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How To Delete Pins From Pinterest Board

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How To Delete A Pin On Desktop

How to delete a Pin from a group board on Pinterest

Instead of deleting a bunch of Pins on one board, maybe you just want to delete one Pin individually, or random Pins here and there.

You can delete any Pin youve saved. Only delete a Pin if youre sure you dont want it. Deleted Pins cant be restored.

Lets review the desktop method first.

Step 1 | Click on a Pin to open the Pin closeup.

Step 2 | Click the Edit icon .

Step 3 | Click Delete, then Delete Pin, to delete your Pin.

Archiving Pins And Boards Vs Deleting

Archiving Pins or Boards makes them invisible to your audience, and you wont get notifications or recommendations about saved Pins or Boards while archived.

However, if you change your mind, you can always unarchive them! Plus, archiving saves your time when making content if you can reintroduce the pin later.

To archive a Board or Pin, just tap the edit icon and click Archive. When you scroll to the bottom of your Boards, youll see the archived section.

To unarchive a Board or Pin at any time, just tap edit again and click Unarchive.

Will Deleting Pins Boost My Traffic

That said, if you havent exactly been choosy about your pins in the past and it hasnt been working out for you, raise your standards going forward.

Another big benefit to deleting old, ugly, non-performing pins off your boards is if you use a Looping function, like the one on Boardbooster . You dont want to just loop sad, un-inspiring pins. Thats definitely not going to boost your traffic and you might end up losing followers if they see a lot of cringe-worthy pins on their front page!

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Difference Between Archiving Pins/boards And Deleting Them

Archiving pins will make them invisible to your audience and you will not get notifications or recommendations for saved pins and boards. Plus point, if you change your mind later, you can always unarchive them and they will be back on your profile like before.

On the other hand, deleting pins or boards would literally mean getting rid of them for good. Once you delete a piece of content, you will never be able to retrieve it. So, make a choice wisely and only if you are very sure of doing it especially when you are using

How To Delete Or Edit A Pin

How to Delete Pinterest Boards and Pins on Pinterest ...
  • Select a pin either on your profile, on one of your boards or in the section marked ‘Pins‘.
  • Once selected, a small menu will be displayed. Click on the pencil icon in the top right corner:

  • Once selected, you will see all options available from deleting the pin entirely to editing the title and text.

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To Delete Multiple Pins At Once

6. Repeat steps 1 through 3 in the above section to get to the board that you want to delete pins from. Then start by clicking Move Pins.

7. Now, clicking on one of your pins will select or deselect it you can tell by whether or not the checkmark in the top-right corner of the pin is highlighted in red or not. Select which pins you wish to delete, and then click Delete. .

Remove Individual Pins On Desktop

On your desktop computer, open your preferred web browser and launch the site. Sign in to your account on the site.

On your profile page, select the board containing the pin you want to delete. If your pin is saved in a section, then choose that section.

On the board page, click the pin.

Your pins window will open. At the top of this window, click the three horizontal dots.

In the menu that opens, click Edit Pin.

You will see an Edit This Pin window. In the bottom-left corner, click Delete.

Warning: Make sure you really want to delete your pin as you cant restore it once it is deleted.

Your selected pin is now gone from your board. Enjoy!

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How To Delete Pins In Bulk In 7 Steps

Sometimes Pinterest users want to do a little spring cleaning or focus on their most beautiful Pins. While we dont recommend this its more useful to spend your time creating new content its not hard to do.

Heres how to remove multiple Pins from a desktop:

  • Select Boards
  • Select the board with the pins to be deleted
  • Click the Filter icon in the top right corner
  • Click Select Pins to Move or Delete
  • Select the pins to be deleted
  • Tap the red Delete button at the top of the board
  • Confirm Delete
  • How Do I Know Which Pins To Delete

    How to Delete Pins in Pinterest in Bulk on Group Boards

    So how can you choose which pins to delete? First, youll want to check your analytics and see which pins have the lowest engagement.

    The TailWind app even allows you to sort by underperforming pins so you can easily delete pins in bulk. Look for pins that have the lowest engagement which means other pinners have seen them, but they arent saving or clicking on them.

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    Remove Individual Pins On Mobile

    In the bottom bar of the app, tap your profile icon.

    On the profile page, tap the board in which your pin is saved.

    Select the pin to delete.

    In the top-right corner of the pin page, tap the three horizontal dots.

    From the menu that opens, select Edit Pin.

    Scroll down the Edit Pin page. Then tap Delete This Pin.

    In the Delete Pin prompt that opens, tap Delete to confirm your choice.

    Warning: Once your pin is deleted, you cant restore it. Make sure youre okay with that.

    Your selected pin is now deleted. You are all set.

    Why Would I Want To Move Pins To Another Board

    I use the Mass Move all the time. Heres what I typically use it for:

    • Combining multiple boards. Maybe you created a few very niche, specific board and you cant find enough content to pin to it regularly. So, youve made the strategic decision to to combine it with a bigger board. You can move all of the pins from your smaller boards into your big board, and then delete the now-empty small boards! Its like spring cleaning for people who arent organized IRL. So, me.
    • Deleting a non-performing board. Im constantly checking my analytics on both Pinterest automation tools, Boardboosterand Tailwind,to evaluate my boards. Sometimes, my followers just arent interested a board Ive created. The board has low engagement, the virality score sucks, and its just dragging me down. I move the pins I want to keep to a better board and delete the old board with all of its miserable, non-performing pins inside. Good riddance!
    • Copy my Pins to a Secret Board. Sometimes, instead of moving Pins, I click Copy instead, to keep the pins on the original board. I use secret boards to do things like peek at my re-pin count after Pinterest made the switch to showing me Engagement instead of showing me all of my re-pins across Pinterest, like it used to. This is the easiest way to copy, say, the pins that link to my site into my secret pins that link to my site board. If you use Boardbooster, you probably have secret boards set up to pin from already.

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    Can You Delete A Pin That Youve Pinned To A Shared Board

    1. After clicking edit, if you wish to move the pin to a different board, click the drop down menu and select another board. You can also create a new board if you wish. Dont forget to click save changes.

    2. If you wish to delete the pin, click that button and save changes

    If you are the original creator of a shared board, you can edit or delete any pins that are pinned to that board in the same way. You are, after all, the moderator of that board. You cannot edit or delete anyone elses pins in a shared board unless you are the creator of the board.

    I hope you found this Pinterest mini tutorial useful. If youd like to view more tips on a regular basis., do like oure. Wed be delighted if youd pin this post too

    Unrelated Page Or Stolen Link

    3 Ways to Delete a Board on Pinterest

    Tip or reason number two as to why you should delete a pin is if it goes to an unrelated page. So if you have a pin thats talking about how youre going to show them a video, but then you go to a homepage or landing page thats not related one, youre going to probably get marked as unhelpful or as a spammy post and to that person is going to be feeling unresolved, frustrated and probably still concerned about how to still answer the question they came to you in the first place.

    So what you want to do is first before you delete that pin, you want to go in and see if you can edit it right. How many days was it that you pinned it? Has it been repaired and things like that, take that into account, see if you can edit it and put a right link in there. If you cant it might be time to consider deleting the pin.

    If you need help figuring out which of these strategies is best for you and your account, talk to a . A coach helps you focus your efforts on successful strategies. Trial and error will involve wasting time by trying a range of strategies. After all, you dont know what will work for you. A Pinterest coach, however, has plenty of experience. They know the types of strategies that produce the best results for each situation.

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    Click The Delete Board Button And Then Click Delete Board


    • Deleting pins is a permanent action you can’t recover deleted pins.


    • Although you can’t recover deleted pins, you can re-pin specific pictures and videos at any time.


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    How To Identify And Delete Underperforming Pins

    Whether I can see repin counts in Pinterest or not, I like to use Tailwind to quickly find and delete poor Pins.

    Heres my process. See how this works for you!

    Caution: Note the board pinned to, and the domain. You might not want to delete Pins from your secret boards, or from your own website.

  • In your Tailwind Plus dashboard, go to Optimize Content > Pin Inspector.
  • Go to Filter by Date Pinned and select the desired time period .
  • Now click the Repins header so they sort by worst to best.
  • Check which board and domain youre deleting from!
  • on the first Pin image. This takes you to the Pin on Pinterest*.
  • On Pinterest, you can click on the Edit button and then delete the Pin.
  • The page will go blank. Close it, go back to Tailwind, and repeat.
  • Or you can open several Pins at once whatever works for you.
  • Note that the left column shows which board this Pin resides on. Take note of the boards that appear frequently and consider if youre wasting time pinning to these boards.

    Also observe which pins keep coming up with low repins, and see if you can determine some commonalities. Domain, topic, look? I saw an awful lot of mostly-white Pins with 0 repins again and again. Ill be keeping an eye on that trend!

    *If you get a whoops, we cant find that page, youve probably already deleted the Pin.

    Tailwind still shows Pins that have already been deleted, so make note of which dates youve cleaned, and dont re-search those dates.

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    Remove Bulk Pins On Mobile

    At the bottom of the app, tap your profile icon.

    On the profile page, tap the board in which your pins are saved.

    At the top of the board page, tap Organize.

    Your pins are now selectable. Tap the pins that youd like to remove. To select all your pins, tap Select All in the top-right corner.

    Then, at the bottom of the page, tap Delete .

    In the Are You Sure prompt that opens, tap Delete.

    Warning: Pinterest doesnt allow restoring deleted pins, so make sure you only delete the pins you do not need.

    And thats all.

    How To Bulk Delete Multiple Pins

    How To Delete Pins On Pinterest
  • Open the board containing the pins you wish to delete.
  • Tap Organize.
  • Tap the pins you wish to delete. A checkmark and a black frame will appear around the selected pins.
  • Tap the trash bin icon located at the bottom of your screen.
  • Confirm by tapping Delete.
  • Find the board containing the pins you wish to delete and open it.
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    How To Delete Pins On Recurpost

    Once you have scheduled all your pins or made a board with RecurPost, you will still have the option of deleting them. You do not have to worry about anything being permanent just because it is scheduled on the app. Here is how you can delete your pins after scheduling them:

    • Login to your RecurPost profile and go to the dashboard.
    • Next, you will see the panel on the left-hand side which will show all your social accounts.
    • On the scheduled post that you want to delete, you will see an icon that represents Delete. Click on it.
    • A window will pop-up asking for your confirmation, confirm by clicking Yes, remove it. And your post will be removed from the queue.

    How To Delete Pins From A Group Board

    If you own , you can delete anyones Pins one by one using the method directly above.

    But what if youve got someone posting spam Pins?

    Or you just want to turn that board into your own personal niched board, and get rid of all other content?

    There is a solution. Remove the Pinner, and block him /her.

    Blocking the Pinner at the time of removing them as a collaborator to the board will remove all their Pins.

    Feel free to let collaborators know ahead of time that youre closing the board in case they want to move their Pins to one of their own boards.

    You can also go back to each Pinners profile and unblock them afterwards. But blocking is the only way to remove other peoples Pins from your group board in bulk.

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    Remove Bulk Pins On Desktop

    To remove several pins at once, open a web browser on your computer and launch the site. Log in to your account on the site.

    On the profile page, click the board in which your pins are located.

    On the board page, right below the board name, click Organize.

    You can now select the pins you want to delete. To select all pins, then at the top of the pins, click the Select All button. To delete the selected pins, then at the bottom of your browser screen, click the Delete option .

    In the Delete These Pins prompt, click Delete.

    Warning: Your deleted pins cant be restored. Make sure you really dont want the pins you are deleting.

    And thats all. Your chosen pins are now deleted.

    Should You Be Deleting Pins

    3 Ways to Delete a Board on Pinterest

    So the question is, should you go through the effort of deleting your old pins? And the answer is probably not, but maybe yes.

    For most pinners who have thousands of pins, going through and deleting pins with no engagement is a massive undertaking. Its time that is probably better spent creating fresh new content that will convert your audience.

    You also want to make sure your pins are on brand and on message, so it might be worthwhile to make sure your messaging is consistent.

    So, if you have the time or can outsource this project, deleting poor performing pins can improve the performance of your other pins.

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    How To Move Pins To Another Board

    One youve clicked the Move Tool and the Move, Copy, and Delete buttons have appeared, you can select up to 50 pins at a time.

    To select a pin, just scroll down and click on it. Youll see it highlighted with a red outline.

    Next to the buttons, youll find a little counter telling you how many pins youve selected:

    Once youve selected up to 50 pins, click MOVE.

    Choose your board and click the bright red button that says MOVE.

    Congratulations, youve moved multiple pins from one board to another!

    The moved pins will now be on top of your other pins in the board theyve been moved to, but they wont show up as recent pins so this isnt a shortcut to skipping manual pinning. Boo.

    How To Move Or Delete Pins In Bulk With The Mass Move Tool

    *FYI – this post may contain affiliate links, which means we earn a commission at no extra cost to you if you purchase from them. Also, as an Amazon Associate I earn from qualifying purchases. Check out our Privacy Policy and Disclosure. for more info.

    Dont click on the edit button for each and every pin, and manually move or delete them.

    Ugh, Ive been there. If there was a way to throw my blog across the room without breaking my computer, Id have done it about a zillion times.

    But thankfully, theres a much faster way to move or delete pins in bulk! Its called the Move Tool, and in this super quick Pinterest guide, Im going to show you how to use it and explain why its helpful.

    Here’s what we’re talking about today…

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