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How To Clear History On Twitter

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How To Clear Twitter Search History Iphone

How to Clear Twitter Search History iPhone and iPad

In this tutorial you will learn how to clear twitter search history on the iPhone. The only way to do this on your iPhone is to re-install the twitter application. Once you do this, the search history will be cleared. Also, if youre ever having any difficulty with the twitter app, follow the steps below to re-install the software.Step #1 Tap the settings app iconAfter that, scroll down until you can see the twitter tab.Step #2 Tap Twitter TabTap what ever twitter name you have associated with your iPhone. At the bottom of the next page, you will see a red Delete Account button.Step #4 Tap Delete AccountOnce you do this, it will ask you to confirm your request. Tap Delete Account once again.Step #5 Tap Sign inSign in with your twitter credentials to link up the twitter application with your account. After you sign in, your account with be linked to your iPhone, and your search history cleared!Leave your comments below or contact us by email. This was a tutorial. Thanks for watching!

Say Hello To Advanced Search

There’s one friend you can count on during this dreaded path to online self-improvement: Twitter’s very own advanced search tool which you can access on desktop, Android or iPhone.

The feature gives people a simple way to search their own tweets and filter by keywords, phrases, usernames, locations, and dates. To search your Twitter archive, simply type your handle in the “From these accounts” section.

Best Ways To Clear Your Twitter History: The Complete Guide


If youve had your Twitter account for a while, you probably have a lot of old tweets youd like to erase. Wanna learn how to clear Twitter history?

When theyre just floating around the internet, dramatic tweets from when you were an adolescent, tweets from college you might want to hide from your work, or extensive outbursts on ideas you no longer could agree on all be causes why you want to .

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How I Cleaned Up My Embarrassing Twitter History

This may be hard to imagine, but I, a now hilarious 24-year-old with impressive self-control and impeccable taste in movies, music, and celebrity crushes, have not always crafted the best tweets.

Sure, my Twitter fingers are professionally trained at this point. But when I first made my debut in 2011, I was an angsty 18-year-old, obsessed with One Tree Hill, listening to Dashboard Confessional on a loop, and tragically venting about freshman year of college.

Ive grown a lot since then. And the sophisticated professional I am today decided it was time to venture back into my Twitter history and clean up my online image.

On this utterly mortifying experience down memory lane, I managed to successfully locate and delete a few embarrassing rants, some ice-cold takes, and several horribly nerdy hashtags I now regret. For all my future Twitter stalkers will know, Ive always been this cool!

Revisiting the past — and trying to mass delete tweets — revealed some harsh truths about my social media usage: In my younger years I tweeted too often and way too freely. I utilized very little self-control when deciding which parts of my life to share. Post-cleanup, I feel much better about my online presence. If you’re in any doubt about your online past, I highly suggest you search your own Twitter archive and do the same.

Here’s how:

How To Delete Tweets And Retweets

How to Delete Twitter Search History on Your Smartphone ...

To delete your retweets and tweets, follow the steps below:

Step #1: To receive access to the Circleboom dashboard, sign in with your Twitter account.

Follow the prompts.

Step #2: When you are signed in to your Twitter account, go to the Circleboom left-hand menu on the dashboard. Click the drop-icon next to My Tweets.

Select Delete Tweets from this submenu. You can also delete Retweets from the same menu.

Circleboom will list your most recent 3,200 tweets.

Because Twitter only displays 3,200 tweets on your timeline. Hence, third-party apps with default access to your Twitter profile will only see the most recent 3,200 tweets.

Step #3: Filter the results using a certain word, hashtag, or keyword.

For example, if you want to delete all of your election-related tweets, you can use the grid power search.

Step #4: Now that youve finished filtering terms, click Delete Selected.

Alternatively, you can delete tweets manually using the Delete button on the right side of each tweet.

Pro Tip: Delete tweets by date

To do so, insert the date into the grid power search on the right to find tweets from that period.

Circleboom will display you a list of all your tweets from that date, and you may delete the ones you dont want by clicking Delete Selected again.

For those who would like to follow these steps on a video tutorial, we have a quick hands-on video:

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How To Clear Twitter Cache And Search History On Pc And Phone

Erase iPhone

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Twitter’s iOS and Android apps, as well as its website, maintain a cache of data that may be utilized to display your content more quickly. While cache files are generally good since they make your experience smoother and faster, especially in circumstances of inconsistent internet access, they can occasionally cause difficulties with account logins or app functions and features.

If you’re having problems with your Twitter app, it might be due to a problem with the app’s cache. While clearing the cache of your browser on PC is required to delete Twitter’s cache, here’s how to clean the cache of your Twitter app on iOS and Android.

Ios 15 Is Available Now With These Stunning New Iphone Privacy Features

The reasonable trade-off is to reduce the scope of collected data by fine-tuning your accounts privacy settings. Head to Settings and privacy once again and select Privacy and safety. The section called Data sharing and off-Twitter activity contains the following four entries that make a difference from a privacy perspective:

Ads preferences. This setting embraces information about your interests and lifestyle Twitter uses to personalize ads from advertisers it partners with. You can completely disable this feature or deselect specific entries so that Twitter does not chase you around with certain types of adverts. One way or another, be sure to scroll down the Interests list you will definitely come across topics you were not expecting to see there.

Off-Twitter activity. Not only does Twitter monitor your online activity when you are using its services, but it may also peek into the things you do elsewhere on the Internet for instance, on websites that contain embedded tweets. Aside from that, the social network collects data about your devices and web browsers to personalize your experience. Disable these features if you are not okay with this scrutiny.

Data sharing with business partners. Your best bet is to uncheck the setting that says, Allow additional information sharing with business partners. This will keep your valuable data off-limits to third parties.

Data privacy best practices on social networks

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The Next Steps In Your Twitter History Search Activity

Being one of the most popular social media platforms in the world, it becomes easier for you to connect with other people and discover new things. Hopefully youve learned how to check twitter history for nearly any account with these two simple steps.

So, the next time that you will get curious about you or your clients first tweet or you want to look something on your Twitter history, simply follow the above methods and you will be on the right track.

After all of this, you should have a great understanding of how to check twitter history.

Recently, weve received so much traffic to Twilert from individuals looking for ways to check their old tweets and Twitter history.

We believe this is due to the fact that Twitter is now a well-aged application, and people are understanding the permanence of Tweets in the context of their business and personal twitter search history.

Weve decided to build an easy tool to help you search your old tweets. We simply called it the Old Tweet Tool.

And it is completely free to use.

Deleting Normal Search History

How To Delete Search History On Twitter

Do you want to delete a single normal search history with the Android app? Heres how to clear Twitter search history on Android device for a single normal search:

  • Step 1: Long-press on the specific search history you want to delete
  • Step 2: Tap Clear as soon as a pop-up appears

In case you wish to delete all the normal Twitter search history, heres how to do it:

  • Step 1: To remove all normal search history at once, click on the X icon available beside the Recent pop-up
  • Step 2: As soon as the confirmation pop-up appears, click on the Clear option

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Twitter Search Data & History: How To Clear It Quickly

New Twitter features have been released to give you more control over the content you post, what you see in search and how your behavior affects your account.

Twitter has added new features steadily over the past few years, with advanced search and their push to limit abuse on the platform, Twitter are on a mission to make the network more friendly and accommodating to the masses.

Your Twitter search history is part of your Twitter data, this is what Twitter uses to populate your interests. It is also used to influence the kind of ads you see in your feed.

When you first sign up to twitter, you are prompted to follow a few accounts and search for interesting people you would like to follow. When you do this, Twitter starts to build a profile about you.

How To Delete All The Messages From Twitter

You can delete direct messages from Twitter with the help of DM Whacker. But there is a condition you will have to switch to the old Twitter interface to use the tool for deleting the messages. But that won’t be a problem if you follow the steps given below.

Step 1: Open any Twitter page and click on your name which you can see in the top-right corner. Select “Switch to Old Twitter.”

Step 2: Open the official page of DM Whacker and drag the bookmarker link of the tool in the bookmark of your Web browser.

Step 3: Visit the “Direct Message” page on Twitter and click on DM Whacker bookmark to delete the histories of direct messages.

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How To Delete Individual Messages And Tweets From The Twitter

If you want to delete few individual messages from Twitter, then you can do it manually by following the steps given below.

Step 1: Log into Twitter.

Step 2: Click on your Profile and hover over the Tweet that you want to delete.

Step 3: Click on the “Delete” link that you now see to remove the posts individually.

If you want to individually delete messages from your Twitter, click on “Messages” and hover over the message that you want to delete. You will be able to see the “Delete” link, click on it to delete the messages individually.

How To Delete Twitter Searches

How to Clear Search History on Twitter


In the age of Twitter meltdowns and navigating the minefield of ancient tweets coming back from the dead to haunt you, it’s not uncommon to want to nuke your Twitter history. Free and paid services like TweetDelete, TwitWipe and TweetDeleter will even do it for you automatically if you’re not up to the task yourself.

Luckily, deleting your personal search history on Twitter is a whole lot easier than that. Clearing your recent searches might not save you from a Twitter roasting, but it could definitely spare you a few awkward conversations from anyone who might have access to your account. Even if your search history is shame-free, Twitter uses your recent searches to generate content suggestions for you, so it’s useful to clear it out when you want a fresh start. And whether you’re using Twitter on desktop or mobile devices, you definitely won’t need a separate service to make that fresh start.

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Deleting Saved Search History

  • Step 1: Tap on the specific saved search you wish to remove
  • Step 2: Now click on the three vertical dots visible at the top-right corner of the screen
  • Step 3: Finally, click on the Delete Search option

Clearing Twitter Search History on iPhone:

With Twitter for iPhone, any Twitter user can clear all its recent searches in one go. Heres how:

  • Step 1: Open the Twitter app on iPhone
  • Step 2: Click on the Search icon
  • Step 3: Tap the Search box visible at the top of the screen
  • Step 4: Click the X icon visible next to Recent Searches
  • Step 5: Tap Clear

Tweeteraser: Filter By Date Retweets Or Likes To Choose What To Mass Delete

TweetEraser has a number of options to filter and delete old tweets.

TweetEraser is a web tool meant to help you clean up your Twitter timeline. With the app, you can filter and mass delete tweets. Here’s how the service works:

1. Visit

2. Choose your plan. If you choose the free tier, simply click Sign in with Twitter.

3. Enter your Twitter login information and click .

4. Enter the authentication code sent to your phone and click Log in.

5. Click again.

6. TweetEraser will ask for your email address to make communication easier, but you don’t have to enter it to continue with the service.

7. Click Get Latest Tweets to see a chart of your Twitter activity.

TweetEraser will tell you the date and time you posted, how many retweets and likes you earned and whether you added a photo. It also offers the ability to view the original post on Twitter. From there, just check the box to delete individually or all the records on the page — you can customize from 10 tweets per page to 3,200 .

TweetEraser’s free tier says it offers no recurring charges, no timeline spam, a maximum Twitter data import of 3,200 tweets and limited search filters. The tool also offers subscription plans — the Standard Eraser is $7 for 30 days and the Premium Eraser is $10 for 30 days. Both include an ad-free experience, more search filters, the ability to add multiple Twitter accounts and more features.

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Why You Should Delete Your Twitter Searches

If youre one of the millions of Twitter users who tend to leave their phones unguarded, deleting search history should be the first thing on your checklist. Even if you dont go searching for conventionally unacceptable stuff, obsessing over PS5 restocks also isnt a good look. Additionally, Twitter takes your search queries rather seriously and uses them to curate your feed. So, if you ever find yourself craving a fresh start, deleting searches is the first thing you should look into.


Search Accounts You’ve Mentioned

How to Delete the Full Twitter History : Tech Info You Need to Know

Keywords aren’t the only way to search the site. You can also view tweets in which you’ve mentioned specific accounts by inputting the associated handles.

Do I want really want some misguided 18-year-old’s comments about adoring a man for having 150 pairs of sneakers in his closet to live perpetually online? A man who has since lied about being robbed at gunpoint? It hurts just to look at it. Delete.

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Do More Than Just Like Removal

Theres a few things you can do with the right tool to manage the content of a Twitter account. If youre trying to just delete likes, then the odds are that you need to perform a few more operations to clean up your account quickly and effectively

Ability to Scrape Twitter for Historical Posts

There are methods available to scrape Twitter for posts so that you can get all of the information you need from the content in your account. This method generally involves some coding, so it is not for generic users.

Delete Old Twitter Content in Bulk

If youre looking to get that old content reviewed quickly, you will need to connect a 3rd party app that can help bulk review Twitter content. With these kind of tools, you can leverage the full capabilities of the Twitter API.

Many times these tools to bulk manage content cost something, but in general weve found them to be well worth the time.

Completely Delete Cache And Search History From Twitter

Deleting the Twitter app would remove all its data, not just the cache, therefore uninstalling it is not a suitable solution if you have crucial files in the Twitter app. An appropriate option for all of these is to use the free trial version of iMyFone Umate Pro iPhone Cache Cleaner, which will clean out all app caches on iPhone with a single click without affecting any personal vital files.

You may easily download this app for free to your PC or laptop in order to erase unnecessary data like Twitter cache from your iPhone and enhance its performance.

1,000,000+ Downloads

  • Clean 30+ types of junk files with a click
  • Clear temporary files, useless files to release huge space
  • List all apps by size to select & delete them, e.g. , snapchat
  • Erase previously deleted files to completely clean them

Steps to clear up Twitter caches on iPhone Using iMyFone Umate Pro

Step 1.Connect your iPhone to the computer and launch the program.

Step 2.When the program loads, go to the “” tab.

Step 3.Once the scan is complete, select “Clean” to begin clearing all garbage files from your iPhone, including Twitter caches.

Note: If you wish to permanently delete Twitter file fragments, select “Erase Private Fragments” from the left option.

When the procedure is complete, you’ll be able to check how much space iMyFone Umate Pro has saved for your iPhone. The application simplifies the management of your iPhone’s storage and makes the entire procedure faster and more efficient.

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