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How To Create Whatsapp Link

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Why Should I Create A Whatsapp Link

How To Create Your Own WhatsApp Link With Custom Message | WhatsApp Link Generator

There are a good handfull of reasons, why it would be a great idea for you and or business, to make a link to your WhatsApp, and we are going to mention as many of them as possible in this article.

With a link to your WhatsApp account, you can f.x:

  • Create easier access to you for your customers
  • Improve your service, support and sales
  • Collect valuable knowledge about your customers in your database
  • Connect with your customers, only with a single click on your link
  • Have all everything you need to create the best possible service and support gathered in the best communication app available
  • And much more!..

What Is A Whatsapp Link

WhatsApp has a feature that allows people to create links, so any user can click and start a conversation directly with the person who created the link. This functionality is called“click to chat” and as you dont have to save anyones phone number to message them, it simplifies interaction.

Even so, creating WhatsApp links is not user friendly. Thats where Walink comes in, we provide a tool which you can use to generate shortened WhatsApp links, with the domain. This will increase your chat conversions, and its free!

After Go To Your Facebook Profile And Create A Post

Paste the link you just copied in a new post, and write a description like this

But before you publish it, select your audience .

It is better to choose the public audience because more and more people will interact with you, especially if you have a business and promote your products. It also helps you become more accessible and attract people. And press Publication

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Create Whatsapp Group Link On Pc

1. Launch the WhatsApp web or desktop version on your computer.

2. Open the group whose link you want to generate.

3. Click on the groups name. A window will slide open from the right side.

4. Click on Invite to group via link from the window. This will open various features related to group links. You will be able to send, copy, or reset links.

Groups are one of the coolest features of WhatsApp. You can chat with multiple people at a time, send high-quality photos and videos to them, and even do group video calls. Think you know everything about WhatsApp? Check out useful WhatsApp tricks you might have missed.

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How To Create A Whatsapp Link With A Default Message

WhatsApp Group Link August 2020  how to create group and ...

Beyond creating and sharing links, you can also create a default message that automatically appears in the text box when a user initiates a chat.

To set it up, make sure the URL follows the same format as outlined above:

Followed by:


That URL-encoded text represents a default message that users can select instead of typing out a longer response.

For example:

Alternatively, if youd like to create a link that includes a default message alone, you can leave out the phone number:


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What Is Whatsapps Click To Chat Feature

The click-to-chat link allows businesses to chat with customers and website visitors on WhatsApp. Once a person clicks on the link, a chat window will open on their phone or on WhatsApp web, where they can directly chat with the business. The biggest benefit is, neither the business nor the customer has to save any number on their phone.

Here is an example of a WhatsApp link embedded in an image. This will open a chat window on WhatsApp with our WhatsApp chatbot.

Check Your Stats For Your Whatsapp Link

Access your account to get access to your Stats. We give you Stats for every account so you can review your performance. What channels, what promotions, what ideas, banners are working better. You can track your performance with our stats and that is the way to improve. Do not create just one link. Add more links and test your ideas to engage with your customers. Get to know where your customers are coming from.

The video below will show you in details, how you can check the stats for each of your WhatsApp links!

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Create A Personal Number Whatsapp Link

You can create your personal WhatsApp link by going to your browser and type the following information in the search tab.

For example, if your personal WhatsApp number is 24681112 and you live in the US, your country code is 1 and the link will look like this,

To avoid any redirecting errors, avoid adding brackets, zeros, spaces, and other symbols.

If you don’t remember your country code, you can always view the list of calling country codes here.

To direct your customers to a chat portal, you can redefine the link and send a pre-filled message. The WhatsApp link should look like this,

When sending your message, the link will then look like: code+Phone Number/?text=hi

You can test the link by clicking it when the link works, then you are redirected to the WhatsApp chat. This works on both the WhatsApp mobile app and the WhatsApp web.

How Do Group Links Work On Whatsapp

How to create your link to WhatsApp – Step by Step – FREE

Before we jump to the steps, its vital to know a few important things about the WhatsApp group link.

  • You need to be the admin of the group to get the group link. A regular member cannot create a group link. However, if the admin has shared the group link in the group, other members can forward it.
  • The group link isnt permanent. An admin can reset it anytime and create a new link. The old link will become nonfunctional.
  • You can share group links within or outside of WhatsApp.
  • WhatsApp group links can be forwarded to anyone, so be careful while sharing them. For instance, if you share a groups link with one of your friends, they can share it with more people. Those people can join your group without any additional approval from your end.
  • People who join a group using its link will not be able to see the past group messages.

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How To Create Whatsapp Link To Chat

Creating your WhatsApp link to chat with message manually is just as easy. There are three primary parts of a click-to-chat WhatsApp link to chat.

  • The standard link.
  • The phone number youd like customers to text when they click the link.
  • The template text to be displayed in the entry field when they click the link.
  • A complete link would look like the following.'m%20inquiring%20about%20the%20apartment%20listing

    Create A Link With A Pre

    If you want to enhance your conversation, you can also pre fill a message in the link – the message will automatically appear in the text field of a chat.


    Where whatsappphonenumber is a full phone number in international format

    And urlencodedtext is the URL-encoded pre-filled message.

    Important: replace every space in the message by %20

    For example, if you want the link to have this text: Im interested in telecomHall Forum

    Then you should use this:’m%20interested%20in%20telecomHall%20Forum

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    What Is A Whatsapp Qr Code

    A WhatsApp QR code is a Quick Response code that enables users to add their friends’ and familys contact information on WhatsApp.

    The QR code technology are not only relevant and functional for personal use, but also for business engagements.

    Businesses such as online shop operate customer service, placement of orders, and keeping customers informed of new products and discounts.

    In this means, business operators can easily connect with their customers without wasting time adding their contact information on WhatsApp.

    Add A Whatsapp Link Toyour Email Signature Template

    How To Create Your Own Whatsapp Group Direct Invitation Link

    Once you have your WhatsApp link ready, its time to use it in your email signature template. The process of adding links is identical for the WhatsApp icon and for the hyperlinked text.

  • Open the email signature template in your email signature editor. Then, add a WhatsApp logo or text and link it using the created link, as shown below. In this example Im using the editor that comes with CodeTwo Email Signatures for Office 365.
  • Highlight the WhatsApp logo or text and click the link icon in your template editor. In my example, it looks like this :
  • Enter your WhatsApp link in the new window that opens.
  • Save changes and test your new email signature template to make sure the link works as expected.
  • When recipients click the link in your signature, they should be able to contact you directly via WhatsApp on their mobiles, either via a text message or a phone call.

    Note: If the recipient doesnt have the WhatsApp app installed on their mobile, they will be asked to download one before continuing.

    If the recipient opens the link on a desktop, they should see something like this:

    To send a message simply follow the instructions on the screen.

    Note: To use WhatsApp on a computer, you actually need WhatsApp on your mobile to access WhatsApp Web from it. Then, you will be asked to scan a QR code on the computer screen to synchronize contacts and conversations from your mobile to desktop. You can also .


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    What Is The Appropriate Way To Incorporate Whatsapp Into A Website

    To enable website visitors to initiate a conversation with your sales or customer support staff, you must verify that the previously created link is appropriately incorporated into the web pages.

    To significantly enhance the likelihood that the generated traffic will convert into conversations, ensure that the WhatsApp link displays on all pages of your website.

    The simplest way to incorporate the WhatsApp link into your website is to copy it into the web pages and provide the user with the option click to chat WhatsApp.

    However, this approach is very simplistic and visually unappealing. As a result, another viable option would be to build a button that includes a link to the WhatsApp conversation. To encourage your visitors to initiate a discussion with you, it will be enough to embed the WhatsApp link inside an image, such as the WhatsApp symbol itself.

    Finally, for a more professional appearance, we suggest adding a chat widget that is loaded on all pages of the website and displays as a fixed element when the pages scroll.

    How To Create Whatsapp Group Invite Link Using Wa Prime Apk

    • Uninstall old WhatsApp version from your mobile.
    • Open WA Prime APK app and open your WhatsApp account.
    • Select the group for which you want to create a WhatsApp group invitation link.
    • Click on group info and tap on + option.

    But this is only possible when you are the admin of the group. So the problem still exists if you use this method. So it is better to use the GB WhatsApp method to create the link.

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    Promotes Easy And Direct Whatsapp Communication

    WhatsApp is following strict security protocols such as prompting a user to add a persons contact information before starting communicating with each other.

    With the use of WhatsApp QR codes, the trouble that WhatsApp is currently enforcing diminishes. Thus, prompt easy and direct WhatsApp communication with your family, friends, and affiliates.

    What Is Whatsapps Click

    How to Create a WhatsApp Group Link?

    WhatsApps click-to-chat feature allows you to begin a chat with someone without having their phone number saved in your phones address book. As long as you know this persons phone number and they have an active WhatsApp account, you can create a link that will allow you to start a chat with them. By clicking the link, a chat with the person automatically opens. Click to chat works on both your phone and WhatsApp Web. WhatsApp official website

    So, thanks to WhatsApps click-to-chat feature, you can let anyone start a conversation with you with a single click. This prevents clients and customers from having to manually add your phone number to their contact list, a notoriously tedious task.

    On the contrary, by harnessing this feature, neither your business nor the client needs to save any phone number before they can start chatting. Thus, you are simplifying the interaction required to be contacted. Consequently, this approach may significantly increase the conversion rate of conversations with new potential clients.

    Keep also in mind that this feature comes with WhatsApp natively and it is completely free! So, lets see everything required to start employing it.

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    For Familial And Personal Affairs

    WhatsApp QR codes can be used to let your family and friends join your WhatsApp group. By this means, the trouble of clicking the group chat interface and sending links diminishes as QR codes enable them to directly go to the chat room and start a quirky conversation with you.

    If you are using your WhatsApp account for personal uses, you can use the WhatsApp QR code that links your WhatsApp personal number in relaying it to your closest friends and immediate family.

    The Link Attribute Looks Like This:< global-phone-number>< global-phone-number>

    Where < global-phone-number> represents your business phone number when converted to an international country code, with zero at the beginning and without the plus. Do not use dashes or minuses in a number, it should be connected.

    It is important to note that is an abbreviated link so it is transmitted to the above number.

    for example:

    Your phone number is 212-012-3456 . This number must be converted to an international prefix, the country code is +1, and the first digit and the plus should be removed. Therefore your international number is 12120123456.

    Heres how your link looks:

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    Deploy Your Whatsapp Qr Code

    If you are using your WhatsApp QR code for business, you can deploy it through print and electronic dissemination.

    In print dissemination, papers such as business cards, pamphlets, newspapers, and brochures can be used by attaching your QR code in an area where your target audience can see them easily and clearly.

    If you are using your WhatsApp QR code for personal use, you can distribute your QR codes through the use of business cards and posts that are private and for personal intentions only.

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    What Are The Advantages Of Whatsapp Links

    How to create WhatsApp link for my number

    WhatsApp Links can help you generate a predefined message for your customers to reach out to you with. You can share this link with your audience when they interact with your digital assets. From websites and images to ads and emails, you can embed these links across your platform and talk to your customers in real-time.

    Talking to your customers can also make your marketing and customer support functions more fluid. A WhatsApp Chat Link can help you collect your customers phone numbers, improving your lead generation and sales.

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    One of the advantages of having a WhatsApp Link is that a customer doesnt undertake any effort to engage with you. No contact us forms to fill or emails to write. The user clicking the link doesnt even have to save your number. Simply click the link and get chatting.

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    Creating A Whatsapp Link: Heres How

    communicate quickly with companies

    Your company will have to make sure that your target audience can contact you hassle-free, via WhatsApp: this is why it will be necessary to create a link that redirects to the chat with your company.

    Its a click-to-chat to be inserted on your website or within posts on Facebook, Instagram or other social media pages that are used by the brand. So that your potential customers can be redirected to the WhatsApp chat, and start a conversation with you.

    The link is structured as follows:

    < number> where < number> refers to the full business telephone number and in its international format. Dont include any zeroes, brackets, or hyphens when adding the number in international format.

    Example: if your number is +39 34567879 the WhatsApp link will be

    At this point, just one click will be enough to immediately start chatting, even if the telephone number was not previously saved in the customers phonebook.

    Send Whatsapp Messages Into Your Crm

    Jivo allows users to integrate WhatsApp messages with your CRM software. This allows you to keep track of customer contact details, communication records, and critical insights from all customer-facing channels and communications tools from a central location.

    The benefit, of course, is businesses can incorporate insights from their WhatsApp conversations into other aspects of their business strategywhether thats creating new products or features based on the feedback sourced from WhatsApp conversations or developing more relevant content based on customer questions.

    to sign up for a free account to see JivoChat for WhatsApp in action.

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    Create Whatsapp Link: With Message With Name For Group

    Having the link to a WhatsApp account can be extremely useful if you use the application for your business. It is also very practical if you simply want to get in touch with other people more quickly and easily, without having to open your phone book and manually record your contact details. Read on to discover how you can create a WhatsApp link.

    Chatting With Other People Without Saving Their Numbers

    How to Create a WhatsApp Link to Start Chat?

    There are also occasions where you occasion where you want to chat with someone in WhatsApp but you dont want to save his number.

    This is also easy, and you can use same approach: to begin a chat with someone without having their phone number saved in the phones address book, the only thing you need to know is the persons phone number .

    Create a link that will allow you to start a chat with them.

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