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How To Create Campaign In Linkedin

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Are Linkedin Ads Worth It

How To Create A LinkedIn Ad Campaign

Absolutely! Although LinkedIn charges higher prices than alternative social media platforms, if you are a B2B business wanting to connect with your target audience, its the right place to start. However, do bear in mind that adverts can take a while to be successful, and repeat exposure to your brand will increase conversion rates. Prepare your budget accordingly to maximize your campaign results.

Setting & Optimizing Your Linkedin Ads Budget

You will set a budget for the daily and total program overall campaign periods.

LinkedIn uses an auction system to determine ad serving and final cost per click.

Check out this video demonstrating how the auction system works on their platform:

LinkedIn recommends that advertisers set a daily budget of at least $100 to get the best ad serving opportunity and highest quality clicks.

If budget issues seem to be hindering performance at the start of the campaign, try implementing these tips:

  • Budget running out too quickly: lower the daily budget.
  • Not spending the budget: adjust bids to be more competitive , or use the Automated Bid option . In addition, try Enable Audience Expansion or Enable the LinkedIn Audience Network if you originally opted out.
  • Not enough clicks: the budget might be too low so it is not serving enough. Try setting it higher for a period of time to give the campaign a jump start.

Challenged by a small budget? Try these 15 Tips on How to Rock a Small PPC Budget.

Choose Your Linked Ad Format

Once you have the perfect audience targeted, it’s time to choose the LinkedIn ad campaign format you want to use.

Each ad format has specific requirements and you’ll see notifications under the ad format selection showing what those requirements are.

For example, if you choose a single image ad and don’t already have a LinkedIn company page or showcase page associated with the ad account, you’ll be shown a warning that you have to add one:

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Which Ad Is More Effective On Linkedin

Again, this will depend on your target audience and your goals. For example, the video format of the sponsored content can be useful to develop your brand image. Some features like the sponsored message are to be avoided. In this article, I explained how you can use an automated tool to create highly personalized prospecting messages, without going through LinkedIns sponsored message feature.

Do I Need A Linkedin Company Page To Use Linkedin Ads

Setting up an ad campaign on LinkedIn

No, you dont need a LinkedIn company page to use LinkedIn ads. But unless youre a consultant or freelancer, its in your best interests to set one up and grow your audience prior to using LinkedIn ads.

This way, youll be able to test offers and posts organically to see if they resonate with your audience before eating into your advertising budget.

Having followers on your company page also contributes to social proof. So consider building your organic audience to at least a few hundred followers before sponsoring content.

To do this, you could create an offer for new followers and post it on your LinkedIn company page. Then tell your existing community on other channels about the launch of your new page, and the offer thats waiting for them.

And if you have employees, ask them to interact with your company page to give it a boost.

From then on, on LinkedIn and harness the social aspect of the network.

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Which Linkedin Ad Format Is The Best

The success of LinkedIns ad formats will vary depending on your audience. We recommend creating a buyer persona that will help you understand what your target market responds best to. You can also look at competitors ads and similar businesses in the industry to see what type of adverts they are publishing and calculate what works best for you.

Build Your Linkedin Ad

This section corresponds to what type of LinkedIn ad you chose for your campaign.

Once you establish the basic parameters for your ad in step one, you’ll be prompted to start building it and choose how LinkedIn will display and rotate your ad variations if you create more than one.

To get started, click Create new ad.

A screen will pop up with the title Create a new for this campaign, on which you’ll create the copy for your ad, pair it with an image, and preview the different layout options.

Of course, there are a few guidelines around the copy that we suggest:

  • Ad image, which is the artwork or graphic that your audience will see for your ad. It must be 100×100 pixels and uploaded as a .jpg or .png file that is 2MB or smaller.

  • Ad headline, which is the main message your audience will see. It cannot be more than 25 characters.

  • Ad description, which is the body of your ad. It can be up to 75 characters long and should be relevant both to the person viewing the ad and the offer or page to which you’re sending them.

  • Destination URL, which is where your audience will go when they click your ad. Double check that the URL is accurate.

Once you input this information, youll see it reflected in the Preview box to the right.

Once you click Create, youll be directed back to the previous Campaign Manager screen. From there, you can create more ads and, eventually, review and submit your order.

Here are a few of our best copywriting tips for LinkedIn Ads.




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Create Linkedin Ad Campaigns In Hubspot

Applies to:

After connecting your to HubSpot, you can create lead ads and website traffic ads through the HubSpot ads tool.

  • In your HubSpot account, navigate to > Ads.
  • Click Create ad campaign, then select a campaign type:
  • If you’re creating a lead ad campaign, select socialBlockLinkedin Lead Generation.
  • If you’re creating a website traffic ad campaign, selects socialBlockLinkedin Website traffic. You can also create a website traffic ad from one of your HubSpot landing pages:
  • In your HubSpot account, navigate to > Landing Pages.
  • Click on the name of the landing page you want to create an ad from.
  • In the top right, click Promote, then select Create website traffic ad.
  • In the right panel, select socialBlockLinkedin LinkedIn.
  • Click the pencil iconedit at the top of the page to enter a name for your ad.
  • Resources For Finding More Information About Advertising On Linkedin

    How to Create a LinkedIn Ads Remarketing Campaign (Step-by-Step Tutorial)

    LinkedIn is a social media network that connects professionals and businesses. LinkedIn ads allow you to target the right people with your message, which can lead to increased sales revenue or new customers for your company.

    To help you get started, here are some resources for finding more information about advertising on LinkedIn:

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    How To Advertise On Linkedin

  • Create your LinkedIn ad campaign.
  • Set your LinkedIn ad campaign objective.
  • Designate your LinkedIn ad audience.
  • Choose your LinkedIn ad placement.
  • Set your ad budget and schedule.
  • Don’t forget conversion tracking.
  • Build your LinkedIn ad.
  • Advertising on LinkedIn is a two-step process: 1) setting up your LinkedIn campaign, and 2) creating your LinkedIn ad.

    In this section, we walk through how to set up a campaign and build your ad plus some best practices and tips for each.

    Using Linkedin Ads To Generate Sales Conclusion

    LinkedIn is an amazing advertising platform to utilize if you want to get your website in front of a B2B audience.

    With the help of , you can do just that, but with laser-targeted precision for your online advertising.

    In this post, weve gone through the essentials of creating a LinkedIn ad with a step-by-step guide.

    We touched on why you need to create a buyer persona and also the different types of LinkedIn Ads and how to optimize each type.

    Run some ads of your own, while putting these tips into practice and see if you can get some positive results with LinkedIn Ads.

    Do you have any tips you can share when it comes to running LinkedIn ads? Please share below!

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    What Is Direct Sponsored Content

    Direct Sponsored Content is when your business page publishes a LinkedIn article. Its different from the standard Content Ad because it doesnt show on your companys organic LinkedIn page, instead, its only sent to those youve chosen to target.

    Why Use Direct Sponsored Content?

    This lets you get super targeted and specific without having to share the message with your entire audience. You can also play around with the content with a small test batch of an audience before launching into a full campaign.

    How Do Linkedin Ads Work

    Tips and Tricks for Leveraging LinkedIn

    LinkedIn Ads work in five steps, once you have LinkedIn Campaign Manager: 1) Choose an objective , 2) Select targeting criteria, 3) Pick an ad format , 4) Set an ad budget, and 5) Measure your ad’s success.

    In the above definition, we mentioned LinkedIn targeting options. Here’s some more information on how LinkedIn targeting actually works and what those targeting options are.

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    Reach A Professional Audience

    LinkedIn has become the main social media platform when it comes to professional networking. With more than 750 million users, 4 out of 5 users are decision-makers in their companies, according to .

    This means by advertising on LinkedIn, you will have the power to show your company, products, and services to people who can impact the decision process of, for example, hiring a new supplier, or buying software, in their enterprise.

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    Get To Know The Ad Formats

    Advertisers on LinkedIn can use Sponsored Content, Sponsored Messaging, Text Ads, or a mix of all three. Heres a brief description of each format:

    Sponsored Content is native advertising that appears in the LinkedIn feed across desktop, mobile, and tablet. There are 3 formats available: Single-Image Ads, Carousel Ads, and Video Ads.

    Choose Your Ad Format

    How to Run Successful LinkedIn Ads [Guide]

    Based on your objective, a certain set of ad formats will populate here. Some of the ad types available to advertisers on LinkedIn are:

    • Text Ads: Consist of a headline, brief text, and an optional image. This format may be placed at the top of the page or on the right rail on desktop pages.
    • Single Image Ads: Allow you to promote your message directly in the LinkedIn feed. This ad format can be targeted to a specific audience across desktop and mobile
    • Carousel Ads: Allow you to tell an interactive story with a swipeable series of cards in the LinkedIn feed. You can customize the content and link for each card.
    • Video Ads: Allow you to engage your audience with interactive content directly in their feed. These ads show up on desktop and mobile.
    • Dynamic Ads: Personalized ads that appear on the right rail of desktop pages and allow you to acquire followers, showcase your product, and share thought leadership.
    • Message Ads: Direct personalized messages delivered through LinkedIn messenger with a single call-to-action. Messages are only delivered when members are active on LinkedIn to ensure higher conversion. This format is available on desktop and mobile.
    • Conversation Ads: Allow you to create a choose-your-own path experience for your audience. This allows for deeper engagement with your audience and more conversions. This format allows you to include multiple call-to-action buttons.

    For more info on which ad format is best for each objective, take a look at .

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    Think Carefully About The Customer Journey

    Lets return to those ad types we talked about earlier. When youre just getting started with LinkedIn advertising, it may be tempting to try all the different products the platform has to offer. Heres why thats a mistake: Different LinkedIn ad types are appropriate for different stages of the customer journey.

    Take Sponsored InMail, for examplethe ad type that allows you to contact your LinkedIn prospects directly through their personal inboxes. I feel strongly about this, so Ill be frank: Using Sponsored InMail as the first touchpoint between you and your LinkedIn prospects is a bad idea. Why? Because people, generally speaking, dont enjoy getting message notifications from strangers who work at companies theyve never heard of. As a , thats about as invasive, pushy, and counterproductive as it gets.

    Im not saying you should drop Sponsored InMail from your LinkedIn advertising strategy overall. What I am saying is that you should use Sponsored InMail sparingly as a way to re-engage prospects whove already interacted with your business in meaningful ways. A mid-funnel prospect will be far more open to sales messages than a high-funnel prospect.

    What Is A Linkedin Campaign

    Advertisers are able to target their ads based on specific business goals using LinkedIn advertising, which helps advertisers meet their business goals. From awareness to conversion, businesses can follow the steps of their sales funnel. As you can see from the below table, objectives are divided into three categories.

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    Create And Connect Your Account

    The first thing you need to do is create an account, name it and connect it to an existing LinkedIn page. From there, fill out your billing information and add a credit card to your account. Once thats all set up, ensure you assign the proper access to team members who will be working on your ad campaigns.

    Finally, you need a way to track your campaigns performance, so you should to your account. If youre familiar with or tracking codes, the LinkedIn Insights tag is similar. It is simply a script of code that allows you to access in-depth campaign reporting, revealing valuable information about the people visiting your site.

    2. Target your audience

    Once your account is created and youve added the Insights tag, you want to start creating your campaigns. To do that, you need to determine who your audience is.

    To start creating your audiences, go to your account and select the account assets tab at the top of the page. On the drop-down menu, select Matched Audiences.

    There are a few different audiences you can target: website audiences, list upload audiences and lookalike audiences. To choose which you want to create, click the Create Audience drop-down on the right-hand side of the Matched Audiences page.

    If you dont want to target a website audience, another option is building a list upload audience.

    There are two types of lists that you can upload in LinkedIn: account lists, which deal with companies, and contact lists, which deal with people.

    6. Set your budget

    Launch Your Linkedin Campaign

    LinkedIn Dynamic Ads Are Now Available on a Self

    Now youll see the status of your ad, which is Campaign in Draft.

    So as soon as you click Next, youll have the opportunity to launch this campaign and this ad. LinkedIn shows all of the options youve selected so you can review them.

    If everything looks good, hit Launch Campaign and this campaign will be live.

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    What Are The Advertising Formats Of Linkedin Ads

    Im not telling you anything new by saying that LinkedIn is THE professional social network

    • LinkedIn has 700 million members worldwide in 2020.
    • The network has the best free BtoB database.
    • It allows you to get qualified leads and to develop your notoriety.

    Because of its success, LinkedIn has a great interest in using advertising as a way to make money, and its in your interest to use LinkedIn to do the same there are 4 paid options:

    • Sponsored messaging,
    • Dynamic ads,
    • Sponsored content.

    LinkedIns algorithm is designed more or less the same way as other networks. That is, its goal is to keep users connected and engaged. This allows, among other things, to make them consume ads bought by advertisers.

    LinkedIn has therefore bet on the optimization of the user experience, both for the advertiser and for the users . As a result, LinkedIn focuses on quality ads, before quantity. This is where the Campaign Manager comes into play.

    The Importance Of A Linkedin Marketing Strategy

    The biggest advantage of LinkedIn is that it is frequented by many senior-level influencers, decision-makers, and thought leaders.

    If you want to grab the attention of top-level executives, then you should work on your LinkedIn marketing. You can use that are easily available on the web, to make the process easier.

    Unlike other social networking sites such as Facebook and Instagram, LinkedIn offers a goldmine of opportunities for B2B marketers. Take a look at the following infographic published by .

    Image via

    It is evident that a robust LinkedIn marketing plan is crucial for the success of your business. It can help you build brand awareness, increase website traffic, quality lead generation, and much more.

    In addition, it can also help establish yourself as an industry thought leader. However, promoting your personal brand on LinkedIn requires a set of clearly defined goals and tactics.

    Developing an effective LinkedIn strategy also demands a deep understanding of your target audience.

    Now, lets now take a look at the steps for creating a successful LinkedIn marketing strategy.

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    Knowing Linkedin Ads Manager

    The Campaign Manager is like the Swiss Army knife assistant for advertisers. It makes the whole process easier, so even a novice can get started with LinkedIn Ads. Whats pretty cool is that you can customize your data according to your goals with the Campaign manager.

    It also allows you to launch your campaigns and track your results.

    Let me explain how it works and what those famous options are

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