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How To Delete All Promotions In Gmail On Phone

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How To Delete All Read Or All Unread Emails On Gmail

How to Delete All Promotions in Gmail at Once

1. Log in to your Gmail account.

2. In the search bar at the top of the screen, type label:read to display all read emails or label:unread to display all unread emails.

3. Click the Select all box to the left of the Refresh button. This will select all emails on the current page . To mass delete all emails in this category , also click Select all conversations that match this search.

4. Then click the Delete icon at the top, which is shaped like a trash can.

Quick tip: To delete all read emails from a specific sender, type from:username label:read in the search bar and follow the steps outlined above.

How To Move Emails From Primary To Promotions In Gmail

Gmail comes with pre-set filters that identify which emails go into which tabs i.e., category:promotions. However, this filter is not perfect, and as such, the wrong message can be sent into the Promotions folder. Below is how to move emails from promotions to primary category or vice versa.

  • Log into your account on desktop.
  • Highlight the message you intend to move, right-click on your mouse, and select Move tab.
  • In the next screen, simply select where you want to move the message to.
  • Once moved, all future emails will enter into the new tab.
  • Deleting All Promotional Emails On Mobile

    As of now, Google hasn’t made it possible to select multiple emails at once on mobile. Rather, simply hold down each promotional email to mark the ones you want to delete, then click the bin icon at the top.

    On mobile, however, another technique can be used to select all Promotional emails at once. Access the web version of Gmail on your mobile device . Doing this on desktop is definitely easier, but if you don’t have any other choice, then follow these instructions for mobile.

    First ensure that you are logged in, and and after doing so you’ll be redirected to another page. Simply click the “Use Web Version” button, which is shown here:

    Note: You’ll find the “Use Web Version” button at the bottom part of the page, under the blue button.

    After you have done that, you will be directed to the page below. Click on the menu icon at the top-left side of the page:

    Once done, you will be directed to your menu page. Click on the “desktop” link, which is at the bottom part of the menu page:

    You should then be directed to the following page:

    Now zoom in to the bottom part of this page where you will find the “standard” link, just as shown here:

    Once you have located the “standard” link, click it and you will be directed to your Gmail account in the desktop view:

    From here on out, the process is much like the in the desktop version. To locate the promotional emails in your inbox, click on the Promotion tab:

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    Deleting Multiple Gmail Emails

    When it comes to email deletion, the iOS Gmail app isnt really feature-rich. You can either delete each email separately or select multiple emails and delete them. The issue with the second option is that you have to select each email manually, which could take a huge amount of time, or for some even an eternity.

    Still, if this is the way you want to go about this, heres what you have to do:

  • Open the Gmail app on your iPhone.
  • Choose a folder where the emails are located.
  • In the list of emails, tap on the round thumbnail representing the users profile. This will turn the thumbnails into checkboxes.
  • Select the email or emails that you want to remove, then tap the trash can icon at the top of the screen.
  • As you can see, this is very easy to do but its far from a convenient way of removing all your Gmail emails. This is why if you really want to do this, youre going to have to use the desktop version of Gmail.

    Why Delete All Emails On Gmail You No Longer Need

    How to Delete All Promotions in Gmail at Once on PC, iPhone, Android, etc.

    Before we explain how to delete Gmail emails, lets look at why you may want to delete these emails in the first place. Well, there are actually two reasons why youll want to do this.

    The first is you could be missing something important. With a cluttered inbox it is difficult or even impossible to perfectly keep track of everything. It is easy to slip up and not see something that will turn out to be vital for work, or leave you accidentally ignoring a social event. If you learn how to delete all emails Gmail, you can keep on top of things, and will find yourself being much more productive.

    The next reason is that it is just stressful having a messy inbox. We can spend months, or, let’s be honest, years, looking at that unread list grow with stuff we never took the time to go through, delete, and organize. It is distracting, and the feeling you get cleaning out completely and starting fresh would be more than worth it even if there wasn’t the productivity boost.

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    Bonus Tip: Remove Promotions Tab In Gmail

    Just like the Gmail app, on PC it also delivers emails to all its tabs based on some factors that include sender info, email content, and user engagement. Thats why some emails go straight to the Promotions tab. Heres how you can disable this tab in your Gmail inbox on PC:

    1. Click on the Settings in the top right corner and then select See all settings from the drop-down menu.

    2. Fro there, select the Inbox tab and under Categories, uncheck the box next to Promotions. You can also uncheck any other unwanted tabs to remove them from the inbox as well.

    3. Lastly, click on Save Changes at the bottom of the screen.

    Thats it. This will allow all Promotional emails to be delivered to directly your Primary inbox. You can choose to remove all the tabs from here and then your only inbox will have all the emails that might not look that clean.

    Note: If you are using another theme in Gmail and cannot see the Setting like the above screenshot. You can go to See all settings just like above and then under the Inbox tab, you will have the option to enable the category tabs by yourself, just like the below image.

    Also, if you want to keep the Promotions tab but do not want the top picks promotion in it. You can keep the Promotions tab and then under Bundling in Promotions uncheck the box beside Enable bundling of top promo emails in Promotions.

    This will keep your pro optional emails and deals in the said tab but will not show top picks promotions, company logos, etc.

    The Best Way To Block Promotional Emails In Gmail

    Its easy to delete all Promotions in Gmail. We can make things even easier by blocking unwanted promotional emails in the first place. There are two common ways that you can use.

    You can use Gmails built-in blocking function. Go to the Promotions tab. Open an email, click the three-dot menu in the upper right corner and choose to block the sender. The future emails from the sender will be delivered to the spam folder. It will take a few clicks or taps.

    The easier way is to use third-party apps like to block unwanted promotions and other types of emails in Gmail. Junkmail Stop is an iOS app that allows you block Gmail with just one single tap.

    1. and install Junkmail Stop on your iPhone. Open it. Sign in with your Gmail account.

    2. In your Promotions inbox, find an email that you want to block. There is no need to open the email. Just tap the switch to enable blocking.

    Its that easy. You can use this app to get rid of unwanted promotional emails as well as other types of unwanted emails.

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    What Is Top Picks In Gmail

    In the Promotions tab of Gmail, the emails are divided into two unsaid categories. Top picks or top promotions and other promotions. The emails that come under top picks are seen with an image and they stand out from the rest of the promotional emails. If an advertiser or promotional newsletters adopt Accelerated Mobile Pages on their emails, they are sent into top picks automatically by the Google algorithm along with the top bidder.

    How To Remove Top Picks From Gmail Desktop

    Delete the content of the Social or Promotions folder in Gmail

    To remove Top Picks from Gmail, log in to your Gmail account and,

  • Then click on See all settings
  • Select Inbox tab
  • Uncheck the button beside Enable bundling of top promo emails in promotions
  • Then click on Save Changes
  • Lets get into the details of the process.

    On your Gmail account, click on the Gear icon at the top-right and then click on See all settings.

    It opens the Settings page of Gmail. By default, the General tab is selected. Select Inbox tab beside Labels and Accounts and Import.

    Then in the Inbox tab, under the Categories section, uncheck the button beside Enable bundling of top promo emails in Promotions. It will stop the bundling of emails as top picks and other picks.

    After unchecking the button, scroll down and click on Save Changes for the changes to save and take effect.

    This is how you can disable or remove top picks in Gmail.

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    How To Delete Old Emails Before A Specific Date

    If you want to delete all old emails before a specific date, you can use the before or older_than parameters in your Gmail.

    Both filters do a similar job, but the before parameter is more specific in that it lets you send emails to the trash folder that you received before a specific date. To do this, you can use the following format:

    before: YYYY/MM/DD

    Say you want to delete all emails received before December 25, 2021. Youll need to run the following search query:


    Alternatively, you can use the older_than parameter. Again, say you want to delete all emails received before December 25, 2021 on December 26, 2021. You can use the following search query:

    older_than: 1d

    You can use d for days and y for years. However, you cant use decimal values here and search for 1.5 years. Youll instead need to enter 182 days.

    Note that the results for the before and older_than parameters may be different. The before parameter also pulls sent emails as well. However, the older_than parameter scans only received emails.

    Once youve used either of those search queries, youll see all emails received before the specified date.

    To delete them, select the arrow beside the checkbox at the top-left. From the drop-down menu, select the All option. Youll also see a notification that reads Select all conversations that match this search at the top. Select it, and then select the trashicon from the top to move emails to your digital trash can.

    How To Delete All Of Your Gmail E

    William StantonRead moreJanuary 7, 2021

    Does your Gmail icon have a red blob with a 4-digit number in its top-right corner?

    If youve been using Gmail for a while, theres a high chance the answer is yes. No matter how hard you try to stay away from all kinds of mailing lists, Gmail clutter is bound to happen at some point. If you use it for business purposes, this will likely happen sooner than later.

    So what do you do in this situation? Unfortunately, the iOS version of the Gmail app doesnt allow you to delete all emails. Theres no such feature native to the app, so youll have to find another approach. First, lets take a look at what you can do from within the app.

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    How Do I Delete All Emails On Gmail On Samsung

    If youre wondering how to delete all emails on Gmail on Samsung, youre not alone. Hundreds of people have wondered the same thing. Thankfully, Samsungs default Email app makes this process easy. Simply tap an email and hold it to select it. Youll notice its highlighted. Then, swipe to the left or right to delete the email. Youll find its no longer in your Inbox.

    To delete the emails in bulk, tap the trashcan icon in the upper-right corner. This will move the email to the Trash folder. Once youve finished, youll notice that all emails have been deleted. This process will take a few seconds. But the result will be worth it! Delete All Emails on Gmail on Samsung

    To delete all emails on Gmail on Samsung, open the Gmail application and go to the All Conversations page. Once there, tap the label selector to select all the conversations in the particular category. Click the trash icon to remove the selected emails. Youll see a list of your emails. Choose the one that best fits your needs. After choosing all the emails, you can also choose to delete them in bulk.

    How To Delete All Emails On Android

    How To Mass Delete Emails On Iphone Gmail

    Now, lets concentrate on clearing your Gmail for Android devices. Simply follow the below steps for a clean mailbox:

    Step #1 Open your Gmail account.

    Step #2 Open the folder that contains the emails you want to remove.

    Step #3 Tap the icon on the left of the email that you want to delete. You can also press and hold the message to select it.

    Step #4 Tap on the other icons next to the other email that you want to delete from your Gmail mailbox.

    Step #5 Tap on the Delete icon located at the top of your screen.

    All the selected messages will now be deleted, and stored in your Trash folder.

    Again, this is a very time-consuming way to clear your mailboxjust like iOS. Its much better to use a desktop or laptop.

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    How To Delete All Emails In Gmail

    In the early days of webmail services, constantly deleting email to free up space was just something you had to do. Google changed all of that: with gigabytes of free space, Gmail users could just let their old email pile up on the off chance they ever needed to dig out a five-year old message.

    But sometimes you just want a fresh start, and if you have thousands of useless old emails sitting around, you may worry the process will take some time. Fortunately, Gmail has a way of getting rid of all your emails at once, giving you a nice empty inbox to start over with. Heres how to delete all emails in Gmail in one go.

    Why Do Emails Get Delivered To Gmail Promotions Tab

    Gmail uses intelligent algorithms to scan every email.

    If you send marketing emails or bulk emails that include deals, offers and other promotional messages from a third-party email service provider or email marketing software like Mailchimp, Aweber, ActiveCampaign, etc., this would trigger the filters.

    This is the reason why your emails go into the promotions box.

    84.5% of the messages triggered as promotion land in the Promotions tab, out of which only 19.2% are read, which is the lowest among all the tabs.

    This makes it clear that landing in the primary inbox is much more significant for your product or service than you think.

    So, it becomes crucial to move your email from promotions to the primary tab of Gmail to increase email open rate and boost your conversion rate.

    So without further delay, lets dive into how to avoid Gmail promotions tab and reach the primary inbox instead.

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    Empty The Trash And Repeat The Process For Other Tabs

    You dont need to do anything more, so consider this an optional step, but your deleted emails will sit in your trash folder for 30 days before Google actually deletes them.

    If you want to expedite the process, you can head to the Trash folder and empty it manually. Once done, repeat steps 2-6 with the Primary and Social tabs, and your Gmail will be completely empty.

    Now you know how to delete all emails in Gmail, you might want to check out some other Gmail guides, including how to schedule an email in Gmail and how to change your password in Gmail.

    How Do You Mass Delete Emails On Samsung Galaxy

    Gmail – Delete all promotions email from Gmail promotions tab

    Delete Multiple Emails

  • From a Home screen, touch and swipe up or down to display all apps. These instructions apply to Standard mode and the default Home screen layout.
  • Tap. Email.
  • How do I erase an email account? How to delete a Gmail account

  • Open the email from Google you should have received with your alternate email.
  • Follow the deletion link in the message.
  • If prompted, log into the Gmail account you want to delete.
  • Select « Yes, I want to delete »
  • How do I delete all my emails on Samsung Galaxy? How to delete all email on a Samsung Galaxy S10

  • Open the Email app and sign into your account.
  • Tap and hold any email in your Inbox.
  • Tap the small circle labeled « All, » located in the upper left corner of the screen.
  • Tap the button labeled « Delete, » located in the lower-right corner of the screen.
  • How do I delete emails quickly?

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    Avoid Spam Trigger Words

    There are plenty of words that will trigger the Gmail filters and send your email in the promotions box.

    Here are the most common spam trigger keywords:

    • No credit card

    You can read a whole list of such words and make sure you avoid them as much as possible. It will also ensure high email deliverability.

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