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How To Delete Pictures Off Pinterest

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How To Identify And Delete Underperforming Pins

How To Delete Pins On Pinterest

Whether I can see repin counts in Pinterest or not, I like to use Tailwind to quickly find and delete poor Pins.

Heres my process. See how this works for you!

Caution: Note the board pinned to, and the domain. You might not want to delete Pins from your secret boards, or from your own website.

  • In your Tailwind Plus dashboard, go to Optimize Content > Pin Inspector.
  • Go to Filter by Date Pinned and select the desired time period .
  • Now click the Repins header so they sort by worst to best.
  • Check which board and domain youre deleting from!
  • on the first Pin image. This takes you to the Pin on Pinterest*.
  • On Pinterest, you can click on the Edit button and then delete the Pin.
  • The page will go blank. Close it, go back to Tailwind, and repeat.
  • Or you can open several Pins at once whatever works for you.
  • Note that the left column shows which board this Pin resides on. Take note of the boards that appear frequently and consider if youre wasting time pinning to these boards.

    Also observe which pins keep coming up with low repins, and see if you can determine some commonalities. Domain, topic, look? I saw an awful lot of mostly-white Pins with 0 repins again and again. Ill be keeping an eye on that trend!

    *If you get a whoops, we cant find that page, youve probably already deleted the Pin.

    Tailwind still shows Pins that have already been deleted, so make note of which dates youve cleaned, and dont re-search those dates.

    How To Delete A Pin On Desktop

    Instead of deleting a bunch of Pins on one board, maybe you just want to delete one Pin individually, or random Pins here and there.

    You can delete any Pin youve saved. Only delete a Pin if youre sure you dont want it. Deleted Pins cant be restored.

    Lets review the desktop method first.

    Step 1 | Click on a Pin to open the Pin closeup.

    Step 2 | Click the Edit icon .

    Step 3 | Click Delete, then Delete Pin, to delete your Pin.

    How To Move Or Delete Pins In Bulk With The Mass Move Tool

    *FYI – this post may contain affiliate links, which means we earn a commission at no extra cost to you if you purchase from them. Also, as an Amazon Associate I earn from qualifying purchases. Check out our Privacy Policy and Disclosure. for more info.

    Dont click on the edit button for each and every pin, and manually move or delete them.

    Ugh, Ive been there. If there was a way to throw my blog across the room without breaking my computer, Id have done it about a zillion times.

    But thankfully, theres a much faster way to move or delete pins in bulk! Its called the Move Tool, and in this super quick Pinterest guide, Im going to show you how to use it and explain why its helpful.

    Here’s what we’re talking about today…

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    What Is A Repin How Come

    For example you can repine , it is to place an image of another user on your own plate, of course preserving the origin of the photo.

    With the little pin, you place the mouse or the mouse arrow, you click on repine, then you place the board, you can also edit it. It’s that easy to reorganize

    Pinterest has grown slowly in this area, but it never ceases to amaze us with so many variety of images it has, it also allows us to do a lot of things on its platform.

    Here we have seen how to handle some of its functions to get the most out of this platform, let’s put these suggestions into practice.

    How To Edit A Pin In A Simple Way

    How to Delete Pins on Pinterest

    The pins that you have in your profile can be edited. Just go to your profile, select the board or place where the pin is located and click on the image. In the upper right you will see the options, represented by three points, if you press there you will find the option to Edit pin

    In the pin edit options, you can do a few settings. Then, make the changes you want and finally click on Done. After making the changes, they will be reflected in the App, although sometimes you have to reload the page.

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    How I Remove My Picture From Google In Less Than 5 Minutes

    So here is the problem. I run a YouTube channel instead, Google index the video thumbnails and link it with my name. So, if somebody searches for Mrinal Saha on Google Image search, all they see is my YouTube thumbnail which to be honest, arent my best first impression pictures. Similarly, if you have recently discovered some of you unflattering images popping up on Google search, here is how you can remove them from Google.

    According to , you can directly ask Google to remove images that contain sensitive personal information, like a credit card number, your signature, or nudity without consent. However, more often than not, your images dont fall into these categories. In such situations, you can use the following workaround.

    First Change Your Board Cover To Your Most Recent Pin On That Board

    Make sure to save your changes.

    Refresh your Boards view in your profile to make sure your changes stick and your new pin is showing as the board cover.

    Then follow the instructions above.

    You should be able to easily find your most recent pin and

    • move it to a different board
    • save your changes
    • and move it back to it’s original location

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    To Delete Or Edit A Pin:

    Select a pin either on your profile, on one of your boards or in the section marked ‘Pins’. Once selected, a small menu will be displayed. Click on the pencil icon in the top right corner:

    Once selected, you will see all options available from deleting the pin entirely to editing the title and text.

    S To Permanently Delete A Pin

    How to Delete Pinterest

    The process for removing the pin is very similar to editing it. First, open your Pinterest account and go to your profile. Later, enter the board where the pin is located you want to delete and locate the image. If you want to keep the image that you have deleted from your account on another device, it is recommended to first download it to another device.

    Now, click on the pin in question and then on the three points located above and to the right. Click on Edit pin and then on the option Delete pin. To confirm the action, press the Delete button again and the pin will have been effectively deleted.

    Besides, if instead you want to delete all the content of the platform, we recommend you delete your Pinterest account, a process that will be much more effective than simply deleting the pins one by one.

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    Why Would I Want To Move Pins To Another Board

    I use the Mass Move all the time. Heres what I typically use it for:

    • Combining multiple boards. Maybe you created a few very niche, specific board and you cant find enough content to pin to it regularly. So, youve made the strategic decision to to combine it with a bigger board. You can move all of the pins from your smaller boards into your big board, and then delete the now-empty small boards! Its like spring cleaning for people who arent organized IRL. So, me.
    • Deleting a non-performing board. Im constantly checking my analytics on both Pinterest automation tools, Boardboosterand Tailwind,to evaluate my boards. Sometimes, my followers just arent interested a board Ive created. The board has low engagement, the virality score sucks, and its just dragging me down. I move the pins I want to keep to a better board and delete the old board with all of its miserable, non-performing pins inside. Good riddance!
    • Copy my Pins to a Secret Board. Sometimes, instead of moving Pins, I click Copy instead, to keep the pins on the original board. I use secret boards to do things like peek at my re-pin count after Pinterest made the switch to showing me Engagement instead of showing me all of my re-pins across Pinterest, like it used to. This is the easiest way to copy, say, the pins that link to my site into my secret pins that link to my site board. If you use Boardbooster, you probably have secret boards set up to pin from already.

    What Is The Difference Between Archiving Pins/boards And Deleting Pins/boards

    There is a major difference between archiving Pins/Boards and deleting them. If you want to get rid of a Pin/Board and it is unnecessary for you, then delete it and leave its sight forever. If you delete it, you will never find it again and lose it forever. However, archiving the Pins/Boards is a little different.

    However, if you do not want to clear them out completely, you can archive them. Archiving a board means you can have a look at it whenever you can. To find the archived boards, you have to go to your account and see them at the bottom. An important thing to be considered is that you cannot save any more pins on the board that you have archived and will not be displayed on the public profile.

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    Ask Google To Remove Specific Images From Search Results

    We recognize that it can be distressing to find certain images of yourself or your information in search results.

    In limited cases, Google may remove links to the image from Google Search. This doesnt remove the image from the site it was linked from.

    To support you through the removal request process of such images and videos from Google search results, follow the steps below for your situation.

    We may remove information that we classify as presenting a risk of identity theft or fraud to the individual.


    For us to consider the content for removal, it must pertain to the following types of information:

    • Confidential national identification numbers like U.S. Social Security Number, Argentine Single Tax Identification Number, Brazil Cadastro de pessoas Físicas, Korea Resident Registration Number, China Resident Identity Card, etc.
    • Bank account number
    • Confidential personal medical records

    Request to remove image from Google Search

    If the image meets the requirements above, you or an authorized representative can request a removal of the image from Google search results. To make a request, click the button below.

    We may remove intimate or explicit images and videos that were shared without consent.

    Important: To report imagery that is sexually abusive towards children, follow the steps to report child sexual abuse imagery.


    Request to remove image from Google Search


    Deactivating Your Account In 5 Steps

    How to Delete Pins on Pinterest [2 Methods]

    If you choose to deactivate your account, your profile, as well as your boards, will be inaccessible by your followers. If, however, you change your mind and wish to go back to being active on the site, all you have to do is log in in order to reactive the account.

  • Then go to Edit settings
  • Select Account Settings on the left side of the screen
  • Then click on Deactivate account just underneath Account changes
  • You will be prompted to fill up a form as to why you chose to deactivate your account then click Deactivate my account.
  • Deactivatingyour account will not free your username and email address. Should you wish tocome back, all you have to do is log back in, and you will still get yourprofile along with the boards youve created before.

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    What Is A Repin How Is It Done

    For example you can Repin , this is to place an image of another user on your own board, of course preserving the source of the photo.

    With the small pin you place the mouse arrow or mouse clicking Repin, then place yourself on board, you can also edit. So easy is repinea.

    Pinterest has grown slowly in this, but we are not surprising with so many variety of images which has also allowed us to do many things on your platform.

    You may also be interested in:

    Here we have seen how to handle some of its functions to get more out on this platform, we implement these suggestions.

    How useful did you find this content?

    Move The Pin To A Different Board

    First, find the .

    Then, move the pin to a different board it can be one of your public boards or a secret board.

    Save your change.

    Alternatively, you can delete the pin that displays as your board cover.

    But be very careful about this.

    You don’t want to delete an important or popular pin because this could affect your blog traffic negatively.

    If you moved the correct pin, then your board should now show as a grid of your most recent pins.

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    How To Change Your Username And Url

    Here you will learn how to change your username on Pinterest which will directly change your URL. Choosing the right username can help other users to identify the type of content published on your Pinterest profile. The procedure is as follows:

    Go to the Settings and choose Edit profile tab. In the User name you can type your new Pinterest account name and see how the URL changes just below it. Press Done to save your changes.

    Look Through The Users Boards

    How to Delete Your Pinterest Account

    The username of the individual who pinned my image was AA Photo.

    As a professional photographer I watermark my images with my signature and url.

    My hope was to find the photographer had posted one of their own watermarked images which would take me to their studio website, thus giving me a more direct way to contact the individual. I began looking through every image AA Photo had pinned in hopes of finding a watermark on one of the images which correlated to AA Photo.

    My search was fruitless, and I began to think AA Photo was possibly not a professional photographer.

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    How To Move Pins To Another Board

    One youve clicked the Move Tool and the Move, Copy, and Delete buttons have appeared, you can select up to 50 pins at a time.

    To select a pin, just scroll down and click on it. Youll see it highlighted with a red outline.

    Next to the buttons, youll find a little counter telling you how many pins youve selected:

    Once youve selected up to 50 pins, click MOVE.

    Choose your board and click the bright red button that says MOVE.

    Congratulations, youve moved multiple pins from one board to another!

    The moved pins will now be on top of your other pins in the board theyve been moved to, but they wont show up as recent pins so this isnt a shortcut to skipping manual pinning. Boo.

    Delete A Board On The Web

    • Step 2: Navigate to the top-right corner of your screen and click on the profile icon to open your profile
    • Step 3: Now click on the board you want to delete
    • Step 4: Click on the three-dot right next to the board name,
    • Step 5: Now select the Edit board option
    • Step 6: Click on Delete at the bottom-left corner of the screen
    • Step 7: Finally click on Delete forever to confirm your action

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    How To Delete Pins In Bulk In 7 Steps

    Sometimes Pinterest users want to do a little spring cleaning or focus on their most beautiful Pins. While we dont recommend this its more useful to spend your time creating new content its not hard to do.

    Heres how to remove multiple Pins from a desktop:

  • Select Boards
  • Select the board with the pins to be deleted
  • Click the Filter icon in the top right corner
  • Click Select Pins to Move or Delete
  • Select the pins to be deleted
  • Tap the red Delete button at the top of the board
  • Confirm Delete
  • How To Create Boards And Pins

    How to Delete Pinterest Pins in a Flash

    When you create your account and choose the topics you like, you will see a homepage full of pictures related to your chosen interests. Now you can .

    and share it with your friends or followers. If you want to create a board or add a pin, go to your account page and choose the + button on the top left:

    Name your board and choose whether you would like it to be visible or invisible to other people. You can change the board privacy settings by crossing out the visibility tab.

    Then you can choose the pictures youd like to pin to your board and search for more by writing key words or themes in the search tab. You can also upload your own pins from your device: just press on Create Pin, add the photo, a short description and name it.

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    Archiving Pins And Boards Vs Deleting

    Archiving Pins or Boards makes them invisible to your audience, and you wont get notifications or recommendations about saved Pins or Boards while archived.

    However, if you change your mind, you can always unarchive them! Plus, archiving saves your time when making content if you can reintroduce the pin later.

    To archive a Board or Pin, just tap the edit icon and click Archive. When you scroll to the bottom of your Boards, youll see the archived section.

    To unarchive a Board or Pin at any time, just tap edit again and click Unarchive.

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