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How To Delete Tweets On Twitter

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Using Delete All Tweets

How To Delete Tweets On Twitter
  • 1Navigate to You can use this free tool to delete all of the tweets in your account. Like all such tools, Delete All Tweets can only access the last 3,200 tweets in your account.
  • Only use this tool if your sure you want to delete all of your tweets. The process starts as soon as you authorize the app, and you won’t be able to stop it.
  • This tool will automatically send a tweet from you that advertises its services. Continue with this method to learn how to delete that tweet.
  • 2Click Sign in with Twitter.
  • 3Click . As soon as you click this button, your tweets will begin to delete in the background.
  • If you’re not already signed in to Twitter, you’ll see a sign-in screen instead. Sign in with your Twitter account.
  • 4Track the progress of the tool. In the box that says “Welcome !” you’ll see the “tweets deleted so far” counter. The number will continue to grow as the tool runs.
  • Depending on your amount of tweets, this process can take anywhere from a few minutes to several hours.
  • Wait until all of your tweets are deleted before continuing with this method.
  • 5Navigate to . You’ll see a list of apps that currently have access to your Twitter account.XResearch source
  • 6Click Revoke Access next to DeleteAllTweets. This makes it so DeleteMyTweets no longer has access to your Twitter account.
  • 7Click Home. It’s at the top left corner of the page.
  • 8Click the ⦠under the “” tweet. The tweet menu will appear.XResearch source
  • 9Select Delete tweet.
  • 14
  • How To Delete Twitter Account On Mobile Phone

    To delete your Twitter account, you have to first deactivate it. As soon as you deactivate your account, Twitter will immediately take your public profile offline, meaning none of your Tweets will be publically accessible by anyone. After you deactivate the account, Twitter will place your account in the queue to permanently delete it.

    Keep in mind that you dont need to delete your Twitter account if you just want to delete your Tweets or want to change your username. Twitter offers ways to do both of them without needing to delete your Twitter account.

    Request Your Twitter Archive

    Whichever path you choose, your first step should be to . If you’re doing a light delete, this is just for posterity, so you can skip it. But full deleters may need to go through with it.

    To request your Twitter archive: Navigate to > Click the More button on the left rail > Settings and Privacy> Your Account> Scroll until you see “Download an archive of your data”> Enter your password > Click the Request Archive button.

    Twitter will warn you that this process can take a little bit of time, but when your archive is done, it’ll be emailed to the account associated with your Twitter. If you don’t get it, revisit our button friend and click again for another email.

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    Tweetdeleter: A Way To View As Opposed To And Permanently Delete Tweets

    TweetDeleter is another option to clear your Twitter history.

    Screenshot by Shelby Brown / topwatchbest

    Tweet Delete allows you to view, search and delete tweets as well as unlike tweets. The app allows you to search for tweets by likes, keywords, profanity, dates, media and more. You can also access the archive of your tweets and likes. TweetDeleter also allows you to keep deleted tweets in the app, even if theyre permanently deleted from Twitter.

    Heres how it works:

    2. Click here Sign up via Twitter.

    3. Enter your Twitter login details.

    4. Click here .

    From there, you will be redirected to the dashboard where you can search, delete, configure automatic deletion, upload archives, and view deleted tweets saved in the app.

    TweetDeleter has a free version, but it only lets you delete up to five tweets a month, use five free keyword searches a month, and filter out profanity. To use a wider range of TweetDeleter features, the app has subscription plans. Standard allows you to delete up to 500 tweets per month and unlocks all search filters and keywords. TweetDeleter Advanced comes with everything Standard, but lets you remove 3,200 tweets and 1,000 likes per month. The Unlimited tier unlocks the entire app. No matter what subscription you choose, saving deleted tweets to the app is an additional $ 5 per month.

    What Happens When You Delete A Tweet

    How to delete a retweet or a quote tweet on Twitter?

    Once you delete a tweet, it will disappear from your profile and timeline, but that’s not all. There are several consequences that come with deleting a tweet.

    For starters, any link that directs to your tweet will no longer show the original tweet. Instead, a message will appear on the page indicating that the tweet has been deleted. Additionally, the tweet will no longer appear in any searches. However, any replies that have been made to your tweet will still be visible whether they were posted by your account or by another user.

    However, even though you have deleted the tweet and it’s no longer visible on Twitter, that doesn’t mean it is gone from the internet forever. If someone took a screenshot of your tweet before you deleted it, they will still be able to post the screenshot even after you’ve deleted the tweet.

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    How To Delete A Tweet On The Twitter Website And Mobile App

    Twitter makes deleting a tweet a relatively simple task. You wont have to jump through hoops to find how to delete your tweets, but it may not be super obvious at first. First, well take a look at deleting a tweet on the

  • Navigate to your profile and find the tweet you want to delete

  • Click the three-dot menu in the top right of the tweet

  • Click Delete

  • How To Delete A Tweet

    You can delete any of your own Tweets from Twitter at any time. If you delete a Tweet, we will reflect your updated content on, Twitter for iOS, and Twitter for Android. Please note that you can only delete Tweets you have posted, you cannot delete Tweets from other accounts on your timeline. Learn about what actions you can take to .

    If you Retweet a Tweet and later want to remove it from your profile, you can undo your Retweet.

    In the top menu, tap your profile icon.

    Locate the Tweet you want to delete.

    icon located at the top of the Tweet.

    In the top menu, you will either see a navigation menu icon or your profile icon. Tap whichever icon you have.

    From the menu, tap Profile.

    Locate the Tweet you want to delete.

    icon located at the top of the Tweet.

    Locate the Tweet you want to delete.

    Click Delete Tweet.

    Read about getting started with and for more information about our mobile apps.

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    Which Service To Use

    There are several third-party services available to help you mass-delete Tweets. Well show you which ones will work best for your needs in our tutorials below. Some services allow you to filter by date, while others allow you to filter by keywords. Fortunately, most services are free, but you do need to allow access to your Twitter account, so its vital that you choose one thats trustworthy.

    One of the most all-encompassing and straightforward is But, you cant use this one to filter by dates or keywords.

    However, to delete tweets within a specific time period, you will have to go with a service like Grant access to the app to allow it to delete tweets for you.

    Most people would want to use either of the two services, the former for ease of use and simplicity, and the latter for more detailed options. This is the best way to delete tweets in bulk.

    How To Delete Tweets Using Tweet Deleter

    How to Delete All Tweets on Twitter at Once!

    Deleting tweets with Tweet Deleter is very simple. Here, have a look at how?

  • On the homepage of the tool, you can see an option Sign in with Twitter. Click on it.
  • Following that, a new window will open asking you to authorize the Twitter App. This is called global authentication. Next, click on to continue.
  • From here, you would be redirected to the Tweet Deleter dashboard. Either select all tweets or specific tweets that you want to delete. If you want to delete specific tweets, you will have to check the box next to each tweet.
  • Lastly, click on Delete Tweets at the top right corner and then press the red-colored Delete box and you are done.
  • Note: Deleting a tweet is a permanent action and it cant be undone.

    Limitations: There are a few limitations to using Tweet Deleter, the most prominent one being that with the free option, you can only delete five tweets per day. Besides, to avail of the features like auto-delete, tweet archive, and full-delete, you need to be a paid user.

    Paid versions: For the paid version, you have two options. The first one or the premium one allows you to delete 3000 tweets per day while with the unlimited one, you can delete unlimited tweets per day.

    • Premium $9.99 per month-to-month.
    • Unlimited $14.99 per month-to-month.

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    Everything You Need To Know About Twitter

    Twitter is a microblogging system that people use to send and receive short posts, known as tweets. These tweets can be up to 280 characters long with links, images, or videos attached to them.

    At present, there are approximately 199 million active Twitter members worldwide sharing their thoughts, opinions, and news on Twitter.

    Like any other social media account, here also you can . And once you start following the other users, you can see their tweets in your timeline. You can follow people based on your interest and similarities.

    Now, coming to the functioning of Twitter. You can create tweets here and retweet what others have shared. By retweeting, a greater section of the audience can have access to that information.

    Interesting Read:-

    How To Delete Multiple Tweets

    • We do not provide a way to bulk-delete Tweets. You can only delete Tweets manually, one by one.
    • If you’re looking to get a fresh start on your Twitter account without losing your username, the best way to do this is to create another account with a temporary username, and then switch the username between your current account and the new account. Please see our article on changing your username for more info.

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    How To Delete A Retweet On Twitter

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    Accidentally retweeted someones tweet on Twitter? If so, it only takes a few clicks to delete that retweet. Heres how to do it on Twitter on desktop and mobile.

    When you delete a retweet, Twitter only removes the retweeted tweet from your profile. The original tweet remains intact.

    S To Delete All Tweets At Once On Twitter

    How to Delete Twitter (and Your Terrible Tweets)

    To do this, we will use a website that specializes in the task of deleting all tweets at once on Twitter.

    We have compiled a list of steps that need to be followed to do it correctly, for your convenience of course.

    Steps to follow:

    Open Tweeteliminar.

    It is a free website that will do this task for you.

    It has an upper bound restriction to remove only your last 3200 words. This is due to Twitter rules and conditions. They have to comply with it.

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    How To Use Tweetdeck To Schedule Twitter Posts

    Twitter owns the social media management application TweetDeck. It gives skilled users a new way to organize and keep track of their activities.

    In the TweetDeck app, youll see a Scheduled section where you may keep a record of scheduled tweets. If the scheduled tweet went out as planned. You should be able to go back on your computer now. When you return to Twitter, youll see that your tweets are running at your planned time correctly.

    TweetDeck allows you to plan an unlimited number of tweets across different Twitter accounts. This is a wonderful option for people who are very busy and have no time for Twitter.

    Delete A Retweet On Twitter On Mobile

    To remove a retweet on your iPhone, iPad, or Android phone, open the Twitter app on your phone. In the apps top-left corner, tap your profile icon.

    From the expanded menu, select Profile.

    On the profile page, find the retweet to delete. At the bottom of that retweet, tap the Undo Retweet option.

    In the menu that pops up from the bottom of your phones screen, tap Undo Retweet.

    Your selected retweet is now removed from your profile page. Youre all set.

    If you use Twitter quite a lot, consider learning to navigate around the site quicker.

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    How To Backup Tweets Before Deactivating Twitter Account

    So you have finally decided to delete your Twitter account for good. But what if you dont want to lose access to the precious tweets that you made over time while you were still on Twitter? Fret not, Twitter makes it easy to get a backup of your Tweets. Heres how you can take an archive of your Twitter data.

    • Log in to your Twitter account > click on the More button on the left of the screen > Now tap Settings and Privacy> Click Your account> then tap on .
    • Twitter will ask you to send a code to your registered E-mail address, click Send. Enter the code received in the E-mail and tap on the Next button at the bottom. After you click on the Next button, youll be taken to Twitters data archiving page. Click the Request archive button to request the backup archive file. Itll take 24 hours for your data archive to get ready. Twitter will send you a notification on your E-mail once you can download the archive.

    If you have the app installed on either Android or iPhone. Go to Settings and privacy menu > click Your account > click on > Enter the password if asked > click in the download data section. A .zip file will be downloaded containing all your Twitter data. Twitter also provides the data archive file in the machine-readable HTML and JSON files form.

    What Is The Best Way To Schedule Tweets On Twitter

    Twitter – How To Delete A Tweet

    Dont tweet anything late at night if you dont want to get into trouble with the Twitter police. Twitters website now allows you to plan out tweets. Using a third-party service is no longer necessary. Heres how it all works.

    • Visit the Twitter website from your computer or smartphone to get going. Navigate to the Twitter account you wish to schedule the message for now.
    • Once youve done that, go to your computers sidebar and choose Tweet. Alternatively, you may use your iPhone or Android phones floating Tweet action key.
    • Create your tweet by typing it in the space provided. Then, rather than hitting the Tweet box, choose the Schedule symbol.
    • Go to Confirm on the pop-up and select the day, time, and region you want to use.
    • Check your tweet and tap or click Schedule if youre satisfied.

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    How To Delete Tweets With Tweet Delete

  • From the homepage, find and click on Sign in with Twitter. Youll need to check the box agreeing to their terms of service before authorizing the app.
  • A new window will open asking you to authorize the Twitter app by Memset Ltd. Click on to continue.
  • Tweet Delete will then provide you with an option to delete tweets ranging from one-week-old to one-year-old. You can delete existing tweets beyond one year, as long as its less than 3,200 total tweets.
  • Click on Activate TweetDelete. Warning, deleting tweets is a permanent action and cannot be undone.
  • Tweet Delete may also post to your feed, notifying followers youve deleted tweets. It could also prompt you to follow its Twitter account. Uncheck these boxes before activating to delete.

    Downsides: Tweet Delete works extremely quickly, however, deleting massive amounts of tweets in a single sweep could take some time and lead to major bugs with your Twitter timeline. If this occurs, it is only fixable by Twitter support.

    Paid versions: Contrary to Tweet Deleter, this tool is 100 percent free to use.

    How To Delete A Tweet Using Twitter’s Desktop Website

    1. Locate the tweet you wish to delete. You can do this on your Twitter timeline, your profile page, or by clicking on the tweet to isolate it.

    Note: Keep in mind that you can only delete tweets authored by your account. To remove a tweet you’ve retweeted, click the Retweet symbol to Undo Retweet.

    2. Click on the icon of three horizontal dots in the upper-right corner of the tweet. This will open a drop-down menu.

    3. In the menu that appears, click Delete.

    4. A dialog box will appear asking you to confirm that you wish to delete the tweet. If you’re sure you want to delete it, click Delete. If you’ve changed your mind, click Cancel.

    If no errors occur during the deletion process , a small dialog box will appear at the bottom of the screen indicating that your tweet has been deleted.

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    Deactivating A Twitter Account

    In order to delete your Twitter account, you need to deactivate it. After your account has been deactivated for 30 days, it will be deleted. Note that you can reactivate the account at any point within 30 days of deactivating it.

  • Go to when logged into your account.
  • Click the More icon (note that the icon may be an ellipsis depending on the size of your screen.

  • Enter your password and click Deactivate.

  • You have now deactivated your Twitter account. As noted by Twitter, some of your account information will still be searchable even after your account is deleted.

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