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How To Delete Every Email In Gmail

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How To Mass Delete In Gmail

Delete All Mail in Gmail AT ONCE…THE EASY WAY

Open Gmail and type is:read in the search bar. At this point, you should only see those emails you have already read . With your read email on display, check the box to select all of the messages.

Figure A

Make sure to select all unread messages.

If you have a ton of unread messages, you will have only selected the first 100 . To select all of those unread messages, you must click the Select All Conversations That Match This Search link . Note: This link will only appear if you have more than 100 unread messages.

Figure B

Make sure to select all of your read emails .

One word of warning: If you see an email listed that you don’t want to be deleted, if you uncheck it you will revert the Select all conversations that match this search option. In other words, you need to make sure you’ve collected those read emails you want to save into a different folder before going through this. Now, we need to delete all of those read emails by clicking the Trash icon .

Figure C

The Trash icon is the farthest on the right.

After clicking the Trash icon, you’ll be prompted to OK the bulk delete of the read email. Click OK and every one of those read emails will be sent to the trash. Depending on how many read emails you are deleting, this can take some time. In the end, you’ll have a much cleaner Gmail inbox.

And that’s how you mass delete email in Gmail. Enjoy that reclaimed space and more efficient Gmail app search.

How The Clean Email App Can Help

Clean Email is a third-party bulk email organizer that works with Gmail, Yahoo, Outlook, and most other popular mail service providers. Thanks to its intelligent filters, the app can efficiently segment your inbox into groups of similar messages, allowing you to organize them in bulk with just a few clicks.

Heres how easy it is to remove messages using Clean Email:

  • Log in with your account.
  • Select the Inbox option in the left pane.
  • Open any message from the sender whose emails you want to remove. Clean Email will automatically select all other messages youve received from the same address.
  • Whenever you apply a certain action in Clean Email , the bulk email organizer gives you the option to automatically apply the same action in the future to all new messages matching your selection criteria, making it easy for you to automate your inbox management.

    In addition, the app can also unsubscribe you from unwanted subscriptions from online stores and other websites, block unwanted senders to make sure that their emails will never reach your inbox again, and more.

    Because Clean Email is verified by Google as a trusted application and undergoes an annual independent security review, you can rest assured, knowing it wont expose your emails or other sensitive information.

    How To Delete All Read Or All Unread Emails On Gmail

    1. Log in to your Gmail account.

    2. In the search bar at the top of the screen, type label:read to display all read emails or label:unread to display all unread emails.

    3. Click the Select all box to the left of the Refresh button. This will select all emails on the current page . To mass delete all emails in this category , also click Select all conversations that match this search.

    4. Then click the Delete icon at the top, which is shaped like a trash can.

    Quick tip: To delete all read emails from a specific sender, type from:username label:read in the search bar and follow the steps outlined above.

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    Faqs On How To Delete All Unread Emails In Gmail

    How do I delete thousands of emails in Gmail?

    An inbox cleaning app like Clean Email is the fastest way to delete thousands of messages in Gmail. It automates how emails are filtered and grouped based on your user history and any rules you set. Quickly review groups of messages that Clean Email has selected for deletion, then take one bulk action to delete all emails.

    How do you mass delete emails on Gmail?

    First, you need to filter your list of emails to delete. Use the Search Mail bar to search for all messages you want to delete . Once the list populates, click the checkbox to select all emails and then click the trashcan icon to delete. A faster way is to use an inbox cleaning tool like Clean Email.

    How do I select all unread emails in Gmail?

    Type is:unread in your Search Mail bar at the top of your inbox, then click Enter. All unread emails will be displayed. To select them, click the checkbox at the top of the email list. You can now take bulk actions with the selected messages, including archive, delete, or mark as spam.

    Clean Email Team

    How To Delete Everything In Gmail

    How to Delete All Emails in a Gmail Account

    When youre in your inbox, select the checkbox at the top of the page. You can then apply an action, like deletion, to all the items on that page.

    You can also choose to apply that same action across all the messages in your inbox. Click the Select All banner Gmail presents after youve clicked the checkbox.

    A quick tap of the trash can icon, and youll be sitting at Inbox Zero.ADD_THIS_TEXT

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    How Do I Delete All The Emails On My Gmail At Once

    Gmail interface is generally user-friendly. But you also need to know some stricks before getting to delete all emails at once. Follow the steps below, you can manage it with a couple of clicks.

    Step 1: You need to open the inbox section in which you want to clear out emails from e.g. Primary, Promotions, or Social. When you log in to your Gmail, it has 3 sections of inbox namely, Primary, Social, and Promotion. All you have to do is to go to the section where you would love to delete the emails.

    Step 2: Once the section is open where you need to delete the emails, click on the small box situated at the top-left corner of your present inbox page, it just right above the Compose button. This small box is a selection button that helps to make a selection of emails faster. Click on this small box and all the emails will be selected in a highlight. When clicked you will get 2 options right at the top saying “All 50 conversions on this page are selected” and the second sentence says “Select all XXXX conversions in Primary“. Select the second option.

    That XXXX is the total number of the automatically selected emails in your inbox when you click on the small box.

    Step 3: Click on the trashcan icon on the top left corner to delete all the selected emails. All deleted items always end up in the recycle bin, You can always go back to the recycle bin to recover your deleted messages if you like to. But be aware that Gmail automatically removes deleted mails from the bin after 30 days.

    How To Delete Old Emails In Gmail With A Click

    Wondering if theres an easier way how to access old emails in Gmail and delete them with a single click? If so, then we have good news for you: there is, and its name is Clean Email.

    Clean Email is a secure email organizer app that works with Gmail and all other major email services. What sets it apart from its competition is the fact that it doesnt monetize users private data, making it an excellent choice for email users who care about their privacy.

    But how to find my old emails in Gmail, you ask? Effortlessly:

  • Log in to Clean Email with your Gmail account:
  • Select Emails older than 6 months from the Smart Views section of the left pane.
  • You can then tweak your selection and apply any available action, such as deleting all selected messages by clicking the Trash icon.
  • Besides old messages, Smart Views let you see everything from automated emails to emails larger than 10 MB to messages youve sent to yourself.

    The most commonly used Smart Views can also be accessed from the Quick Clean section, which is essentially a collection of useful one-click email management shortcuts and a great place to start exploring the full potential of Clean Email.

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    How To Recover Old Deleted Gmail Emails From Your Computer

    Since it is pretty easy to auto delete emails in Gmail, you can remove your unwanted emails easily. Sadly, at times, people end up deleting their important emails by mistake from their computer. If your emails were saved on the local storage , then you can easily get them back. For this, you can use Wondershare Recoverit data recovery software, which is one of the best desktop recovery applications out there.

    • Using Recoverit Data Recovery, you can restore your deleted emails, photos, videos, documents, and other attachments.
    • The application can retrieve your lost or deleted emails, formatted drive’s content, and also perform Recycle Bin recovery.
    • If you want, you can easily filter results on the native interface of Recoverit and even preview your data beforehand.
    • It supports the recovery from the internal storage of your computer and external devices like USB drives or SD cards.
    • The free version of Recoverit Data Recovery can restore up to 100 MB of data and you can upgrade to its premium version to recover unlimited data.

    To know how Recoverit Data Recovery can restore your deleted emails, the following steps can be taken:

    Step 1 Select from where you lost your data

    At first, you can just launch Recoverit Data Recovery on your system and select a drive or partition to scan. You can also browse to a specific folder from where you lost your Gmail data.

    Step 2 Wait for the Recoverit to complete the scan

    Step 3 Restore your Deleted Gmail Data

    How To Permanently Delete Gmail Emails

    Delete all emails from gmail at once

    The deletion steps above put your email messages in the Trash folder. Messages left in the Trash folder are automaticallypermanently deleted after 30 days. Since you can access your Trash folder, you can move emailmessages out of there before they’re permanently deleted if you want to.

    What if you want to permanently delete your trash messagessooner than 30 days? You can do it. Here’s how:

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    How To Mass Delete Emails In Gmail

    The majority of electronic mail platforms provide email filters that you can use in order to keep your inbox clean. However, adding a filter doesn’t mean that you will stop receiving unwanted emails in your inbox. In such situations, the only viable choice is to delete the emails that you do not need.

    To mass delete emails from your Gmail inbox, follow these steps:

  • Head over to the official Gmail website.
  • Log in to your account by entering valid credentials.
  • Switch to the Inbox tab using the left sidebar.
  • Click on the Select button located on the left side of the Refresh button.
  • You will notice a prompt that states All 50 conversations on this page are selected. Select all conversations in Primary.
  • Click on the Select all conversations in Primary to continue.
  • Now, remove all the emails from your inbox by clicking on the Delete icon.
  • Confirm your choice by selecting Ok.
  • You can use Gmail’s search feature to find specific emails to remove from your account. For example, to delete all the emails that come from a particular email address, search for the email address using the search bar in Gmail. Then, follow the aforementioned steps to delete all the emails from your inbox.

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    How To Delete All Emails On Ios

    Heres how you can delete all your email correspondence from your iPad or iPhone:

    Step #1 Open the Gmail app on your iPhone or iPad.

    Step #2 Select the folder where the emails you want to delete are located.

    Step #3 From your list of emails, tap on the round thumbnail that represents the users profile picture. This should turn the thumbnail into checkboxes.

    Step #4 Select the email that you want to remove from your mailbox and then tap on Trash at the top of your devices screen.

    Step #5 Repeat the process until you remove all your emails.

    As you may have realized, this really isnt the best way to delete your emails. More so if you want to delete every correspondence on your mailbox. Using a desktop for clearing out your Gmail is hands down the more convenient option.

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    How To Delete All Emails From A Gmail Account

    Warning: this permanently removes all messages from a Gmail account, if you delete every gmail email there is no way to recover them. Only delete all Google Mail email messages if you are absolutely certain you never want to see, use, access, or retrieve any of the emails in that gmail account ever again.

  • Open your web browser of choice from any computer
  • Go to and login to the Gmail account you wish to delete all emails within
  • Choose All from the dropdown selection list to select all email messages on the current Gmail screen
  • Wait a moment and you will see a notification at the top of the screen saying something along the lines of All 50 conversations on this page are selected. with a secondary option alongside that saying Select all conversations in inbox choose that latter option to select every single email in the Gmail inbox
  • Now with all emails selected in Gmail, choose the Trash button to delete every single email message from that Gmail account
  • Thats it, every single selected email in the active Gmail inbox will be deleted. Since you chose the option to Select all conversations in inbox , that means every single email in the gmail account will be deleted.

    In the example here, over 37,000 emails are selected. Deleting that many emails from a Gmail account can take a while to complete.

    Note there is no way to cancel this method, nor is there any way to undo this deletion of emails. It is permanent.

    How To Unarchive An Email In Gmail

    How To Stop Gmail From Automatically Deleting Trash

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    Gmail offers two ways to get rid of an email: Archive and Delete. They may sound the same, but theres a big difference. Unlike deleted emails, archived emails are never completely gone and can easily be unarchived. Well show you how.

    An archived email is not technically removed from your account you can still search and find it just like any other email. However, archived emails wont show up in your main Inbox. Unlike deleted emails, they wont be permanently removed after 30 days either.

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    To unarchive an email, youll need to open Gmail in a desktop browser or on your iPhone, iPad, or Android device. Use the hamburger menu button at the top left corner of the screen to expand the menuif its not already expandedand select All Mail.

    This is where youll see received, sent, and archived emails in one place. Find the email you archived.

    If youre using the desktop version of Gmail, click the Move to Inbox icon in the top toolbar.

    If youre using the Gmail mobile app, tap the three-dot menu icon and select Move to Inbox from the pop-up menu.

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    How To Quickly Delete Single Gmail Emails

    You can swipe one email after the other to quickly remove several messages. You don’t even have to open an email to press the Delete icon.

    To delete Gmail messages by setting up a swipe action:

  • Tap the three horizontal lines in the upper-left portion of Gmail, then scroll down and select Settings.

  • Go to General settings and tap Swipe actions.

  • Tap Change next to Right swipe or Left swipe .

    Select Delete in the list that appears.

  • Tap the Back arrow to return to your email, and then swipe in the appropriate direction to delete emails.

  • If your Gmail account is set up to use IMAP, removing Gmail emails from your Android also deletes them from other devices connected to your account using IMAP.

    How To Delete All Emails On Android

    Now, lets concentrate on clearing your Gmail for Android devices. Simply follow the below steps for a clean mailbox:

    Step #1 Open your Gmail account.

    Step #2 Open the folder that contains the emails you want to remove.

    Step #3 Tap the icon on the left of the email that you want to delete. You can also press and hold the message to select it.

    Step #4 Tap on the other icons next to the other email that you want to delete from your Gmail mailbox.

    Step #5 Tap on the Delete icon located at the top of your screen.

    All the selected messages will now be deleted, and stored in your Trash folder.

    Again, this is a very time-consuming way to clear your mailboxjust like iOS. Its much better to use a desktop or laptop.

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    How To Delete All Emails From One Sender In Outlook

    The web version of Microsoft Outlook has come a long way, and the most recent version lets you remove messages from one email address in just three simple steps:

  • Log in to your Outlook account.
  • Enter the name or mail address of the sender whose messages you want to remove in the search bar and hit Enter.
  • The only limitation of this method is the fact that it automatically selects only the first 75 or so email messages. To remove the rest, you need to keep scrolling down until you reach the last message. Then, click the Delete All button, and you should be able to delete all emails at once.

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