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How To Create Categories In Gmail

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Gmail Signature Text Field

How to use Gmail Categories

A gmail signature text field can be used to add a signature to your email. This signature can include your name, contact information, or any other text you want to include.

How to Add Email Signatures to Your Gmail If your Gmail signature is above the quotation mark, you must move it to the top of the list of replies. You must create a separate mobile signature for your Gmail account. In addition, in the Gmail mobile app, you can create a signature that can be used wherever you go. The only way to completely disable Gmail email signatures is to remove the placeholder signature.

Create And Manage Labels From The Settings Menu

Here is another way to create folders in Gmail from your PC or Mac computer.

First, open your Gmail. Search for the gear icon in the upper right-hand corner of your screen and click on it. Then, click See all settings.

You can also repeat the steps from the previous method. Go to the left sidebar where your Inbox and Sent folders are, scroll all the way down, and click on Manage labels.

Both methods will lead you to the same page.

Right under the name of the subsection is a small Create new label button. Click on it, and a new pop-up will appear.

Now, repeat the same steps from the previous method. Enter the name of your label and decide whether you want to nest it under an already-existing label. If so, check the box next to it and choose a parent label from the drop-down menu. Once youre done, click the blue Create button, and your new label will be ready for use.

And that would be everything you need to know on how to create folders in Gmail. Now that weve got that covered, lets talk about organizing emails into folders in Gmail.

How To Create A Gmail Rule From Existing Emails

When you receive an email that you want to automatically move to another folder, mark as read, or delete, create a rule from the selected message.

To create a rule from an existing email:

  • Open Gmail in a web browser.

  • Select the check box next to the message that meets the criteria for your new rule.

  • Choose Filter messages like these.

  • Select or correct the criteria to apply to the new rule. Some options may be pre-populated with details from the selected message.

  • Select Create filter.

    To show which messages meet the specified criteria, select Search.

  • Select the check box next to the options that specify the behavior you want to apply to the rule. Options include Skip the Inbox , , Star it, and Delete it.

  • Select Create filter to activate the new rule.

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    How To Automatically Create A Filter For A Folder In Gmail

    Filters do the work for you so that you dont have to waste any time putting messages into folders that land in your inbox. You can assign other actions with filters, but for now, well just focus on automatically adding folders to incoming emails. Heres how:

  • Click on the Show search options to the right, in the Gmail search bar
  • Enter dates, sender, or specific words, youll be able to narrow down your search by multiple criteria,
  • Add in your search parameters, for folders, this works well with keywords so fill in the Has the words section
  • Click on Create filter on the bottom
  • Check the Apply the folder box and select the folders you want to set it to
  • Click again on Create filter to save
  • Google Tips: How To Organize Emails In Gmail Part : Categories And Labels

    How to Enable Tabs in Gmail

    Email has quickly become the number one method of communication between individuals and corporations. From newsletters to private messages, it doesnt take long for the inbox to fill with a digital mountain of mail. Google Gmail provides many tools to help manage incoming mail. Read on to find out how Gmail categories and labels can organize email efficiently.


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    How To Create Folders In The Gmail Mobile App

  • Open the Gmail app on your mobile device.
  • At the top left of the screen, click on the three lines next to the bar that reads Search in mail.
  • In the menu that appears, scroll down to the labels section and tap + Create new.
  • Scroll down and tap + Create new under the labels section

  • In the screen that appears , enter the name for your new folder . Tap done.
  • Name the new label

    How To Use Gmail Tabs For Organization

    The procedures in this article were completed in Google Chrome, but they should also work in Firefox or Edge.

    Note that this instruction assumes you are not presently utilising a Gmail inbox option with tabs, but that you would like to start.

    The first half of this article will show you how to change to a tabbed inbox, and the second part will show you how to customise those tabs.

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    How To Manage Rules In Gmail

    After you create a set of rules, modify or delete rules as your needs change.

    To manage your Gmail filters:

  • Open Gmail in a web browser.

  • Select Settings .

  • Select Settings.

  • In the Settings screen, choose Filters and Blocked Addresses.

  • To make changes to a rule, select edit. To remove a rule so that it no longer filters your email, select delete.

  • The Gmail Tab Takeover Part I: Plan Your Moves

    How To ADD a NEW Category in GMAIL

    The first step to repurposing Gmails inbox tabs is to think about which of the existing tabs you actually useand which would be good candidates for repurposing. For most people, the Social and Forums tabs are going to be the ones best suited to this, since their default purposes arent all that critical for most of us.

    The Social tab, as youd expect, is designed to hold messages from social networks, media-sharing sites, and the like, while the Forums tab is meant for messages from online groups, discussion boards, and mailing lists. Unless you get a ton of messages that fit either description , its pretty easy to give those up.

    Next, think about what new role youd like your repurposed tab to servewhat type of emails you receive thatd be helpful to have removed from your Primary inbox, where they demand the most immediate attention, and instead placed into their own special area.

    For instance, I receive a lot of replies to the welcome message thats sent to new subscribers of my newsletter. Those are important to me, and I read and respond to them allbut I like to do that en masse and at specific, limited times of day in order to be more efficient. And I prefer to limit my Primary tab only to more pressing messages that demand my immediate attention.

    Once youve figured out what exactly you want to do and which tab you want to use for it, all thats left is to implement the change. And that parts actually pretty easy.

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    B How To Move Emails Into Folders On The Gmail Web App

    Moving your important emails into Gmail folders is much easier than creating new folders.

    Heres how to do it on Gmails desktop version:

    Step 1To move a single email, click and hold to drag the message and drop it in the desired label on the left sidebar.

    Step 2If youd like to move multiple emails at a time, check the boxes on the left of the emails you want to move.

    Then, click and hold to drag them over to the required folder on the left sidebar.

    Step 3Alternatively, you can right-click the message you want to move, click the Move to option, and select your desired folder from the list.

    But how do you move important emails to a folder automatically? Lets find out.

    Own Your Inbox Before It Owns You

    No matter who you are, your inbox can easily get out of hand if youre not checking in regularly! For those who dont like to be tethered to a device or always on the clock, using Gmail Tabs will help cut down the time you spend sorting through emails and searching for the ones you need. Owning your inbox is owning your time, and owning your time will help you be more productiveat work and at home.

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    Create Labels Using Gmail Mobile Apps

    Although the Gmail Android app is quite capable, you can’t create labels on it. However, there’s an option to create a label in Gmail’s iOS app.

  • Open Gmailon iPhone.
  • Tap the menu in the upper-left corner.
  • Scroll down and select Create new from the Labels menu. 2 Images
  • Add a label name and select Done at the top.Close
  • Check your newly created label from the Gmail menu. You can’t nest a new label under any existing label from the Gmail iPhone app.

    Using Labels In Gmail

    Leaked Gmail user interface screenshots suggest big changes coming ...

    Tabs are useful for categorising emails, but they don’t allow you to modify them like labels do.

    You’ll have to manually move emails around because Gmail doesn’t sort them into labels on your behalf right now.

    Even still, doing so makes it much easier to find communications related to a specific topic.

    Step 1: Open your Gmail account and log in as you normally would. Then, on the left-hand side of the page, click the More option.

    Step 2: More options in Gmail – Scroll down, select Create new label, then name your label properly in the pop-up window that appears. The labels will appear underneath the Compose button on the left-hand side of your Gmail inbox once they’ve been generated.

    Step 3: Now it’s time to label your emails in Gmail. To do so separately, either click and drag your message over the label in the left-hand column, or when drafting a new email, click the down arrow in the bottom-right corner.

    To mass label emails, tick the boxes to the left of the ones you wish to label and then click the labels button in the top toolbar. After that, select your chosen label from the drop-down menu that appears.

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    In Gmail How Do I Automatically Categorize Emails

    Create filters for your emails Open Gmail and click the Down arrow in the search box at the top. Please enter your search criteria. Check what emails appear by clicking Search at the bottom of the search window to see if your search worked correctly.

    Choose what you want the filter to do and then click Create.

    Why Cant I Access My Gmail Folders

    If your entire folder list is hidden on the left, make sure its visible by selecting the Menu in the upper-left corner of the screen. Also, make sure the left pane has arrows that allow you to see all folders. Select Settings from the gear in the upper-right corner.

    Select the tab Labels from the drop-down menu.

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    Add A Label To An Email

    Now that you have created labels in Gmail, it’s time to organize your emails.

  • Head to your inbox and open an email.
  • Select the Labels icon at the top.
  • Check your preferred labels and select Apply.
  • The label appears next to the email subject.
  • Manually repeating the same steps for every email isn’t productive. Instead, drag and drop an email from the Gmail home to the Labels menu to quickly organize emails. You can also select several emails and move those conversations to a label via drag and drop.

  • Visit Gmail on the web. Drag and drop an email from the default inbox to a label.
  • Select the checkbox next to the emails you want to move.
  • Drag the selected emails to a label.
  • After applying the label, that email appears under the label you selected.
  • What Are Gmail Folders

    How To Add Inbox Categories and Tabs In Gmail App

    Gmail folders are a way to organize email categories in your Gmail inbox. You can create any folder you want, assign it a unique color, and assign it to any email in your inbox. This way, on the Gmail sidebar, you can easily select a Folder and view all the emails that show up in that category.

    In Gmail, folders are actually called labels. While these 2 terms mean something different for us, in practice, they accomplish the same thing. But, before you think of organizing your inbox we suggest you take the time to fully understand labels, in order to avoid confusion down the road.

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    Add Or Remove Category Tabs

  • On your computer, open Gmail.
  • At the top right, click Settings
  • In the “Inbox type” section, select Default. Note: To hide all tabs, select another inbox type.
  • In the “Categories” section, Check PrimaryUncheck the boxes of tabs you want to show. Uncheck SocialMessages from social networks and media-sharing sites. Uncheck PromotionsDeals, offers, and other promotional emails. Uncheck UpdatesNotifications, confirmations, receipts, bills, and statements. Uncheck ForumsMessages from online groups, discussion boards, and mailing lists. Note: You can’t make new tabs you can only show or hide existing ones.
  • Scroll to the bottom, then click Save Changes.
  • Note: If you’ve turned on notifications, you’ll only get notifications about emails in your Primary category.

    How To Hide A New Folder In Gmail

    If you have a lot of folders, it can become frustrating to constantly sift through them when youre trying to tag each email quickly. In that case, Gmail allows you to hide folders from your dropdown menu. What this does is hide the folders from being selected instead of deleting them.

    This is ideal for seasonal folders, for example, if you have a folder that relates to a New Years campaign, you probably dont need it hanging out in your folders menu all year long. Heres how to hide folders:

  • Go to Settings, The gear icon on the top right
  • Click onSee all settings
  • Click the Folders menu item. Its next to general
  • Scroll downto the bottom of the list until you see Folder
  • Find the folder you want to hide
  • In the column titled Show in messagelist, select Hide
  • Once selected, the Hide button will turn bold
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    How To Turn A Nest Folders Into A Parent Folder

    Sometimes folders grow too large on their own and you want it to be its own folder, called a parent folder. This is especially helpful if you want that folder to have nests of its own. To turn a nested folder into a parent folder, follow these simple steps:

  • Go to Settings, The gear icon on the top right
  • Click onSee all settings
  • Click the Folders menu item. Its next to general
  • Scroll downto the bottom of the list until you see Folders
  • In the Actions columnlocated on the top right, click on Edit
  • In the popup, Uncheck the blue box where youve selected to nest this folder, and your folder will now become its own parent folder
  • Click on the Save button
  • How To Add Or Remove Inbox Categories And Tabs In Gmail On Android:

    Free Gmail App Template Sketch
    • Open the Gmail app on your Android phone or tablet.
    • Tap the Menu button on the top left.
    • Now tap on Settings
    • Then choose your account.
    • Scroll down to Inbox and be sure the Inbox Type is set to Default, just like on the web.
    • Below Inbox Type, tap Inbox Categories.
    • Move the toggles to turn on or off the categories.

    Note: If you only use the Primary category on your computer, you won’t be able to choose “Inbox categories.”

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    The Gmail Tab Takeover Part Ii: Configure It Your Way

    All rightready to set up your new custom-repurposed tab? Lets start by cleaning out whatevers currently in it :

    • On the Gmail desktop website, drag and drop each individual message from the tab youre repurposing into the next-most-appropriate tabso, for instance, if youre repurposing your Social tab and you see some messages in it from Twitter, you might drag those over to the Updates tab. Ultimately, all that matters is what makes sense to you. Just pick a place where you want those messages to go from now on.
    • Each time you drag a message into a different tab, youll see a box in the lower-left corner of the screen asking if you want to categorize messages from that sender the same way from now on. Click Yes.
    • Repeat the process for every message thats in your soon-to-be-repurposed tab.

    Now, with the tab empty, its time to tell Gmail what messages you do want to go into that freshly vacated space. And there are a few ways you can handle that, depending on the parameters involved:

    You might have to repeat some of those steps multiple times, if you have multiple types of messages that you want included in your custom taband you might have to monitor your newly repurposed tab for a week or two to fine-tune it and address any outliers you miss in your initial configurationbut, by and large, once those steps are finished, you should be all set.

    And your Gmail inbox should now be custom-suited to you in ways you never thought possible.

    How To Add A Nested Folder

    Nesting a folder is like adding a subcategory. You can create an initial folder or folder, and then add a second one if youd like to have more specific categories. Lets take a look at how to do this in practice.

    Select the email you want to add to a folder, either in the inbox view or in the email itself.

  • Click on the Folder iconon the menu
  • Click on Create new to add a new nest folder
  • Name your folder, youll get a popup where you can type in the name of your new folder
  • Check the box where it says Nest folder under and select the existing folder you want it to be under. For example, your new folder could be new folder and it might be nested under the folderlater.
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