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How To Delete Snapchat Story

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How To Delete Snapchat Conversations In Your Chat Feed

How to Delete Your ENTIRE Story on Snapchat!

Let’s start with something easy: your chat feed. This is one of the main tabs that you access by tapping the speech bubble icon in the bottom menu. To clean up your chat feed, follow these steps:

  • Open your profile tab by tapping the ghost icon in the top left corner.

  • Tap the gear icon in the top right corner to access your settings.

  • Scroll down to tap Clear Conversations under Account Actions.

  • On the next tab, you’ll see a list of the friends you’ve had conversations with that have Xs beside them, which you can tap to clear them from your chat feed. Clearing conversations does not delete anything you saved or sent already.

  • The only thing clearing a conversation does is remove the username from your main chat feed. If you sent something to a friend and want to unsend it, clearing the conversation will not unsend it.

    How To Delete An Unopened Message On Snapchat

    Many times we may have sent a message and then regret it later on. This can happen to our kids as well when they are using Snapchat.

    Luckily in 2020, Snapchat added a new feature called Delete Chat. This means that your kids are able to delete a message before it is being seen by the other person.

    Here is how you can delete a sent message on Snapchat :

  • Open the text message where you want to delete the message
  • The message will then be deleted and cannot be read by the other person.

    The same method can also be used to delete chats that has been viewed. However, there is no way to delete an entire chat with one button. It has to be done per line.

    Do keep in mind that the other person will know that a message has been deleted. Although they cant view the message, they will get a notification that a message cannot be viewed.

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    How To Delete Snapchat Story From Iphone Or Android

    Snapchat has My Story and Our Story. Both are different. By default, My Story remains for 24 hours and is visible to your friends. Our Story may stay viewable all over Snapchat for a day, two days, or even much longer. After the mentioned time durations, the stories expire and are automatically deleted. But if you change your mind before, here is how to delete Snapchat story from your iPhone or Android device.

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    How To Save Stories And Photos On Snapchat

    Before deleting anything from your story, you may want to save it. Remember, once a snap has been deleted, it cannot be recovered. Be careful and save your photos now.

    You can save your entire history. Simply tap the download icon located next to My Story. This will save each frame of the story to your phones camera roll.

    If Snapchat does not already have permission to access the camera roll, a window will pop up asking for permission to save the snapshots to the camera roll. Tap Yes. This will take you to your phones settings, where you can edit Snapchat permissions.

    Lets say youre not interested in saving your entire story. You only want to save one or two photos, no problem.

    • Enter My Story to see all the snaps.
    • Tap on the snap you want to save.
    • Tap on the download icon in the lower-left corner.

    As with the story, this will save the snap to the camera roll. You may need to give Snapchat permission to perform this action.

    How To Delete Snapchat Story On Mobile In 2021

    How to Delete SnapChat Story on iPhone

    Snapchat the app most that made for at the moment rich features. The app offers snaps and messages to be live for 24 hours and then get auto-deleted. There may be a chance that you post a story that maybe was not proper or has something in it you noticed later, that may be embarrassing. There is always an option to delete Snapchat story.

    As of 2020 end, Snapchat had around 265 million daily active users worldwide according to statistics by Statista. This means the app is getting popular each passing days.

    Snapchat gives us two option to post stories on. First, one being My story which only shows stories to your followers or the ones you have added to your my friends list. The second one is Our Story which gives you an option to post the story on Snapchat Map or Discover option.

    Do note that My Story option auto deletes the snap after 24 hours of upload time. While Our Story option may be deleted in two days, maybe three days or a bit longer.

    You may not want to keep that embarrassing snap for 24 hours for people to see and some may even consider taking a screenshot of that and may share it on other social media networks. So better remove it earlier than others see it.

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    How To Delete A Snapchat Story On Android Or Iphone

    Snapchat stories get deleted after 24 hours automatically. However, you can delete them before they vanish. You need to go through each Snap individually and determine which one to keep and which one to delete.

    Here are the details you need to know how to delete Snapchat story from an iPhone or Android.

    Follow the below steps to delete Snapchat story.

    1. Open the Snapchat app and log into your app account.

    2. Click on your profile icon in the top left corner of the screen.

    3. Click on My Story to see your Snapchat story.

    4. Swipe up from the bottom of the screen when you see the Snap youd like to delete.

    5. Click on the Trash can icon located at the bottom of the screen to delete your Snapchat story.

    6. Repeat steps as necessary as you feel until all Snaps have been eliminated from your Snapchat Story.

    With these steps, Snapchat Story can be closed successfully.

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    How To Delete Snapchat Story By The Best Snap History Eraser

    Are you curious to know how to delete Snapchat story? If yes, the best choice youve got is a good Snap history eraser.

    Snapchat is among the leading social media platforms in the online world today because Snapchat users are sharing more videos and photos on Snapchat, much more than the videos and photos shared on Instagram and Facebook combined. But, users must be extra mindful of their data security and privacy every time they use a reputation-destructive photo application like Snapchat.

    Why is Snapchat considered a reputation-destructive photo app? This is because numerous privacy leak scandals have been recorded with the platform for the past few years. So far, the most prominent are the 200,000 leaked celebrity nude photo scandal that happened way back in October 2014, which was then captioned as Snappening.

    This incident taught everyone that if only the celebrities bothered to manage their Snapchat security and history appropriately, this scandal would have never happened at all. Thus, it could be quite risky if you will take your Snapchat history and security for granted, and worse, it can even lead to some serious leaks of things that should have been kept private. This is why an ideal approach to ensure that there will be no form of leaks is to learn how to delete a Snapchat story in the most secure means.

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    What Is A Snapchat Story

    Weve been all there even after having a smartphone, we dont necessarily use all of the trending services that we have.

    Just like Snapchat. For some reason, you might have had it installed just now and stumbled upon our article to help you out.

    So, I gave it a thought, and also wrote about what a Snapchat story is, in the first place.

    Snapchat story is a collection of all your snaps that would appear in the same order as you would upload .

    Yes, it sounds like something very simple after youve used it, but before the introduction of Snapchat story, you only had to post Snaps one after another and it wasnt always viewed by your followers in the right order.

    And, that is why it is a big deal.

    In addition to this, Instagram did copy this feature for its platform as well in the form of Instagram stories in case you are wondering.

    Click On Your Snapchat Profile And Find Your Private Story

    How To Delete A Snapchat Story

    Firstly, you will need to navigate to your Snapchat profile and find the Stories section. In the Stories section, locate your private story and then click on the three dots on the right:

    In the screenshot above, you can see that I have a Private Story called Work. Your story will obviously have a different name.

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    Can You Delete Stories On Snapchat

    Snapchat has My Story and also Our Story. Each of these is very different from the other. My story stays for 24 hours by default and is visible to your mates.

    For a day, two days, or even much longer, Our Story is visible across the Snapchat social media platform. The stories expire after the amount of time specified and are automatically deleted.

    If these times are too long, you can go through these following steps to delete them.

    Restart Your Android Phone

    Restarting is one of the basic and common solutions for such kind of error message. Whenever you come across Snapchat snaps are not loading then first you should restart your phone. Remember that restarting works effectively for several errors.

    So once restart your device and see if the problem is resolved. Otherwise, you can also give a full reboot to solve Snapchat not loading snaps and stories on Android.

    • Simply hold Power and Volume Down button together unless you see the next screen. Now follow the instruction and restart your device.

    If this does not resolve the error then move to the next solution.

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    Accessing Snapchat Stories And Photos

    If youre looking to delete Snaps from My Story, then you already know how to save them there. But you may not know how to access your story to see available photos. Its easy if you know what to do. Simply go to your Snapchat camera and swipe right with your finger.

    Here you can view the stories of people you are following. You can also see your own. Just look to the top of the screen and find My Story. You can interact with this line in a few ways.

    • Tap quickly on My Story to view a slideshow of the available snaps.
    • Tap and hold My Story or tap on the three vertical dots on the left to expand the snaps inside the story.
    • Tap on the download icon to save the story .
    • Tap the add photo icon to take a snap right now and add it to the story.

    Take a look at the expanded snap view. Each snap should have a thumbnail image on the left. Directly to the right of that is a time. This time shows how long that snap has been part of the story. On the far right youll see a number next to an eyeball icon. This number indicates the number of people who have seen this particular image. If theres nothing there, then nobody has viewed your snap.

    Deleting Your Chat History In Snapchat

    How To Delete Snapchat Story in 2019

    Cleaning up your entire chat history with someone or with all in Snapchat is also easy and the following shows how you can do that.

    The first thing you need to do is open the Snapchat app on your device. Then, tap on the gear icon to open the settings menu. Scroll down and tap on Clear Conversations to go to the page where you can delete your chat history.

    On the current page, you can either remove the chat history for an individual contact or you can remove all. Tapping on the x icon next to a person’s name will delete your chat conversations with him or her. Or you can tap on the Clear All option and it will clear all of your chat history in the app.

    You’ll get a prompt asking if you’d really like to delete the chat history. Say Clear to the prompt and it will remove all of your chat conversations from the app.

    So, that should delete your entire chat history in Snapchat from your device.

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    Can I Delete An Unopened Snapchat Video

    When you take a photo or video snap and then post it to friends on Snapchat, you can’t undo anything to make changes. The only way you can prevent anyone from seeing it is to delete the message.

    However, there is no sure guarantee that the person you sent it to won’t see it.

    Here’s the steps to delete a Snap you’ve sent and don’t want anyone to see.

    Since chat messages are deleted when you exit the chat, these instructions are for when you have your chat open with a friend or group.

  • In the chat tab, tap and long hold on the Snap you want to delete
  • Tap Delete
  • Tap the purple Delete button and confirm you want it deleted
  • Remember that your friends inside any chat can see you have deleted a post.

    Snapchat: How To Remove Someone From Your Private Story

    In a previous guide, I wrote about how to create a Private Story on Snapchat. In this post, I will be showing you how to removesomeone from your Private Story.

    OK, so youve added someone to your Private Story by mistake. Or maybe you have come to the conclusion that one of your followers is no longer worthy of seeing your private snaps. Either way, it doesnt matter. The time has come to remove this person and cast them back out into the wilderness. Lets do this.

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    Block The Recipient: It Just Might Work

    It turns out you don’t have to go to such extreme lengths to delete your account in order to unsend a snap. Simply blocking them might do the trick.

    Blocking the recipient fast enough might just prevent them from seeing your snap.

    To block people, tap their username or use the search field at the top to find them. In the text tab that opens, tap the menu icon that appears in the top left corner then tap Block in the mini-profile tab that slides out from the left side of the screen. You’ll be asked if you’re sure you want to block that user and to provide a reason why.

    When you block a friend on Snapchat, that person is removed from your friend list and you are removed from theirs. You will both have to re-add each other to continue snapping the way you used to.

    There is no guarantee that blocking a user will effectively “unsend” your snap, however. If the recipient is faster than you are at blocking them, he or she may still see your snap. Likewise, Snapchat continually rolls out updated versions of its app, and this blocking method to prevent snaps from being seen may not work in future versions.

    How To Delete Snapchat Story

    HOW TO DELETE YOUR SNAPCHAT STORY 2017 (QUICK & EASY) – Delete Pictures From Your Snapchat Story

    The way Snapchat is designed is that nothing will last after a certain period. Posts and videos are short-term, and the social media app will automatically delete these after a short period, in some cases as little as 24-hours.

    However, there is the case you could have posted something you change your mind, and you want to get rid of it before anyone sees it.

    Many users don’t know, how do you delete your story on Snapchat? because different ways depend on the timing.

    In our guide, you can learn how to delete a Snapchat story regardless of when you posted it.

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    Learn How To Recover Deleted Messages

    There are times when we accidentally delete saved messages. But dont worry, we have got you covered, Snapchat provides a feature using which you can recover deleted messages. However, it is quite a challenging task. To do so, follow the below-given steps:

    • Log into Snapchat Account.
    • Go to Manage My Account, and select My Data.
    • Next, you have to click on Submit Request from the bottom and wait till it recovers itself.

    Also, there are several third-party apps that claim to restore the lost messages. But we do not recommend any such app, since people end up becoming victims of online fraud and illegal activities by providing access to third-party apps.

    How To Delete Snapchat Messages Without Viewing Them

    During the recent updates, Snapchat has disabled the send feature, for the situations where we end up sending messages accidentally or the wrong person. In the earlier version of the app, it had an option to delete the message, before the recipient reads it. To delete the chats, using clear chats is probably the best option. So without any further ado, lets check out how to Delete Snapchat Messages Without Viewing Them.

    Method 1. Delete A Snapchat Message

    This is one of the simplest ways to delete Snapchat messages. In order to do so, you have to follow the below-given steps:

    • Open the Snapchat app. Next, you have to tap on the chat icon from the lower left side corner.
    • Next, you have to select the chat that you want to delete by long-pressing the selected chat.
    • In this step, you have to tap on delete option from the pop-up menu.
    • After that, choose the delete again to confirm.
    • Repeat the step to delete the other chats.

    Method 2. Delete Or Clear Conversation

    Another method to delete chats is clear conversation. It will delete all conversations of the selected contact even you view it.

    • Open the Snapchat app and then tap on the chat icon from the lower left side corner.
    • Now, select the chat that you want to delete by long-pressing the selected chat.
    • Tap on the More option and select the clear conversation.
    • Next, you have to tap on Clear for confirmation.
    • Now you have to repeat the steps in order to clear the conversation for other chats.

    Method 4. Delete Saved Chats

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