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How To Connect Whatsapp To Computer

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how to connect whatsapp to web pc/laptop

Without a second thought, Whatsapp is one of the most preferred online messaging app that establishes efficient communication between loved ones, acquaintances and business colleagues. With the Whatsapp business version, you can communicate with other businesses, customers or your employees. It is very easy to make groups and exchange files in most of the formats. But the confusion about the new Privacy Policy, the doubts about how Whatsapp is using our information is a major concern for public.

If you are one of those people who is planning to abandon whatsapp and explore the other online messaging apps like SIgnal, Telegram or something else, then know that Whatsapp doesnât let you transfer your data to any other apps. Yes, you can backup your data in the cloud but you will lose all of it if you delete your whatsapp account.

Third party applications like MobileTrans will help you keep your data safe even when you delete your whatsapp account. Within 3 to 4 steps, you can secure your data and also revisit it whenever you want to.

Step 1: Go to the official website of MobileTrans. Search for on your web browser. Even if you do a Google search on your search engine, you will get the first link that will lead you to MobileTrans website.

Step 2: Download the MolbileTrans application onto your device and launch the application. Wait till the home page opens.

What To Know When Using Whatsapp On Your Pc And Mobile

The interface on WhatsApp Web will be familiar to that on your phone, but you should note that desktop notifications are supported. So when you receive a message on WhatsApp, the notification will pop up on the device you’re currently using first and then on your other device.

For instance, if you are currently using WhatsApp on your laptop, when you receive a message, the notification will pop up on your laptop screen and then on your phone a few moments later. You can open the message and respond to it on the other device. You may want to change this for privacy reasons if you’re using a shared PC.

To do this on WhatsApp Web, select the menu icon at the left-hand side of the screen, which appears as an arrow pointing downwards. Now tap Settings, Notifications, then check the box next to Turn off all desktop notifications.

Whatsapp Web Vs Whatsapp Desktop

WhatsApp Desktop is a robust program made for users accustomed to using WhatsApp. It supports keyboard shortcuts while chatting, and notifications can be sent directly to your desktop.

WhatsApp Web is easier if you’re new to the program. All you have to do is log in to the WhatsApp website from any browser. Your messages instantly appear no matter which computer you use, where it is, and whether it’s public or private. Both versions of WhatsApp let you send pictures and other types of files just like the mobile version.

WhatsApp can accommodate up to 8 users. If you need to include more people, look at Zoom can handle up to 1,000 participants at a time. Skype has a 50-person limit, allows up to 10 , and allows 50 people at a time. None of these competitors, however, offer end-to-end encryption like WhatsApp does.

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First Things First: What You Need To Know About Using Whatsapp On Pc

Closing in on two billion monthly active users, WhatsApp is more popular than ever. While the app helps us stay connected, it also takes up a lot of time from our day, cultivating the Pavlovian conditioning of checking our smartphones whenever we get a new message. Luckily, you can now use WhatsApp on your PC, which can be a time-saver, especially if you spend hours in front of a computer.

Both WhatsApp Web and WhatsApp Desktop use your smartphone to route messages, so the mobile version needs to be active in order for them to work. That means your smartphone needs to have WhatsApp installed and plenty of battery. It also requires a stable internet connection, either on WiFi or with a good data plan to avoid extra charges, because all messages sent and received are synced on the devices connected to your account.

One thing to keep in mind is that, although both versions are excellent, they can’t fully replace the mobile version, which still offers important extra features, like audio and video calls.

TIP: You can use WhatsApp Web and WhatsApp Desktop to log in on multiple devices. However, only one instance of the app can be used at one time, on top of the classic mobile version.

How To Use Whatsapp Web From Your Browser

WhatsApp Web: How to Connect WhatsApp to your PC computer ...

If you spend a lot of time browsing the internet, having WhatsApp open in your browser can save you tons of time. WhatsApp Web is the official web-based client for the app and the easiest way to use WhatsApp on PC. You can use it with the five most popular browsers out there: Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox, Opera, Safari, and Microsoft Edge. Open your browser – in our case, Google Chrome – and access WhatsApp Web.

The page displays a QR code. To pair WhatsApp Web with your Android smartphone, you need to scan the code. Start by opening WhatsApp on your smartphone. A surefire way to access it is from the All apps screen.

In the Chats section, tap the More options button from the upper right corner. Its icon looks like three vertical dots.

Tap on WhatsApp Web in the menu that opens.

Your Android smartphone displays a screen similar to camera mode, with a highlighted rectangular section.

Point it at your computer monitor and scan the QR code by framing it inside the rectangular section.

WhatsApp loads immediately in the web client you opened in your browser, and you can now use it to send and receive messages.

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Transfer Whatsapp Photos From Iphone To Pc Via Usb Cable

If youre an old-school person, you can choose to transfer WhatsApp photos from iPhone to Windows PC via USB cable, but the method only works under the situation that youve never changed the default settings of iPhone. But in case you had stopped WhatsApp app from saving photos to the Camera Roll, you should skip this method. Dont know whether youve disabled the button or not? Follow the steps to check:

Step 1Open your Settings option on WhatsApp app, check if the “Save to Camera Roll” option has been toggled on. If it has, continue to read the following steps, otherwise, please find Method 2.

Step 2Launch File Explorer from your Windows PC. Then, select your Apple iPhone device from the left-hand toolbar. In this page, double-click the Internal Storage folder. Singly choose photos, and then directly drag and drop it from iPhone internal storage to your PC. Wait for finished transferring, you can unplug your iPhone from the PC and browse the pictures in local folder.

How To Use Whatsapp On Your Pc And Phone At The Same Time

Using WhatsApp Web means that you can easily switch between WhatsApp on your laptop and phone simultaneously. You can do this without a hack, and it couldn’t be easier. Simply follow the steps below:

  • On your computer or tablet, launch your browser of choice and go to It should work on any browser. Just ensure you are viewing the desktop site. You should see a QR code on your PC. You do not need a QR reader on your phone to read the code.
  • Launch WhatsApp on your phone, then tap Settings >Linked Devices.
  • Now tap Link a Device. WhatsApp’s QR reader will open on your mobile device. Center the code in the QR reader by pointing your phone at the code. That should automatically log you into WhatsApp on the web. Next, select your laptop on the screen. When finished, you should be able to use WhatsApp both on your mobile device and on your computer at the same time.
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    What Can You Do With Whatsapp Web

    For beginners, WhatsApp Web lets you access all the chats from your phone, on your PC or laptop. You can even compose and reply to messages. You can set it up to send notifications to your browser. It even lets you attach photos and files like you can on your phone. You can do almost pretty much everything, except for making audio and video calls. There are two ways of using WhatsApp Web.

    System Requirements For Whatsapp Video Calls On Pc

    How to Connect Mobile Whatsapp to Computer or Laptop

    To make WhatsApp voice and video calls on the desktop, you will need three things:

  • An audio output device and microphone for calls. If you want to make video calls, you also need a webcam.
  • An active internet connection on your computer and phone.
  • Additionally, you will be required to grant WhatsApp permission to access your computer’s microphone and camera to make calls.
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    How To Use Whatsapp From A Computer

    There’s a free web client that makes it possible to access WhatsApp on a computer from a web browser. There’s also a standalone WhatsApp desktop client for Windows and Mac.

    If you don’t have the mobile app, download it on your phone before setting up WhatsApp on your computer. Once you’ve done that, visit WhatsApp Web, or download the desktop program from the page. In the desktop version, select the download link that corresponds with your computer operating system .

    Once opened, the process for setting up the WhatsApp desktop program and web client interface is the same:

  • Open WhatsApp on your phone.

  • Tap the Chats tab, then tap the three vertical dots to open a drop-down menu.

  • Tap WhatsApp Web.

  • Hold your phone up to the computer screen to scan the QR Code displayed on the desktop or web client.

  • The WhatsApp client opens immediately and shows the messages you have on your phone. Close WhatsApp on your phone and use it from your computer.

  • Your phone must remain connected to the internet while you use the WhatsApp web client. The application syncs directly with your mobile device, so a Wi-Fi connection is necessary to avoid data charges.

    How Do I Know If Someone Is Using My Whatsapp Account On Whatsapp Web

    You will receive a notification on your phone if your account is used for a new WhatsApp Web connection. However, to see any current or previous connections:

  • Open WhatsApp on your phone.
  • Tap the three-dot icon and select WhatsApp Web. You will see a list of current and previous connections. You can tap on an active connection to log out, or tap Log out from all devices on the bottom.
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    Chat On Your Pc Or Mac In The Web And Desktop Versions Of Whatsapp

    • Download the WhatsApp mobile app. Next, visit WhatsApp Web, or for Windows or Mac.
    • Open the mobile app, and tap Chats. Then, tap the three vertical dots>WhatsApp Web.
    • Next, scan the QR Code on the desktop or web client. When your messages appear on the computer, close the mobile app.

    This article explains how to download and use WhatsApp on a computer. Instructions apply to WhatsApp Web and WhatsApp Desktop available for Mac OS X 10.9 and up, and Windows 8 and newer.

    How To Setup Whatsapp Using Bluestacks Emulator:

  • Go to the link and Download the latest version of BlueStacks App Player
  • After successful download go ahead with the installation process of the BlueStacks App Player on your PC or Laptop
  • Open the App Store on the BlueStacks App Player, this allows you to download external applications on your emulator easily
  • Look for WhatsApp and download the application on the BlueStacks App Player
  • When you first open the WhatsApp application on your BlueStacks app player you will be asked to complete the signup formalities
  • Enter your mobile number and complete the registration to get access to WhatsApp without a QR Code
  • Add the contacts that you have to the BlueStacks App Player in the Contacts application;
  • Initiate a new chat by tapping on the icon in the top right or reply easily to the existing conversations
  • Note: it is essential to note that a given mobile number can only be used one device at a time. If you already have the WhatsApp account for your number registered on a Phone, then you will either have to stop using it over there or get a new WhatsApp number on the BlueStacks App Player for proper functionality.

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    Whatsapp Web App: How To Download And Use With Qr Code

    If you prefer having WhatsApp as an app for your desktop, rather than going to your web browser and loading WhatsApp Web each time you have closed the browser, follow these steps:

  • On your computer, visit and hit enter.
  • Under Download WhatsApp for Mac or Windows PC, click the green Download button. Note, that the website automatically detects whether you’re using a Mac or a Windows PC, so you don’t really have to look for a particular version for your system.
  • Once your file is downloaded, install it on your system and open it.
  • You’ll now see the familiar QR code, just like the one you see when you open WhatsApp Web on a browser.
  • Scan the QR code from your phone by opening WhatsApp. If you have an Android smartphone, open WhatsApp> tap the vertical three-dots icon and select WhatsApp Web. Similarly, if you have an iPhone, open WhatsApp> tap Settings> followed by tapping WhatsApp Web.
  • Before scanning the code, make sure you check the Keep me signed in option right below the QR code. This is to be done so that you don’t have to scan the code each and every time you open the app.
  • That’s it. You now have WhatsApp running as an app on your computer.
  • How To Call Using Whatsapp

    One of the most useful features when using WhatsApp internationally is the ability to make phone calls. Unlike standard international voice calls, WhatsApp calls use your internet connection rather than your phone line, so theyre completely free .

    To start a phone call on WhatsApp, all you need to do is open a chat window and tap the phone icon in the top right. If its a group, you can even select multiple people to call at the same time.

    The steps for how to make a video call on WhatsApp are virtually identical. Just tap the video camera icon next to the phone icon. Its a great , especially for Android users!

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    Whatsapp Web: Voice/ Video Calling

    While WhatsApp Web allows you to chat, send photos/ videos to friends and family, check statuses or even archiving and blocking chats, you’ll be disappointed to know that the ability to make voice or video calls on WhatsApp Web is still not possible. Officially, the feature is yet to be added by WhatsApp. However, if you must make a voice or video call via WhatsApp on your computer, then follow these steps. Do note, there will be some limitations about which we are going to tell you in a bit.

  • Visit and download Bluestacks. For those who don’t know, Bluestacks is one of the most popular Android emulators for computers.
  • Visit and download Bluestacks. For those who don’t know, Bluestacks is one of the most popular Android emulators for computers.
  • Once downloaded, open WhatsApp and register with the phone number that you use on the service.
  • Note that once you register the number on WhatsApp over here in Bluestacks, the phone number will stop working on the device it was registered before. Which means, if you have set up WhatsApp in Bluestacks using the number that was on your phone, then you can now only use WhatsApp on Bluestacks and not on your phone. Sorry, but that’s the limitation we were talking about.
  • What Is Whatsapp Web

    How to connect WhatsApp to laptop | windows 10 or PC | very very simple it takes less than 1 miute

    WhatsApp Web is an online platform for using your WhatsApp account on your computer. It allows you to chat with people in WhatsApp on your computer, rather than on your phone.

    WhatsApp Web is an extension of the WhatsApp mobile application. Because of this, WhatsApp must be installed on your phone before you can use WhatsApp Web. You log in by using your phone to scan a QR code on your computer. This syncs your contacts and messages, effectively mirroring WhatsApp, so that what you do in WhatsApp Web happens on your phone, and vice versa.

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    Whatsapp Is Now The Easiest Application That Connects Mobile Phone Users Without Much Stress

    All you need is a smartphone and internet access, one can chat with family and friends anywhere on this planet as far as they are connected on WhatsApp.

    The dilemma of many is how they can chat uninterruptedly at the office when they are working on their PCs without having to use their phones.

    Did you know you can still WhatsApp without having to do so on the phone?

    Here is how to sync WhatsApp with your computer

    Whatsapp Web Not Working: How To Fix

    You now know what is WhatsApp Web, how to access it and how to use it. However, there can be times when WhatsApp Web or the desktop app might just not work on your computer for various reasons. In order to fix those problems, follow these steps:

  • You could be having phone connection problems because of which WhatsApp Web might not work on your computer. To fix this, make sure that your phone always has an active internet connection.
  • You could also be having computer connection problems. If you see a yellow banner above your chats list with the error message “Computer not connected”, make sure to check your computer’s Internet connection is active. It is not just your phone that needs to have an active and stable connection, but your computer also requires the same.
  • Lastly, you could also have Wi-Fi problems while using WhatsApp Web. If WhatsApp Web notifies you that you’re on a Wi-Fi network that’s preventing WhatsApp Web from operating correctly, please make sure your network is set up to bypass traffic to,, or
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