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How To Claim My WordPress Website On Pinterest

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How To Claim Your Site:

How to Confirm Your WordPress Website on Pinterest (the easy way!)

Lets take a look at the different methods by which you can claim your site. First, log in to your Pinterest account, and head to the claim website section by clicking the arrow next to your profile picture then Settings > Claim, you should see a page like this

Settings > Claim

There are 3 methods to claim your site:

  • Add an HTML tag to the head section of your site.
  • Upload an HTML file to the root directory of your site.
  • Add a TXT record to your DNS records.

Option 1: Add HTML tag

This is probably one of the simplest options that you may be familiar with if youve added other scripts to your sites such as Google Analytics or Facebook Pixel. The code snippet needs to be added to the head section of your sites HTML code, that means somewhere between < head> and < /head>

For WordPress Users:

If youre a fairly new WordPress User and have no experience adding code to your site, I recommend using a plugin such as Insert Headers and Footers its super easy to use. Once youve installed and activated it on your WordPress site, go to Setting > Insert Headers and Footer, then paste the code snippet provided by Pinterest into the top box and hit Save. Return to Pinterest, hit continue, add your sites URL, and click the verify. Congratulations, youve claimed your site on Pinterest!

For Wix Users:

Option 2: Upload an HTML file

If you need to use this method and need some help. Head over to my services pages and check out my Quick Fix service.

Option 3: Add a TXT record

Step 4 Method 1 With Plugin Add Html Tag Into Section Of WordPress Website

Login to your WordPress website > Open up tools > Click on Plugins as shown in below image.

In plugins menu click on Add New> In keyword search box at right type Insert header and search > Install and Activate as shown in below image.

Now go to Plugin settings at bottom left corner as shown in below image and open up plugin settings and click on insert headers and footers> Paste Pinterest html tag in header box and Click on save. as shown in below image.

There is alternative option available to add HTML tag without using plugin, so you can use any one between Method1 / Method 2 both will work fine.

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Step 4 Method 2 Without Plugin Add Html Tag Into Section Of WordPress Website

Go to your WordPress site > Open up tools section > select Marketting > go to traffic section as shown in below image.

Now Scroll down to end of page until you find site verification services section.

Then click on Submit option.

Thats done now wait for verification, generally it takes 1-2 hours and max 24 hours.

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Error Api Method Not Found

How to Claim your Website on Pinterest

There are several other WordPress plugin available in WordPress plugin repository to accomplish this. While verifying on Pinterest, I was facing some weird error called API method not founde. This error was coming on Pinterest when I was clicking on FINISH button on this pop up.

If you like this article, dont forget to check and follow . I hope this article helped you to verify your website on Pinterest.

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How To Tell If Your Website Has Been Claimed

Once claimed, you will see a green tick next to your website URL. This may take up to a few days for this to appear, but more often than not, it will verify almost immediately.

If you find that it takes more than a few business days, you can contact to ask them to look into it for you.

Now that youve verified your website, you can now enable rich pins, claim your YouTube Channel, Instagram Account or Etsy account.

If youre just starting out with Pinterest, Im sure youre really excited to start leveraging the many different ways .

However, just remember to always plan our your boards, SEO your boards and optimize your entire Pinterest profile for search so you can get the most out of your account.

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Add Html Tag To Your WordPress Website

To add the HTML tag, you can install the All In One SEO plugin on your WordPress website. For more details, see the detailed guide on how to install a WordPress plugin.

Once youve done with plugin installation, navigate to WordPress Dashboard » General Setting » Webmaster Tools and select the .

Once selected, the verification tab will appear on the same screen. Here you need to copy the code from Pinterest and paste it into the Click Save Changes.

Go back to Pinterest and click Continue.

Next, Pinterest asks you to verify your website by adding your site link. Once added, click Verify.

It will take a few seconds to finalize the process. Once verified, you will see the verification message.

Congratulations! Your website has now been claimed successfully.

Not using AIOSEO yet? What are you waiting for?

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Option : Jetpack By WordPresscom Plugin

Jetpack is one of the best WordPress plugins which is used by millions of WordPress users across the globe. This plugin provides in total 28 awesome features that you can use to customize how your site looks and functions. These include Contact Forms, Tiled Photo Galleries, Custom CSS, Image Carousel, and a lot more. One of the features that we are interested here is

  • Activate Site Verification feature of Jetpack if it is not yet active on your website.
  • Scroll down until you see this:
  • Option : Use Header/footer WordPress Plugin

    Pinterest 101: How to Claim & Verify Your Domain / WordPress Website for Pinterest Business Account

    Install Insert Headers and Footers plugin from WordPress plugin repository. Insert Headers and Footers is a simple plugin that will allow you add scripts for Google Analytics, Pinterest etc to your WordPress site without having you to code in complex places like the option 2. To use this plugin is self-explanatory and I dont think to explain it in detail in this post.

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    Add The Code To Your Websites Head Section

    So heres where things might feel like they get complicated. But never fear its easier than it sounds! In your websites content management system , look for index.html where you can edit the code of your website. Youll know youve found it when things look something like this:

    Save those changes.

    How Do I Know If My Account Is A Business Or A Personal One

    and here is the same account once it was converted into a business account just moments later, with the website now claimed:

    1. On your profile page youll see Business in the top left! Thats a pretty big giveaway.

    2. When you go into your edit profile section that you see from the homepage, youll see more confirmations you have a biz profile:

    business profile.

    The above screenshot shows you explicitly that you do have a biz profile! And the screenshot below allows you to change your business type, under the Account settings tab.

    Its easy when you know how but so easy to get thrown off like I did.

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    Product Pins: The Most Important Pins For You As A Store Owner

    But rich product pins are always a good choice if youre a shop owner. As they make it easier for your possible customers to see what youre selling, how much it costs, whether its in stock, and more. By providing this information immediately, youre grabbing the attention of your audience and will drive more traffic to your website.

    How To Turn Your Pins Into Rich Pins

    How to Claim Your Website On Pinterest Using WordPress ...

    To get your own rich pins, Pinterest must authorize your site for them. To make sure your website is ready for rich pins, follow the steps on the rich pins validator page of Pinterest. If youre not quite sure how to add metadata to your pages our page on how to get rich pins for your site can help you with that.

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    Add The Html Tag In Your WordPress Site

    The easiest way to add the HTML Tag to your site is with the Yoast SEO plugin. This is a great free plugin to help you improve the SEO on your site and I highly recommend installing it.

    If you dont have the Yoast plugin installed yet:

    1. Go to your Plugins> Add New> Type Yoast in the search bar > Install and activate the plugin.

    2. Once youve activated the plugin, go to your WordPress Dashboard > SEO> Social

    Under the tab, you need to make sure that OpenGraph meta data is enabled.

    Next, you need to go to the tab. In the Pinterest confirmation field, you need to paste the HTML tag that you copied previously. Click Save Changes.

    Option : Yoast Seo WordPress Plugin

    This is # 1 WordPress plugin to optimize your website for better SEO. This plugin provides tons of others feature but the one we are interested in is its social feature. If you dont have it yet then you can install it from here

    Once you install it, then you will something like this on the left-hand side of WordPress Panel. Click on SEO and it will expand like shown below

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    Add A Custom Html File To Your WordPress Root Folder

    If you dont feel comfortable adding code to your websites head tag, theres another approach you can use. Pinterest enables you to verify your website by uploading a file to your sites root folder on your server.

    As a WordPress user, youve probably already found your way to the platforms root folder to make changes more than once, so this process should be a walk in the park. To get started, return to your Pinterest Settings screen and navigate once more to the Claim section.

    Add your websites URL, and youll get to choose which claim option you want to use. This time, were going to go with the Upload HTML file option:

    Download the file now, and then youll be able to hit the Next button. Similarly to the first step, Pinterest will give you 24 hours to upload the file to your WordPress root folder. To be clear, its a simple HTML file including the word in its name:

    To upload the file, were going to use File Transfer Protocol . Youll need a client to connect to your website using the protocol, so we recommend using FileZilla.

    Once you have FileZilla set up, use your web hosts FTP credentials to connect to your website and navigate to your WordPress root folder. In most cases, the directory will be called public_html, www, or after your sites name, although this can vary depending on your host.

    In any case, once you find your root folder, you should see a collection of files and directories like this one:

    Option : If You Are Using A Child Theme

    How to Claim Your WordPress Site on Pinterest the Quick and Easy Way

    The best way is to copy and paste the Meta tag to your Child header.php in < head> section before this tag < /head> .

    How to implement Option 2 for Genesis Framework

    If you are using the Genesis sample theme you might not see any file with name header.php in your child theme folder. But if you go and see the same file in parent theme folder then you will be able to locate that file.

    Cautionary Advice: Do not edit header.php in the parent theme.

    What you can do is if you are using Genesis Framework

    If it doesnt work then find the Genesis theme setting page. In setting page, you can specify some HTML/PHP below < Head> tag.

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