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How To Cold Message On Linkedin

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Best Cold Outreach Templates For Linkedin Messaging

Connecting On LinkedIn – COLD MESSAGING that actually WORKS!

The ability to connect with someone on LinkedIn with who you have a mutual connection or common group connection can be precious. It allows you to tap into your extended network and reach out to people who may be able to help you with your job search, career goals, or business objectives.

These cold outreach templates for LinkedIn will help you make the most of these connections by providing personalized messages that are sure to get noticed and generate responses.

Keep It Short And Simple

While you send cold messages on LinkedIn, consider them as quick messages and not complete emails. Hence keep your messages short and simple instead of writing a huge paragraph. The length and ease of a paragraph are key determiners in whether you are going to convert the lead. Thus, try using relevant details in the shortest manner to make the most out of your connection.

Try to be warm and welcoming while writing the short message. Though it can be very challenging, you need to manage in order to have success. Do not write pressurizing words. Instead, highlight points from their profile and find a common interest to connect better.

Customize Each And Every Message Template

Not all of your targeted audience has the same industry, the field of work, and so on. Make sure that you customize every cold message you send properly according to the requirement and many more factors.

Instead of sending the same message to everyone you want to network with, making slight changes and significantly customizing the cold message templates increases your chances of getting a response.

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Tip #: Send Your Messages To People In Your Department

I have a content agency. Im selling our SEO and blogging services. Im not going to DM the IT director. They have nothing to do with blogging and have no reason to care about helping me.

Instead, I want to message someone who ideally works with content in some capacity. If I cant find that person, I go for someone in the marketing department next.

Cold message someone who is going to understand you and the value of the services that you offer.

Remind The Candidate Youve Met Before

15+ LinkedIn Cold Message Examples That Get ~49+% Reply Rate

If youve met the candidate before, make sure you mention that.

Dont assume that theyll remember you from your name alone. Adding a quick reminder of who you are in the subject line can make all the difference.

Make sure youre very specific with your reminder. Try something along the lines of: It was great to meet you at in .

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You Fully Optimize Your Linkedin Profile

We cannot stress enough the importance of an optimized LinkedIn profile. Whether going for a LinkedIn outreach, a cold emailing, or a multichannel approach, nowadays, the first thing anyone does is check your and your companys profile on LinkedIn.

Your LinkedIn profile is your online business card, available to anyone at any moment. Make sure it looks neat and professional.

As the bare minimum, you must:

  • Write a catchy headline that describes exactly what your job consists of. Imagine how you would describe what you do for a living, in one sentence, to someone who knows nothing about it. Thats your headline.
  • Put a professional profile picture. Long story short, put a photo that you wouldnt be ashamed to show to your boss or your biggest client.
  • Upload a cover photo that portrays what you do or what your business is all about.
  • A LinkedIn summary is all about your professional highlights and keywords you would want to be associated with.
  • List relevant professional experience.
  • Tell us what you studied.

But, if you are a type-A overachiever , you will want to make your . And thats possible too.

What Is A Cold Message

Cold messaging comes from cold calling, a term you may recognize if youve ever done sales. Cold calling means either calling at the door of someone youve never spoken to before, or calling someone new on the phone. Either way, its cold because you have no lead or connection to help that person warm up to you youre starting from scratch.

Cold messaging is the same

Using either a connection request or InMail, contacting a stranger out of the blue can be one of the most intimidating ways I can think of to get a foot in the door. This is true whether youre looking for a job, a recommendation, or perhaps even just career advice. So to help make it less daunting, here is the best advice I can offer you.

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Making That First Connection

When you send an invitation to connect to someone you dont know, make sure you personalize it with a note. Use their first name in the greeting, explain how you came to know of them . If its a completely cold contact, mention something on their profile that you either have in common or would like to learn more about.

Make your subject line specific and keep your message very short. At the end, add a postscript question that can be answered with a yes or a no, like, P.S. Did your company have success with Agile in the first year?

Your profile comes into play here. The recipient of your message can easily see who you are and what you do, so make sure youve got a and builds trust.

Sarah Moore, CEO of Eleven Lights Media, says using voice message on LinkedIn is a great alternative to text message. Hearing your voice makes a much more immediate and personal connection than text. Use the same format as you would in a cold text message: Make it personal, keep it brief, genuinely compliment them, and connect on something you have in common.

And when someone accepts your invitation, be responsive. Thank them and offer something of value . Dont ask for a job or other favor yet, unless its something they can benefit from, like a quote for an article, for which theyll receive a link.

How To Cold Message On Linkedin For Beginners

Cold Messaging on LinkedIn // LinkedIn Cold Outreach

Cold emailing is a digital method of reaching out to someone without the fear that they might not be interested. Learn this tactic in this blog article on how to cold message on LinkedIn for beginners!


Before diving right into the topic of how to cold message on LinkedIn, let’s just learn some basics like what is it.

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Buy Inmail Credits On Your Linkedin Account

If you upgrade to a Premium account, you can buy more InMail credits. That way, youll get to cold message more than five people each month.

After you pay for your premium membership, youll have the option to buy 100 credits for $10. If you want to message people more regularly, this can be an excellent investment. You can use all of the credits in a month, or you can spread them out.

Think about how often you want to spend time messaging people. Then, youll be able to buy enough InMail credits to support your cold messaging strategy.

If you arent sure how many credits youll use, start small. Your InMail credits dont expire, so if you dont send as many cold messages as you thought, you can use them later.

Top Of The Search Results Connection Request

Hi there !, Your profile appeared at the top of the search results for professionals in the . I would love to connect with you, and understand what you do at . Perhaps we can share ideas with each other, as I am employed in the same industry. Optional: You can also mention your role in the industry  it would be especially relevant if both of you are employed in the same role. Cheers, 

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Appreciating The Prospects Work

You can expect a positive response when you give a compliment to the prospects and show some appreciation.

Hello },

I am delighted to get in touch with you. Recently, I have been closely following you for a while, and I was very impressed to hear that }.

In the past, I have worked with companies from your industry and have helped them achieve their monetary goals. If you want to know about it, I would love to discuss it with you. Are you available for a meeting this week? Heres my calendar link }.


How To Cold Message Someone On Linkedin

LinkedIn Cold Messages: How to Reach Out About a Job

So, this is a very interesting question. Indeed, the LinkedIn platform differs from other social networks in almost this way. In order to promote professional exchanges and quality connections, LinkedIn has decided that you can only send a message to someone in your network.

But not only. In fact, under certain conditions, you can also send a message to a complete stranger.

What is the condition? Well, to be part of the same group on LinkedIn. You can also have LinkedIn Premium, and in this case, you will have access to credits allowing you to send messages to anyone without having to be connected or be in the same group.

In the last case, if you dont want to have LinkedIn Premium , you can send your messages through connection requests.

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Look For Common Ground Or Connection

Mutual connections can help you build a stronger network easily on LinkedIn. If you have mutual with the person you are sending the LinkedIn cold messages to, you can ask the mutual connection to introduce you first properly.

On the other hand, you can also start the conversation by mentioning the mutual connection. Not only that, but you can also look for the common ground before sending a personalized message.

For example, former or current companies, the field of work, company name, prior connection, and many more can act as a common ground, which will help you build a connection with the person. It also helps to improve the chances of you getting a response.

Messaging A Hiring Manager Directly:

Next, if you believe someone is the hiring manager for a role, you can be a bit more direct in your approach.

Its still best to confirm that theyre responsible for the role by asking a question, though, rather than assuming.

And its still best to send the first message without a resume attached unless youre 100% sure that theyre expecting to receive resumes in their inbox for this position.

Heres an example of how to approach someone who you believe is the hiring manager for a job:

Hi Amy,

I came across your LinkedIn while researching job openings at < Company Name> . Does the Senior Staff Accountant position thats posted on LinkedIn report to you? Ive spent the past six years in public accounting and can offer you a mix of expertise in < Area 1> , < Area 2> , and < Area 3> . If youre the person in charge of hiring for this role, I would love to share more with you and learn a bit more about what youre looking for.

Note that Area 1, Area 2, and Area 3 in the template above should be items that are listed on the job description ideally, or that you feel are highly relevant to the specific role in question.

Thats what will make an employer most likely to want to interview you. Dont just talk about what you think is important in your background think about what theyll find most important for their specific role.

When employers are talking to candidates, theyre thinking, How will this persons skills fit into my job?

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How To Write A Linkedin Cold Message

Lets say you saw an industry leader speak at a virtual conference. Theyre not yet part of your LinkedIn network, but youre considering a career change and hope they can help you transition. You may even want to form a long-term relationship with them or ask them to mentor you.

Heres what you can write:


I hope youre well. I saw you speak at the recent Sales Navigator Convention, and I was impressed by your presentation. Im considering becoming a salesperson, but Im worried about my qualifications. What were your two biggest challenges when starting in this sector?

Thank you,

This message is short, polite, and direct. We also praise their presentation and have a clear ask. And remember, this person isnt part of our network, and we managed to keep it under 300 characters. This will also have a better reply rate because its easy to respond to quickly.

Effective Linkedin Message Examples

LinkedIn Networking Tips (How To Cold Message and Build Connections)
  • LinkedIn Message Sample #1:Hi . My name is and Im a . If you have a second, I would love the chance to discuss how my and experiences might match the Ive applied for . Thanks for connecting and I hope you have a great day!
  • LinkedIn Message Sample #2:Hi . Although we have never met or had the chance to work together, Ive heard great things about . Im sure you are extremely busy but if there are any job openings around , I would love the chance to talk about why I might be a good fit. Thank you and have a great day!
  • LinkedIn Message Sample #3:Hi . My name is and Im a . Just looking to connect and share with others in the industry at this time. I hope you have a great day! Thanks
  • Follow Up Message: Hi . Thanks for connecting. I see that you work with which Ive also been professionally working in for . Im sure you are extremely busy, but if you have time, Id love to talk about whether my background would make me a fit for any openings in your office. Thanks!

Note: These are simple guides. Be sure to make the message unique and your own.

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Template For Cold Messaging A Recruiter:

Heres how to message a recruiter who youve never talked to before. With this approach, youre showing that youve done your research and have specific reasons for messaging them, which will help catch their attention.

Hi John,

I saw your profile while searching on LinkedIn for tech recruiters here in Austin. Im thinking of testing the market as I wrap up my third full year here as a back-end developer at Adobe. My main skills are Java and Python development. Does that fit with the type of roles you recruit for? If you think itd be a good fit to work together, Id love to talk.

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No Need To Be Apologetic

You may be tempted to start your message off with something along the lines of I dont mean to bother you, but, or I know youre probably super busy, but

This type of language is completely understandable.

After all, youre a young individual reaching out to an industry professional who likely has many years of experience, and you dont want to be a burden on them.

However, LinkedIn is meant for professional networking and relationship building sending out cold messages is simply part of the game. Starting off the message with confidence and getting straight to the point will result in higher response rates for you.

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Messaging An Industry Expert To See How They Got Where They Are:

You may also come across somebody who you would like to learn from, build a long-term relationship with, or ask to mentor you.

In this case, leading with a compliment and then following up with a specific question is a great approach.

Heres an example of how this would sound:

Hi Megan,

Im impressed by how quickly you advanced from Senior Staff Accountant to Director of Finance at Verizon over the past six years!

Are there one or two things you did that you feel contributed most to this success? Im hoping to follow this type of career path myself, so anything you can share would be a big help.

Heres one more example of this same type of approach:

Hi Devon,

I loved your article on LinkedIn last week about AI and which industries you expect to be impacted most. I just completed my degree in Computer Science and am considering following a career path similar to yours. Is focusing on AI and Machine Learning something youd recommend for someone just beginning their career in technology this year?

How To Follow Up After Linkedin Cold Messages

20+ Best LinkedIn Cold Message Templates

The first thing to remember is that people are busier than ever.

If you dont get a response to your cold LinkedIn outreach immediately, that doesnt mean its a no.

It simply means that your lead was busy or wasnt immediately interested and needs a gentle reminder and some follow up.

The beauty of LinkedIn is that you dont need a lengthy campaign created by your marketing department.

It just takes a few simple words to stay in touch.

Here are a few examples of follow ups that can occur every few days up to a few weeks after initial contact. If its been a while, you can always add them back into your cold prospect list and try again.

Try this out…

Just thought I’d check back in to see if you were interested in jumping on a quick call.

My company helps executives stay healthy from the debilitating effects of frequent travel. Id love to share some of the tips and tricks weve used to help others start feeling like themselves again.

Would you be available to talk next week? Please let me know if the morning of Tuesday, April 8th would work for you. If that’s not possible, let’s open up some dialogue over email.



You can follow-up via both LinkedIn messaging, LinkedIn InMail, and even email. We have resources you can use that will teach you to extract your prospects emails from LinkedIn so that you can build follow-up email sequences, and stay top of mind with both email and LinkedIn messaging.

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