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How To Create Lead Generation Campaign In Linkedin

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How to create campaign for lead generation on Linkedin| Best tool for automation Linkedin

Sales is a numbers game, right?

You need to talk to X number of prospects. Based on your closing ratio , you get X sales conversions. Its just basic math.

If only it were that simple. But maybe it is.

As long as you are talking to quality prospects and have a decent closing ratio, you will likely succeed in hitting your sales goals.

So we just need a few more ideas to fill the top of the sales funnel. Some of these may seem like common sense and some are more advanced tactics, but, regardless, they each have their place in a lead-gen tool belt. Its really more a matter of identifying the ones that fit your audience and campaign and using those. Dont try to use them all at once.

Lets get to it! But first, a word of caution.

You wont be very effective without two things: perseverance and a combination of tactics wrapped up in an integrated campaign. So stick with it and dont get too enamored with any one tactic. Think about how to layer them on top of each other and how that plays out over months and years, instead of days and weeks.

Or You Can Find Them In Your Crm

Another way to get the information from your newly generated leads is by connecting your LinkedIn lead generation forms to your own CRM.

LinkedIn provides integration with Zapier, where you can connect its lead generation forms to your own CRM. The data from the form is submitted to Zapier and copied to CRMs such as Salesforce or HubSpot.

You can also create a connection with a Google Spreadsheet, so leads will automatically be copied into new rows of the spreadsheet. You can also use the to connect these emails to LinkedIn accounts, which you can turn into a good list when youre using .

Outside of Zapier, LinkedIn also provides direct integrations with:

  • Microsoft Dynamics 365

  • Linkedin Lead Generation Strategy #: Integrating Sales Navigator With Your Campaign Manager

    Update May 23rd: This integration is no longer available. Linkedin is planning to sunset this.

    Are your sales teams using Sales Navigator?

    Linkedin has a limited release that lets marketers target the saved leads in the sales reps sales navigators.

    This creates a highly relevant audience, where marketing is lock and step with sales. If youre running an ABM strategy, this would be a fantastic opportunity.

    While this might seem like the ultimate marketing weapon, there are a few cons to it.

  • Sales reps need to save the leads diligently and cleanly. Most sales reps do not keep the saved leads in their sales navigator updated. Dirty data in, dirty data out. Marketings targeting will not be accurate if enough sales reps do not use their sales navigators properly.
  • Sales reps tend to only save the decision makers and not the entire buying committee. This would mean that your marketing campaign would be hyper targeted. You will face delivery issues.
  • I have not heard of a successful use case for this feature

    The way to succeed with this is to work closely with your Sales operations team. Youll need to design a strict playbook for your sales teams on using the Sales navigator.

    Because this hasnt seen much success, Linkedin has made this a limited release.

    Youll need to meet these criteria to qualify:

    • Company has sales navigator enterprise edition
    • Sales navigators must have at least 2,500 3,000 saved leads at the minimum

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    Why Should You Do Linkedin Lead Generation

    There are multiple reasons. Here they are:

    • Attract more potential new customers interested in your products.
    • Reach your targets with messages that hit home.
    • Understand the automation of your .
    • How to use the best acquisition levers on LinkedIn.
    • Improve your .
    • Drive qualified traffic to your landing pages or website.
    • Acquire more qualified customers.
    • Develop your reputation on the b2b social network.

    Lets start by learning a little more about and how its your best friend for generating a consistent return on investment.

    Using An Automation Tool In Conjunction With Linkedin Groups And Events

    How to Create LinkedIn Lead Generation Ads Campaign in ...

    As you can see LinkedIn Groups and Events can be valuable sources of prospects and help boost your lead generation efforts.

    However, online marketing and sales is a big enough job as it is. Chances are, youre probably posting content , conducting social media marketing for other platforms, and much more.

    Joining LinkedIn groups, creating your own groups, and creating events is going to take even more time to accomplish. This is why you need to also leverage automation.

    Lead generation automation is a must in this day and age, and can significantly improve your lead generation numbers. Stats show that salespeople who utilize automation enjoy a 541% increase in leads.

    By investing time into LinkedIn Groups and Events andimplementing automated outreach, you can level up your lead generation efforts on LinkedIn significantly, and win back time.

    This is a winning combination that will net you more leads, greater reach, and analytics features.

    With a LinkedIn lead generation automation tool like SalesFlow, you can automate outreach efforts and gain access to real-time metrics to see how your outreach campaign is going.

    To get an idea of how this might work in conjunction with something like LinkedIn Groups, lets say you join 15 groups in your industry. After interacting on the groups and providing value, you can choose to reach out to members.

    Instead of doing this manually, you can save time with automated outreach.

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    Linkedin Lead Gen Form Examples

    Lets look at some examples that pair eye-catching sponsored content with an effective lead gen form. Weve also included an example of sponsored InMail that will inspire recipients to read the entire message and then follow the CTA and provide their information. Review these for takeaways that you can apply to your own campaigns.

    Set Up Linkedin Ad Targeting

    Under Audiences, choose a profile language and location.

    Then start building your audience. I recommend that you replicate an audience from your saved accounts or contacts list using data from your customer relationship management system, email marketing, or marketing automation platforms. Check out this article for more on .

    Alternatively, you can set up your targeting by selecting audience attributes. Simply type your targeting criteria in the Search box to do a quick global search. Or choose from the five main categories and then drill down to find relevant targeting criteria. Select the checkbox for each attribute you want to include.

    Youll notice that as you define your target audience, the Forecasted Results box on the right side of the page is updated with estimated results based on similar LinkedIn campaigns.

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    Use Exit Popups Smartly

    Exit popups are one of the most effective marketing tools to capture quality leads from website traffic. Popups are often seen as an intrusive medium that provide a poor user experience, but that is not the case with exit popups. If used smartly, these popups can prove to be a huge help.

    The right time to target visitors is when they decide to exit your website. Use exit popups to share irresistible offers in the form of discount coupons, free guides, premium newsletter subscriptions, and much more in exchange for visitors email addresses.

    It helps you land quality leads and can even result in instant conversions.

    Optimisation Strategies #: How To Optimise Your Creatives

    Dux Soup Turbo Webinar: How to create smart LinkedIn lead generation campaigns
  • When targeting is broader, it will include audiences who are unfamiliar with you. Your creatives need to keep this in mind. Position your creatives to generate demand Not only leads. Avoid using industry jargon. Keep it high level and understandable. Adding a logo or brand-related element to your creative helps.
  • Make your creative compelling and clear. Call-out your audiences in your creatives. You can use their profession, seniority, or even geography in your creatives. For example: Hear how HR Leaders in Australia are ..
  • Make sure your headlines tell people what theyre signing up for. The last thing you need is someone clicking in without understanding what your offer is. Thats wasting your ad budget. Be clear on the offer and why they should click in. If youd like them to Download an eBook, state it in the CTA button. You may even include it in the creative itself. Make use of your intro text to tell your audience the offer too. For example: Download our 2022 research on
  • Keep your copy short, but sweet. Cut down unnecessary words and phrases. Ensure your intro text is below 150 characters to avoid truncation on the mobile version.
  • A/B test your creatives. Always have 4-5 creatives active at any one time. Turn off, duplicate, and replace under-performing creatives with new ones. The more nets you cast, the more leads youll catch.
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    Tell A Story In Your Post

    That looks obvious, but just believe me – there are a lot of people who still think that if they put the link to their website and post it – they will get clients and leads.

    Come on!

    It’s 21st century and now NONE clicks on links if there is just “hey, we wrote this amazing article … bla-bla-bla … check it out here”.


    Because we live in an era of ads. We watch ads every single day. And just because ads are everywhere we ignore 99% of it.

    So just forget about that quick sales pitches. They WON’T work.

    What should be instead?


    It’s impossible to sell anything with just a pitch , but it’s possible when people feel the story behind a product.

    With a story you can describe:

    • problem that you’re solving, so people can understand whether they have this pain,
    • why are you solving it,
    • and the way you do it.

    Example of good LinkedIn post with a story

    The Ultimate Guide To Linkedin Lead Gen Forms

    Last month, LinkedIn rolled out an exciting new feature for lead generation ads. Lead Gen Forms are designed to increase mobile conversion rates by placing CTAs on your ads, making it easier for users to take action.

    LinkedIn says 80% of engagement with sponsored content happens on mobile and the network realises web forms are a common obstacle to conversions. So its decided to take action by creating user-friendly forms on your behalf and prompting users to convert inside the LinkedIn app.

    Sounds good, right? Well, lets take a close look.

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    Decide On Your Linkedin Ad Format

    Next, choose your ad format. In the next section, we unpack you can create as part of your campaign.

    When you toggle between the ad types, youll see that the Forecasted Results box on the right-hand side will change. This feature analyzes your campaign parameters and takes into account similar campaigns and advertisers. It also stimulates the ad auction to generate the numbers displayed.

    Keep an eye on this box as you choose your LinkedIn ad type. If you’re first starting out, deciding on which ad type you want to choose may come down to budget. Outline your priorities, and then you can decide which type works best for you.

    Additionally, some ad types require you to link your LinkedIn Company Page and some tap into LinkedIn translation services.

    Why Should You Invest In A Lead Generation Campaign

    Lead Generation Campaign

    All of the topics we covered, essentials, or optional, only really work if dealt with professionally. As you may have noticed, they involve several talents, from data analysis to web design. It is very unlikely that a single person can perform all of those tasks and still deliver a great result in each one.

    Thus, investments must be made, whether on a team of experts or on a lead generation software or platform . Is it worth it? See some of the benefits below to help make up your mind.

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    Understanding The Differences Between Linkedin Lead Gen Form Ads And Sending Users To A Landing Page

    With all of the benefits of LinkedIn lead gen form ads, they still might not be the best way for you to generate leads. Lets look at the differences between running lead gen form ads vs. sending users to a landing page so you can determine which one is best for your objective.

    Lead gen form ads are great at converting people. If your goal is to get as many names of your target audience as possible into your database for nurturing, lead gen form ads are by far the best way to do it.

    However, sometimes youll have lead quality issues where someone doesnt remember filling out the form. If your goal is to make a strong impressionmaybe this person is a high-value prospect you want to do business with and sign to big dealsyou may want to send them to your landing page instead.

    One way I like to use lead gen forms is to test the conversion results our landing page is getting. Lets say were pitching an offer on the landing page and through a lead gen form . If our conversion rates are significantly different between the two, we know the only difference is the way we presented things on the landing page. This is a good test to run to see if your landing page is in the way.

    Prospects Will Trust You

    Consolidating a relationship with your audience is one of the most challenging tasks in a . Building brand trust is just as important as it is hard, especially in times where there is so much information and misinformation.

    Going through the consumers journey will help people slowly become loyal to your brand, even if they dont recognize it immediately. They will see your company as a specialist in your field and believe you have the best solutions to offer.

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    Don’t Forget Conversion Tracking

    Lastly, you have the option to set up conversion tracking for your LinkedIn campaign, which will track and measure the actions people take after clicking on your ads.

    Conversion tracking is an optional part of setting up your LinkedIn advertising campaign but is highly valuable for your business.

    If you choose to set up conversion tracking, click + Add conversions.

    A new window will pop up, where youll name your conversion, choose your conversion settings, and decide how youll track the conversions.

    Note: The information on the right-hand side of the window is super helpful itll answer any questions you have and walk you through the process. And for more help implementing and managing your LinkedIn Conversions, visit this help page.

    Bravo! Youll officially set up your LinkedIn advertising campaign but youre not done yet. When youre ready to move on, click Save. Beware: Your objective and ad format cannot be changed once you save, so be sure about your choices before moving forward.

    Engage With Your Network

    How to Create LinkedIn Lead Generation Ads Campaigns in Tamil | #03

    Engaging with your network is not just a great way to grow your relationship with your connections. Each comment or reaction you leave on a post amplifies your profile across your networks feeds and brings in more visitors. If you want to generate warm leads on LinkedIn, youll need to maintain an active presence on the platform.

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    Why Leverage Linkedin For B2b Marketing

    We will set up your LinkedIn profile and also run the show on your behalf to generate a flow of qualified leads consistently.

    LinkedIn is the most popular and preferred social media platform for B2B marketing. The best place to reach your ideal customers!

    LinkedIn profiles with photos get 36x more messages and 21x more views. No matter who youre trying to connect with, LinkedIn is a perfect platform to find them

    Millennials account for 2 billion globally, 87 million of them are on LinkedIn. A perfect opportunity to get in front of them now!

    LinkedIn accounts for 50% of total social traffic to B2B websites. Your go-to resource for B2B content distribution!

    What We Do Differently

    No learning curve, no software training. We do all the legwork for you. Just sit back and respond to qualified leads!

    Our LinkedIn Approach

    We enhance the quality and increase the quantity of your B2B sales leads with our value-first approach which is different and more detailed. It helps us achieve better traction for our clients by positioning them as thought leaders in their niche rather than projecting them as pushy sales people. And, we do this by offering curated content and personalized messaging.

    Import Your Lead Gen Into Your Crm & Nurture

    Most Customer Relationship Management platforms allow you to integrate your lead generation tool so that, either manually or automatically, your leads are placed into your CRM.

    Dont forget to set up email-nurturing workflows that will send each segmented list a series of drip emails specifically targeted to their interests. Be careful not to create just one or two buckets/workflows, as your prospects and customers usually have a quite variety of different needs.

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    What Is The True Potential Of Linkedin For Generating Leads

    When you think of social media marketing, LinkedIn is not the most obvious choice. However, this professional networking site offers a goldmine of B2B marketing opportunities.

    Dont believe me?

    In fact, according to the Sophisticated Marketers Guide to LinkedIn, 82% of B2B marketers use LinkedIn for content marketing. This is mainly because LinkedIn is often frequented by top-level influencers, decision-makers, and industry thought leaders.

    Armed with the right strategy, you can grab their attention and grow your business while generating leads. You can also use LinkedIn to increase website traffic and reinforce brand credibility.

    The following infographic published by LinkedIn sheds more light on its power as a marketing tool:

    Image via

    Impressive, right?

    A robust can take your business to new heights. However, promoting your brand on LinkedIn can be extremely tricky. You have to grab the limelight and generate leads without appearing overly promotional.

    Once you figure out the best way to promote your business, theres a good chance that your website or blog will get many new visitors. You should be able to convert your website traffic into qualified leads and multiply your revenue.

    Now lets take a look at the best techniques for LinkedIn lead generation:


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