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How To Contact Linkedin By Telephone

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How to Contact LinkedIn’s Customer Service

As I mentioned above, most of the other tools to uncover the email addresses of your LinkedIn contacts are similar enough that they can be grouped together. These work best as lead generators, rather than as an archival tool.

Most of these offer Chrome/Firefox extensions and work under the same principle of offering a small monthly stipend of credits/inquiries/etc. for free, but have more to offer behind a subscription. These include:

Benefits Of Informational Interviewing

  • Get firsthand, relevant information about the realities of working within a particular field, industry or position.
  • Find out about career paths you did not know existed.
  • Get tips and insider knowledge about how to prepare for and land your first career position.
  • Learn what its like to work at a specific organization.
  • Initiate a professional relationship and expand your network of contacts in a specific career field meet people who may forward job leads to you in the future.

How To Cancel A Linkedin Invitation

You can retract a LinkedIn invitation to connect by navigating to the My Network tab in your top navigation bar, clicking Manage all on the top right in the Invitations section, then clicking Sent.

If youre logged in, you can jump straight to your unaccepted invitations by going here:

Check out Jobscans to get even more out of LinkedIn and take your career to the next level.

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Our Editor’s Notes On Linkedin’s Phone

Linkedin is a social networking site for professionals and job seekers. With over 630 million users worldwide, it isn’t surprising that Linkedin gets a lot of requests for customer service each and every day.

It should be noted that Linkedin does not offer phone-based customer support. Customer service requests go through its online help center or through its Twitter account.

Why Do People Contact Linkedin Customer Support?

People contact Linkedin customer support for a range of reasons, including:

  • Technical support
  • Reporting hacked and impersonation accounts

Best Practices for Calling Linkedin Customer Service

While there are phone numbers for Linkedin available, they do not connect you to customer support. Instead, you’ll be directed to Linkedin’s online help center.

The help center is robust and you will usually be able to find an answer to your question as well as step-by-step instructions for resolving it. If you can’t find a resolution, you’ll have to visit Linkedin’s help forum. You can connect with other users as well as Linkedin customer service moderators by posting a query. If your case requires personalized customer service from a Linkedin representative, you’ll be informed on the forum.

How do Consumers Feel About Contacting Linkedin Customer Service?

What Kind of Issues can Linkedin Customer Service Representative Resolve?

What Can’t Be Resolved by Linkedin Customer Service?

What Should You Do If You Have an Unsuccessful Contact with Linkedin?

How Can I Get Help From Amazon


The easiest way to get help with an Amazon order or account is to its Customer Service page. Amazon has a very user-friendly interface that allows for the majority of questions to be answered with just a few clicks . If you need help tracking down an order that hasn’t arrived, starting a refund, reloading a gift card, managing details on your account, or troubleshooting devices, the Amazon Help site has endless pages dedicated to intuitive troubleshooting.

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How To Find A Linkedin Profile By Email Address

Finding a persons LinkedIn profile by email address is easier than you think. You just need to take a couple of easy steps and allow your recruiting, sales, or marketing team to quickly find social profiles they need.

Step 1. Once you installed theSignalHire Chrome extension to your browser, copy the persons email address to your clipboard. .

Step 2. Click on the SignalHire icon in the upper right corner of the window to start using the extension. Youll see a square pop-up that will later allow you to quickly find the necessary LinkedIn profile by email.

Step 3. Paste the email address that you copied to your clipboard in the search field of the pop-up.

Step 4. Press the Find Profile button to request a persons LinkedIn profile.

Step 5. Now you can see a preview of the necessary LinkedIn profile. To reveal it and export the contact information to your ATS and CRM providers, explore the respective fields – Reveal contacts and Actions with profile.

How To Contact Linkedin Technical Support

First off, let me say that its ludicrous that this even merits a blog post, but LinkedIn has so obfuscated the process that it takes a lot of digging to find it. If you just want the link, here it is:

If youd like to see how to find it for yourself, read on. Also, if you dont get any response at the link above, there are some ideas on how to escalate your issue at the end of the post.

I had my attention called to this issue on Twitter today:

It actually took me a couple of minutes to figure out. I wont bore you with all the dead-ends I tried that didnt work.let me just show you what did:

1. Scroll down to the bottom of any page on LinkedIn:

2. Click on the Customer Service Link. This takes you to the LinkedIn Customer Service Center, where they invite you to first try to help yourself:

3. At this point, click on any of the FAQ entries doesnt matter which one. Once you do, now at the top of the page there will be an Ask Customer Service tab :

4. That will finally put you on a contact form that will allow you to submit your question to customer service. You can even attach a file if needed, such as a screenshot of the problem:

What happens then? Well, LinkedIn isnt known for their customer service nice enough people once you get to someone, but theyre massively understaffed and overloaded. If you dont get the response you need, here are some additional ways to try to escalate your issue:

3. Try or on Twitter. Theres also a list of .

Good luck!

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Create A Larger Contact List

Its also possible for professionals to expand their contact list on mobile devices on desktops by populating it with LinkedIn exports. The caveat? Its worth going through your exported contacts to assess the type and nature of your connections before adding them to your contact list. For example, if you have a long-standing relationship with a LinkedIn contact, theyll likely be receptive to an email or call, even if youve obtained their contact data from exporting. If youve only ever had cursory contact interactions, meanwhile, its worth building better rapport before making a cold call.

The Bottom Line On Making Your Phone Number And Email Address Visible On Linkedin

How To Contact LinkedIn Customer Support

Recruiters are always in a hurry because their paychecks depend on it. So, if they find you and think you are qualified for one of their opportunities, being easy to contact improves the probability they will contact you. Be active, daily, on LinkedIn to increase the chances of discovery and also to show recruiters that you are paying attention to LinkedIn.

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How To Export Linkedin Contacts With Email

Topics: Inbound Marketing Strategy,Startup Marketing,Business Development

Whether youre a recruiter, in sales, someone who periodically archives their contacts to clean up their connections list, or just someone who likes to keep their own personal Google Doc of business contacts offline, you probably are an old hand at downloading your LinkedIn connections data.

If not, its a pretty simple process:

1. Click the Me dropdown menu in the upper right-hand side of your LinkedIn navigation bar.

2. Click Settings & Privacy.

3. Click the Privacy tab.

4. Scroll down to Download your data which is under the How LinkedIn uses your data section.

5. Click Download your data.

6. Select the data youd like to export. Click Request archive.

7. Click the download it with this link prompt in your notification email.

8. Click Download archive.

9. Open your .CSV file to access your data.

All in all, a pretty intuitive process. Except, theres a catch. When you go to open your spreadsheet, youll notice that something very crucial is missing email addresses. Talk about a glaring omission. But, there is a method in the madness.

Thankfully, there are 3rd party solutions to this. Not all of them are equal, and the majority of them are just variations on the same theme. Also, LinkedIn is not a fan of these tools, as it contravenes their attempts at privacy and further prohibits the use of automation, so none of them offer a practical solution.

Their Lead Generation On Linkedin

Dux-Soup is trusted by thousands of sales, marketing, recruitment, startups, corporations and digital lead generation agencies across the world.

“Dux-Soup Turbo gives our agency the ability to run hyper-targeted campaigns at a much lower price point than traditional digital marketing.”


âBeing able to focus on active LinkedIn users means I consistently get over 65% acceptances and can automate between 30-60 business days. You canât get better than that!â


âIâve never seen a marketing or sales tool make such an impact. Leveraging Dux-Soup means in 8 months weâve gone from $30k – $200k in closed sales each month!â


âDux-Soup saves every team member two hours of effort a day, LinkedIn campaigns have up to 70% response rates, and weâve seen instant payback on our investment.â


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Option : Use Signalhire

Much like SalesQL, SignalHire offers a Chrome extension, and is positioned more as a hiring and lead generation tool. Also, like the former, its got useful tools that are regretfully behind a subscription model. As well, there doesnt seem to be a bulk download option in the free version, only a profile by profile exploration. This tool is better if you’re looking to chase after someone, or something specific, rather than a download of all your contacts, and you want all the different email addresses and phone number associated with them.

Once youve downloaded the extension, then its a matter of deciding where youre going to use it. This extension works across LinkedIn, as well as other social platforms such as Facebook, GitHub and Twitter to find both personal and professional emails

Since were talking about Linkedin, its just a matter of opening up your contacts, finding the profile youre interested in, and clicking on the extension. It will then pull up any and every verified email associated with that individual, as well as their phone numbers. You can also export it to an external CRM such as Salesforce or Hubspot, which is great if you’re populating your pipeline with pertinent info.

Fig. 3

Fig. 4

Sadly, theres not a lot you can do with the free version, but if you decide to subscribe, you do get unlimited access, a bulk finder, and a data migration service. You can learn more on their website.

Option #: The Full Step

LinkedIn Revamps Messenger Feature To Make It Suck Less ...

Now that you have the direct link, you should be all set.

But if you forget this post or simply want to know how to navigate to that page on your own, here are the steps to find that option and submit your ticket:

  • Select Help and then Open Help In A New Tab
  • Fill out your ticket and press Submit!
  • Here’s a video walking through the process followed by a detailed breakdown of each step:

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    How To Get Phone Numbers From Linkedin

    We love LinkedIn, not just because you can get phone numbers, email addresses and more from it. We love it because it is a great tool for social selling and job searching. In order to get phone numbers from LinkedIn, connect with the person and follow the steps below to get their phone number. As a blogging coach it is important for me to be able to contact my connections directly and I will show you how below.

    If you are already a member on LinkedIn scroll down to step 3.

    Step 1 Join LinkedIn

    Signing up for LinkedIn is free. Just visit the website and create your free account to begin connecting with people. It is a good idea in some cases to use your personal email address to sign up instead of your business account because you might leave the business and forget to update your email address on LinkedIn.

    Step 2 Profile

    You need to create an authentic , this will allow you to connect with the right people and get your connection requests approved. Read this quick guide on for connections. Your LinkedIn profile should include things like your previous work history, education and achievements. LinkedIn uses your profile completeness to judge whether you should show up in searches or not. Your profile is also used to calculate your .

    Step 3 Connect

    Step 4 Get Phone Numbers

    Faq: Everything Else You Need To Know About How To Find A Phone Number

    Looking for more information? Here are a few common questions that arise when looking for someones phone number:

    How can I find out if a phone number is legitimate?

    You may have found a phone number, but how can you find out if that phone number is valid?

    The simple answer is to just call them. If the phone number is no longer valid, youll get a voice message letting you know.

    But what happens if you have hundreds or thousands of phone numbers?

    The simplest and quickest way to guarantee you wont be wasting time by calling those numbers is by using a phone validator such as Dexatel. This validator may involve an extra cost, but it will check every land line and cell phone number you have through public and proprietary databases, and it will give you the most relevant information about them.

    The best time to use phone validators is when you need to check phone numbers online in bulk, and quickly clear out the fake or invalid numbers from your list.

    How do you find out if a phone number is available?

    Phone validators will retrieve all information about a phone number, in order to help you find out if its still available.

    Once youve found the right phone number and confirmed its availability, youll have to call your phone provider to talk to them about getting it for you.

    How do you find accounts linked to a phone number?

    With better data and rich profiles, you can get a better idea of who your lead is and how to approach them. And it all starts with a simple search!

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    Safely Publish Your Phone Number And Contact Information On Linkedin

    The best LinkedIn profile will not be very useful to you unless contact information is readily available for recruiters and other members of your network.

    If you cannot be easily reached, people move on. Opportunities will evaporate, and you will never know.

    In discussions with recruiters, as well as my own searching on LinkedIn, I have noticed a barrier that many people have accidentally created for themselves inside LinkedIn. More than one recruiter has told me that the preferred contact information is a phone number, but an email address is the absolute minimum.

    Recruiters search LinkedIn relentlessly, based on keywords , looking for candidates who are qualified for their job openings.

    When recruiters find someone who is qualified, they want to contact that person as quickly as possible.

    If recruiters cannot easily contact the candidate, they move on to the next candidate. Potential customers or clients also move on.

    Access To The Services

    How to Contact LinkedIn Support

    We grant You a limited, revocable, nonexclusive license to access the Services for Your own personal use. This license does not include any collection, aggregation, copying, duplication, display or derivative use of the Services nor any use of data mining, robots, spiders, or similar data gathering and extraction tools for any purpose unless expressly permitted by Us. In order to make any derivative use of the Services or any content made available via the Services for other purposes not stated herein, You must first obtain a license from Us. A limited exception is provided to general purpose internet search engines and non-commercial public archives that use such tools to gather information for the sole purpose of displaying hyperlinks to the Services, provided they each do so from a stable IP address or range of IP addresses using an easily identifiable agent and comply with Our robots.txt file. General purpose internet search engine does not include a website or search engine or other service that specializes in review/complaints listings, reputation management, search optimization or social media monitoring.

    Use of the Services beyond the scope of authorized access granted to You by Us immediately terminates said permission or license.

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    Why To Scrape Data From Linkedin

    LinkedIn is most relevant to scrape data from for B2B companies. Its the topmost social networking site for professionals and businesses.

    With over 750 million users, 90 million senior-level influencers, and around 30 million companies, LinkedIn is the goldmine of information you need for your targeted lead generation and outreach campaigns.

    You can scrape data from LinkedIn in two ways:

    How To Share Your Linkedin Profile On The Mobile App

    1. Locate the LinkedIn app on your iPhone or Android’s home screen and tap to open.

    2. Go to the profile you wish to share. To share your own profile from the mobile app, and type it in manually.

    3. Click the “More” button in the introduction card of the profile you’re sharing.

    4. On iOS, choose Share via private message. On Android, this option will appear as Share Profile.

    5. Type the names of the people you wish to share the profile with in the relevant field and hit Send when done.

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