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How To Deactivate Your Twitter Account

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What Does The Twitter Archive Show You

How to Delete Your Twitter Account 2021

Your archived data will come in the form of a zip folder. Clicking the Your archive link will show you an HTML document with an interface thats similar in aesthetic to that of the Twitter platform itself. This file holds all of your account information up until the moment the archive was requested.

You can view account information, Tweets, likes, direct messages, blocked and muted accounts, personalization data, lists, and more. Note that this file is for reference only and can not be used as a backup to restore data to your account.

How To Delete A Twitter Account

The first step to deleting a Twitter account is deactivating it. If you choose not to reactivate your account within 30 days, your account will be deleted permanently.

Despite the month-long delay, its a relatively simple process. Read on to learn how to delete your Twitter account for good.

Bear in mind that if you want to download an archive of your Twitter data, youll need to do so before you deactivate your account.

I Want To Deactivate My Twitter Account On Desktop

If you want to delete your account on a laptop or computer, follow these steps:

  • Sign in to your account on the website.
  • Click on Settings and Privacy from the or More menu under your profile icon.
  • In the Your Account section of the menu, select Deactivate.
  • Click Deactivate.
  • Finally, enter your password and click Deactivate account.

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First Things First: Make A Twitter Backup

If you want to delete Twitter, we understand the urge to just get on with it. However, its best not to delete a Twitter account hastily. After all, you may have had some memorable moments during your time on the platform. Maybe you shared some pictures or videos youd rather not lose.

It is all too easy to forget about things you shared on social media that may be important to you. With the sheer volume of data we share these days, it is almost impossible to keep track of the things you post online. Thats why we recommend making a backup of your data before deleting your Twitter account.

To create a backup of your Twitter data, follow the steps outlined below. If youd rather not create a backup before you delete Twitter, skip this and move on to the next section.

  • Go to Twitter and log in.
  • On the left panel, locate the More icon its the circle with three dots. Tap on it to go to your account settings.
  • Select Settings and privacy.
  • Your account, then click on . You may be required to provide your password to proceed.
  • Click the blue button that says Request archive.
  • Note: You can do this on a desktop device or a laptop.

    According to Twitter, once you put in a request, it can take 24 hours or longer to prepare your archive for download. Twitter claims they do this as a security measure to prevent cybercriminals from stealing your data. You will get a notification from Twitter once your archive is ready.

    How To Delete Your Twitter Account From A Desktop Device

    How to Delete Your Twitter Account

    1. Go to your Twitter page.

    2. Click on More from the options on the left side of the screen. Select Settings and privacy.

    3. Click on Your account if this isnt selected yet, although it probably is.

    4. Click on Deactivate your account. Confirm by clicking on Deactivate.

    5. Fill out your account password and click Deactivate to confirm once more.

    The deactivation process is instant. If you want to delete your Twitter, all you have to do is simply not use the platform for 30 days and your account and all associated data will be erased from Twitters servers. Keep in mind, however, that people may still be able to view some of your tweets on Google, Bing, and other search engines.

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    How To Delete Twitter

    1.Log into your Twitter account and go to the homepage.

    2. Navigate down to the bottom left of the screen and tap on the three dots under your profile emoji. On desktop, this will be found in the “more” option on the top left menu on the screen.

    3. Once on your profile page, tap on Settings and privacy” locatedat the bottom of the screen. Again, on desktop, this will just be on the list menu that appears after clicking “more.”

    4. Next, tap on “Your account”at the very top of the screen.

    5. Tap “Deactivate your account”at the bottom of the screen.

    6. Next, youll see a prompt for information regarding the deactivation of your account, along with how to recover it within 30 days after deactivating it. Tap on the “Deactivate”hyperlink at the bottom of the page.

    7. After completing Step 6, youll be asked to confirm your password in order to delete your account. Enter your password in the appropriate space.

    8. After entering your password, you will be prompted once more if you would like to delete your account. Enter “Yes, deactivate.”

    There you have it. Once you have successfully deleted your account, you will be redirected back to the login screen.

    How To Deactivate And Reactivate Twitter

    Does deactivating Twitter delete everything?

    No, deactivating Twitter does not delete everything. Your account will be deactivated, but all of your tweets will still be there.

    Can I get my Twitter account back after deactivating it?

    Yes, you can reactivate your Twitter account after deactivating it. To do so, log in to Twitter using the same username and password you used before deactivating your account. Your account will be reactivated and all of your previous tweets will be restored.

    Do I lose my followers if I deactivate Twitter?

    Theres no definite answer, as each follower is technically a separate account. However, many people believe that if you deactivate your Twitter account, any followers you have will automatically be removed from your list.

    How many times can you deactivate Twitter?

    Twitter can be deactivated as many times as the user wants. The account can be reactivated by simply logging back in to the account.

    What does a deactivated Twitter account look like?

    A deactivated Twitter account looks just like a regular Twitter account, except the user has chosen to disable their account. This means that the account is no longer accessible and the tweets are no longer visible.

    Can you temporarily deactivate Twitter?Can I reactivate my Twitter account after 30 days?

    Yes, you can reactivate your Twitter account after 30 days. To reactivate your account, go to and click Reactivate my account.

    How long is a Twitter suspension?

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    How To Delete Your Twitter Account And Reactivate It If You Change Your Mind

    Removing yourself from Twitter isn’t as easy as you think — there’s more to it than hitting a delete button.

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    Katie is a Writer at CNET, covering all things how-to. When she’s not writing, she enjoys playing in golf scrambles, practicing yoga and spending time on the lake.

    Elon Musk, CEO of Tesla, Space X and Boring Company, has entered into a . Once Musk acquires the company, big changes could be on the horizon, and not just an edit button. The deal will also take the service from public to privately held.

    If you’ve been on the fence for a while about deleting your Twitter account, we’ll explain what your options are below, including whether you can change your mind about deactivating your account. For more, .

    Deactivate Your Twitter Account In The Twitter App

    How to Permanently Delete Your Twitter Account

    If youre using a smartphone, go to the Twitter app and make sure youre logged in.

    • Tap your profile icon in the top-left corner. A menu will pop out from the side. Tap Settings and privacy on the bottom.
    • Tap Your account at the top. On the Your account page, select Deactivate Account at the bottom.
    • After you read through all your options, Deactivate is on the bottom of the page.

    A few things to note:

    • To reiterate: your account wont be permanently gone after this process. Twitter retains your information for 30 days before deleting it permanently. To restore your account, log back in and confirm that you want to reactivate your account.
    • If you plan to create a new Twitter account with the same username and email address as the account youre deactivating, switch the current account to a different username and email address before you deactivate
    • If you want to download your Twitter data, do that before deactivating. Twitter cant send data from inactive accounts.
    • Google and other search engines cache results, meaning your old profile and tweets may still pop up in response to search queries on occasion. However, anyone who clicks them will get an error message.

    Deactivating your account can be a hassle, but to Twitters credit, its much more straightforward than the process of deleting some other services, such as Uber and Lyft.

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    Everything You Need To Know About How To Delete A Suspended Twitter Account

    Getting rid of a suspended Twitter account is not as direct as deleting an active account. How do you delete it when you can’t access the Deactivate your account option?

    This guide will help you discover how to delete a suspended Twitter account the easy way. We offer helpful information about dealing with other suspended accounts and appealing suspensions so you can resolve the issues with any platform or company.

    How To Delete Your Twitter Account Permanently

    Thankfully, deleting your account just takes a few simple steps. To delete your account, you need to deactivate it. This tells Twitter you want to delete it. Deactivation will immediately remove your account , but full deletion wont happen until 30 days after deactivation.

    Heres how to delete your Twitter account from a web browser:

  • Log in to your Twitter account.
  • From the main page, click the three-dot menu icon on the left sidebar and select Settings and privacy.
  • Select Deactivate your account.
  • Read through the information and click Deactivate.
  • Youll be asked to confirm your password, then you can click Deactivate one more time.
  • How to delete your account on the mobile app:

  • Log in to your Twitter account via the mobile app.
  • Click your profile picture and select Settings and privacy from the menu.
  • Under your username, select Account.
  • Click Deactivate your account.
  • Read the messages and select Deactivate.
  • Youll be prompted to enter your password and then you can hit Deactivate one final time.
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    Will My Tweets Be Deleted Permanently

    This one is a bit trickier, as it deals with how information is archived.

    Twitter unfortunately cannot control or manipulate data stored in search engines like Google. After your account is deleted, your profile and/or tweets may continue to show in searches for some time. When the links are clicked, theyll lead to error pages within Twitter, but the content will be viewable on the search engine preview. To deal with those, youll have to contact Google directly and submit a request to remove outdated content.

    Is Deactivating Twitter The Same As Deleting

    How To Delete Your Twitter Account

    Deactivating your account will remove your account from Twitter, but the action is reversible. Deactivation signals to Twitter that you want to delete your account, but the deletion process wont begin until 30 days after you deactivate. Deactivation is reversible for those 30 days, but once your account is deleted, it cant be recovered.

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    Deactivate Your Twitter Account In A Browser

    If youre on a computer or in a mobile browser, go to and log in to your account. To deactivate:

    • On the web, click the More item on the bottom-left of the screen. On the mobile browser, tap your profile icon.
    • Select Settings and Privacy and then Your account

    Select Settings and Privacy and then Your account.

    • At the bottom of the list, tap Deactivate your account

    At the bottom of the list, tap Deactivate your account.

    • Go to the bottom of the page to find the Deactivate link

    Theres going to be a lot of information on the page before you get to that link, some of it pretty useful. Theres a full description of what will no longer be viewable , an assurance that you can restore your account for some time if it was accidentally or wrongfully deleted, and a way to reactivate after 30 days or 12 months .

    There are a lot of options to choose from before you reach the Deactivate link.

    There are also links if you just want to change your name, use your current name with a different account, or download your Twitter data. This last one is always a good idea before you delete any account heres the link.

    How To Delete Your Twitter Account On Iphone

    On Twitter for iOS and mobile web

  • Open the official Twitter app on your iPhone or iPad
  • Tap your profile picture or swipe from left to right
  • Swipe down and choose Settings and privacy, then tap Your account at the top
  • At the bottom, choose Deactivate your account
  • Choose a reactivation period
  • Read the disclaimers, tap Deactivate
  • Enter your password and follow the prompts to delete your account
  • Heres how these steps look on the iOS app :

    On the web

  • Click the three-dot icon in the left-hand sidebar
  • Choose Settings and privacy, then select YourAccount at the top
  • At the bottom, choose Deactivate your account
  • Choose a reactivation period
  • Read the disclaimers, tap or click Deactivate
  • Enter your password and follow the prompts to deactivate/delete your account
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    How To Deactivate And Delete Your Twitter Account

    Deactivating your Twitter account is the same process as permanently deleting the account. If you want to reactivate it, youll need to log back into your account within 30 days. After that time, you wont be able to access your account or find your previous data.

    Mentions of your account from other users will still exist on Twitter. In addition, the company may still store some of your data for security reasons.

    You must be logged in to your account on your device here are the steps you need to take:

    Delete Twitter Data From Google Search Results

    How To Temporarily Disable Your Twitter Account And Reactivate It

    Even after you delete your Twitter account, your tweets and other Twitter information may still show up in the results of search engines such as Google. Twitter says it has no control over the results that search engines display.

    The good news is that search engines, especially Google, constantly update their search results by crawling web pages and indexing them. So, your tweets will eventually disappear from Google search results. However, since there are so many pages and elements to index, it can take a long time before this happens.

    If you dont want to wait until your tweets are deleted, you can try to get the result removed.

    To get your tweets removed from Google, you can simply use the to do this. Click on New request and fill out the exact URL of the page you want to get removed. You can also use this method to get images removed from Google Images and search results.

    Bing has its own content removal tool, which you can use to submit a removal request.

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    How To Deactivate Or Permanently Delete Your Twitter Account From Desktop Or Android/ios

    Unfortunately, theres no delete Twitter account button that you can click to erase all your data on the platform.

    To delete your Twitter account, you must first deactivate it. When you do so, Twitter will store your account and data for 30 days. During this time, your profile picture, username, and display name will not be visible to anyone on Twitter. You will not be able to see tweets or send and receive direct messages. However, you can still change your mind and reactivate your account.

    After 30 days, Twitter will permanently delete all your data, and recovering your account will no longer be possible.

    Note: Before you continue, remember that you can only make a backup of your Twitter data while your account is still active. You cannot do so from a deactivated account. So, you need to do it, if you want to, before taking the steps we outline below.

    Do You Lose Followers If You Deactivate Twitter

    Had a change of heart and want to reactivate your account? During the 30-day deactivation period, your followers remain untouched. So when you reactivate, unless someone has actively unfollowed you, your numbers should be the same. That said, Twitter does acknowledge that the following and follower numbers may fluctuate within the first 24 hours of reactivation. If the counts havent been fully restored within 48 hours, you should contact support.

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    How To Delete Your Twitter Account On Your Pc

    If you prefer to deactivate from a PC, youll start by going to and logging in. From there:

    • Go to Settings and Privacy > Your Account.
    • At the bottom of the new list youll find Deactivate your account. Tap on it.
    • Youll be asked to choose a reactivation period or either 30 days or a year, giving you a chance to reactivate if you change your mind before everything is deleted.
    • Youll be asked to confirm your password and then hit Deactivate once more.

    Possible Causes Of Account Suspension

    How to Delete a Twitter Account: 4 Steps (with Pictures)

    Twitter uses automated systems to detect any violations of its rules and any other issues that may become a problem for its community. Twitter may only state that you violated the rules without getting into details, but here are the common reasons for Twitter account suspension:

    • Spammy or fake accountat times, a real persons profile may be flagged as spam
    • Compromised accountthis refers to the situation when an account appears to be at risk of being accessed without authorization
    • Abusive contentwhen the account violates Twitter rules by engaging in abusive behavior, such as posting threatening tweets

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