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How To Comment On Facebook

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Why Responding To Social Media Comments Is Important

How to Comment on Your Facebook Page As Yourself

First things first, lets cover the basics. We already mentioned that you need to be responding to social media comments, but why is this so important?

One of the main goals of social media marketing is building a brand community and engaging your audience, and responding to social media comments is a key part of that, regardless of whether theyre positive or negative.

Positive comments are great and give you a chance to make connections with your audience and build your reputation. Negative comments give you the opportunity to fix mistakes and right wrongs, helping customers to feel better about your brand and become return customers

Responding to even neutral comments is just a way for you to nurture customers and take advantage of this unique one-on-one channel that social media offers to your brand.

How To Respond To Social Media Comments

Now that you know what kind of response you should be sending to various types of comments, lets review how to actually respond to social media comments on each of the major platforms.

Weve put together step-by-step instructions to make sure youve mastered the comments section of each social media network your business has a presence on.

Positive Comments Or Feedback

When someone responds to one of your posts or mentions your brand positively, you always want to acknowledge the comment and thank them for their time. Let the customer know you appreciate them and their positive feedback.

Heres a simple example from Pocket.

A quick acknowledgement and thanks to the customer for their comment is all it takes when it comes to positive feedback.

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How To Create Edit And Delete A Post Or Comment On Facebook

is one of the most popular social media platforms in the world. People of all ages can use it to connect with family and friends, staying up-to-date with what’s going on in each other’s lives.

On Facebook, you can create your posts or comment on your friends’ posts. You can also edit and delete your posts and comments. For help on how to create, edit, and delete posts and comments, make a selection from the list below and follow the instructions.

Sprout Socials Smart Inbox

Facebook Comments: How to Moderate and Engage Like A Pro

Or, to make your life even easier, you can handle most of your social media comments from Sprout. Sprouts Smart Inbox brings together comments and messages across all platforms into one view, and you can respond directly from Sprout rather than logging into individual networks. You can further filter, tag and search to make sure youre zeroing in on your busiest channels, or catching comments related to a specific theme. Monitor notifications and respond to comments all at once in your Smart Inbox using Sprouts social media engagement tools.

You can start by reviewing your newest messages to find the most important ones to address and respond to social media comments across platforms from one app.

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Comments Related To A Crisis

A crisis for social media teams could be a major global issue thats affecting customers or a time when your brand might be facing PR or legal backlash. This varies from typical negative comments in that the team is likely facing an unusually high volume of comments, and critical comments may be much more severe or serious.

Crisis management is an important part of your social media strategy to have in place in advance of these situations. It can help your team navigate the stresses of these challenges successfully, and set up guidelines to protect your brands reputation and retain customers.

While youll want to develop a fully documented crisis management plan, there are a few basic steps you can keep in mind and communicate to your team. For example, take screenshots of relevant comments and make sure theyre sent to your HR, legal, or other necessary department so they can be fully handled appropriately and everyone is aware of the crisis.

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