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How To Delete Emails In Gmail Faster

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How To Automatically Delete Old Emails In Gmail

Gmail – How To Delete Emails in Bulk, Super Fast

GregoryRead more January 21, 2020

Email can be a tough thing to manage. In a work environment, its imperative that you keep an organized inbox in order to maintain efficiency. A cluttered inbox can prove a rather huge pain, especially when youre forced to scroll through mountains of older emails you may no longer need. At one time, those older emails may have served a purpose but have since turned into additional hurdles when looking for a specific email. An inbox filled with spam can really take away from your ability to manage your email library, and while there are plenty of ways to keep your email from getting on additional spam listswe recommend sending your email anonymouslyyou still have to clear out the old spam messages that found their way into your inbox in the first place.

To avoid a lot of time consumption I wouldnt recommend attempting to delete all of your older emails manually. Instead, thanks to the help of filters, youll be able to get rid of those emails much faster. By creating a filter you can delete old messages based on a specified time frame. The only problem I can see with using filters is that they only apply to newly received messages. You can apply filters in the future to ensure the pileup doesnt occur for a second time but what about those emails filling up your inbox now?

Part 1 How To Delete All Emails At Once On Outlook

If you have an outlook account, you can remove the unlimited emails that are unuseful to you. As you know, outlook saves numerous emails which sometimes causes your outlook account to get slow. To increase performance, one must get rid of unwanted and random emails. Here I will delete emails from my outlook account to show you how to delete outlook emails using different methods.

How To Quickly Delete Multiple Gmail Messages At Once On Iphone/android

1. Open the folder containing the Gmail messages you want to delete.

2. Click the sender icon to the left of the Gmail message you want to delete to select it, or you can long press on the text. Continue to do so with the other Gmail messages you want to delete.

Quick tip:

3. Finally click on the Delete button .

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Reduce The Number Of Email Conversations Shown In Your Inbox

When you have a lot of emails saved locally on your PC, a desktop application that you use to read and manage them may become sluggish sorting through them to present them to you. In that situation, deleting as many emails as you can part with can speed up the application. Because Gmail stores your emails in the cloud, however, deleting them wont necessarily speed it up.

But there is something you can do to help your browser load your inbox page faster: Scale back the number of conversations that appear in it. Gmail can be set to show 10, 15, 20, 25, 50 or 100 email conversations at once. The greater the number, the more time it takes Gmail to display them.

Whatever number you choose, youll still be able to get to the rest of your messages; it just takes an extra click. You can experiment with different numbers to find the balance between convenience and page-loading speed that works for you.

To make the change, click the gear icon and then Settings. You should be on the General tab. Next to Maximum page size, click the drop-down box and select the maximum number of email conversations you want shown at once in your inbox. Scroll down to the very bottom of the page and click the Save Changes button.


You can limit the number of email conversations Gmail shows when it loads the inbox.

Why Delete All Emails In Gmail You No Longer Need

How to Permanently Mass Delete All Emails in Gmail (Quickly)

The first is you could be missing something important. With a cluttered inbox it is difficult or even impossible to perfectly keep track of everything. It is easy to slip up and not see something that will turn out to be vital for work, or leave you accidentally ignoring a social event. If you learn how to delete all emails in Gmail, you can keep on top of things, and will find yourself being much more productive.

The next reason is that it is just stressful having a messy inbox. We can spend months, or, let’s be honest, years, looking at that unread list grow with stuff we never took the time to go through, delete, and organize. It is distracting, and the feeling you get cleaning out completely and starting fresh would be more than worth it even if there wasn’t the productivity boost.

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Take It Easy With The Browser Extensions

There are a lot of extensions for Chrome, Firefox and other browsers that add features to Gmail that it doesn’t already have, such as email tracking or additional formatting tools for composing messages. The Gmail Sender Icons extension, for example, shows the domain name and favicon associated with the sender’s email address next to the subject heading of their email, which I find helpful for quickly identifying senders.

Unfortunately, every one of these extensions can slow down how Gmail loads and performs at least a little. So stick with only the one or two Gmail extensions that you find most useful.


Browser extensions can add useful features to Gmail but using too many at once can slow it down.

How To Delete Mass Emails From The Search Box

This is one of the simplest ways to delete an email or emails and it works well if you have a lot but different emails that you want to delete. All you have to do is to search for a label or email address where the email was sent from or the email address you sent it to. You can search in these ways:

For example, on the search engine option type, “label: inbox”. By doing this it’s easy to search through your inbox.

  • Search for the email address. E.g. “To: “. Allows you to search for all the images you have sent to a person.
  • And if you want to search for the email address that was sent to you, all you have to do is go to the search option on the top. Then go ahead to type, “From: “.

You could also narrow your search to typing “is: ” or “is: “, etc.

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Select The Category Of Email You Want To Delete

Gmail, helpfully or annoyingly depending on your point of view, segments email into Primary, Social and Promotions categories.;

The easiest way to delete all emails in Gmail is to tackle each category one by one, and Im going to demonstrate with the Promotions segment for the purposes of this tutorial. Select the tab you want to clear with a click.;

Part 3 How To Permanently Delete Outlook Emails

How To Quickly: Bulk Delete Emails From A Sender In Gmail

If you find several unreasonable messages in your emails and don’t want to see them again, don’t worry at all, in Microsoft Outlook, you can permanently delete those messages at once. The above-described methods are some of the ways to remove outlook messages from inbox or specific folders but we all know even if we delete the emails they remain in the deleted folder and if they are personal then it an alarming situation because anyone can retrieve those messages in your absence. Whatever the reason is, you can permanently delete outlook emails within minutes.

The first way to permanently delete emails in outlook is to try to remove them from your deleted items folder. Once you delete them from the deleted items, it is permanently removed from the outlook. However, it can be also retrieved but up to 90%, people don’t know those methods so it is pretty secure.

Here is how to permanently delete outlook messages.

Go to the Deleted Items folder, right-click on it and choose the Empty Folder option.

Confirm the action by clicking on Yes.

Here, Microsoft’s outlook again comes up with ease. If you don’t want to go to the deleted items folder every time, no problem, you can go to outlook’s account advanced settings, and there you can set the condition that your outlook amount will automatically delete the deleted items folder whenever you exit the outlook and that sounds great.

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Mass Delete Gmail Messages

Now that I’ve found the messages I want to delete, I candelete all the email messages on the screen at once by using the BulkSelect checkbox in the upper left corner:;


As soon as you click the Bulk Select checkbox, all the messages that met your searchcriteria are automatically checked. To delete them, click the Trash icon above the selected messages .

Recover Deleted Gmail Items

Gmail does have a safeguard when it comes to deleted emails. They disappear from your Inbox or another tab, but they are still around for 30 days. This is why our storage number doesnt immediately change.

The deleted emails get temporarily stored in the Trash folder. You can see this folder in the left folder pane. The emails in this folder get purged every 30 days unless you opt to do it sooner. This means you can restore and move these emails to a different folder.

  • From the left folder pane, select Trash. Or you can type in:trash in the search box.
  • Find the emails you wish to restore.
  • Check the box to the left of each email.
  • Click the Move to icon on the top toolbar.
  • Select the destination folder for the emails.
  • The above steps for deleting Gmail in bulk wont get you to inbox zero in one fell swoop. However, it will give you the tools to chip away at large chunks of email.

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    Delete All Emails From A Folder

    The first technique we are going to discuss is how to delete all emails from a folder in outlook. Instead of selecting emails one by one you can delete the multiple emails within the folder.

    Now, right-click on the target folder and it will show you a list of actions.

    From those actions, click on the “Delete All” option and a prompt will appear in front of you inquiring that are you sure you want to delete the emails. Click on Yes to confirm the action and it will instantly delete all the emails inside the folder.

    That’s it. Your all messages or emails are moved to the Deleted Items folder and the target folder will appear with empty messages.

    Delete Old Emails Automatically

    How to Permanently Mass Delete All Emails in Gmail (Quickly)

    If you want to;delete old messages automatically, you can totally do that by setting up a filter.

    To do this, open the Gmail settings, go to;Filters and Blocked Addresses, and then click on;Create a new filter.

    In this interface, in the;Has the words;field, use one the time queries we explained before, like;older_than:90d, and finally click on;Create Filter.

    Finally, click on the;Delete it;option to delete these matching messages automatically.

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    How To Delete Bulk Emails In Gmail Using The Select All Checkbox

    While there are a lot of methods to help you manage theclutter in your inbox, often what helps the most is deleting messages you knowyou don’t need. But you don’t want to delete your unwanted Gmail email messagesone-by-one. That’s too time-consuming.

    A better idea is to mass delete emails in Gmail. Here’s whatto do:

    How To Delete Multiple Emails In Gmail Using Search Criteria

    The checkbox method of deleting emails on Gmail works wellif you’ve got many different types of emails you want to delete. But what if allthe emails you want to delete have something in common?

    For example, what if you wanted to delete all emails from aspecific sender? Or you wanted to delete all emails related to a particularproject.

    With Gmail you can define specific criteria for the messagesyou want to delete. Here’s how:

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    Delete Multiple Emails By Rules

    You can also use the Rules feature in outlook to delete the bulk emails at once.

    To do this go to the outlook’s home page and there you will find the Rules option as displayed in the image below. You will see two ways to delete the messages.

    Keep in mind, if you create a Rule to delete mass emails in outlook, then after deleting the messages, you must have to turn it off or delete it otherwise the next time the emails from the same user will be moved into a deleted folder instead of inbox.

    Follow the image below to create a rule.

    You will see a prompt like this. As you click ok, the whole email will be moved to the deleted folder.

    Now, go to again Rules option on the home page and click on Manage rules and alerts.

    How To Delete All Unread Emails In Gmail

    How to Quickly Delete all Emails in Gmail at Once | Delete all Read or Unread Mails at Once

    This is also one of the easiest ways of deleting an email or emails from your Gmail. Unread emails are emails that have not been opened or read by the recipient. If you have a lot of unread emails that you want to delete and they are scattered all over your email, you don’t have to go through the stress of deleting them one by one. There is a solution that helps you to delete them altogether. All you have to do is to follow the following steps that make it easier to do away with lots of unread messages.

    Step 1: Log in to your Gmail and on the search option that is at the top, type in is: “unread” or label: “unread”. Typing in this helps to narrow down your search result only to unread emails in your Gmail.

    Step 2: After all the unread messages have been listed, click on the small box at the left-hand corner just beside the compose option. The small box is there to allow you to select a lot of mails all at once so you do not have to go through the stress of selecting the mails one by one.

    Step 3: Once that is done, all the unread emails in your Gmail will be listed out. The next thing to do is to click on “select all conversations that match this search” because Gmail would automatically select only 50 unread messages once you click on that small box.

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    Mass Delete All Gmail Message

    You can also use the Gmail Search tool to mass delete all your Gmail messages. As before, open the Gmail Advanced Search dialog box:

    Advanced Search

    Make sure that AllMail is selected next to the Search field in the upper left of the dialogbox. Don’t fill out any of the other fields in the dialog box.

    Click the Searchicon in the lower left of the dialog box. All the messages in your Gmail systemappear, even if they’re in a label or a different tab. Even messages from your Drafts and Sent folder appear. Messages in your Trash and Spam folders,however, aren’t shown. The screen shows the rest of your Gmail messages:

    Batch Select

    Note: You may get aprompt that says Invalid search query -returning all mail. This is normal.

    Click the Bulk Selectcheckbox and all the messages are automatically selected:


    Click the Trashicon. All the messages have been deleted. Your screen should look like this:

    All the messages in your Gmail system have been sent to the Trash . ;

    Notice the warning highlighted in yellow at the top of thescreen. If you didn’t mean to mass delete all your Gmail emails, click the Undo link in the prompt now to get yourmessages back.;

    Delete All Emails From All Folders

    Besides deleting emails from folders, you can also remove the contents of an entire folder and subfolders. In that case, you can include any subfolders to be cleaned up with the primary folder.

    Go to your outlook home screen and hit a click on a folder whose messages you want to delete. Now from the top menu, click on the Clean Up option and as a result, you will see a dropdown listing three features.

    From the following options, choose anyone to accomplish the process:

      • To delete the emails or messages of the selected folder and the messages of any subfolders of that folder, select the Clean Up Folder & Subfolders option.
      • Select the Clean Up Folder option if you are willing to only remove the emails of the selected folder.

    That’s how you can easily delete all emails from all folders in outlook.

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    Delete Emails By Date

    Now lets say that you want to delete only emails you received before a certain date. You need to first type the specific date in the search bar to filter out emails before that date. For example, if you want to delete all emails you received before January 5, 2019, youll need to type before:2019/01/05 in the search bar.

    You need to type the date in the YYYY/MM/DD format.

    All the emails you received before this date will be listed now. If you want to delete them all, check the box below the search bar and then click on the trash can icon next to it. If you want to delete these emails individually, only check the boxes next to the emails you want to delete.

    Remember, these emails will go to the Trash now. If you want them removed forever, follow Step Four mentioned earlier in this article.

    You can also search your emails by how old they are. For instance, if you only want to see a list of emails that are over a year old, youd need to type older_than:1y in the search bar. You can delete these emails in the way discussed above.

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