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How To Clear Whatsapp Storage

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How To Reduce Whatsapp Storage On Android And Iphone

How to Clear WhatsApp Storage Space

WhatsApp chats, especially the group ones, bulk up your phone with memes and videos that you may never need to keep on your phone. And those media files are sure to take considerable storage space on Android, hence, always prompting you with that pop-up about storage almost full, which, not to mention, is annoying in every way. Now, there are some important files shared over WhatsApp, which you can transfer to SD card however, some are lying around and are of no use. So, the best deal is to reduce WhatsApp storage.

WhatsApp databases are pretty nasty to delete, as every media file is stored in separate folders for images, videos, documents, audio files, and other chat databases. But, WhatsApp has got a built-in storage management module in WhatsApp settings that can help you clear out WhatsApp data and reduce WhatsApp storage on your phone. The built-in storage management settings allow users to delete WhatsApp misc. files and reduce WhatsApp storage chat-by-chat.

In case thats too much of a task, you can always use a tool like Smart Phone Cleaner, which offers a separate module to manage WhatsApp files and storage.

So, here are the tricks thatll help you learn how to reduce WhatsApp storage on Android and iPhone devices:

How To Manually Reduce Whatsapp Storage On Android Devices

Step 1: The first step is always to head to Settings via the three-dot button in the right-top corner of WhatsApp messengers primary screen.

Step 2: There find the option that says, Data, and Storage Usage. Tap on it to view chat-wise storage for WhatsApp data on your phone.

Step 3: The next screen would list an option called Storage. WhatsApp would scan to calculate how much storage space has been consumed by WhatsApp chat data on your Android phone. Tap on Storage to view results.

Step 4: Here, youll see which of the chats, group, or individual has taken up the highest storage space on your Android phone. Here, a group Friends has taken up the highest space. Mostly, it would be group chats with the highest number of media files shared over.

Step 5: Click on the chat. The results would be further expanded to determine what kind of files have been shared over that particular chat and which file types take up the largest space area on your phone.

Step 6: Click on Free Up Space at the bottom of the screen. The file types would be automatically marked for deletion. You can now choose as for which of the files you wish to delete from that particular chat.

Step 7: Once the selection is made, click on Delete Items. A pop-up would ask you for a final confirmation. Tap on Clear Messages, and reduce WhatsApp storage on your Android phone.

Why Clear Whatsapp Cache

The Facebook-owned instant messaging software collects information about the messages, emojis, audios, and stickers you send and receive. The cache should be cleaned to improve the app experience. Additionally, by doing so, you will protect your privacy from potential cyber-attacks and hacks.

If your data is a concern, rest assured that it will not be destroyed, nor will your images, information, or conversations. It will simply make your application run as if it were newly installed.

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Clear Whatsapp Cache On Iphone/android

The cache on WhatsApp is a temporary storage space that keeps data so that the program can load it considerably faster the next time you use it. This means that when you clear WhatsApp cache, it will wipe and reload all of your data.

Nonetheless, more users are interested in learning how to clear the WhatsApp cache in order to optimize their WhatsApp experience. It’s vital to know how to do this because there are a variety of reasons why you might wish to erase old texts or media files from your phone. Especially if someone has been doing anything on your smartphone that they shouldn’t if you’re selling your old phone, or if you simply need more capacity for new goods.

S To Clear Up Whatsapp Caches On Iphone

Whatsapp New Features : New Whatsapp Storage Management Tool : How to ...

Step 1 Launch Syncios iOS Data Eraser and connect your iPhone to your computer.

And please remember to turn off Find My iPhone first if you want to permanently wipe your iPhone data.

Step 2 Once your device is connected, Syncios displays the panel interface of Free Up Space by default. There are 6 categories “Junk files”, “Temp Files”, “Camera Roll”, “Photo Library”, “Large Files and Apps”.

Step 3 Click on Quick Scan button to analyze and scan your device.

The scan will take few seconds for first time. When it finished, you will see a result list of scan. It shows the spaces taken by Junk files, Temporary File, etc.

Step 4 To clear WhatsApp cache on iPhone, click the Clean button beside and Temporary Files. It will automatically clean up all WhatsApp app cache and free up your iPhone space.

Note: If you want to completely erase WhatsApp data, you can choose the “Erase Private Data” from the left-side menu.

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Fix : Check The Whatsapp Storage Location

If you have an Android device, then you can visit the WhatsApp storage location and manually remove any file of your choice. For this, you just need to launch a File Explorer app and go to its Internal Storage > WhatsApp > Media. Here, you can explore and delete photos, videos, documents, etc. that can be accumulating a lot of space on your phone.

How To Block Whatsapp From Consuming Your Storage Space

Getting your phone back under control takes just a couple of steps. Firstly, follow the advice in the section above to delete files from existing conversations, particularly from those busy group chats that can get a bit carried away. Once that is done, it is time to learn how to reduce phone storage from WhatsApp.

1Stop Saving WhatsApp Photos to your Phone

Now that youâve rid your camera roll of those pesky memes and other such images, itâs time to stop them from reappearing. These settings can be adjusted very easily. In the WhatsApp app, and then click on Settings, either at the bottom of the page for iPhone or within the three-dot menu dropdown on Android. On the next page, click on Chats. Youâre looking for the Media Visibility toggle. Once youâve located it, tap it once to turn off the function to add newly downloaded media into your phoneâs gallery. Now, not only will you no longer have awkward images popping up at inopportune times, but when you delete the conversation, all images associated with it will vanish from your device.

2Stop Automatic Downloads

If you opt for either of these options you will need to tap the blurry preview to download the actual file, which is the only real downside to making this change. Navigate once again to the Storage and Data in WhatsAppâs settings, then select your preferred media download option.

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Whatsapp Using Up Your Phone Storage Heres How To Fix It

WhatsApp is the most popular end-to-end encrypted messaging app in the world. But while other people cant snoop on what youre saying, that doesnt mean other WhatsApp data isnt being processed.

This story originally appeared on WIRED UK.

By far the biggest data-hogging element of WhatsApp is the pile of photos, videos, and gifs that can quickly clog up your phones storage. As well as filling your phones memory, photos that save to your camera roll can be a privacy nightmare. If youre scrolling through pics with friends or family, nobody wants that to be punctuated with something inappropriate that arrived through WhatsApp.

WhatsApp automatically downloads new photos and videos that are sent to you. These are stored on your phone, but can also be saved to your camera roll. An updated version of WhatsApp now gives you more control over what media is stored on your phone.

First, you want to start with a clear-out. Some of your longest-running and most active WhatsApp chats most likely take up a sizable chunk of your devices storage. WhatsApp has introduced some new storage management tools to help you take back control. Storage management may not be the most glamorous task, but it could help to improve your phones performance pretty quickly.

This story originally appeared on WIRED UK.

How To Clear Whatsapp Storage On Android

How to Clear WhatsApp Storage Space in 2022 | Free Up Space on your iPhone or Android

On Android, you can clear WhatsApp storage space either selectively or entirely. Deleting files works as follows:

  • Launch WhatsApp and click on the three-dot symbol in the upper right corner.
  • Select Settings.
  • In fourth place youll find the Storage and data option. Click on it.
  • Select the Manage storage option from the top.
  • You can then view how much storage is used and how much storage is left on WhatsApp.
  • Now youve got several options to clear a full storage on WhatsApp. If you select Larger than 5 MB, you can delete storage-intensive files. Forwarded frequently filters files that you may have sent or received in multiple chats. Alternatively, select a specific chat to view shared files.
  • Sort files by size or date with the sort icon.
  • Now you can either select individual photos or videos or select all files from the upper right corner.
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    Delete Entire Chat History

    Alternatively, you can delete your entire chat history and restore storage space on WhatsApp.

  • First call up the corresponding chat and click the three dots at the top or the Settings within the chat.
  • Select More.
  • Now you should see the Clear chat history. Click on it and confirm the selection. This deletes not only all files, but also all voice and text messages.
  • Factory Reset Android Device

    If none of the methods has helped you fix the WhatsApp keeps crashing Android issue, then you have to try a factory reset of Android. But, always make a note that you have to reset your mobile until it is extremely necessary since it deletes all of your data.

    Note: Before your factory reset your Android, you have to back up all of your data. If you do not know how to back up your Android, follow our guide to Back Up Your Android Phone Data.

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    Reduce Whatsapp Storage Space On Iphone

    The process of reducing WhatsApp storage space on the iPhone is slightly different.

    On your iPhone, open the WhatsApp app and go to the Settings tab. Here, tap on the Data and Storage Usage option.

    Now, swipe down and tap on the Storage Usage option.

    Youll now see a list of all WhatsApp conversations, sorted by size. Tap on a conversation to see details about its storage space usage. From the bottom of the screen, tap on the Manage button.

    Now, select the media types that you want to delete.

    From there, tap on the Clear button.

    Tap on the Clear button in the pop-up message once again to confirm.

    Now, the relevant data will be removed from WhatsApp storage, and youll get the storage space back. You can go to Settings > General > iPhone Storage to check available storage on your iPhone.

    If you use WhatsApp as your primary messaging service, you should know that you can turn off the auto-save feature for incoming media. Once youve cleared off the unnecessary conversations, we recommend that you disable the auto-save and auto-download features from settings. This way, youll save yourself from repeatedly clearing WhatsApp conversations.

    Is It Safe To Delete The Whatsapp Database

    How to Delete WhatsApp Data Storage on iPhone

    The WhatsApp database folder contains all your previous chat histories. It cannot be opened outside of WhatsApp, but if you need to recover older conversations it is very handy. However, you can wipe this data by deleting the WhatsApp database. A new one will be created the next time you use WhatsApp. We would recommend that you back all your data up with iTransor for WhatsApp onto your PC or Mac before you go ahead and do so.

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    How To Reduce Whatsapp Storage On Android Devices Using A Cleaner Tool

    Smart Phone Cleaner is a RAM optimizer and junk cleaner application for Android devices. The app has several optimization modules, including duplicate files cleaner, junk cleaner, battery optimizer, and a game booster. One of such modules is WhatsApp File Manager.

    Smart Phone Cleaner scans your WhatsApp database to display categorized storage information. You can then individually delete files of your choice and reduce WhatsApp storage without hassle. Heres how CSmart Phone Cleaner works:

    Step 2: Open WhatsApp Manager.

    Step 3: See the list of media files from WhatsApp categorized by their file type.

    Step 4: Tap on the file type and choose from files to delete the unwanted ones.

    Smart Phone Cleaner also offers one-tap RAM optimization and helps you manage and speed up your device in simple steps.

    Watch Video Tutorial:

    How To Change Whatsapp Automatic Download Setting

    WhatsApp allows you to customize the media auto-download settings and decide whether you want to auto-save all the files you receive via WhatsApp or download them selectively. You can also choose to download them using a Wi-Fi network or cellular and cut the mobile data costs when you are traveling and using the roaming. Depending on the amount of content you’re receiving daily, this could quickly use up your phone’s memory. To avoid this, deactivate this setting so that files are no longer automatically downloaded.

    • To configure the auto-download settings on WhatsApp, open the app and tap on the gear icon in the bottom right corner of the screen. Then, select Data and Storage Usage.

    • Next, configure auto-download options for each category of files: photos, videos, audio and documents. You can set WhatsApp up that it will only auto-download files when using Wi-Fi connection to reduce cellular data usage, or choose both or select Never to manually download files that you wish to see and keep.

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    One Click To Clear All Whatsapp Cache On Iphone With Syncios Ios Eraser

    Not only WhatsApp, but also other third-party apps consume more storage space than it should. To clear all these cached files, we highly recommend you use Syncios iOS Eraser to clear all cached files on your iPhone. With the help of this iOS data eraser, YOU can deeply analyze your iPhone and clean up all cache data on your on iPhone with only 1 click.

    Verify Whatsapp Server Status

    How to Clear WhatsApp Storage Space 2022

    Sometimes, WhatsApp keeps crashing issue that is not related to your device at all. Yes, you read that right. Some server-side errors do happen rarely, triggering the issue. So, check if WhatsApp servers are down by followingbelow-mentionedioned steps.

    1. Navigate to the official site of Downdetector.

    2. You must receive User reports indicate no current problems at Whatsapp message.

    2A. If you receive the same message, then there are no server-side errors. Follow the methods discussed in this article to fix WhatsApp crashing issue.

    2B. If you monitor any unusual messages, then you have to wait until it is resolved.

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    How To Delete Whatsapp Backup From Icloud Storage On Iphone

    Nothing beats the convenience of using iCloud to backup and restore data on an iPhone. The default iCloud syncs everything, including contacts, messages, media files, and app data. If WhatsApp is your primary app for communication, you might notice the app taking a big chunk of iCloud storage. Here is how you can delete WhatsApp backup from iCloud storage on your iPhone.

    Unlike Google Drive, iCloud only offers 5GB of free storage. On top of that, WhatsApp consuming big pie in iCloud can force you to subscribe to paid plans. You might need to pay for higher iCloud plans to keep WhatsApp safely backed up in the cloud storage. If you no longer want to backup WhatsApp in iCloud, you can use the steps below to delete WhatsApp data.

    Clear Iphone Storage Space

    After you have deselected the options, tap on Clear. WhatsApp will prompt you if you want to delete the messages along the amount of storage space it will free up. Tap Clear to free up the storage space on your iPhone.

    One of the issues I noticed was that even though iOS was reporting that the iPhone storage usage by WhatsApp was not high, the storage usage reported by WhatsApp was significantly more. Based on the information provided by WhatsApp, it should have been in the top 3 apps using storage space on my iPhone. I am not sure if iOS is reporting incorrectly, or the way WhatsApp calculates storage usage is different. I am quite confident that the storage space used by WhatsApp should be significantly more than what iOS is reporting. I will update the post if I found out the reason for the discrepancy.

    I found this WhatsApp trick to be the easiest and fastest way to free up iPhone storage space. Let me know how it goes, and it would great if you can mention how much storage space this tip helped you free up in the comments below.

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    Turn Off Whatsapp Data Sync To Icloud Backup

    Follow the steps below and disable WhatsApp data sync and backup to your iCloud account.

    Step 1: Open the WhatsApp app on iPhone.

    Step 2: Tap on the Settings gear in the bottom-right corner.

    Step 3: Tap on Chats.

    Step 4: Select Chat Backup.

    Step 5: Select Auto Backup and enable the checkmark beside Off.

    After this, WhatsApp wont start the iCloud backup process until you hit the Back Up Now button in the Chat Backup menu.

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