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How To Delete Pinterest Followers

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How To Remove Ghost Followers On Instagram

How To Permanently Delete A Pinterest Account

So now that you know why you should remove ghost followers, it begs the question how?

There are three ways to remove ghost followers

  • Manually
  • Automatically
  • Semi-Automatically

I will be breaking down each method as follows, however, I ask you to read the manual method before scrolling down to the recommended semi-automatic strategy.

Should You Have Personal Boards On Your Business Account

Theres some controversy about this. Some people say yes. They even recommend going into your Pinterest analytics and making boards on other interests of your audience even if theyre not your interests.

Please, dont do that. Do you really want to keep pinning to a board of things youre not interested in?

Feel free to use Audience Insights to create more boards that are relevant to your business though particularly if you have your own content to save there. Even Pinterest now tells us to focus on saving your own content.

There is a slight chance youll attract some members of your target market this way but much more likely, if you attract anyone, theyll be people who arent.

As a Pinner whos had a somewhat-business-related Pin go viral , I can tell you it caused me a huge waste of time and money.

Even though that Pin was vaguely related to my business , I probably got fewer than 5 people on my business email list from that viral Pin.

I spent a ton of time making a content upgrade for that blog post, set up an email list for it, tried to figure out a way to monetize

I did get thousands of people to sign up to that list . So that cost me plenty.

I eventually closed that list because I was wasting too much time on it, and making no money.

Now imagine if Id made a board about knitting? Which was recommended to me.

If you make baby clothes, and you suddenly came out with a line of adult hair care products, thats diluting your brand.

Buying Followers Doesn’t Result In Roi

Those fake followers will never become real customers. You will become much more successful on the platform if you take the time and resources you would’ve dedicated to buying followers and use it instead to implement some of the strategies listed above.

It’s critical you work diligently to find and engage with real people because only real people can help you figure out what your potential future customers expect and prefer from their online content.

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Add #hashtags In Description

Hashtag shows what about this post and now #hastags are more trending in a post than a long description. power of hashtag is not ignorable, by clicking on hashtags a user can reach all type of post that is attached to a similar hashtag.


Last time I added til 25 #HashTag in my saved pin.

Why Would You Want To Delete Instagram Followers

How to deactivate Pinterest account

Ever look at an Instagram account and thing damn, how did they get so many followers?! Then you see that they get only a few dozen likes and no comments? That seems a little fishy, huh? More than likely they participated in unethical growth tactics like loop giveaways or purchased bot followers . But sometimes even the most authentically run accounts get a few random bot/ghost followers from time to time.

For those accounts, chances are that their followers just arent engaging anymore. Theyre ghost followers, accounts that are no longer active, or just dont care. Have you noticed that on your own account? Say you have 1000 followers and only get a dozen or so likes on a photo. Sucks doesnt it? Your engagement rate is awful because the percentage of your followers that are actually engaging with your content is minimal at best.

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Organize With Board Sections

Pinterest recently added Sections to help organize boards. For example, if you have an expansive board category like Home Décor, you can now create separate sections for each room.

Doing this can add credibility to your brand and make it easier for prospective followers to navigate your content. Again, be descriptive and use keyword-rich language for your sections. Heres an example called Seasonal Eatings, and another called Tokyo.

Assess Group Board Effectiveness

Group boards should only be one part of your strategy, not all of it. If you are exclusively pinning your content to group boards I would strongly suggest you dial that back to 30/70 ratio . Not utilizing your personal boards and relying so heavily on group boards puts you at the mercy of a group board owner. A group board owner could remove you at any time or delete the board altogether.

Heres a quick guide for evaluating group boards:

  • Does the topic still fit within your niche or do you write content that will fit on the board?
  • Is there activity on the board or does it seem to be a dead space with little to no repins?
  • How many contributors? Less is more. Having 5-10 contributors who are active is going to be vastly more productive than having your content buried in a board with 50, 75 or even 100s of contributors.

Group boards come and go all the time. Its okay to leave if the board is no longer helpful to your business. Consider joining up with just a few friends who have a similar niche.

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How To Delete Your Account

To delete your account completely, go to Settings> Account Basics> Deactivate Account> Permanently close my account.

Deleting your account means you will lose all your boards and pins. To completely delete your account, you’ll receive an email confirming you want to shut your account down with a link to click.

While this method works with personal accounts, there doesn’t appear to be a way to shut down business accounts.

Use The Follow Button

How To Delete Pins On Pinterest

Make following your company easy with the Follow button. Install the button on your website, in newsletters, in email signatures, or really anywhere online that you think you might attract followers.

In other situations, you can also use the to promote your brands profile. Make sure to also link to Pinterest in the bios of your other social accounts.

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Should You Remove Ghost Followers On Instagram

The reason why you would remove a ghost follower is to increase your engagement rate. I realise that this may not mean much to you, so Ill try to break it down into simple terms.

Your engagement rate is the amount of engagement that you receive on a single post, divided by how many followers you have at that given time.

Multiply that number by 100 and you get your engagement rate percentage .

So for instance, if you get a total of 10 likes on a particular post, and you have 100 followers at that time, your engagement rate is 10% which is pretty good.

The reason why you would want to improve your engagement rate is that its Instagrams measurement of whether your content is good or not.

To put it simply, posts with high engagement get shown to more people. Alternatively, if your post doesnt receive much engagement at all, Instagrams algorithm will show it to fewer people.

Thats why you want to remove ghost followers that arent going to engage with your content. In doing so, you not only improve your engagement rate but also your reach.

Archiving Pins And Boards Vs Deleting

Archiving Pins or Boards makes them invisible to your audience, and you wont get notifications or recommendations about saved Pins or Boards while archived.

However, if you change your mind, you can always unarchive them! Plus, archiving saves your time when making content if you can reintroduce the pin later.

To archive a Board or Pin, just tap the edit icon and click Archive. When you scroll to the bottom of your Boards, youll see the archived section.

To unarchive a Board or Pin at any time, just tap edit again and click Unarchive.

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Feed Closed Or Deleted

In order to function as one of the most important pages today, various activities may be carried out on behalf of users. One of them is to be able to choose all the things that Internet users can see when entering the platform.

While, deleting the feed is not a bad situation Far from it, it will greatly affect the search that can be carried out at a given moment. Therefore, it is a great idea to stick to it to redesign the home page or just do a post cleanup.

Enable Rich Pin For Blog

How to Delete Followers on Pinterest

If you are running a blog or website you should enable Rich Pins for your site.

In my previous post, Ive described how to Enable Rich Pins you can start it.

The advantage of Rich Pins is that it will add some important things into a pin, here below is some of the content that is added by a rich pin in a post.

  • Title

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Is Spamguard Worth It

In most cases, Instagram has cracked down on bot activity as part of several algorithm updates in recent years. However, it can still be a prevalent problem, especially if youve opted to purchase fake accounts to bolster your social media presence on Instagram.

If youve previously purchased thousands of fake followers in the past, or have issues with fake accounts following / not engaging with your content, then Spamguard is worth considering.

Dont Get Clever With Your Board Names

Use your best keyword phrases! That way, interested people can find your boards via search engines .

Here you can see that my social media marketing tips board is 4th on the 2nd page of Google results.

The maximum allowed characters is 50, but they might not all show on your profile.

While its nice to have neat, tidy names that fit in the display area, its not required. Go with what best describes the board.

For example, Social Media Scheduling Tools & Tips doesnt all fit on the profile view of the board. But that tips keyword is still there for SEO purposes!

If someone should search Social Media Scheduling Tips this board would be more likely to surface due to that.

Dont concoct a name thats cute and unique. Use phrases Pinners are actually searching for!

From the top right bar, click the magnifying glass icon.

A search panel will pop up. Start typing! Take note of the phrases that appear.

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Start Your Own Group Board

Group boards are all the rage and can be marketing power-houses if used correctly. And theyre known for increasing website traffic like nobodys business.

But are you aware of their potential to amplify your followers?

To start a group board, you can do it one of two ways:

  • Start a new board
  • Use a board you already own

Once you have a board created, click on the plus sign to start adding contributors:

The key to using your group board to gaining new followers?

State clearly in your board guidelines that to join they must follow the board and you. This is standard among group board creators, and its one of the quickest ways to accumulate followers quickly.

Test Evaluate Adjust Repeat

How to edit Pinterest Boards to get more views | Pinterest followers hack

Any good social media marketer knows that trial and error is a fundamental part of the job. offers several tools and actionable insights that help you see how your audience is engaging with your content.

Whether something is working or not, its always good practice to take a step back and evaluate why. After youve learned why something works, it will be easier to apply in the future.

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Create A Cohesive Brand For Recognition On The Platform

According to Forbes, color improves brand recognition by up to 80%, and consistent brand presentation across platforms increases revenue by up to 23%. The big take-away is that a consistent brand identity is paramount to increasing ROI for your Pinterest marketing efforts. By building a brand identity, your target audience will start to recognize you in the niche, which is the first step to building trust.

Why Ghost Followers Are Bad For Your Instagram Profile

Ghost followers are a nuisance and they can really ruin your Instagram experience. Not only do they interrupt the natural flow of following on the app, but theyll flood your profile with spam comments to try to get you more likes or follows from other ghost followers in their network. These spam commenters will use all sorts of different techniques like including hashtags in their comment, posting spam links in the comments, following and unfollowing you on social media, or even adding irrelevant emojis to your posts. All of these things will make it hard for you to find relevant content and have a good experience on Instagram.

It can also have a negative impact on your engagement rates for your Instagram posts, especially if its affecting your follower-to-follow ratio.

The way Instagram works, is it will display your post to a certain percentage of your follower base. The more likes and comments you initially receive in the first hour of posting, the more likely Instagram will show your post to your other followers.

If your post doesnt receive enough engagement, it will be deprioritized in Instagrams algorithm, causing your post to lose out on potential likes because its being displayed to ghost followers that arent actively engaging on your account.

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Include A Pin With Each Page You Publish On Your Website Or Store

And Pin it immediately after publishing! Here are some quick tips for pinnable images:

  • At least 1 1/2 times as tall as wide.
  • Bright, warm colors draw more attention.
  • Simple design reads well on mobile.

For products, recipes, etc: Use one image, or create a simple collage of 2 to 4 images with a few words of text to explain.

Making Pins doesnt have to be difficult. Read some of my favorite ways to easily.

Write A Good Board Description

How To Delete Followers On Pinterest

Keywords matter here too! Include phrases your target audience is searching for.

Learn more about here.

But do incorporate your keywords into those sentences! In my Google SERPs example above, you can see how the keyword phrases are picked up and highlighted.

I would shoot for at least 200 characters of description.

Should I use hashtags in my board description?

Hashtags arent helpful in your board description. are only intended for Pin descriptions.

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See Who You’re Following

  • Click Following under your name to see the people and boards youre following
  • Tap your profile picture in the bottom-right of the screen to open your profile
  • Tap Following under your name to see People or Boards you’re following
  • Tap your profile picture in the bottom-right of the screen to open your profile
  • Tap Following under your name to see People or Boards you’re following
  • Jump On The Hashtag Bandwagon

    Pinterest recently changed its tune on hashtags, and hashtags are now popping up on feeds everywhere. Theyre a way to see what pins are the newest and most relevant now that we cant see re-pin counts.

    If you want to be found by followers who fall into your target audience, nows the time to dive onto the hashtag bandwagon.

    You can use relevant hashtags in your pin descriptions like these pinners have:

    To use hashtags type # and then the keyword you want to use. Youll notice itll provide popular suggestions. Those will be the types of hashtags people will be plugging into the search bar so select them strategically.

    Want to learn more? Check out our guide to .

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    Create Your Own Group Boards

    One of the ways some accounts are getting extra followers is by creating their own group boards. I have this on the list because I see some people find this useful.

    For me personally, it didnt work because managing your own group board takes time. I tried with two of my boards and eventually I had to close one of them because people wouldnt follow the rules, spam my boards with affiliate links or their products. Too much trouble, in my opinion, for a small win of a few followers.

    Deactivating Your Account In 5 Steps

    How to Delete Pinterest Account Easily

    If you choose to deactivate your account, your profile, as well as your boards, will be inaccessible by your followers. If, however, you change your mind and wish to go back to being active on the site, all you have to do is log in in order to reactive the account.

  • Then go to Edit settings
  • Select Account Settings on the left side of the screen
  • Then click on Deactivate account just underneath Account changes
  • You will be prompted to fill up a form as to why you chose to deactivate your account then click Deactivate my account.
  • Deactivatingyour account will not free your username and email address. Should you wish tocome back, all you have to do is log back in, and you will still get yourprofile along with the boards youve created before.

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    How To Remove Followers On Twitter

    There is no option to force other users to unfollow you on Twitter . To remove a follower you must block it and unblock it again. This will cause them to stop following each other, but that person could follow you again at any time. Next in this post I will show you how to eliminate Twitter followers so that they cannot follow you again.

    Deleting followers without permanently blocking them is the goal in this guide. There is a strategy to remove followers so that they cannot follow you again. The strategy is to make your Twitter profile private and then block and unblock the users you want to remove. Then each future follower will need to be approved by you manually.

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