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How To Check Instagram Support Request

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Why Am I Locked Out Of My Instagram Account

How to See Sent Friend Request on Instagram & Cancel All Follow Requests

Whether your account is saying that the password is incorrect or Instagram has disabled your account, there are several reasons your account is inaccessible. If youve tried the steps above and cannot access your account, contact Instagram Support. Also, check your emails for any messages from Instagram. This may give you insight if youve violated the community guidelines or your account has been hacked.

How To Delete All Your Instagram Photos To Reset Your Instagram Account

Another form of resetting your Instagram account is to delete all photos/posts. This way, you still have your current account but start fresh with new images and posts. Here is where things get a little more tricky. Ideally, Instagram would let you mass delete posts and photos. Unfortunately, this simply isnt the case. Instagram not only neglects an option to delete all of your posts at once, but they also make it more difficult to use third-party services, to the point that there is none available now in 2022.

Day 1 January 12 2016

I woke up on 1/12/16 to the grim view of my disabled Instagram account. A pop-up claimed I was violating Instagram terms.

I had no clue what I had done. I had thus far posted 5 pictures to my business account since creating it the week prior. I had just over 300 followers.

My friend suggested it was because I had placed so much text over my images that they looked spammy. Im not sure, it could be!

The pop-up said: Error, your account has been disabled for violating our terms. Learn how you may be able to restore your account.

I clicked on and followed four more screens:

What I was doing was following Instagrams appeal process. But when I got to the end, I learned something was very wrong with Instagrams app:

Instagrams appeal process, designed for you to reactivate your disabled account, is broken.

Part of the process requires you to attach a business document as evidence that you are part of the account. But when I tapped on Choose File , the app would crash! All I was trying to do was attach a picture of my local business license. I tried again and again, but to no avail.

Perhaps following Instagrams appeal process on my computers browser might work? Unfortunately, Instagrams website claimed my login information was wrong. I tried twice more but it still insisted my login info was bad.

I considered just skipping the step. But Instagram explicitly made me agree:

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What Types Of Problems Can You Report To Instagram

Heres a list of all the issues you can request support for:

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  • Hacked Accounts Select this option if you believe that your account has been hacked.
  • Impersonation Accounts Select this option if you have evidence of an account impersonating you.
  • Underage Children Click this option if you think youve found an account belonging to someone under the age of 13.
  • Hate Accounts Click this option to report a hate-speech account.
  • Exposed Private Information Select this option if you encounter someone posting a users private information .
  • Self-Injury Click this option to report posts in which another user is clearly harming themselves.
  • Abuse & Spam Click this option to report abuse, spam, or harassment.
  • Exploitation Select this option to view resources regarding reporting human trafficking.
  • Other If you dont see your reason for wanting to contact Instagram, click this option.
  • How To Report Bugs And Glitches To Instagram

    Instagram Verification Request Feature Added to App

    Instagram also accepts reports about issues with the app itself, like if a graphic isn’t displaying correctly, or a menu won’t open.

    To quickly report a bug, shake your phone while Instagram is open. A pop-up should appear asking you to report the problem. You’ll also be able to submit screenshots and other files.

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    Who Can Get Verified On Instagram

    Anyone can request a verified badge on Instagram. However, Instagram is notoriously picky about who actually gets verified. So, if youre running an account thats right on the cusp of notable, how do you know if you meet the criteria?

    Just because you have a blue checkmark on Twitter or Facebook, for instance, doesnt guarantee youll get one on Instagram.

    saying that Only some public figures, celebrities, and brands have verified badges on Instagram. In other words: only accounts with a high likelihood of being impersonated.

    Here is what we do know about eligibility.

    First, you must adhere to the networks Terms of Service and Community Guidelines. On top of that, your account must meet each of these criteria:

    • Authentic: does your account represent a real person, registered business, or brand? You cannot be a meme page or a fan account.
    • Unique: only one account per person or business can get Instagram verified, with exceptions for language-specific accounts.
    • Public: do not qualify for verification.
    • Complete: do you have a complete bio, profile picture, and at least one post?
    • Notable: this is where things get subjective, but Instagram defines a notable name as one that is well-known and highly searched for.

    If youre relatively confident you meet these criteria, or you just feel like rolling the dice, its time to go ahead and verify your Instagram account.

    How To Reset Your Instagram Password Without A Username Email Or Password

  • Open the Instagram app.
  • Tap on Get help logging in. for Android or Forgot Password? on iOS.
  • Tap on Need more help?
  • Fill out the information on the screen, then tap on Request Support.
  • Fill out the information as much information as you can. The more convincing you can be that you are the legitimate owner of the account, the more likely it is that Instagram will decide to give you access back. Include any additional details that the security team might need to help them make an accurate decision.

    However, keep in mind that this may not work. Instagram works hard to make sure people cannot gain access to accounts they do not own, so they have to err on the side of caution when they receive a request for additional assistance in logging in. If you cannot prove that you are the real owner of the account, you might not be able to get back into your account.

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    For Shorter Instruction Follow These Easy Steps:

    • Step 1. Go to page via official link below.
    • Step 2. Login using your username and password. Login screen appears upon successful login.
    • Step 3. If you still can’t access then see Troublshooting options here.


  • Know what logging in is
  • Understand what comprises login information
  • Understand what a Username is
  • Understand what a password is
  • Familiarize yourself with login basics
  • Understand what two-factor authentication is
  • Recover a lost password
  • Consider saving your login information
  • 880,047

    12h ago

    • If you forget your login information, you may not be able to recover your account. This is especially true if you lose access to the email or phone number you used to create the account.
    • While it can be tempting to use your Facebook account to log in rather than setting up a new account, it’s best to limit the number of places in which Facebook can track your web activity.













    If you are having problems with your account, there is an easy troubleshooting guide to help fix the issue. Let’s go through it now!

    Step 1: Ensure you have a good internet connection. If there are any issues with the connection, try checking your router and restarting it before proceeding further.

    Step 3: Turn off your CAPS LOCK.

    Step 7: If you are still having issues after performing all the steps here, please contact us! We will be happy to help as soon as possible.

    Work With An Agency Or Publicist

    My Instagram Account Got Hacked! Heres How to Get It Back (2022)

    If you have the budget and the ambition, hire a reputable digital agency that has access to Facebooks Media Partner Support tools. Your publicist or agent will be able to submit requests to claim usernames, merge accounts, and get accounts verified through their industry-only portal.

    Is verification guaranteed? Of course not. But a request from an industry professional through the Media Partner Support panel carries more weight and distinguishes you from the crowd.

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    How Do I Contact Instagram Directly

    You can contact or via Instagrams online Help Center. You can also contact Instagram to report issues, such as a copyright violation or a hacked account.

    Below are some common answers and solutions to some of the most popular Instagram issues you thought you needed to email the Instagram support team for:

    When you fill out a form to be submitted to Instagram, you should provide as much information as possible, including:

    • Exact links: Send the exact URLs where the issue is happening
    • Accounts affected. Write down the exact usernames or accounts affected by the issue you are requesting support from the Instagram customer support team.
    • Issue Date. When was your Instagram issue spotted or started?
    • Exact Description of your issue or issues.
    • Expected outcome: most people are great at describing issues but they forget what they want Instagram to fix. If there is more than one issue you want Instagram to fix. Make a list starting with the top priority ones at the top.

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    Note: Remember that the Instagram support team may take direct actions such as removing entire posts if either the imagery or associated captions violate Instagram guidelines.

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    How To Get Instagram Support Through The App

  • Open the Instagram app on your iOS or Android device.

  • Tap your profile icon in the bottom menu bar.

    Select your Instagram profile icon to begin reporting an issue. Abbey White/Insider

  • Select the gear icon in the top-left corner of the app to access your account settings.

    The gear icon in the top-left of the screen represents the settings menu. Abbey White/Insider

  • Tap “Help Center” to access the self-service feature.

    You may need to scroll to see the Help Center option. Abbey White/Insider

  • On the Instagram Help Center page, select an issue or topic to begin resolving your problem.

    A list of issues along with a column of topics are visible on the Help Center landing page. Abbey White/Insider

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    How Do I See Follow Requests

    After accepting a follow request, you can now see a list of other people who have requested your attention. The list will be ordered chronologically: the most recent follow request will be at the top, and the first unaccepted one will be at the bottom. To see the full list of follow requests, click View More. If there isnt a list of people who have requested your attention, check the comment section.

    The first step is to sign into your Instagram account. You can do this by tapping the person icon at the bottom-right corner of the screen, or by touching the three lines in the upper left-hand corner of your screen. Then, select Settings, and then tap Followers and Requests. You will see the number of people who have requested your attention, as well as who has unfollowed you.

    If youve sent multiple follow requests and received an unreturned response, you can check the status of the other persons accounts by visiting their profile. The New York Post notes that it requires some digging on your part to find out if a follow request has been ignored. To do this, navigate to your profile and tap the Menu button, which is a three-line icon in the upper right-hand corner. Next, click on Settings. Select Security and Access Data. Scroll down until you see Connections and follow requests.

    What Are My Options

    Why can

    Unfortunately, if youre a normal user, your options are relatively limited to the official channels. I know thats hard to hear, but its the unfortunate economics of a free app. You and your attention are the product. That means if one of Instagrams 700 million products has an issue, its not a high priority problem. They wont spend hundreds of dollars trying to fix it. Its smarter for Instagram to simply ignore that issue and work on a new money-making product instead.

    If youre an influencer or a content creator with more than tens of thousands of followers, there are unofficial escalation paths with varying degrees of success. Well cover some of those at the end.

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    Day 2 January 13 2016

    24 hours later, and no response from Instagram.

    I crossed my fingers and tried logging in to my account on my phone. Same error message!

    I saw that my final un-tried option was to go through Instagrams broken appeal process and just omit attaching a document. I would not attach any evidence of my association with the company.

    An hour later, I received another email from Instagram asking me to send evidence that I am a real person and that I am associated with my account:

    I immediately replied with the required photo, a random set of numbers, my full name, and my username:

    Update #2 What About Having A Backup Account Is That A Good Idea

    If you have been around Instagram for a while, you might notice that some of the bigger account have backup accounts. The idea is that if the primary account is suspended by Instagram, they user can always use their backup account to communicate with their fans. Then, once the primary account is back up and running they can resume posting to that account.

    From browsing their terms of use, it doesnt appear that Instagram prohibits the maintenance of multiple accounts. There is a blurb that says you cannot set up an account if you have an account that has been suspended.

    We must not have previously disabled your account for violation of law or any of our policies.

    What this tells me is that you have a better standing with Instagram is you set up your second account before your first account is disabled. If you try to set it up after the primary account is disabled, they might suspend your second account, as well.

    The nice thing is that the Instagram mobile app now allows you to manage multiple accounts, here are the instructions if you want to manage a primary and second account.

    If you have a few Instagram followers, Im not sure its worth the time and energy to maintain two accounts. If, however, you have thousands or hundreds of thousands, it might be a good CYA step.

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    How To Report Hate Speech Violence And More To Instagram

    Instagram lets you report individual posts, specific users, and comments. Just go to any post, account, or comment, tap the three horizontal dots on it, and select “Report” from the drop-down menu.

    If you’re not sure whether your issue can be reported or if someone has committed a reportable offense, review .

    Here’s some of what Instagram sees as legitimate issues:

    After you report a post, you might get an email telling you what decision Instagram’s moderators made about it.

    How To Reset Your Instagram Password Using Facebook Email Phone Or Username

    How To Login To Instagram Without A Recovery Code

    To start, lets first look at how to reset your password, as this is one of the most common issues Instagram users run into. If youre locked out of your account and cant seem to sign in to Instagram, you have a couple of options.

    First, if youve linked your Instagram and Facebook accounts together, try logging in with your Facebook profile. Logging in with Facebook may be all you need to get back into your account, where you can change and update your password. Follow these steps to reset your password:

  • Launch and tap on Forgot password? on iOS or Get help logging in on Android.
  • Youll have three options: Username , Phone, and Log In With Facebook.
  • If you know your Facebook login and its connected to your Instagram, select Continue as at the bottom.
  • If you dont know your Facebook login, enter your Instagram username,email, or phone. You MUST have one of those credentials. An email gets sent to the address you have on file with a link to reset your password.
  • If you do not receive a link to reset your password, then you may have been hacked, and the hacker may have changed the information in your account to keep you from being able to regain access. Alternately, you may not remember the original username, email address, or phone number you used for the account.

    If this is the case, dont worrytheres another option.

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    How To Contact Instagram Support

    A regular Instagram user can still receive support, only it is less likely to happen. The best solution is to send a request from the official website by following these instructions:

    • Visit the official website of Instagram
    • Scroll to the end and click Support
    • In the menu on the left, click Privacy and Safety Center
    • Click Report Something
    • Select the type of problem
    • Proceed to the completion of the form and send the message

    How Do You Get A Blue Check On Instagram Without Being Famous

    To get a blue check on Instagram, you have to prove that your account may be impersonated because you are a notable public figure or represent a widely recognized organization.

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