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How To Create Gif Stickers For Instagram

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How To Make Your Own Instagram Gif Stickers

How To Make animated GIF stickers for Instagram on your iPhone

Undoubtedly, we all love using GIFs on our social media platforms in order to add a pop of personality and interactivity to our content. We know what these fun, animated stickers are, but we donât really know how Instagram GIF stickers are created and curated for us to use! Want to know how to make a GIF for Instagram? Keep reading below. â

Creating Gifs Using Your Edited Videos

Once youve received your video without the background, youre ready to create your new animated GIF.

Head over to your GIF tool of choice and upload your video. Follow the steps and convert it to a GIF.

The process is quick and youll also have the option of customising your new GIF with text, filters and other elements.

Get Your Stickers And Gifs Into Instagram Stories

GIPHY can help brands and artists get their GIPHY GIFs and stickers into Instagram Stories.

If you dont already have an account, you can apply for a Brand or Artist channel here. Learn more about the requirements for Brand channels and Artist channels. At this time, only content from approved brand and artist channels on GIPHY can become available in Instagram Stories.

There are no opportunities for paid placement in Instagram Stories, and all content eligible for distribution will be moderated. Unfortunately, we are unable to expedite moderation or provide specific turnaround times.

Once content has been moderated it will become available in our library, however some of our partners, like Instagram, only allow content that is appropriate for all ages. That means that if your content contains adult themes, it may not be available across all GIPHY integrations. Additionally, stickers must meet certain requirements to appear in GIPHY integrations.

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How To Make Instagram Stickers For Stories

Before we start discovering how to make a custom Instagram sticker, lets go over how to make an Instagram sticker.

  • Open the Instagram app
  • Start your story. For instance, you can add an image.
  • There are many sticker choices. Even a Swipe Up link is now a sticker. Search for what you want in the search bar.
  • Add other elements like text.
  • When done, click Your Stories.

Now that you know how to start an Instagram story and add a story sticker, lets explore how to make a custom Instagram sticker to add to your stories.

Mobile Apps To Convert Downloaded Instagram Video To Gif

Before converting the Instagram video to GIF, you should download it first. How to download Instagram videos on your phone?

Firstly, you should open the Instagram video on your phone and browse for the video that you want to turn into a GIF, and copy the video link.

Secondly, you can open on your Android device or the online tool DownloadGram on your Android or iPhone, paste the link to download the Instagram video.

After that, you can try these apps to convert the Instagram video to GIF.

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Giphy As A Platform For Accessing Instagram Gifs

Have you ever wondered where all these different Instagram GIF stickers come from? Well, you can find then on a platform called GIPHY, which is a giant database filled with fun GIFs. This platform syncs with the backend of many apps, allowing for in-app animated GIF shares.

Creators from all around the world can design unique content, and upload it to GIPHY for all to use. GIPHY is an unpaid platform, meaning that if you are a brand wanting GIFs, all you need to invest in is getting the artwork made.

In May 2020, GIPHY was acquired by Facebook for a reported $400 million dollars, formally adding the media platform to their portfolio. This makes sense, as Facebook-owned sources like Instagram, Messenger, and Whatsapp generates the majority of GIPHYâs traffic. With this acquisition, it is expected that reporting and data insights for GIF stickers will increase for the better as Facebook adds its own touches to the platform.

How To Create Gifs For Instagram

6 minute read

If you want to wow your Instagram followers, keep their eyes on your content longer, and increase your engagement rate, it’s time to learn how to create GIFs for Instagram!

Stay on top of the biggest social media marketing trends!

If you want to wow your Instagram followers, keep their eyes on your content longer, and increase your engagement rate, its time to learn how to create GIFs for Instagram!

If photos are the heart of your Instagram strategy, GIFs can help give your content some soul.

Creating cute and catchy GIFs that endlessly loop entices your Instagram followers to stay on your content longer, which helps them digest your message before they continue to thumb swipe away.

Watch our free video tutorial with social media designer Secelia Bennett to learn how to plan, shoot, and edit GIFs for Instagram using Photoshop:

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Instagram Video To Gif Faq

Can I post a GIF on Instagram?How to convert a video to a GIF on Windows 10?

  • Go to the Ezgif website, click the Video to GIF.
  • Tap Choose File to add your video, and click the Upload video.
  • Set the start time and end time of the GIF, and click the Convert to GIF.
  • Once done, click the Save button to download the GIF.
  • How to make a GIF from a video on iPhone?

  • Open the Video to GIF GIF Maker app on your iPhone, click the Video to GIF.
  • Upload the target video or choose a GIF template to turn the video into a GIF.
  • How to convert GIF to MP4?

  • Open the Convertio website, click the Choose File to upload your GIF.
  • Set MP4 as the output format, and click the Convert.
  • Then click the to download the MP4 file.

    How To Make Your Own Stickers


    Now lets get to the interesting part. How to design your own sticker. With the help of, you dont need to be a badass graphic designer to do it. Its safe to say that they have made this process pretty simple and intuitive.

    When you have successfully logged into your account you will be forwarded to the home page. At the top, you can see two options on how to add GIFs: Upload and Create.

    In this section, well cover the Create part.

    There are several ways to create GIFs using Giphy. These include:

    • Choose Photo or GIF With this option you can select multiple images or GIFs and make a slideshow.
    • Choose Video You can upload an already existing video to convert it into a GIF. Almost all video file formats are supported.
    • Add any URL Link to an online video directly. The types of links that are supported by Giphy are YouTube, Vimeo, and Giphy itself.

    If you are going with this route its important to use images or videos that have a transparent background. Basically, GIF stickers are just regular GIFs but on a transparent background.

    This is the general baseline for the Instagram story stickers. This works best since you want your stickers to interact with your Story and not cover it completely. also offers some advice on how to create a great sticker.

    A good sticker is simple, eye-catching, and fun. Because they are shared at a fairly small size, its important to keep them visually sharp and well defined.

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    How Do You Make Animated Instagram Stickers

    Many of the stickers come animated. Search the Giphy selections. Go through Giphy to be able to access in Instagram. You can also animate your Instagram font. Add text to your Story like you normally would. Then, click the far right box at the top with the A that looks in motion. The text will jump.

    How To Create Gifs Stickers For Ig Stories

    IG stories give you 10 seconds to grab your audiences attention. If youre not using GIF stickers, chances are your audience is tapping onto the next post. Why? Because these fun animations catch your viewers eye just long enough to view the post in its entirety.

    While creating a picture or video has become second nature, making a GIF isnt so easy. Youll need a GIF maker application and a way to get it onto your post. In this tutorial, youll learn how to create a GIF sticker with Kapwing, a free web app. Kapwing makes it easy to design a GIF sticker and add to your post. Heres how it works:

  • Start with a Story
  • Upload to Instagram
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    Where Did Lindsay Czarniak Grow Up

    Lindsay Charnyak was born in Harrisburg, Pennsylvania, on November 7, 1977. When she was five years old, she moved with her family to Northern Virginia. His father, Chet Charnyak, worked in the sports department of a local newspaper for 17 years. An avid sports fan, she played lacrosse and hockey at Centerville High School.

    How To Create A Gif For Instagram Using Canva

    A quick scroll through Instagram and its obvious that videos are dominating. In fact, since Instagram rolled out video its engagement has grown by 53% thats outpacing photos! But theres one type of video in particular that Instagram users continue to love: GIFs.

    GIFs, which stands for Graphics Interchange Format, are essentially image files that move. While some social media marketers are quick to brush off GIFs as a fad, the stats tell another story. Giphy, arguably the most popular website for creating GIFs, serves more than one billion users daily. This explosion in GIF popularity is a great opportunity for brands and businesses on Instagram.

    But how do you make a GIF? While there are a ton of free apps and websites out there, my favorite way to create GIFs is with Canva. Check out how in just a few minutes Canva can help you create engaging, high-quality GIFs for your brand.

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    Finding And Adding Gifs To Instagram Stories

    A good Instagram sticker is simple, eye catching and fun. With just a few simple steps you can add GIFs to your Instagram stories:

    • Open the Instagram app on your phone
    • Tap the blue + button to create a story
    • Take a photo, video or upload from your camera roll
    • After youve selected the photo or video you want to use, you can edit it
    • Tap the square smiley face icon
    • Tap the GIF icon or search for the right one using the search bar
    • When youve found the perfect GIF for your story, tap it and it will appear in the in the middle of the photo
    • To move the GIF, press and drag it with your finger
    • To resize it, pinch and zoom in or out with two fingers
    • When youve finished editing, press the Your Story icon at the bottom of the screen to publish it

    If youve created your own branded GIFs that you want to use, simply search for your GIPHY account name after selecting the square smiley face icon.

    If you save the image with GIFs posted on your story, you can also post this image to your Feed, although the GIFs have to play for more than 3 seconds before looping.

    S To Take When Making Searching Animated Stickers For Instagram

    Its important to note that these animated stickers are actually sourced through GIPHY.

    GIPHY is the platform for where all animated gifs are hosted. There are billions of them. And, apps like Instagram and Tik Tok partner with them to make finding GIFs to use on your posts super easy.

    There are steps to take when creating a searching gif on GIPHY, and Ill walk you through them quickly, but spend more time in detail in the video teaching you.

  • You need to know how to make an animated transparent gif. Ill show you using Procreate.
  • You should have a minimum of five animated gifs created and ready to go before applying for a verified account on GIPHY.
  • Visit and create an account.
  • Get verified on GIPHY and wait.
  • Upload your 5 gifs to GIPHY.
  • Be sure to tag your gifs so they can be found by what the gif is and the username you want people to find you by.
  • It can take a few weeks to get verified, so please be patient! Keep making gifs and adding them to your account. It will only help your verification process.

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    Integrate Your Gif Stickers On Your Insta Story

    Once you have created and uploaded your stickers, its time to put them to the test. If youve integrated all the steps we showed during this tutorial on how to make your own gif stickers to boost your Instagram Stories, then this should be a treat. Once Giphy has approved your sticker/s, simply

  • Log in to your Instagram account
  • Tap to create a new Story
  • Include an image/video or media file of your choosing
  • Search for the gif sticker youve created either using your brands name or a descriptive tag youve included
  • If the sticker was approved it should be visible on the search and you can easily include them to raise brand awareness among your Insta stories.
  • How To Post A Gif On Instagram By Iphone/android

    How to Create GIF Stickers to Boost Your Instagram Stories

    To be able to directly post a GIF on Instagram from your iPhone or Android, a popular and proven solution is to use GIPHYs mobile apps. GIPHY is a world-renown free source for the hottest GIFs and animated stickers. You can create a free account and either make your original GIFs or use its infinite GIFs stock to post it on Instagram News Feed and Instagram Stories.

    Post a GIF on Instagram by Giphys mobile apps

    Launch GIPHY apps > look for a GIF you like and tap on It > hit the share button, which looks like an airplane icon > tap the Instagram icon.

    Of course, you may also click on the Create or + button on the top right corner to make an original GIF or upload a GIF from the Camera Roll from your phone.

    Once you tap the Instagram icon, you may opt to add a GIF on Instagram Story or Instagram News Feed. Select one, then you will be automatically redirected to your Instagram and be able to post a GIF on your Instagram. You may also add captions and hashtags as you post ordinary images. Meanwhile, a 15-secs MP4 file of your GIF will be automatically saved to your photo gallery for future use.

    Choose to post a GIF on Instagram Story or Instagram News Feed

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    How To Send Gifs In Instagram

    To send a GIF as a direct message to Instagram, click the DM button in the app in the top right corner of the app, select the user or group you want to send the GIF to and click Next next to Write a message. Find GIFs in the GIF button or swipe left to view other GIFs. Users can also select “Random” to send a random GIF. Tap a GIF to send it instantly.

    Make pictures come to life

    How Do I Turn Youtube Into Gif

    YouTube to GIF: Make GIF with GiphyStep 1 : Copy the YouTube URL you want to convert to GIF and go to GIF MAKER.Step 2 : Paste the YouTube URL into the input field.Step 3 : Select the duration of the GIF and the start time of the video.Step 4 : Add a signature or a sticker.

    How to make a gif from a youtube videoHow do I turn YouTube into GIF? YouTube to GIF: Make GIF with Giphy Step 1 : Copy the YouTube URL you want to convert to GIF and go to GIF MAKER. Step 2 : Paste the YouTube URL into the input field. Step 3 : Select the duration of the GIF and the start time of the video. Step 4 : Add a signature or a sticker.How do I create my own GIF?To make your own GIF, go to your keyboard and tap tâ¦

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    Using Gifs To Stand Out On Instagram

    If youre looking for a way to create attention-grabbing, engaging content on Instagram stories, branded GIFs are the perfect solution. By including different icons and text stickers that align with your brand, you can connect with your audience and promote your brand in a fun and engaging way.

    Keep in mind that the content you enhance with GIFs and Instagram stickers should align with your social media marketing goals. They should make your customers feel something and prompt them to take a desired action.

    GIFs can be used to raise brand awareness, add CTAs, promote campaigns, draw attention to elements of the story, persuade viewers to continue engaging with the story, enhance product shots and stay current with seasonal trends.

    How To Create Your Own Instagram Stories Gifs

    8 minute read

    GIFs on Instagram Stories are seriously trending, but did you know that you can create Instagram Stories GIFs for your brand, too? Beyond just being a ton of fun, businesses can also use Instagram Stories GIFs to draw attention to important elements in your Instagram Stories, like a call-to-action or the swipe-up button. But if you create

    Stay on top of the biggest social media marketing trends!

    GIFs on Instagram Stories are seriously trending, but did you know that you can create Instagram Stories GIFs for your brand, too?

    Beyond just being a ton of fun, businesses can also use to draw attention to important elements in your Instagram Stories, like a call-to-action or the swipe-up button.

    But if you create your own branded GIFs for Instagram Stories, youll be able to increase brand awareness, encourage people to post from live events, or just make your own stories match your brand.

    Heres how to create Instagram Stories GIFs for your brand in 3 easy steps:

    There a lot of , and businesses are quickly jumping on this hot new Instagram trend. Butnot many brands have made the leap to create their own.

    We came up with the idea to create a series of Instagram Stories GIFs to help businesses drive traffic and sales through stories, with fun stickers like swipe up, shop now, new post, etc.

    All you have to do is search Later when youre adding a GIF, and youll find them all there!

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