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How To Change Your Name In Twitter

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How To Change Your Twitter Handle On Mobile

How to Change Your Twitter Display Name & @ Handle

To change your username on mobile, open up the sliding menu to the left of your screen.

1. Select Settings and Privacy

2. Select Account then Username

3. Type in your new username and click save

Your username will now have been changed and people wont be able to find you using your old handle.

How To Change Your Twitter Username/handle On Android Or Ios/iphone

If youre using the Twitter app on Android or iPhone/iOS, then the process to change your username or handle is identical to using a PC. The procedure is as follows:

  • Open the Twitter mobile app.
  • Tap on your profile icon on the upper left corner of the screen.
  • On the menu that appears, tap on Settings and privacy.
  • From the list, tap on Account.
  • Under Login and security, tap on Username.
  • Type in your desired username. If this is available, a green checkmark will appear.
  • Tap on Done.
  • Your username should now have been updated.
  • How To Change Your Display Name/handle On Twitter Using Android Or Ios/iphone

    Once again, the process to change your Twitter handle or username is similar to the Desktop/Laptop version because Twitter performs the same on any platform. To change your Twitter handle, perform the following steps:

  • Open the Twitter mobile app.
  • On the home page, tap on your profile pic in the upper left corner of the screen.
  • Tap on Profile.
  • Tap on the Edit Profile button located on the lower right corner of the banner pic.
  • Under Name, type in the name that you want displayed on your Twitter account.
  • Tap on Save in the upper right corner of the screen.
  • The changes that you have made should now have been applied.
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    Username Recovery And Trademarks

    So what happens if the username you want is taken but its not actively in legitimate use? Well, thankfully, you do have some minimal recourse.

    First, though, you have to make sure you have a real leg to stand on.

    • Make sure you have a real claim to the name. Something like the brand Chase wanting @chase is a good claim. Something like Oreo wanting @cookie isnt a valid claim, because @cookie is not a trademark of Oreo.
    • Make sure the username you want is being used in a way that is against the appropriate use policies of Twitter. If it is registered but has not been used, it may be inactive. It might also not be considered inactive, so this isnt guaranteed. It might also be squatted, particularly if it only has a couple of tweets and they reference selling the username. If the username is in use by a personal account and it isnt trying to impersonate or associate your brand in any way, chances are pretty good you wont be able to get a hold of it easily.

    Inactivity is tricky on Twitter, because an account can be active and also never tweet. They could be sending direct messages every day and you would have no way of knowing. Of course, they dont even have to do that. Twitter decides inactivity based on logins. If the owner hasnt logged in in over 6 months, then the account is considered inactive. If they have logged in, they arent inactive, no matter how much or little activity happens on their account.

    Why Your Username Or Handle Are Important

    How to change your Twitter username

    Your Twitter handle is important for one key reason, branding.

    The name and handle you settle on are all part of your brand. Its how followers and people in the Twitterverse will come to know you and refer to you. New followers will find you that, and thats how your current tribe spread the word about you.

    Think about it, with the mention of any word or niche your mind drifts to someone. Right then you remember their name or if youre looking to show them some love their handle will come mind.

    As you build a reputation, your name will become inextricably linked to it. Thats why your name and are important. When people need help with something, theyll know how to find you. Theyll know where to go looking. Even you have a list of names you default to when need a certain type of content. The same is how people think about you.

    Changing your names could mean all the people whose radar you were on cant find you anymore. Worse, it could mean all your tweets getting scrolled past because people dont know theyre from you. That be a real train-wreck for your engagement, at least until people have caught on to the change.

    In this attention-deficient age, changing your names willy-nilly will hurt you. Most people wont go through the trouble of finding you. Theyll happily settle for whats readily available. That could do significant harm to your account or at the very least stunt its growth.

    A note worth remembering

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    How To Change Twitter Display Name On Desktop

    The desktop version of Twitter is not much different from the standard mobile user interface. The advantage is that you can view your Twitter analytics only on the browser and see everything on a bigger screen. Here is how to change your Twitter display name on a Web browser,

    1. Go toin your web browser.

    2. Click on your Profile picture.

    3. Tap on Edit Profile on the right of your profile picture.

    4. Change your display name in the Name section.

    You can use up to 50 characters for a Twitter display name, plus it doesnt need to be unique at all. When you change your display name, click the Save button on the windows top right corner.

    How To Change Your Twitter Handle And Display Name

    You don’t always think of the perfect username when you’re making an account, and that definitely applies when we’re talking about Twitter.

    Maybe you want something fun, or just something with more of a ring to it, but you can’t come up with anything. So you default to one of the basic suggested handles with your first and last name, and maybe a number or something…until one day it hits you.

    Damn, that would’ve been the perfect Twitter handle, you think to yourself. I wish I could change it.

    Well, random Twitter user out there, we’re thrilled to tell you that you can, indeed, change it. Follow the steps below to learn how you can finally have the Twitter handle of your dreams .

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    When You’re Ready Tap Done

    Congrats! You can now have the Twitter handle you’ve always wanted .

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    Even if your dream handle is taken, however, you can still change your display name. Your display name appears more visibly in bold next to your Twitter handle, and it doesn’t matter if two or more accounts have the same display name . If you can’t have the handle you want, maybe you can at least have this.

    Here’s how to change your Twitter display name:

    Changing How Your Twitter Page Looks

    How to change Your @ name on twitter 2019

    If you wish to change the way your Twitter page actually looks, heres what you need to do:

    On Windows, Mac, or Chromebook PC

  • Log in to Twitter.
  • On the side menu bar to the left, click on More.
  • Pick and choose the look of your Twitter page from the options given on the popup window.
  • Once youre through editing, click on Done at the bottom of the window.
  • Your changes should now be reflected on your Twitter page.
  • Alternatively, you can also access these settings on a PC:

  • While on the home page click on More on the left side menu.
  • Under the Settings tab, click on Accessibility, display, and languages.
  • On the right menu, click on Display.
  • The options available to you as per the display window above are also available from this menu.
  • Any changes made are automatically applied. Once youre done, navigate out of this screen, or click on home.
  • On the Mobile App

  • Tap your profile pic in the upper left corner of the screen.
  • On the menu, tap on Settings and privacy.
  • Under the General tab, tap on Display and Sound.
  • You can turn on Dark Mode by toggling the option under Display. Other display options are only available on the desktop version.
  • Changes that you make are saved automatically. Navigate out of this screen, or tap on Home.
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    S To Change Your Twitter Handle From An Android Device

    Step 1: Open the Twitter mobile app and tap on your profile icon present at the top-left corner of your phone screen to open the menu. From there select the Settings and Privacy option.

    Step 2: Under the Settings and Privacy menu, tap on the Account option.

    Step 3: In the Account section you will see the Username option. Tap on it to move forward.

    Step 4: You will find a text box to type in your new username. Start typing your username to see if its available or not. The application will prompt if the username you have written is already taken. Once you get your username right, click on Done.

    How To Change Your Twitter Display Name On Mobile

    Twitter always maintained a balance in the user interface between their mobile and browser versions. You can always switch between them without guidance, which is good. Here is how to change Twitter display name on your mobile,

    1. Go to your Twitter on your phone.

    2. Click on your Profile picture in the top left corner.

    3. Tap on Edit Profile on the right of your profile picture.

    4. Change your display name in the Name section.

    Use up to 50 characters for a Twitter display name it doesnt need to sound unique. Click the Save button on the top right corner of the window once you have changed your Twitter display name.

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    What Will Happen If You Change Twitter Username

    Due to its importance, changing your handle can lead to serious downsides one of these is losing your . This status is denoted by a blue checkmark badge beside your display name. You may also miss incoming tags from other users when you change your handle, so you should notify your followers when you do so they wont try to tag your old username anymore.

    Changing your Twitter handle wont affect your previous interaction on the platform, however. Contrary to many beliefs, it wont remove your followers, direct messages, or replies. You will also not lose Tweets you are previously tagged in, although your old username will appear black and be unclickable.

    How Long Can Username Be In Twitter

    Social Media Help: How to Change Your Twitter Username

    Your display name is different from your username. It will visible when someone sends or receive any messages from your account. That is why we are providing this comprehensive guide on how to change your display name on Twitter 2022.

    Your username might be up to 15 characters long and it must be unique.

    Your Display Name might be up to 50 characters long

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    How To Change Twitter Name On Android

    Here are all the detailed steps for how to change name on Twitter app.

    Step 1: Open Twitter official app on your Android and log in to your account.

    Step 2: Click on the three bars given on the Home screens left corner and tap on profile.

    Alternatively, you can tap on the profile picture given at the top of the menu.

    Step 3: On your Twitter profile page, click on the Edit Profile option .

    Step 4: In the name section, you can edit your display name.

    Step 5: Click Save to change Twitter name.

    How To Change Your Twitter Name On Your Phone

    1. Open the Twitter app on your Android or iOS phone.

    2. If the app doesn’t open directly to your profile page, click your small profile picture at the top of the screen.

    3. In the sidebar that appears, tap the profile picture again.

    4. On your profile page, tap “Edit profile.”

    5. In the Edit profile window, tap your name and change it to whatever you like. The new name can be up to 50 characters long, and there’s no requirement for it to be unique.

    6. When you’re done, tap “Save.”

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    How To Change Twitter Handle On Twitter

    Your Twitter username – alternatively called Twitter handle – is the very first thing you set up when you join the platform.

    Whether you are an individual or a brand, Twitter username is the foundation of every interaction on Twitter – this is how people tag you in their tweets, visiting your Twitter profile URL and your followers can recognize you.

    Your username is something you identify yourself with and likely something you will keep for years to come.

    Pro Tip:

    But in case you want to change it, I have good news for you – you can change your Twitter handle anytime, as many times as you like.

    In this article you will learn:

    • things you should know before you change your username
    • how to change Twitter handle
    • explain what are common reasons you are unable to change Twitter

    Jump to specific section:

    Ranking In The Search Results

    ðµ How To Change Your Twitter Display Name And @ Handle

    If it doesnt look awkward and you have space, adding a keyword for your sector to your username might make you easier to find on the network.

    With these tips, you can start thinking about what Twitter username you want for your profile. Remember, when youve thought of one, click save to finalize your changes.

    If you have any queries, well be waiting in the comments section.

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    S To Change Your Twitter Handle From A Desktop

    But we all have our preferences. So if you are a desktop person and dont like to tear eyes over your small mobile screen, there is always an option to change your Twitter handle through a desktop browser.

    Again, the process is pretty easy!

    Step 1: Open your browser and go to . Log in to your Twitter account by entering your credentials.

    Step 2: Once logged in, navigate to the left-hand side menu and click on More to reveal the Setting and Privacy option and click on it.

    Step 3: Under the Your Account section, click on the Account Information option. To move further, you will need to confirm your profile password.

    Step 4: Clicking on the Username section will take you to the screen where you can change your username. Here you can see a few suggestions for your new username.

    How To Fix Your Twitter Username Problem

    Twitter handle or Twitter username is the unique ID to your account. If you have a cool Twitter handle, be proud that you get to place your hands on it first. If you are feeling eww about your Twitter handle, this is a sign of changing it. If Twitter rejects your proposal for a Twitter handle, dont worry-Twitter has available suggestions related to your Twitter handle! Here is how to change your Twitter handle.

    1. Go to your Twitter.

    2. Navigate to Settings and Privacy.

    3. Click on Account.

    4. Tap on Account Information.

    5. Go to the Username section. You might want to re-enter your password on the web version here.

    6. Change your Twitter handle or choose any of the Suggestions available.

    7. Click Done in the mobile version and tap Save in the web version.

    Now you know how to change Twitter handles, and you will look at suggested names if you are having problems with your proposed Twitter handle.

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    What Characters Can Be Used In A Twitter Username Or Handle

    Twitter allows a user to add alphanumeric characters to make the usernames unique. You can use letters from A to Z and numbers from 0 to 9 while using underscores. However, you cant use dashes, spaces, special symbols while creating the username.

    You can use up to 15 characters to create or change Twitter handle.

    An example of @name on Twitter with allowed characters

    Do You Know?

    How To Change Your Twitter Display Name On Desktop Or Mobile

    How To Change Your Twitter Name: Add A New Twitter Username

    Other Twitter users can search for your profile using any of the two names your display name or your username . Both of them appear right at the top of your profile under your profile picture with the display name above the username.

    And just because you started with a certain display name it doesnt mean you have to stay with it to the end. You can always change it for whatever reason to something you fancy at any time. The process is simple and the new display name is updated immediately.

    Here are simple steps you can follow on mobile and desktop.

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    Why Change Your Twitter Display Name Or Handle

    You can change both your Twitter handle and display name as many times as you want, but why do it in the first place?

    The first and most obvious reason is that you might not feel like your username suits you anymore. If you owned the same Twitter account for years, you might want to change your username to something more relevant.

    Its also recommended to change your Twitter handle before deleting your Twitter account. Especially if you believe theres a chance that youll change your mind about leaving the platform. When you create a new account on Twitter, you might want to use the same email and the same Twitter handle.

    When you delete your account, Twitter voids your username and email, so you wont be able to reuse it later. By changing your current username on Twitter before deleting your account, youll make that original username available for future reuse.

    Changing your display name or your handle wont affect your Twitter account, including your followers, your messages, or replies. After you update your display name and your username, the new user information will appear on your profile page under your profile picture.

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