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How To Clear Saved Chats On Snapchat

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How Do I Remove Conversations That Dont Go Away

How to Delete Saved Chats on Snapchat

When conversations or messages do not disappear when deleting conversations, it is because someone has saved the message. It may be that you or the person you spoke to saved the message.

Therefore, if you want them to be removed, you can try removing this message from your saved section. If it doesnt work doing this, its because the other person has marked it as an important message and has it stored. So you can kindly ask him to remove this distinction so that it can be deleted from your chat as well.

How Do I Delete Snapchat Chat Messages

As we have commented previously, this popular social network is also focused on instant messaging , therefore we will be able to chat with our added contacts and send us all kinds of content.

In this messaging application, many procedures can be done to delete messages . And is that Snapchat, provides the facility to its users who can choose how to delete messages and conversations. Additionally, messages can be deleted under certain circumstances.

For example, as in any other messaging service, you can delete the chats one by one or delete the entire mailbox. In the same way, you can enter a chat and delete all the conversation you have had with that person.

Also in the case that you only want to delete a specific message from a conversation, you can also do it. In this same sense, you can also delete saved messages from Snapchat in case you no longer need them.

So if for some reason you send a message, then you regret it and want to delete it, you will have to follow the correct steps to be able to completely remove it from the chat without the other person seeing it. Here we will explain in detail what you will have to do so that this message does not appear again.

First of all, you will have to enter the chat with that person, once there you will select the message or messages you want to delete , once this is done we will see the option to delete the message completely. Now we will accept and thats it, Problem solved.

How To Delete Saved Messages On Snapchat From Both Sides

In the latest Snapshot version, you can save messages in the form of one single long thread. If you wish to delete saved items in a thread for any reason, you can either delete saved messages individually or get rid of the entire thread at once.

To delete saved messages one at a time:

  • Open the thread containing the saved messages youd like to get rid of.
  • Long-press on the individual message.
  • Tap on Unsave in Chat.
  • To delete an entire thread:

  • Open Snapchat and tap on the ghost icon at the top.
  • Open settings by tapping on the cog icon.
  • From the resulting menu, choose Clear Conversations.
  • Scroll through your conversations to pick the one youd like to delete.
  • To delete a conversation, tap on the X next to it.
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    Learn How To Save Snapchat Messages For 24 Hours As Well As How To Keep Them Forever

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    Snapchat is fun and unique because you dont have to bother about handpicking the perfect picture or selfie to share with friends. The self-destructing nature of snaps and chats makes it instantaneous and suitable to share anything from your commute to your evening snacks.

    However, if you have had issues in the past with the chats getting disappeared as soon as they are seen then youll like the latest update. Now, you can choose to save chats for 24 hours on Snapchat after theyre viewed. Read on to learn the steps!

    Besides, sometimes, you would like to keep a record and history of important conversations. You can do so by saving such chatsforever so that they dont get removed after viewing like other messages.

    Archived/Saved chats will stay in the chat screen until you unarchive them. Snapchat provides an easy way to do so and we have also mentioned it later in this tutorial.

  • 5 Now You Know How To Save Snapchat Chats
  • How To Delete Snap Messages That Were Already Sent

    How to Delete Saved Chats in Snapchat

    Snapchat currently does not offer a feature to unsend a snap that was sent too quickly or to the wrong friend. In previous versions of the app, users figured out that they could prevent a snap from being received if they were able to delete their accounts before the recipient opened their snap.

    However, deleting your account to stop a recipient from opening a snap that was sent by mistake no longer works in the most recent version of the Snapchat app.

    If you try to delete your account before the recipient opens your snap, you’ll have to wait 30 days until your account is officially deleted forever. Snapchat puts all accounts on a 30-day deactivation status before official deletion just in case account owners change their minds and wish to reactivate their accounts again, which can be done by simply signing in to the app within that 30-day deactivation period.

    A deactivated account won’t save you from snaps you regret sending. Even though friends won’t be able to send you anything while your account remains inactive, any snaps you sent before you deactivated your account will still appear in your recipients’ chat feeds for them to view.

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    Quick Guide On How To Solve Snapchat Messages Won’t Delete

    How to solve the troublesome issue: Snapchat messages won’t delete? There are FOUR main ways you can have a try on as listed below:

    • Erase Saved Snapchat Messages

    Head To Snapchats Online Support Page

    This can be done through a computer or your phone. Id prefer you do it through your smartphone as that would minimize the delay. The URL is log on to it and head to the page that would allow you to delete your account. This can be done by clicking the Learning the basics options and from there navigating to account settings.

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    How To Delete Snapchat Messages The Other Person Saved: Notifications

    Now that you actually know how to delete Snapchat messages the other person saved lets learn a bit about the notification that you and the other person involved in the conversation would receive.

    You, the User:

    After deleting the message, youll notice an in-chat notification as soon as you land on the chat. The prime subject is basically around the fact that youve got a chat. If the number of chats deleted is more than one, Snapchat will land a notification that involves the quantity.

    For instance, the number of chats deleted is five then the notification will say something like. You deleted five chats.

    The Other Person:

    Once you delete a chat, it is not only you wholl get an in-chat notification. The scene will be pretty much similar to what the other individual involved would experience. Snapchat even warns users about the same with a pop-up message stating, Friends can see that youve deleted something. The message appears as soon as youre about to hit the Delete button.

    So for those whove been wondering if Snapchat notifies users about deleted chats, the answer is right here.

    How To Delete Sent Snapchat Messages On Iphone

    How to Delete a Chat on Snapchat

    Snapchat rolled out a feature that lets you delete Snapchat messages you’ve sent to other users indeed. But such messages must be unread by others. Here are the steps for you:

  • Open Sanpchat and then swipe right across the screen to visit the Friends page.
  • Choose the Chat column. Youâll see a list of all of the ongoing chats you have.
  • Send a new message or select a message you already sent.
  • To delete the message, tap the message and hold it.
  • Select âDelete.â
  • Or you can try the following ways according to other users’ experiences if the receiver hasn’t seen the chat.

    Discconect network: You have to do this quick enough. Once you realize the message should not be sent, disconnect your Wi-Fi or cellular immediately. Hopefully, it won’t send out. Then reconnect your network and don’t click retry.

    Block the receiver: You also need to block the receiver fast enough just after you sent the message. This might stop them from seeing it. Please be aware that blocking a contact means you both are not in the friend list of each other.

    • Go to friend list.
    • Tap the name you want to block.
    • Tap the gear icon next to the name.
    • Select Block.

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    Way 4 How To Clear Conversation On Snapchat That Haven’t Been Opened Yet

    If you send a wrong message or photo to someone and want to delete it without them knowing, then you can follow the detailed steps below to delete the sent message or photo that the other contact has not opened from the conversation.

    • Select the conversation you want to handle, and then touch and hold the screen in the chat window to pop up a list of options.
    • Select “More” from the list of options.
    • Select the “Block” option, and then click the “Block” option again in the pop-up confirmation box.

    Head To Your Settings Page

    On opening Snapchat, you will most likely find yourself on the main page which displays the camera. Swipe up once. This will open your main control panel which will have the big, yellow ghost icon in the middle and the three options which say Added me, Add Friends and so on. Look for the icon that looks like a gear and tap on it. This will get you to your settings page which contains options on how to delete saved Snapchat messages. Most of the times, when you want to delete or clear something, youll need to go through this page!

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    How To Delete Saved Snapchat Messages

    Snapchat allows you to use multimedia content to contact with others, so the messages usually take up more space than text messages. That makes deleting Snapchat conversations a necessary skill among Snapchat users. Though the messages are deleted from Snapchat platform automatically, the downloaded one will stay on your smartphone until you delete it manually. If you have saved some messages in Snapchat by long pressing them, the steps below could help you delete them from your smartphone.

    Step 1. Open your Snapchat app, select a conversation and tap on any saved message that you want to delete.

    Step 2. After the message is deselected in gray, quit the chat.

    Step 3. To check if the message is deleted, go to the chat again and the message should disappear.

    Note: You should understand that Snapchat conversations are a two-way thing. If one of the contacts saves a message, it will stay on both sender and receptor. If the message is still on your mobile phone after you deleted it, that means the other contact has saved it. And the message will stay in your Snapchat until the other contact deletes it, too.

    Moreover, if you have send a video in the conversation, the video you upload to Snapchat will not delete.

    How To Delete All The Messages

    How To Delete A Snapchat Picture Once Sent

    Want to go further than just one message? You can delete the whole conversation, too sort of.

    Step 1: Go to the Friends screen.

    Step 2: Hold your finger down on the message thread you want to delete.

    Step 3: A menu will pop up. Choose More and then tap Clear Conversation History.

    This will remove the conversation from your Friends screen. It wont delete sent or saved messages, but its a good way to declutter your Friends screen so you can find more important conversations more easily.

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    Delete A Saved Thread

    With a long press, Snapchat lets you save text communications with your contacts. It effectively means you can use it like a traditional messaging app, where all of your texts are saved in a long thread .

    If you want to get rid of a saved thread for whatever reason, tap on it in the main inbox screen, then long press on individual messages . The next time you go into this conversation, those entries will be gone.

    However, conversations are a two-way thing: if the other contact saves a message, it stays on your phone too, until your friend decides to unsave it or you clear the conversation using the alternative method in the next step.

    Snapchat Conversation Won’t Disappear How To Delete

    There are several factors that Snapchat conversation won’t disappear from your smartphone. First of all, the Clear Conversations feature cannot delete Snapchat conversations saved on your device. Plus, as said before, if the other contact already saved the messages, you cannot remove them from your mobile phone. It seems that the solution of this problem is obvious.

    Step 1. Before delete Snapchat conversations, open each conversation, check whether there are messages saved to your smartphone. If there is, long press on the message to make it turning to the unsaved status. Now, try to delete Snapchat conversation again.

    Step 2. If the Snapchat conversation still stays on your smartphone, it means the other contact saved it. The solution is simple. Firstly, ask your friend to turn the message to unsaved status. If the other contact refuses, you can try a third-party Snapchat eraser, though we do not suggest you to do it considering cybersecurity. The more drastic solution is to delete the contact directly.

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    How To Erase Saved Snapchat Messages

    If you donââ¬â¢t want to save the messages you had with your friend then you can erase it by simply un-saving the conversation thread. There are actually 2 types of Snapchat messages, the first one is the snap you send to friends with photos or videos and the second is the snap messages that you send or receive from friends.

    You can delete your saved messages but you canââ¬â¢t delete the messages that have been sent to the recipient already.

    How To Delete Messages On Snapchat Using Clear Chats Even If They Havent Been Viewed

    How To Delete Saved Chats On Snapchat

    CassandraRead more December 13, 2021

    One of the things that makes Snapchat an excellent source of social media is the ability to control your privacy and content. Sure, other sites like Facebook and Instagram offer users the ability to post content to their friends and close acquaintances selectively. But, Snapchat offers close friends a little more.

    With Best Friends emojis, a Snapscore, and the ability to limit not only your audience but what your audience can do with your posted content, its no wonder why the service is so popular. Loyal Snapchat users find new features and functions all the time, but those who are new to the app may struggle to understand its interface.

    That said, social media users around the globe can find an online privacy haven by creating and using Snapchat. For example, you can send a Snap to one person and set it to disappear as soon as they open it, or you can share it with everyone on your friends list and let them view it for 24 hours.

    For those of you whove ever hit the Send button and immediately regretted it, this article is for you. Snapchat will let you retract messages before another user ever sees them.

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    How To Delete Existing Snapchat Photos

    The previous step stops any future Snaps getting saved. If you want to erase ones that are already stored, go to the capture screen and tap the small picture icon underneath the shutter button.

    This is where all your Snaps and Stories saved to Memories live inside Snapchat itself. Tap on the tick box icon, then tap on everything you want to delete, then tap on the bin icon to confirm your action. The pictures and videos are deleted from inside Snapchat.

    They might have been saved to your phone too . To erase these files too, you need to head into the photos app on your device, conveniently called Photos on both stock Android and iOS.

    Dave is a freelance tech journalist who has been writing about gadgets, apps and the web for more than two decades. On TechRadar you’ll find him covering news, features and reviews, particularly for phones, tablets and wearables.

    How To Clear All Conversations On Snapchat Manually

    Not just want to delete a single message, but all the conversations? You’ve got both manual and automatic ways to do so. Note that this operation won’t delete the saved conversations on your phone.

    Here, we show you how to erase Snapchat conversations manually.

    1. Launch the Snapchat app on your device and tap the ghost icon to open the profile.

    2. Click the gear icon at the upper-right corner, select the Clear Conversations option under Account Actions, and press the X icon next to the conversation you wish to clear.

    3. Tap the Clear button on the pop-up message to confirm the operation.

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    How To Clear All Conversations In One Go

    Embarrassed by some of your conversations? Or, just a plain victim of OCD? Either way, we have the cure to your Snapchat Clear Conversation woes. If you want to clear conversations follow the guide below.

    Open Snapchat and tap on your Profile icon in the top left corner of your screen.

    After this, tap on the Gear icon in the top right corner of your screen.

    Scroll down until you find Privacy. The very first tab under this row is Clear Conversation. Tap on it.

    You will be redirected to a list of all the users you have had conversations with. Choose the cross mark X present next to each users name if you want to clear all conversations with them.

    Select Clear to confirm your choice in the next dialog box.

    This should help you clear all the conversations on your Snapchat account.

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