as well.
  • Select “Unread” below the search bar if you only want to remove the unread messages.
  • Select and click the bin icon to the right of the select square.
  • Clear out your bin by selecting the “Bin” category in the left and clicking “Empty Bin Now” in the upper right of your screen, again clicking “OK” to the confirmation box.
  • You can now fully customize which messages you are deleting from your account. Learn more about how to delete old emails in our other post.

    How To Delete All Unread Emails In Gmail Using Third

    How to delete all unread emails in Gmail

    Once you learn how to delete unread emails in Gmail, its easy to keep a cleaner inbox. However, the downside about doing it manually is that it does take a few extra steps. Theres no Gmail Delete All Unread button, so unless you put in the effort, your inbox will stay cluttered and inefficient.

    Thats why an email cleaning app like Clean Email can be such a powerful productivity tool. It cleans up your inbox on your behalf set up the rules once and let your app do the rest.

    Third-party email cleaning apps can automate the way you delete unread emails. You can set up rules and filters so that none of your important messages get deleted. If youre like the average Gmail user that gets 121+ emails every day, then its easy to see how much time automation can save you.

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    How To Delete All Emails On Gmail At Once On Web Browser

    If you want to know how to delete all Gmail emails at once, the solution is to head to the browser version of Gmail. If you are deleting bulk categories or all your messages, the process is pretty similar and can be done like so:

  • Sign into your account in your web browser.
  • On the left side of your screen, select “More” .
  • Select the category you want to clean up, generally “All Mail”.
  • Select and click the bin icon to the right of the select square.
  • Clear out your bin by selecting the “Bin” category in the left and clicking “Empty Bin Now” in the upper right of your screen, again clicking “OK” to the confirmation box.
  • With the added option of deleting all of your unread messages, this method is clearly more thorough than the other options.

    In Gmail How To Delete All Unread Messages All At Once

    Occasionally, youll receive so many unwanted emails that it will number in the thousands. Obviously you cant view every one of these simultaneously, so what options are available to deal with this dilemma?

    Well, luckily youve got a Gmail account, which comes with an awesome filtering system. Below, well walk you through the steps to rid yourself of an overflowing inbox.

    Here is a quick solution. It will take only a few clicks to delete all your unread emails together.

    • First, youre going to want to search for all unread messages. In your Gmail search box, enter is:unread and press enter. This will display all unread messages in your inbox:
    • Next, select the emails. Keep in mind that this will only select the messages on the current page:
    • In order to select all the unread emails in your account, click on the Select All conversations link. Then, click delete:

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    How To Wipe Out Unread Emails From Outlook With Filter Feature

    Another way to clean out or delete all your unread emails is by using the Filter feature. It is very similar to the Search function, with a few different steps. Hereâs how to use filter to delete all unread emails in Outlook:

    Step 1: From the main mail window, go to the Folder that has all your unread messages, and you want to delete them.

    Step 2: After this, go to âHome,â the go-to âFilter Email.â By doing so, all unread emails get filtered out, and you can see the list of such emails.

    Step 3: Once you get the list of unread emails, select the first and press Ctrl + Shift + End to select all the emails at a time. After this, press the âDeleteâ key.

    How To Delete All Read Or All Unread Emails On Gmail

    how to delete all unread emails in gmail at once

    1. Log in to your Gmail account.

    2. In the search bar at the top of the screen, type label:read to display all read emails or label:unread to display all unread emails.

    3. Click the Select all box to the left of the Refresh button. This will select all emails on the current page . To mass delete all emails in this category , also click Select all conversations that match this search.

    4. Then click the Delete icon at the top, which is shaped like a trash can.

    Quick tip: To delete all read emails from a specific sender, type from:username label:read in the search bar and follow the steps outlined above.

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    How To Find Unread Emails In Gmail App

    In the mobile app, the search parameters are the same as on the desktop app. Tap on the search bar and type is:unread, and add other parameters as you see fit. Be sure to see our list of Gmail search operators to see what types of searches you can perform!

    If youre still having trouble finding the specific email youre looking for, you may need to refine your search.

    If youre conducting a search for unread message, you can add other modifiers, like the size of the email or the date it was sent.

    How To Get Rid Of Unread Messages Using The Unread Feature

    1. In your Gmail account, go to the Inbox section.

    2. Click on the downward arrow beside the Select All checkbox.

    3. Choose the Unread option from the extended menu to delete all unread emails in Gmail in one go.

    4. All the unread messages will be marked in the page.

    5. Delete them by clicking on the Trash option.

    To remove these messages from the Trash folder, execute the following steps:

    1. Navigate to the Trash folder from the left pane.

    2. Open the folder and click on the downward arrow from Select All option.

    3. Select Unread from the list to mark only the unread messages in the Trash.

    4. Hit the Delete Forever option to get rid of all these messages.

    There are a few drawbacks of this procedure we are stating in the next segment.

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    Pro Tip: Use Recoverit Data Recovery To Get Back Deleted Emails

    By now, you can see that it is pretty easy to delete a sent email in Gmail or Outlook. Sadly, there are times when users end up deleting their emails by mistake. In this case, a reliable application like Recoverit Data Recovery would help you get back your lost or deleted emails from your computer.

    • Wondershare Recoverit Data Recovery is one of the simplest and most effective recovery applications that donât need any technical experience.
    • You can select a particular folder from where you lost your data or can recover files from the entire partition or a drive.
    • The application will automatically list your recovered data under different categories and would let you preview them beforehand.
    • Recoverit Data Recovery can help you get back your deleted emails, music, photos, documents, videos, and other data types.
    • It has one of the highest recovery rates in the industry and supports extraction of files under all possible data loss scenarios

    Thatâs it! Iâm sure that after reading this guide, you would be able to delete a sent email in Gmail or Outlook. As you can see, I have listed a stepwise tutorial on how to delete an email you already sent on Gmail and Outlook. Besides that, I have also included some smart tips on how to delete a sent email in Gmail/Outlook or get back your deleted emails. I would recommend keeping Recoverit Data Recovery handy as the application would let you recover your lost files instantly.

    How Do I Delete All Emails From A Certain Person

    How To Delete All Unread Emails On Gmail at Once?

    It can be stressful if you have to search one by one to delete emails from a particular sender but with the following steps, you can delete a lot of emails from a particular sender at once.

    Step 1: Log in to your Gmail

    Step 2: In the search engine option on the top part of the inbox, type “from: “. Once you type “from” it will suggest to you several emails that your Gmail is familiar with. If it does not suggest, type in the full email address of the sender. Once you type in the email address, it will list out all the emails received from that sender.

    Step 3: Click on the small box on the top left-hand side. Once you click the box, it selects all the emails automatically.

    Step 4: Just on the top, click on “Select all conversations that match this search”

    Step 5: Then click on the icon of the trashcan on the top left corner to delete all the selected emails from that sender.

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    How To Delete All Unread Emails In Gmail

    You can filter your inbox to see all of your unread Gmail emails at a glance. Once youve filtered your Unread emails, you can remove them all with a couple of clicks. Heres how:

  • In the Search Mail bar, type is:unread.
  • Alternatively, you can click the Down arrow in the Search Mail bar.
  • At the bottom of the list, click the dropdown menu for the Search field.
  • Select Unread Mail.
  • Once you have the list of Unread emails, click the checkbox at the top of the list to select all messages.
  • Once you delete all your unread emails, they will be moved to your trash bin for 30 days. However, you can click on your Trash folder and click the Empty Bin Now link in the top right corner to remove these messages immediately.

    If you only want to delete promotional messages , you can follow this guide on how to delete all promotions in Gmail.

    Option 2 Search For Messages Using The Unread Label

    If you need to find older unread emails, then youre going to need to use labels. This is easy to do in three steps.

    Step 1. Navigate to the labels section on the left-hand side of your screen. Click the label group that you want to search in. In the example below, you will see that analytics alerts has been selected.

    Step 2. In the search box where the label text appears, you simply need to add is:unread.

    Step 3. Press enter youll now be able to see only the unread emails associated with that label.

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