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How To Deactivate Your Instagram Account 2020

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How To Delete Your Instagram Account

How To Delete Your Instagram Account In 2020

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Instagram has around 1 Billion active users, but even if you have decided to delete your Instagram account permanently, this guide will show you step-by-step to do it.

This social media app belongs to Facebook now, and it does pose a threat to your online privacy. In 2018, there was a data breach in Instagram due to security flaws and compromised users passwords in plain text.

Limit Instagram Usage With Screen Time On Ios Devices

Apple puts a great emphasis on users health and privacy. Following its footsteps, Apple introduced Screen Time on iOS 12 which lets you lock apps based on time limits. In this section, I will show you how you can limit Instagram usage on your iOS device after a certain time.

1. Open Settings and tap on Screen Time. Now tap on See All Activity.

2. Here, scroll down and open the Instagram app. Now, tap on Add limit at the bottom of the page and set a time limit for the Instagram app.

3. Finally, tap on Add button on top-right corner. Now whenever you will hit the time limit, Screen Time will block the access to Instagram.

How To Delete Your Instagram Account: Step – Do you want to reduce your daily screen time? Or do you want to take a break from social media? Why don’t you delete your Instagram account and enjoy your free time from it?

Instagram, the social media to share pictures or videos on the internet, could be a little bit boring if you use it too much. Scrolling down the Instagram feeds could also take your precious time, which instead, you can use to do other activities.

If you want to try to reduce your social media usage, then you can start by cutting down the time you open the Instagram app. One of the effective ways on how to do it is taking a break from it. You can “leave” Instagram temporarily or permanently.

Are you looking for a way to delete your Instagram account? Worry not, Tripboba got your back! In this article, you will be taken to discover the easy steps on how to delete your Instagram account. Whether you want to delete it temporarily or permanently, apply these tricks and free yourself from social media.

Are you ready to unveil the easiest steps on how to delete your Instagram account? Let’s get going!

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Things To Note Before You Disable Instagram Account

As mentioned above, when you disable an account for some time, your profile, photos, comments, and the likes that youve received, will temporarily be hidden from the public. You can regain access to your account and all the content will be visible all over again only when you enable your account by logging into your account using verified credentials.

How Do I Deactivate Or Disable My Instagram Account Temporarily

Just 7 Steps to delete Instagram account 2020

If you want to temporarily disable your Instagram account then your profile, photos, comments, and likes will be hidden unless you reactivate it again with your login details. If you are okay with this then follow the below steps and deactivate your IG account temporarily.

Step-1: You cant find disable your insta account option directly from the Instagram mobile application. You need to log into the Instagram official site from your mobile browser or PC/Laptop.

Step-2: Go to the main page and at the bottom, you will see a person kind of icon, Click on it and now select & tap on the Edit profile.

Step-3: Move the page down and then hit on Temporarily disable my account option in the bottom right.

Step-4: After that, choose the option from the drop-down menu beside Why are you disabling your account? and again type your password.

Step-5: Final option or button to disable or deactivate your account will only display when youve picked a reason from the menu.

Step-6: At last, click on the Temporarily Disable Account button and now you are free from Instagram activities for some days.

Note: If you want to reactivate your Instagram account again after some days, the only thing you have to do is remember your log in details and re-log into the account and come back on Instagram again.

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Untuk Meminta Penghapusan Akun Secara Permanen:

Sebelum menghapus akun, sebaiknya Anda login dan mengunduh salinan informasi Anda dari Instagram. Setelah akun Anda dihapus, Anda tidak akan bisa mengakses fitur Unduhan Data Instagram.

  • Buka halaman Hapus Akun Anda dari browser seluler atau komputer. Jika Anda belum login ke Instagram di web, Anda akan diminta untuk login terlebih dahulu. Anda tidak bisa menghapus akun dari dalam aplikasi Instagram.
  • Pilih opsi dari menu pilihan di samping Mengapa Anda menghapus akun Anda? dan masukkan kembali kata sandi Anda. Opsi untuk menghapus akun secara permanen hanya akan muncul setelah Anda memilih alasan dari menu tersebut.
  • Klik atau ketuk Hapus .
  • Limit Instagram Usage With Digital Wellbeing On Android Devices

    While you can set reminders about your Instagram usage within the app, its hardly any deterrence to bad habits. To fully block apps after a certain time, you can use Digital Wellbeing feature on Android devices, just like Screen Time on iOS. Here is how to do it.

    Note: Your device should be on Android Pie to access this feature. Also, we are using Pixel 3 XL in this tutorial. It has got a stock UI so the below instructions may vary slightly if you are using a device having different Android skin.

    1. Open Settings and navigate to Digital Wellbeing. Now, tap on Dashboard.

    2. Here, tap on the hourglass icon adjacent to the Instagram app and set a timer.

    3. Now whenever you will cross the time limit, Digital Wellbeing will block Instagram from further usage.

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    How To Delete An Instagram Account On Iphone

    Stage 1: Go to Instagram on your iPhone and tap on the Profile symbol at the bottom of the screen.

    Stage 2: Click the Settings symbol on the Profile page and after that scroll down to choose Help Center.

    Stage 3: Tap on Basics and afterward click on getting started.

    Stage 4: Select Delete Your Account among the choices.

    Stage 5: Choose How do I erase my account? and tap the hyperlinked go to this page.

    Stage 6: Enter your Instagram account data and select the purpose behind which you need to erase your Instagram account.

    Stage 7: Type in your Instagram password again and click Permanently deactivate my account and tap on OK to affirm. At this point, your Instagram account will be deleted from your iPhone.

    Still, if youre using Instagram on your iPhone, I would suggest getting the top VPN for iOS to make yourself safe and anonymous while browsing.

    How To Deactivate Instagram Account Temporarily

    How to permanently delete your Instagram account 2020 (Android and iPhone)

    You may not want to disable your Instagram account permanently for now. If so, you can delete your Instagram account temporarily by following these steps:

    • Log in to your from its website via browser as your account cannot be disabled through the app.

    • Next, click Edit Profile.

    • Click onTemporarily disable my account at the bottom.

    • Select reason for disabling your account from the drop-down menu next to Why are you disabling your account.

    • Re-enter your password to confirm and procced to disable your account.

    • Click Temporarily Disable Account.

    Note: All of your data and followers with in the profile remain hidden until you reactivate it by logging back in.

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    Como Posso Desativar Temporariamente A Minha Conta Do Instagram

    Se desativaste temporariamente a tua conta, o teu perfil, fotos, comentários e gostos serão ocultados até reativares a mesma ao iniciares novamente sessão. Só podes desativar a tua conta do Instagram num computador ou num browser móvel.

    Para desativares temporariamente a tua conta:

  • num computador. Não podes desativar temporariamente a tua conta a partir da app Instagram.
  • Clica na tua foto de perfil no canto superior direito e, em seguida, clica em Perfil. Por último, clica em Editar perfil.
  • Navega para baixo e, em seguida, clica em Desativar temporariamente a minha conta no canto inferior direito.
  • Seleciona uma opção no menu pendente junto a Por que estás a desativar a tua conta? e volta a introduzir a tua palavra-passe. A opção para desativares a tua conta apenas vai ser apresentada se tiveres selecionado um motivo no menu e inserido a tua palavra-passe.
  • Clica em Desativar conta temporariamente.
  • Inicia sessão em num browser móvel. Não podes desativar temporariamente a tua conta a partir da app Instagram.
  • Toca na tua foto de perfil no canto inferior direito e, em seguida, toca em Perfil. Por último, toca em Editar perfil.
  • Navega para baixo e, em seguida, toca em Desativar temporariamente a minha conta no canto inferior direito.
  • Toca em Desativar conta temporariamente.
  • Terás de iniciar sessão na tua conta para desativá-la temporariamente. Se não te lembras da tua palavra-passe ou nome de utilizador, consulta algumas dicas para iniciar sessão.

    You Posted Inappropriate Photos Or Videos For A Diverse Audience

    You would understand what inappropriate photos or videos. If you want to check the full list of inappropriate contents, check the guidelines and find Post photos and videos that are appropriate for a diverse audience. This section explains that the photos of post-mastectomy scarring and women breastfeeding are allowed. Nudity in photos of paintings and sculptures is also permitted.

    As a dad, I understand you want to share photos of your kids. But, mind that, for safety reasons, Instagram can remove your childrens photos that involve nudity or partial nudity. Even when you had a good intention, it could cause some unexpected incidents. Instagram shares these Tips for Parents.

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    How To Deactivate Instagram Without Waiting A Week

    Do you want to deactivate Instagram without waiting a week?

    But did you already deactivate it and retrying the deactivation facility once again in the same week? Then, you have to wait.

    Important: Please read this before reading the rest of the article

    Presently, the facility to deactivate an account is available only once a week.

    Then, why is this article written for?

    Although you cant disable an account twice a week, you can, however, learn more about the different aspects of disabling an Insta account, including the differences between disabling and deactivating, things to remember before you hit the Temporarily Disable Account button, etc.

    Probably this may help you learn how to properly disabling an account in a natural way and what to expect before initiating any deletion activity.

    Moreover, this article also attempts to find a probable reason why disabling Insta twice a week is not allowed.

    If you are still interested to learn more, continue reading

    Other Ways To Keep Your Data Private

    How to Delete Your Instagram Account Permanently  2021 Update

    Many of us use a Cloud Storage Service to back up our important data and/or to store files. If you use one of these storage services, choose one that automatically encrypts your files. However, as the cloud provider holds the key to your encryption, they may be able to access your data and even share it with government authorities at their request.

    You can get around this problem by manually encrypting your files yourself before uploading them to the cloud. Therefore, you will be the only one holding the key to your data. Your cloud provider will have no access, as long as you dont also upload the encryption keys to the cloud.

    There are a number of free encryption programs out there that are easy to use, even if you have no prior experience of manually encrypting your data.

    Choose encryption software that is compatible with your computer and mobile operating systems, and with your cloud storage provider. Your encryption program should also have end-to-end encryption, and should never store your password.

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    Permanently Delete Your Instagram Account

    Just like disabling your account, you need to delete your account using in a web browser.

    As an alternative to disabling or deleting your account, consider limiting access to your profile by .

  • In a web browser, navigate to the Instagram Account Deletion page and log in if necessary.

    The account deletion page is accessible only through the direct link. You can’t get there from your profile.

  • Next to Why do you want to delete, click the drop-down arrow and select a reason.

  • Based on your reason, Instagram suggests deletion alternatives that may be a better solution for you. For example, if you selected Too busy/too distracting, Instagram may suggest removing the application from your mobile device instead of deleting your account.

  • If you want to go ahead with the account deletion, enter your password and select Delete .

    Deletion is permanent. You can’t restore your account and its contents, including photos, videos, and comments.

  • How To Delete Your Instagram Account Permanently On Iphone & Android

    If you are really looking to delete your Instagram Account permanently then follow the below-provided steps carefully and remove it. Also, you can use the below-attached video to delete your insta account by seeing a step-by-step process with live images.

    Step-1: In order to delete your Instagram account permanently, first of all, open the Instagram application on your android or iPhone, or pc and log in to your Instagram account.

    Step-2: Once you log in successfully, go to the menu option and click on it, here you will find the Instagram help center option, tap on it. Select the Managing your Account option and move ahead to another page and click on the Delete your Account option under the manage your account page.

    Step-3: Now you will see three questions. Select the middle one How do I delete my account? and it will show the steps that you should do to delete the Instagram account.

    Step-4: After all this stuff, actually you should click on the Delete Your Account page by clicking the link provided on that page and pick the reason for deleting your personal account from the option provided on the page like Why are you deleting your account? here you will be seen a drop-down menu.

    Step-5: Select the reason whatever you thought and proceed with the next step. If you didnt find your reason from the list, you can choose the something else option and go to the next step.

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    How To Delete Your Instagram Account Permanently

    If you want to delete your Instagram account permanently, you need to follow the steps provided below. It is important to note that once you delete your account, you can’t sign up again using the same username or add that username to another account. Instagram also can’t reactivate any deleted accounts.

  • To permanently delete your Instagram account, go to the Delete Your Account page after logging into Instagram on the Web.
  • Now, you’ll be required to select an option from the drop-down menu next to Why are you deleting your account? There are options such as Too many ads, Privacy concerns, Concerned about my data, Created a second account, Trouble getting started, Want to remove something, and Can’t find people to follow. Instagram will provide with the links to some of the articles in its Help Center related to your reason. You can also choose the option titled Something else from the drop-down menu if your particular reason for deletion isn’t in the list.
  • You’ll now have to re-enter your password.
  • Click or tap the Permanently delete my account button.
  • Once you click or tap the Permanently delete my account button, your photos, comments, likes, and followers on Instagram will be removed permanently and won’t be recoverable. Also, as mentioned above, you won’t be able to sign up using the same username again in the future.

    How To Save Your Account Data

    How to Deactivate Instagram Account (2021) | Deactivate Your Instagram Account

    When you delete your account, Instagram will do just that: delete your account and everything on it. That means all of your photos, likes, and comments will be permanently removed. Before deleting your account, you might want to save a permanent record of your posts, comments, and profile information. To do so, follow these steps:

  • Open Instagram and tap the profile icon in the lower right corner.
  • Tap the three vertical lines in the top right corner, then tap Settings at the bottom.
  • Select Security from your Settings menu, then find the option.
  • Enter your email address and tap Request Download.
  • Within 48 hours, Instagram will email a complete file of your profile to the email address you provided, containing your photos, comments, profile information, and everything else you may need to access in the future. Even if you think youll never need this data again, its an important step to ensuring that your data is protected if you ever want to view it again. If you dont do this, youll be losing out on your data completelyand youll never get it back, no matter how hard you try.

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    Can I Use Instagram Without An Account

    No – due to an Instagram update in 2020, you can no longer browse Instagram without having signed up to the platform.

    If you try to view profiles, posts, or Stories, you will be automatically sent to a log-in page when you try to view Instagram profiles, posts and stories.

    You have to create a profile or log in to browse the platform or upload content.

    Can People Unfollow Your Account When Its Temporarily Disabled

    If you love your Instagram status, temporarily disabling your account can be a life-saving move. When you disable your Instagram account, you eliminate the risk of being unpopular, as none of your followers get the option to unfollow you during your hibernation. So, if you are planning on being inactive for a while, its best if you disable your account, not keep it in an idle state.

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