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How To Delete Multiple Emails In Gmail

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Add Subscription Emails To A Separate Folder

How to delete multiple emails on Gmail

I would like to mention another handy feature this free tool offers. You can add to your subscriptions to Rollup folder by clicking on Add to Rollup.

This way all the newsletters will be at one place and wont hinder with your important Emails. You can look at the best time whenever desired. After adding the subscriptions to Rollup folder click on Continue and select the time you wish to receive the rollup. Finally, click Finish. also has an iOS app to make use of it on iPhone/iPad.

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We hope will help in putting an end to your misery by removing unnecessary Email subscriptions in bulk and consolidate all of them at one place/folder.

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How To Bulk Unsubscribe From Emails In Gmail

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Is your Gmail inbox cluttered with a lot of Emails from multiple newsletters you subscribed to earlier? Subscribing to newsletters of websites which interests you is a really convenient way to receive timely updates from them. Down the line, most of us end up subscribing to too many websites. This results in a plethora of Emails in Gmail Inbox which makes it tough to identify important Emails which require response or action. If you have been a victim of missing urgent Emails because of the newsletter Emails then follow this easy guide to bulk unsubscribe from Emails in Gmail.

Mass Delete Gmail Messages

Now that I’ve found the messages I want to delete, I candelete all the email messages on the screen at once by using the BulkSelect checkbox in the upper left corner:


As soon as you click the Bulk Select checkbox, all the messages that met your searchcriteria are automatically checked. To delete them, click the Trash icon above the selected messages .

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Email Management And Why It Matters

We know for a fact that spam accounts for 45 percent of all emails sent. We also know that about 14.5 billion spam emails are sent every single day, many being some form of advertising. To say that spam emails lead to a productivity loss would be an understatement.

But is there even a way how to fight against the onslaught of spam and not lose? Yes, there is: email management. In a nutshell, email management is a specific field of communications management for managing high volumes of inbound emails. While it would be outside the scope of this article to explain email management in detail, we can provide a concise description of several foundational principles of email management, the mastery of which will go a long way in helping you keep your mailboxes organized.

How To Quickly Delete Single Gmail Emails

How to Delete Multiple Emails in Gmail on PC or Mac: 8 Steps

You can swipe one email after the other to quickly remove several messages. You don’t even have to open an email to press the Delete icon.

To delete Gmail messages by setting up a swipe action:

  • Tap the three horizontal lines in the upper-left portion of Gmail, then scroll down and select Settings.

  • Go to General settings and tap Swipe actions.

  • Tap Change next to Right swipe or Left swipe .

    Select Delete in the list that appears.

  • Tap the Back arrow to return to your email, and then swipe in the appropriate direction to delete emails.

  • If your Gmail account is set up to use IMAP, removing Gmail emails from your Android also deletes them from other devices connected to your account using IMAP.

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    What Does It Mean To Delete Emails

    When you delete an email from your Gmail inbox, that message is moved to the trash folder. It will stay in the trash folder for a default period of 30 days. This grace period allows you to still recover emails if you accidentally deleted them. Once these 30 days are up, the messages will be deleted forever.

    It is important to note that emails in the trash folder still use storage space. It is only once they are deleted forever that they will free up space in your inbox. If you go through hundreds of emails a day and constantly struggle with low storage, you can set your trash folder to delete emails at closer intervals such as one week.

    How To Delete Multiple Emails In Gmail On Pc Or Mac

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    This wikiHow teaches you how to select multiple emails in one of your Gmail mailboxes, and delete all of them at once, using a desktop internet browser.

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    Select And Delete Multiple Messages In Gmail

    Reader Bill wrote in with this question:

    When I click on a certain category of e-mails in Gmail I get nine visible entries. I can delete them one at a time but I would like to delete them all at once. How can this be done?

    When you say a certain category of e-mails, Bill, Im assuming you mean a label. But whatever the case, there are plenty of situations when it would be helpful to select a visible batch of messages, then apply a function to them. The process for doing so is hiding in plain sight.

    1. Open Gmail in your browser.

    2. Click a label, apply a filter, or do whatever you like so that only the messages you want are visible.

    3. Near the top of the screen, just below the search field, youlll see a square box inside a rectangular box. Thats the Select tool, and if you click that square, itll select all visible emails.

    4. Once theyre selected, you can apply any of Gmails various functions: Archive, Mark as Spam, Delete, Move to, and so on, just by clicking the corresponding button in the toolbar.

    Its worth noting that if you click the little down-arrow alongside the Select checkbox, youll see a menu of items you can quick-select: all, unread, starred, unstarred, etc. That may save time if youre looking to, say, delete all unread mail. Three clicks and youre done!

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    Recover Deleted Gmail Items

    How To Delete Old Emails In Gmail In Bulk – Delete Multiple Emails At Once

    Gmail does have a safeguard when it comes to deleted emails. They disappear from your Inbox or another tab, but they are still around for 30 days. This is why our storage number doesnt immediately change.

    The deleted emails get temporarily stored in the Trash folder. You can see this folder in the left folder pane. The emails in this folder get purged every 30 days unless you opt to do it sooner. This means you can restore and move these emails to a different folder.

  • From the left folder pane, select Trash. Or you can type in:trash in the search box.
  • Find the emails you wish to restore.
  • Check the box to the left of each email.
  • Click the Move to icon on the top toolbar.
  • Select the destination folder for the emails.
  • The above steps for deleting Gmail in bulk wont get you to inbox zero in one fell swoop. However, it will give you the tools to chip away at large chunks of email.

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    How To Mass Delete Emails In Gmail

    The majority of electronic mail platforms provide email filters that you can use in order to keep your inbox clean. However, adding a filter doesn’t mean that you will stop receiving unwanted emails in your inbox. In such situations, the only viable choice is to delete the emails that you do not need.

    To mass delete emails from your Gmail inbox, follow these steps:

  • Head over to the official Gmail website.
  • Log in to your account by entering valid credentials.
  • Switch to the Inbox tab using the left sidebar.
  • Click on the Select button located on the left side of the Refresh button.
  • You will notice a prompt that states All 50 conversations on this page are selected. Select all conversations in Primary.
  • Click on the Select all conversations in Primary to continue.
  • Now, remove all the emails from your inbox by clicking on the Delete icon.
  • Confirm your choice by selecting Ok.
  • You can use Gmail’s search feature to find specific emails to remove from your account. For example, to delete all the emails that come from a particular email address, search for the email address using the search bar in Gmail. Then, follow the aforementioned steps to delete all the emails from your inbox.

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    How To Delete Bulk Emails In Gmail Using The Select All Checkbox

    While there are a lot of methods to help you manage theclutter in your inbox, often what helps the most is deleting messages you knowyou don’t need. But you don’t want to delete your unwanted Gmail email messagesone-by-one. That’s too time-consuming.

    A better idea is to mass delete emails in Gmail. Here’s whatto do:

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    How To Permanently Delete Gmail Emails

    The deletion steps above put your email messages in the Trash folder. Messages left in the Trash folder are automaticallypermanently deleted after 30 days. Since you can access your Trash folder, you can move emailmessages out of there before they’re permanently deleted if you want to.

    What if you want to permanently delete your trash messagessooner than 30 days? You can do it. Here’s how:

    Delete Old Emails Automatically

    Solution to Delete All or Multiple Emails in Gmail at Once

    If you want to delete old messages automatically, you can totally do that by setting up a filter.

    To do this, open the Gmail settings, go to Filters and Blocked Addresses, and then click on Create a new filter.

    In this interface, in the Has the words field, use one the time queries we explained before, like older_than:90d, and finally click on Create Filter.

    Finally, click on the Delete it option to delete these matching messages automatically.

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    Choose The Category Of Email That You Want To Delete

    Once you open your Gmail mailbox, youll find all your emails are segmented into three categories:

    • Primary
    • Social
    • Promotions

    The easiest way to delete emails in Gmail is to tackle them by category a.k.a. deleting the emails of one category after another.

    To keep things short, well show you how to delete the Primary category of your email, after which you can apply the same steps for the other two categories.

    Select the tab you want to clear with a click.

    Select All Emails In Your Gmail

    This still doesnt solve the issue of how to delete more than 50 emails at one time from your Gmail inbox. If you have emails in your inbox from months or years ago, there is a very simple way to delete all of them. Look for the option to Select all xxxx conversation in Primary, this allows you to select more than 50 emails in your inbox for deletion.

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    Empty Your Trash And Repeat The Process For Other Categories

    Your Primary folder is now empty, but that doesnt mean that the deleted emails have vanished from your Gmail.

    You see, once you hit the Delete button, all the emails get stored in your Trash folder for about 30 days. Only once this time period gets over will Google delete it.

    If you want to expedite the process, you can head over to your trash folder and empty it manually. Once youre done, repeat the same process for your social and promotions categories.

    In the end, youll have a fresh and clean Gmail ready for use.

    How To Permanently Delete Emails From Your Gmail In Bulk

    How To Delete Multiple Emails Gmail iPhone

    While there are a lot of ways in which you can handle the clutter in your Gmail inbox, but what helps is mostly deleting the messages that you don’t need. It helps to make your Gmail inbox less stuffed. Deleting these unwanted messages one after another is not the best solution because its time consuming and gets you tired easily. There is an option of deleting bulk emails in your Gmail and this is how you can go about it.

    Step 1: Log in to your Gmail

    Step 2: There is a small box on the left-hand side on the top corner. Click on the small box.

    Step 3: Once you click on the icon, it gives you an option to select the unwanted emails that you want to delete. Select all the unwanted emails that you have in your inbox.

    Step 4: Kindly click on the trashcan/waste bin icon that will be visible once you select the emails to Delete.

    When you have old emails that you have to delete in bulk, it is much easier. You don’t want to start scrolling all through your email to 1 year ago.

    Step 1: In the search option provided, type in “before:yyyy/mm/dd“/. This search brings emails that were received before the date that you have entered. Or “after:yyyy/mm/dd” to check the ones that we’re after.

    Step 2: The next thing is to click on the small box on the top left corner so that you can select the emails.

    Step 3: Next thing to do is to click on “select all conversations”

    Step 4: The final step is to click on the delete icon to delete all the selected emails.

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    Delete Gmail Based On Text

    The above strategy works well when you want to delete all the content from that sender. However, sometimes, the sender has multiple types of emails, such as alerts and specials under the same email address. In this case, you want to delete a subset.

    For example, I use a security plugin that sends various emails ranging from webinars to alerts. If I look at conversations, I can tell there are items I want to delete.

    You might notice that when you filter Gmail by typing in the search, you get an additional menu that appears below the search box. These choices provide additional refinements. For example, you can easily set a date range.

    One refinement to searching by text is to use the subject: modifier. In the example above, Gmail will look for anywhere. However, if I just wanted to find emails where wordfence was in the Email subject line, I could type:


    Click On The Tick Box To Select All The Emails

    On the top left-hand side of your screen, just under the Search mail search bar, youll see a small tick box. Check it off.

    Doing this will select every email on the page that totals up to 50 emails. If you have more than 50 primary emails, you wont get everything. Well deal with the remaining primary emails in our next step.

    Every selected email will turn into a darker shade. This also means every single one of these emails will be deleted.

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    How To Delete Multiple Emails In Gmail Using Search Criteria

    The checkbox method of deleting emails on Gmail works wellif you’ve got many different types of emails you want to delete. But what if allthe emails you want to delete have something in common?

    For example, what if you wanted to delete all emails from aspecific sender? Or you wanted to delete all emails related to a particularproject.

    With Gmail you can define specific criteria for the messagesyou want to delete. Here’s how:

    How To Delete All Emails In Gmail

    How to Delete Multiple Emails in Gmail on PC or Mac: 8 Steps

    In the early days of webmail services, constantly deleting email to free up space was just something you had to do. Google changed all of that: with gigabytes of free space, Gmail users could just let their old email pile up on the off chance they ever needed to dig out a five-year old message.

    But sometimes you just want a fresh start, and if you have thousands of useless old emails sitting around, you may worry the process will take some time. Fortunately, Gmail has a way of getting rid of all your emails at once, giving you a nice empty inbox to start over with. Heres how to delete all emails in Gmail in one go.

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    Advanced Filtering Techniques: Gmail

    As one might expect from Google, Gmail has a very powerful search interface. That search can be used to automatically select and act on almost any criteria you can think of.

    Lets say you want to delete all the mails from a specific sender. First, search for that sender in Gmails search.

    Gmail displays all the messages that meet that criteria .

    If you have more than a page-worth of matching results, Gmail will display a line:

    All 20 conversations on this page are selected. Select all conversations that match this search.

    All conversations in this search are selected. Clear selection

    The key is that all conversations that match what you search for are selected, even those not displayed on your screen.

    This approach can be used for any searchable criteria in Gmail.

    Combine Sorting And Multiple Selection To Delete Multiple Emails

    Lets say you want to delete all email from a particular person. The process combines what Ive shown you so far.

    • Sort your email list by From or Sender.
    • Use click and SHIFT-click to select all the emails from that person.
    • Delete.

    If the list of email from that person is short enough to display on a single page, then youre done. If not, you may need to repeat this a few times, depending on how many messages there are and how many can be displayed per page.

    This technique works for any criteria that you can sort for:

    • Deleting emails from a particular person.
    • Deleting emails to a particular person.
    • Deleting emails before, after, or between two dates.
    • Deleting emails that relate to a specific subject.
    • Deleting emails that have attachments
    • And probably more, depending on the capabilities of your email program.

    Even better, this technique works for more than just deleting. You might use it to:

    • Move selected emails into a folder.
    • Flag selected emails in one way or another.
    • And probably more, again depending on the capabilities of your email program.

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