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How To Decorate Top Of Kitchen Cabinets Pinterest

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Build Kitchen Cabinets Up To The Ceiling

Kitchen Decorate with Me | Pinterest Inspired Kitchen Decor | Kitchen Inspiration

Source: Thrifty Decor Chick

This DIY has been a top-contender in my kitchen inspiration search for quite some time. This blogger basically built simple plywood boxes and mounted them abover her upper cabinets. This creates little cubbies that can hold decorative storage boxes or other items to put on display.

Change Out Everyday Items For Christmas Items

After I decorated the stairs and added the wreaths, I changed out our everyday items with Christmas items. For example, our kitchen towels get changed out for Christmas towels. I usually pick some up every year.

And then I LOVE to change out our regular mugs for Christmas mugs. Its just so fun!

Tap the images below to shop Christmas mugs and dish towels:

Its also a perfect time to change out any art or wall signs. I took down the Pucketts sign that normally hangs near our back door and exchanged it with a Merry Christmas sign. And I changed out some of the art frames in the corner of my living room with some .

See my Christmas Printable Collections HERE!

And then you might notice that we got a new bench in front of the windows by the back door. I changed out the pillows for some Christmas pillows.

This back door in our kitchen is the door to our garage. And its where we come in and out of the house 95% off the time. So, I needed to create a drop zone without much wall space. This storage bench is the perfect solution for storing our shoes and giving us a place to put those shoes on!

Even Small Spaces Can Be Decorated

If space for extra decor is limited, find stylish ways to display your kitchen necessities. You can find beautiful jars or pots to use as utensil holders, decorative canisters for day-to-day items, a beautiful epergne to display fruits, a French bottle drying rack for cups, or even a plate stand to display a collection of plates.

And speaking of plates, investing in a beautiful set of everyday dishes can really add a decorative touch.

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Ornaments Hanging From The Chandelier & Gingerbread House Village

Over at the kitchen table, I added some whimsy by hanging gold ornaments with red velvet ribbon from the chandelier. I really wanted to find some red ornaments, but I think the gold ornaments with red ribbon turned out even better than what I envisioned.

Then I cut some cedar branches from our yard and intertwined them in the middle of the chandelier. I think this is hands down my MOST favorite moment in the kitchen.

And of course, our Christmas gingerbread house village the girls and I made together is the perfect centerpiece for the kitchen table.

Fill It With Greenery

62 best Decorating Above Kitchen Cabinets images on ...

Even if your kitchen is dark, you can brighten it up by adding natural elements to the space above the cabinets. Adding billowy fern leaves, fake flower stems, and crawling ivy are all popular ways to bring the beauty of the outdoors into your kitchen. Placing the greenery in bright white bottles will deliver a contrasting look to make the color of the leaves really pop. Garland is also a beautiful way to add color and an outdoorsy vibe to your kitchen. Greenery is an easy decor item that you can change out with the season. For example, during the holidays, try evergreen branches and large pinecones. Pumpkins and fall foliage make perfect additions for the autumn season.

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Ideas To Decorate Kitchen Countertops

One of the most coveted pieces of real estate in your home is your kitchen counters! We want them to be functional and beautiful! Today lets talk about ideas to decorate your kitchen counters.

This post contains affiliate links. That means when you click on some of the links in this post and you make a purchase I earn a small commission at no cost to you. All my opinions are my own.

Take a good look at your kitchen counters. Go ahead, Ill wait!

Well, what did you see? Clutter? Dishes not put away? Countertops filled with small kitchen appliances? If you said yes, then this post is for you!

And if you said no, this post is for you too!

Really, this post is for anyone who has a kitchen!

Today Im sharing lots of great ideas for decorating kitchen countertops. And not just decorating really, but creating countertops, these prime kitchen surfaces, what are useful and attractive!

Here are 7 ideas for decorating your kitchen countertops.

If You Have Space Use It

There are definitely two sides to the debate as to whether to decorate above the kitchen cabinets. My feeling is that if your style is more clean and contemporary, then not decorating above the cabinets and instead, leaving some negative space, creates a much sleeker look. If, on the other hand, your style is a bit more traditional or eclectic, then using this space is a great way to show off more of your style with groupings of beautiful accessories.

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A Few Words Of Caution About Decorating Above The Cabinets:

1. Clearance:

  • Make sure you have adequate clearance between the cabinets and the ceiling before you decide to add accessories. You should have around 24 of space to ensure that the items can be seen and do not appear to be stuffed above the cabinets.

2. Blank Space:

  • Just because you have the space doesnt mean you need to fill all of it! How much of the space you use really depends on what you are displaying.

If you are displaying a collection of like items, then filling the entire space gives it a seamless look.

3. Skip the Vines

Please try to resist the use of fake vines across the top of the cabinets! Not only is this not practical because they collect and show a ton of dust, but also, they lookwell..fake! Unless the ceiling above your cabinets is entirely made of glass, no one will believe that you have live plants growing across the top of your cabinets.

If you want to include an organic element to the space, consider baskets or wooden bowls. If your goal is to add some color, consider a display of decorative plates or canisters.

Create Special Christmas Moments Throughout The Room

Organizing My Kitchen Cabinets Into A Pinterest Dream | Organize With Me

The next thing I did to add some Christmas cheer to my kitchen is by creating little moments or zones. If I just spread Christmas decor all over the kitchen, it wouldnt make as big of an impact than if I create little zones. I try to do this in my everyday decor, so its easy for me to do it with holiday decor as well.

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Kitchen Island Christmas Decor

Next up, lets decorate the kitchen island for Christmas. Or perhaps its a peninsula. Or maybe just a countertop! Basically, these ideas work for decorating your kitchen countertop for Christmas no matter what shape or style you have.

Our kitchen island is about 84 long. Its size is great for prep space and island eating, but its not great for loads of decor.

I like to keep our island fairly clutter free since it tends to be the drop zone of life.

In 5 minutes, you can pull together a beautiful island centerpiece for your Christmas decor using these main staples:

  • Tray, tiered stand, pedestal or lazy susan to corral items into one easy-to-move space.
  • Greenery
  • Holiday decor staple
  • Candles or battery operated candles

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First, start with something that can help corral all the pieces you want to use on your island. I like pedestals or trays because they are easy to pick up and move when you need your island space back.

Next, add in an odd number of the remaining decor staples.

I chose to add greenery around my elevated candle for the first item, then I added a deer and bowl of ornaments.

And, voilá! Super simple kitchen island Christmas decor that can be moved out of the way as needed.

Combined With Open Shelving

This kitchen has cabinets that go all the way to the ceiling, and while thats nice in terms of storage, its also kind of boring to look at. Depending on your kitchens layout, it also has the potential to make the space feel cluttered and cramped.

So, if you dont have any space over the kitchen cabinets, consider sacrificing one to create some open space. You can then hang some floating shelves, with the bottom few still providing storage, and the top sitting at the same level as about halfway up of the cabinets.

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Brick Texture Over Cabinets

Source: Lark and Linen

I love the idea of making a statement with your backsplash and then carrying that pattern all the way up the wall. Bonus: no dusting of knick-knacks above the cabinet. Clean and simple! You could pretty easily install a similar brick backsplash using faux brick panels, peel-and-stick wallpaper, or brick veneer.

Christmas Wreaths On The Cabinets

Best 25+ Cabinet top decorating ideas on Pinterest

Moving on into the kitchen, I hung up some simple wreaths I found at the dollar bins at Target with some red plaid ribbon. Ive had that ribbon for probably 8 years, so I dont have a link. But any pretty ribbon would do!

In the past Ive hung up my wreaths on the cabinets with scotch tape. But this year I got fancy and hung them with command hooks. I cut a small slit in the ribbon and hooked them on the hooks. Voila!

Im seriously thinking about leaving the command hooks up all year long. Do you think they will damage the cabinets if I just leave them up forever?!

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The Mini Christmas Village

I made a mini Christmas village on the counter where I keep our utensil canister, knives, flour and sugar. Ive had the little figurines for years, but added the ceramic trees, mini wooden houses and bottlebrush tree candle this year. I love it!

Ceramic Trees | Candle with Bottle Brush Tree Topper | Brass Cabinet Knobs | Butter Bell | Wood House | Figurines | Similar Utensil Canister

When you group a bunch of smaller items like this together it definitely makes a bigger impact!

Those ceramic trees are one of my favorite finds this year! I found them in a small boutique shop, but hunted them down online so I could share them with you here. Im very tempted to get some more!

Create A Vignette On The Top Of The Cabinet With Larger Accessories

Last, but definitely not least, the top of a cabinet or hutch is a fun canvas to feature larger items that dont fit inside. You can either carry through the theme youve got going inside the cupboard, or block off the glass fronts if showing the inside would be too busy. At Christmas time, my house gets very busy with decor, so I decided to simply tape some burlap fabric to the inside of these glass doors. The change was a nice rest for my eyes.

As you might have guessed, styling glass front cabinets is one of my favorite decorating jobs! Have I convinced you that you need more glass front cabinets in your life? I hope so! They hold so much decorating possibility and can be used in any room of your home. Theyre a great way to enjoy all the fun vintage things without getting too cluttery. And if youre square-feet challenged, like me, they are a big decorating bang for the footprint.

Hutch displays can offer many of these same decor possibilities, and I cant wait to see how the rest of my Lifestyle of Love friends decorated their homes. Visit the talented Emily at Le Cultivateur next she has ahhhmazing vintage-filled displays in her home!

Thanks for reading 10 Styling Ideas That Make Glass Front Cabinet Displays Beautiful! Become an Insider down below to keep the ideas & inspiration going!

Please Pin, Share, and Enjoy the Rest of the Inspiration!

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Add A Wide Variety Of Textures To Your Display

You can decorate your glass front cabinet display a thousand different ways, but it can be fun to bring in a wide variety of textures. I consciously go through a checklist in my mind of all the different surface materials Im using: glass, wood, metal, woven, painted, foliage. Its a great way to think of accessories you may have somewhere in your home you hadnt thought of using.

Minute Christmas Kitchen Decorating Ideas

How to Pinterest a Kitchen Remodel

Love it? Share it!

Christmas kitchen decorating ideas should be simple and quick so you can focus on holiday festivities! I love adding small touches of Christmas decor to my kitchen, but I definitely dont want to spend a lot of time there. So Ive rounded up some very easy and quick kitchen cabinet Christmas decorations, as well as ideas for the whole room. Enjoy these easy 10 minute decorating ideas!

For your convenience, Ive provided affiliate shopping links at the end of this post for my decor sources.

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Christmas Kitchen Decorating Ideas For Windows

Last, but not least, decorate your kitchen windows for Christmas!

This year I did a very petite and subtle snowflake garland . Plus, the same wreath I did on my cabinet for the center window.

Adding these elements to your kitchen windows is very festive, super fast, and keeps countertops clutter free!

More Ideas for Window Decor

You can see some other varieties Ive done in years past for how to decorate kitchen windows for Christmas here:

Should You Decorate Above Kitchen Cabinets

Yes! Decorating the top of your kitchen cabinets is a fun way to display personal tastes and add flair to your kitchen. Depending on your kitchen style modern, rustic or even contemporary, there are many options available. You could even change your decorating style with the seasons. Read on and learn more fun ways to decorate your cabinets, according to your own personal style.

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Create A Cookbook Library

If your innocent cookbook-hoarding habit leaves you with perpetually cluttered countertops and non-existent counter space, its time to take control of your kitchen. Use the gap between your upper cabinets and ceiling to create a custom cookbook library like this beauty by interior designer Jenn Feldman. Not only will adding bookshelves enable you to use your counters, but it will also bring character and height to your kitchen design.

Create An En Masse Display

Decor Above Kitchen Cabinets

At the total opposite end of the spectrum is to create a display with all one thing. Kind of like using a collection, styling with all one item can be both relaxing and exciting at the same time. I love stuffing a whole cabinet with vintage books with their page sides sticking out. Or, have the binding sides out and group them by color. This type of display can be artistic and bring an eclectic flair to your home. Plusits easy!

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There Are Times When Decorating Above The Cabinets Can Work

Items that are simple in style and shape are best up high.

I am such a fan of kitchen cabinets to the ceiling and overscaled, tall cabinets that fit the height of these new homes with higher ceilings.

It’s as if the builders didnt get the memo that if youre going to raise the ceiling, the cabinets and other elements need to go too!

Seriously though . . . While Im not in love with the stuff that people arrange way up high just to fill a small void, and I do think people overload those areas where its not necessary, there are certain situations and certain times when some decorating actually does need to be done above a cabinet.

For example: If your cabinet is fairly short — let’s say about 5 or 6 high and it looks way shorter than the ceiling. If it sort of cries out for something to be put above it — that’s okay, you can decorate it -)

Really, there are a few approaches you can take when decorating above a cabinet.

So, to make sure one of them really works for you, you first have to determine if you have the right space for what you want to put up there and if you have the right accessories to do the job.

If you do, you can then begin to address your cabinet decorating as follows.

Make The Background Of Your Glass Front Cabinet Interesting

Before you add anything to your cabinet, think about the back wall. How can you make the backdrop of your display interesting? You can paint it, add a texture like beadboard or rustic wood, or even hang patterned wallpaper, fabric or decorative paper. Depending on what youre going to display, you can really punch up the wow factor with something fun!

Another idea is to hang a decorative accessory on the back wall of your cupboard. A pretty wreath, frame, or plate can set off your vignette beautifully.

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